Excited & nervous Baez dolly

After looking at many results and pictures I've...

After looking at many results and pictures I've decided that I'm going for it I knew I wanted a bbl but want sure I would actually go for it but imade up my mind I want to be a yili doll and I'm hoping to get a date in April....Please I would love and would be so grateful to receive any suggestions!

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Okay so I'm obsessed

Okay so I'm obsessed with this sight, all I do on my free time is look at girls outcomes, I think I want it now more than ever... and btw way i'm also considering Duran


Im going for a BBL and BA
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Welcome! I'm from Texas too! Hoping to go in April or may, depending on my money. What all are u going to get done?
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Welcome and congratulations to u sweety!
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Got a quote!

So I decided to go with Baez she quoted me 4,200 for both the BBL and BA massages are not included that will be $300 extra. The quoted price includes overnightstay free follow ups and the required blood work and e.k.g prior to surgery.

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Okay let me just mention she actually quoted me 4,000USD not what I have previously mentioned (my mistake) So anyways Dr. Baez told me I didn't need to put a down payment to lock in my surgery date (she still gave me her bank info if I decided to do so) but im wondering should I put in my deposit what if my date isn't secured, or what if she doesn't think I'm serious enough??


Great quote by the way!
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Are u baez or santos? Ask kristy to change ur ps once u decide. I wld secure my sx date w something documented if i choose baez! Good luck to u!
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Im with Baez.I wanted Santos first until I heard of Baez. And thank you!

Lipo foam!

So I keep reading reviews about how beneficial it is to put reston foam under your garment for better results and to protect your skin. I was searchinh for deals and it is quite expensive for foam. I mean really who knew a material such as foam could get so costly, but great news (just incase you didnt know) I found a website and ibelieve its the exact same foam for a fraction of the original cost everywhere else. TahDah here it is ladies aaaand maybe some gents (who knows) HEALTHYKIN.COM just search 3M reston self adhering foam.


How far in advance did you get an april date? I want to go in april but im thinking shes already all booked up.
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I contacted her in mid December and she said she had April 26th available. C:
Hey hun am also goin to baez in april good luck and i Will be following ur journey
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I'm scheduled next month on the 26th. YIKES idk why but im getting so nervous maybe a little too nervous I can't even imagine how I'll be feeling the day prior to my sx. I don't even know what to do to shake it off is this feeling normal? Any ladies it there that felt this way?. I've been hearing of all kinds of things that have went wrong in DR, I just hope and pray that all goes well from the trip itself to my sx and post op healing. I'm a single mother a 6 month old baby boy which I love so so much and I still wanna be around for him. Maybe I'm getting cold feet my body isn't that bad but not as nice as my pre baby body I already kind of have a Lil booty but my tummy has gotten a little chubby my love handles I want then gone my boobs are small no cleavage unless I'm wearinga push up bra.....oh the things us women ate willing to do to feel beautiful. One thing I do know if God allows for everything to go well then I'm a be one hot momma! Lol


Hey thanks for the tip about the foam! where in Tx ru?
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Doll I'm in Houston

I love me

Okay ladies I'm still nervous but I'm definitely not getting cold feet iknow illbe okay.I will be staying at Healing Haven for 10 days, (I've already paid for my deposit) and my flight is booked. I've already purchased most of my supplies I just need a few more things and pack it up. I was asked yesterday if I love myself bc I'm getting this done, of course I do I don't feel terrible about my self i just feel there's always room for improvement and I deserve to treat my self, even before I had my little prince I was already a single mommy it's like as soon as he found out I was preggo he didn't wanna be with me anymore or try to make things work, hes actually trying to get back in my life but unless I see a major change in him then is not gonna happen I deserve to be happy. I'm only 21 I don't have to settle with him right now specially since I'm the only one taking care of my son i get no help from him he says he wants to be there but his actions say otherwise. I'm doing this for me and only me, not to get him back bc that's not what I want although im sure he'll regret letting me go even more once he sees my new hot bod.


im having trouble finding the lipo foam on the website, honeslty I don't know what its supposed to look like :(
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How does your friend look now? Has she lost volume?
hey, how is she excepting payment... I never got to ask her and I don't wanna go down there with all that cash or with a debit or credit card she wont except...

Almost Ready!

I have decided to upload pre op pictures. Do you guys think I have enough fat I think! So my body isn't terrible I have a Lil junk in my lil trunk I know if I work out I'll get my tummy flat but I'll loose the little bit of booty I do have I think I'll have good result and hoping to get at least 1000ccs on each booty cheek and to be a D cup size oh and a 26 inch waist.
Current Measurements
34B/C - 31 - 40.5
and btw I'm only 5'1, not sure how much i weigh but I'll check it ASAP and update.
My wish measurements are 34D-26-43 does that sound extreme? Baez isn't known for big booties but if at least she rounds it out with a tiny waist I'll be happy bc the tinier the waist the bigger the booty appears. Anyways I need to buy luggage, and a few other things I think I'm almost set and ready to go

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My Wish Pics


I hope you have a successful surgery and don't forget to post pics!!:)
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Hi huni, i just booked in lazt night with baez for april 25th.. Im travelling alone from the uk .. How did you book the RH i have to do all that and im worried there will be no spaces.. Also kinda worried that iv not been asked for a deposit? What if i turn up and she doesnt acknowledge tht i booked tht date? Did you get any email confirmation?xxx
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Yes she just told me she had the date available and we agreed on it. But I'm kinda getting cold feet & I hate bc I've paid for my RH deposit & my flight is booked....i will be staying at Healing Haven I just went to the website and called the # on the site it's a NY area code

I have to wait!

So I changed my SX date a while ago to the July 18th bc I was very nervous, but after thinking about it I wanted my Original date back (April 26th) but she had already given it to someone else. Oh well. I'm not too disappointed bc now I have PLENTY of time to prepare and I'll my birthday is in mid fall meaning I'll be sexy by then.


Think you have a great foundation, and those wish pics are achievable.
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Baez confirms your date, you give her your flight information, no deposit is required..

I almost have a juicy booty

I was bummed that I had to wait for my sx but it's almost time for MISS. NEW BOOTY! AYE! AYE! Anyway I'm flying in July 16th, sX date is the 18th I'm so I excited I was a little scared but I've been thinking positive I can't wait to get it all over with and be back home to my baby boy I'm going to miss him like crazy!!! Baby daddy doesn't know I'm doing this we're not together so we don't talk about anything other than baby boy, but I wanna see his reaction to the MILF that Ima become he's gonna be wanting me back but NO SUUURR ur loss you can only watch my pretty plump booty as I walk away *snaps fingers....No honey for u honay!!!


What's the plastic surgery simulator your using?
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I'm using an app called cymera, &under beuty theres a thing that says liquify

HEMO is in!

Today is friday 7/11 my sx date 7/18. I know, I know I am just terrible bc just a few days before my procedures im just getting my blood work done. My Hemo is at 12.7. I took the test during the last day of my period and I've read online that that can cause you hemo level to drop so that means I'm actually a little higher that 12.7. THANK YOU LAAWD! Dr. gave me the green light! Can't wait to come back home with my new big ol but and once healed I can't wait to debut Miss. NEW BOOTY Ima be in the club like wiggle wiggle, although I'm not the clubbing kinda bish a girl like to have fun too every now and then at least. I remember round Nov13 I had just stumbled across this website, I read a few reviews saw a few b4 & after pics and the booty greed started to rub off on me I was just fcking around when I sent Duran an email a week later another email still no response, and then i gave up but kept lurking (as I'm sure we all did at one point that's why we're here right) and came across Baez and shit got real it's happening it's really freaking happening. Ladies idk if it's too much to ask but please pray for me, I will do the same for my fellow bbl r's.

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Supply List!

Good morning lovely ladies!
-Mira lax & stroll softener pills
-all vitamins, iron, vitamin c, b complex, folic acid and probiotic
-internal & external arnica
-en pee urinal
-benadryl cream & hydrocortisone for the itch
-baby wipes
-dial anti bacterial soap
-eye drops I feel your eyes can feel quite dry after sx
-gauze roll & gauze pads + bandaids
-alcohol swabs
-Antibiotic ointment
-diuretic water pills
-cotton boy short panties
-front opening sports bras
I'll update after the sx I'll be taking off at noon! OMG I'm so excited!

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2 Days Post-op

I will post more pics when I feel better but recovery is no joke the drain sight really hurts and getting on and off the bed is very difficult specially bc I also had a breast augmentation so it hurts my chest muscles when I move or put pressure on my arms


Congrats happy healing!
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No fatty yet

My booty shrunk back to its normal size at least think so my booty only appears to be bigger bc she really sculpted my waist. BA+BBL=no bueno when I woke up from surgery I was lying on my back so that killed fatt cells, the only thing I'm supper happy with is my waist as of now well see how my body is in 3 months when all swelling goes down


No worries that's just swelling boo! Watch dat phatty is going to DEBUT in just 4 months!!!!! Patience!!!
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Most people r lying on their back when they wake up from surgery. Especially if they had work done in the front.
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Thank you

Alright results

I know baez is known to be conservative and the only thing I'm very pleased with is my new girls they look very natural already and they havent even dropped to their final position. When it comes to the lipo my waist isn't as small as it could be but maybe I'm just being greedy and let's not even talk about my ass that thing the exact same size as it was before in fact I think it was rounder before, I have some hard lumps on my belly they aren't too visible but I can definitely feel them, stomach could of also be flattened out more I mean it's not like I had a big ol belly b4 it wasn't much to lipo... if I could do it all over again I would of waited for Duran I know she would have
given me exactly what I wanted


Thank you for your recent post.
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I think I shoulda switched too.
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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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