BBL Round 3 with the King - Dominican Republic

I told myself I wasn't going to write shit!...

Please click the links to first read my BBL Part 1 and BBL Part 2 reviews.

I told myself I wasn't going to write shit! Especially after what happened last time on here, but the good side in me says to try this again and give back to all the soon to be Barbie dolls interested in taking on the bbl journey, so here is goes AGAIN!

BEFORE I BEGIN LET ME JUST SAY: HATERS, DR BASHERS, EXIT MY PAGE NOW. I've done my research on my doctor, I'm confident in him so your opinion matters, NOT! Carry on!

Today marks 29 days before my procedure with Hector Cabral in DR, I, like everyone had doubts but I must say Cabral and I have a real good line of communication. We talk at least 3x a week since I booked with him here months ago. He answers all of my medical questions and silly questions regarding results. He's very patient with me especially when I use book form Spanish translation lol (that means nothing like what you think) my total quote for lipo and bbl is 3500, plus 350 each for arms and inner thighs 600 for my mini tt. So about 4800 all together. In case y'all don't know....NOTHING is included in hectors quote other than a night stay in CIPLA, so labs 130 and consultation, 45 is all extra, but if you need iron shot or blood transfusion, 100. Massages at CIPLA 20-25, fajas 100. Pretty much bringing an extra 500-1000 to be safe. Regarding housing I've decided to stay at CIPLA, I'm getting mixed reviews some people say it's bad because of the language barrier and food while some people praise their stay. Either way what matter most to me is having around the clock access to the ER should anything go wrong as well as my doctor and nurses. Health first. I've been priced at 75-80 a night, private room with private bathroom, 3 meals, wifi, after care included.


The past 90 days since booking my date I've been drinking 1 tbs Geritol daily, taking my gummy multi vitamins.
60 days ago I started including 1000mg vitamin C
30 days days ago Iincorporated SSS tonic, much stronger version of geritol.

Yesterday I got my labs back, EKG, Chest X-ray blood work, all fine! Hemo is 14.6

My PCP is very much okay with me having this third procedure, he says he'll look after me so in case I need to be drained etc he's got me, either than or a visit to the ER. He also gave me the strongest antibiotics so I can prevent any infections.

I'm pretty much done with my shopping list, I've got just about everything. Take a look:


Large blanket*
Large towels
2 large pillows*
Wet wipes*
Towelettes facial*
Tooth brush*
Tooth paste*
Q tips*
Gauze pads*
Surgical tape*
Arnica promenade
SSS Tonic
Colloidal silver*
Nausea meds*
Pain pills*
Protein powder
Triangle foam-back*
Lipo foam*
Ab board*
Maternity pads
Stool softener*

Stage two fajas*
Wife beater*
2 Maxi dress*
5 Granny draws
3 Xlarge shirts*
House slippers*
Flip flops*
Glasses/contact case*
Bose speakers*
Compression socks

* ASTERISK = what's been purchased


Bust 37-38
Waist 32-33
Hips 44.5

Wish measurements

Bust 34-35
Waist 26-28
Hips 46-48

>>>>Pretty excited overall. I'll post current pre op pics a few days before I depart.

3 days Away!!!

Hey loves! Sorry I've been away. Been doing a lot. Moms been in surgery and I've been trying to get time off from work. Finally was approved to work from home a week after surgery for about 6 weeks. That means no one at work will look at me funny, and I can wear my fajas all day and chin strap!! ;)

I withdrew 4000 from my account and my hubby is giving me 2000 to make up for all my expenses and surgery cost I'll have while in DR. Not feeling carrying all this money but I have no choice. Don't wanna pay that stupid wire fee.

Been talking to Maria Isabel, cabral's assistant she is super sweet!! she works all hours of the night to tend to your needs. Cabral answers all of my phone calls no matter the time unless he's in surgery. He's amazingly responsive. We talk about all the random things. Like my past bbls. My hard fat, my desired look, the fact that I don't want laser assisted lipo. He's the sweetest. I've spoken to some of my Dominican friends and they said to bring gift, so I'm bringing him and Maria Isabel something nice. I'll post a pic of them when they arrive.

I've decided to stay at CIPLA. I need the immediate care in case anything happens. Besides I've seen pictures of the Rh at CIPLA and it's not bad at all. Looks like a regular hotel room big enough or a family. The food looks good as well. Per night it's 80$ laundry services, 3 meals unlimited care is included. There's also a spa in the same building to have massages done. Massages are 25 each or 10 for 200

I'm flying out Thursday morning and having Cabrals driver (Carlos) pick me and hubby up. I asked cabral if I could his first patient he said yes so I'm getting my labs done Soon as I arive.

My period came today. Not too happy about it, it's orrery light so far but I'm hopeful since my hemo is so high it doesn't effect me much.

Not sure where I am with weight loss. Last I checked I was 11 lbs down. Fingers crossed I haven't gained any....eeeeekkkkkk

I'll post pre op pics tonight, bloated and all. Much love dolls. Ttyl

Tomorrow is the big day!

Last night I went for a pre op lymphatic, ultrasound and manual massage. This is recommended two days before for anyone going to have lipo. It help make the liposuction process smoother. This all good and dandy, by why the hell it gotta hurt soooo much!!! My usual lady patti was walking out at I was coming in so I was left with a newbie at CS POST LIPO MASSAGE. she killed ME!!! I mean she manually broke up my scar tissue as if she was massaging pizza dough, wtffff! So my concern is I'll have soo much backed up scar tissue that it'll make it difficult for Cabral to remove my fat. I mean I have large scar tissue in my sides, back and def my stomach. Wish he could just cut it out. Ugh!

Anyways I've checked into my flight, printed my boarding pass and tourist card. And now I'm ready for my flight.

Oh I must say for anyone dealing with cabral you will be working with the most responsive assistant ever! Maria Isabel is super kind, speedy and attentive. She's dedicated and makes sure you're comfortable throughout the entire process. She's sending a driver to pick me up st the airport and then I'm going straight to the cardiologist office and then to CIPLA for my SURGERY. Oh and btw I'm cabrals only patient tomorrow. I hope this means more attention to me. Anyways goodnight loves. See you on the flatside.
Dr. Hector Cabral

So far Cabral has answered every text, phone call email with no wait. He's very thorough with his answers via phone than he is via text. I'm so far comfortable with him. I'll update this, post op and elaborate.

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Happy healing, how are you feeling?
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Prayers and blessings! :-)
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Good luck !!! How are you doing?
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Happy Healing sis :)
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Good luck! you will be a cabral barbie soon!
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Good luck. Happy healing.
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good luck sweetie:) you are the veteran!
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Good luck
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Gl! Wishing you the best.
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following ur journey you are braved and determined
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Hello love
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Thank you! :)
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You are a brave girl. I'm on day 20 post op and I will never do this again. Also, I'm 63, so, enough already. I'm happy so far, swelling is terrible in my lower extremities, and I have no feeling in my upper and lower abdomen, but my clothes fit great now and I have a wonderful shape. I cannot WAIT to be able to sit down! Thanks for sharing your story. Because you did, I knew what to expect and look out for.
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I'm glad you're loving your new look!
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lol I just took a swig of my SSS tonic before reading your entry. Im not sure if Ill be going in Oct or Nov but Imma be ready. I'm anemic and I dont want to have no prob. He was one of the first doctors that put DR on the map with surgeries. I'm sure he'll hook you up besides he has to secure his reputation. word gets around! I remember him commenting on one of the girls that was really large before the surgery. she was complaining about being burned during agressive lipo. Ole Boy said"she wasn't complaining about the big stomach he had to work hard to get rid of but she has a prob with a little burn....! Hilarious. You gotta admit They do work hard. They actually change lives. He's got skills so Do you!
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Lmaoooo he said that!! I believe it too!
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Good luck...I hope he gives u what u want
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Good luck I'm going to him for my sencond around Jan 16.. Right now I'm measuring 36,26,42. What I'm looking for is 36,22,46 I feel his the only one that can give me that's.. Good luck and keeps us posted
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Wow you're tiny, I'm certain he'll deliver
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Good luck with round 3. Keep us posted on your progress!
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