dr.fatima almonte !!!!! 06/2014 :) - Dominican Republic, DO

I've been doing research for a year now, and I...

I've been doing research for a year now, and I finally found my doctor. She is located in the Dominican Republic Dr. Fatima Almonte. I am super excited and can't wait. I am going for a TT, liposculpture of the Full back and waist & a BBL... At first I wanted to go with Dr J in Atlanta but I feel like he is extremely high.

I never would have imagined myself leaving the US for surgery but I feel like its worth it. I've seen Dr Almonte work it and I'm convinced she can get the job done :-)

I love the fact that her assistant Lesley Maria, she keeps in touch and answers every question in a timely matter. I love her already

Just GOT My Quote from Dra Duran !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im too excited yall.........idk what i should do as far as my date....The calls i make to DR only like 4 calls.. cost me 53 dollars...I was shocked......I plan getting surgey in Late June 2014.........so ig ill figure somethings out.

IM CONFUSED NOW!!! Dont know what to do

I have a quote from Almonte, Duran, Yily...& more ...Yily want me to be in 60 pounds when is time for surgery right now I am 189...but it really doesn't show....when I got my quote from Duran I was 185..she told me not to gain anymore but I could lose if I wanted..Almonte told me not to lose any weight...so I assume don't gain on either..lol ...I dont think im going with Yily ...Im not getting down to 160..ijs ...I feel like its alot to get in touch with Duran...I pray and hope if I choose her and it's time for me to send my deposit I can get in touch with her...& Almonte...I would like to go with her because of everything that's included in the packet...but I want aggressive lipo.......I just dont know....I guess when it gets closer to that time I'll figure it out....Also I would like a partner if possible I don't think my friend is going with me anymore she hasn't said anymore about it...inbox me if anyone is going to the Dominican Republic around Late June 2014 that lives in the Midwest or esle where ...if Duran Or Almonte is your choice.


I might go to Dra Duran...already got my quote and all....but I might switch procedures..should I tell Duran or just go ....I know to bring enough money...then since im not going until Late June 2014....how soon should I send my deposit and get an exact date....Is it hard to get in touch with Elizabeth?? I haven't tried yet.... and should I buy a round trip....or oneway there and back....what if I need to leave a day or two before my time..? I know she said she requires you to stay 10days....Do yall know anyone thats left early? ....Im just curious:)

Ok So Im over Reviews!!!

There's alot of people giving good tips & advice!!!! Its helps me out alot...So im think what do I really want sx for...my measurements are 38 35 46....I just seen a chicks bbl results and her butt measurement was a 47....I was thinking HELL I know my ass is not as big as hers ...I've always been told I got a big butt ..but I don't think so..lol..its looks big in clothes...especially dresses....IG I just need a fill in....especially at the bottom.....I dont want No Enormous Ass...I don't want to have to get my jeans custom made...lol .....A TT is a must cause I have a small pouch......I told Duran I wanted liposulpture...but im wondering if I really need it? A bbl I think consists of taking fat from upper/ lower back/waist/ flank...wherever fat is .....? Im thinking I dont need liposulpture...Hell idk.....Guess ill try to get in touch with Duran ..wonder if that'll make a difference in my quote.

I switched to Dr Cabral!!!! For Dec 2014

Im Sorry Ladies I know Its Been A While...but i try to stay off here..its too much to think about sometimes.....but i've been doing research for a year now on Duran & Cabral ....and I believe Cabral will give me the results I'm looking for.

I've already took note and made plans now I have to put It into motion..a lot of things Did cOme up before my surgery date with Duran, but that just shows me that everything happens for a reason...if all goes well I will be Cabral doll in December:).......nothing against Duran, Im just In Love With Cabral Work.....

Many Blessings Ladies????

Having My First Baby!!!!!!

I know its been a while...but my plans was to have Surgery with Dr Cabral in Dec this year 2014..but instead God plan was for me to be A Mom...I'm super excited and cant wait to meet my child...Now that I'm experiencing this for the first time I believe that i want 1 more...i was starting to worry cause i be thirty soon and i haven't had any children...And I really didn't want to get surgery Then have children...So I'm glad everything is falling into place...AFTER CHILDREN THEN I CAN WORK ON MY BODY :)

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I love the fact that when I email them, they email me right back. Lesley Maria is such an angel, I LOVE the fact that she cares, I can hear it in her voice :-) every question I had for her she answered, she didn't have to call me back and get back with me.. She told me what I needed to know right then and there. And I really appreciate that the professionalism and all. I can't wait to meet you guys :-)

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