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Posted Photos - Post op 2 months Yily

Hello ladies, I'm almost 3 weeks post op and...

Hello ladies,

I'm almost 3 weeks post op and will need to transfer into my stage II garment which Dr Yily has given me. I'm worried because my stage 1 garment was a small and now I have been given an XS to wear from week 3 until 3 months.

What worries me is that I can barely fit into the XS. And I'm worried it will effect the results of the fat grafting. On the packet it says that it fits 37 inch hips/buttocks... however I am 43 inches right now. So as you can imagine, its quite tight.

So my question to the ladies that have gone to Dr Yily and are 2 months post op.... and that are wearing the XS... has this flatten your behind at all? Has it changed the shape of your buttocks? Has it changed your results at all? Did you wear the same garment given to you by Dr Yily at all? The model and brand of the stage 2 garment I was given is: MariaE Fajas.

Hi ladies, Just wondering whether its a good...

Hi ladies,

Just wondering whether its a good idea to alter my stage 1 garment since I'm having no luck trying to purchase a garment from www.fajasus.com. So at the moment I'm 3 weeks and 3 days post op and still wearing the stage 1 Marena that Dr Yily gave me :(

Any suggestions? Is it a bad idea to alter the stage 1 garment?

Dent on my cheek? Will it go away?

Hi ladies, I went to Yily almost 2 months ago... I've realised I've got a dent on my right cheek which looks kinda bruised because its discolored (grey)... Just wonder if anyone else experienced this and does it go away? Also what causes it?

Thank you in advance.

Yily - 2 Months Post Op!!

Hi ladies,

Thought I'd add my 2 months post op photos.
Pre operation measurements were: 39 - 31 - 40
Post op measurements are: 29 - 27 - 43
I'm 5'4, weighed 141lbs pre operation and now weigh 147lbs.
Wearing the fajate Disenos D'prada size small.
Surgery date was the 3rd of April.

Thanks ladies.

Waist has gone down!!

Hey ladies. Just measured my waist! Down from 27 to 25.5!!!! Pre op was 31.
I'm really happy! My butt is still the same (43 inches). I'm 2 months and 1 week post op. I think I'm going to change into the XS fajate soon.

Pre op Photos up

Hi ladies,

I've just uploaded pre op photos.

Pre Op Photos

Here they are.....
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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Hey Hun. You look great. I just did my surgery and I'm wearing a body flex garment now. I just ordered the faja d prada. Compared to the fajate brand is there a difference in the material and how they feel?they both look the same to me
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Love your results!!! What was the model of the fajate Disenos D'prada faja you ended up getting?
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Hi mostdesired3, Sorry for the late reply. Ended up getting 11052.
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My Surgury date is Oct 3. Your pictures make me feel secure in my journey. Thanks sweetie for taking the time to post your pictures. Much Love...
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Thank you Ms.Leo! Happy 1 month Post OP!!! Have a safe recovery!!! xoxo
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Having trouble finding dr Yily web page in English any suggestions lady's? Ty
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Hi Reyna81, Not sure. I tried going to her site again... but i think its down on my side.
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Looking good.
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Thank you.
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You look great.. Keep wearing your faja.
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Thank you!
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how can i get in touch with her
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Hi lil_miss23, I'm not sure if she has the same email address. But it seems like her site in down, because its not my internet connection.
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If u had to do it all over again would u go w dr Yily? How u look and feel now? Would u highly recommend her?
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I definitely would. And to tell you the truth... I wish I went to her first before going to Dr Fuentes. I had much more fat to harvest and inject the first time round.
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Hi MYDREAMBODY2013, Thank you. When she told me how much she injected... I nearly fainted lol. Apparently 1600cc on each cheek.
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you look amazing. After seeing all these yily posts. I'm considering her. Xoxo
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:) Have a safe journey, And be positive.
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She def hooked you up! Looks good enjoy your new Buttocks
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Thanks TQueen.
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Beautiful hourglass :) congrats !
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Thank you bklynbeauty. :)
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Love the heart shape booty it was hard for me to put my finger on how to describe what im going for and that is it a heart shape with projection you look beauuuutiful QUESTION: did the indent on your booty go away I have a little something something in the booty department and I am so afraid of messing up what I have tryn to get what I want you know booty greed lol my butt has droped and some what deflated due to my three beautiful children and weight gain and loss you know basically the life of a women anywhoooo your view would be greatly appreciated regarding the feel of your new hyknee.........oh this is sooo important to me does that mamma jamma jiggle ???? lol btw my transformation date is Aug 5th 2013 sooooo excited sooo nervous sooo ready!!
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