Brazilian Butt Lift with Dra Yily - Dominican Republic, DO

Here are my before pictures and wish pictures Here...

Here are my before pictures and wish pictures
Here is some information about myself.

I'm 5'6"
146 lbs
somewhat athletic but I am so willing to tone that down to gain some weight if its gonna get me where i need to be.
no kids
22 years old

I dont see many ladies my age and with my circumstances. My body is alright i guess but I'm ready for the next level. I'm so grateful that all you women are so detailed in your procedures and experiences it has definitely helped me make my decision to go with yily even if i didnt get my price yet. I am just hoping to be as helpful as the rest of you!
Hey girl !! Thanks for sharing with us ... Ill be following ur journey & willing to answer any questions I can !
Thanks babe did you use dra yily?
I'm going to her next month !!! ;)

More wish pics

I been lookin around and found more wish pics. And it seems like the more I keep looking the bigger the a** I want lol
Hi Hun, I will follow you as well.....I'll be a Yily doll next month...I fact in 22 more days....
You getting a bbl done also?
Hey hun. I will follow you. .. good luck

More wish pics

I used an app to kinda distort my body to a shape I want. I can't really get my butt the way I want it but I got the basic shape I'm hoping for.
Looking forward to seeing your results. Im also considering her as well
Oh ok thanks!
Hi Hun I'm going mid 2014 but I want to send my deposit what is a good way to do that

She answered me!

She replied back with my quote finally and told me I needed to gain a few pounds but she didn't explain exactly how much. My quote is $3200 without the garment, drugs, massages or the stay there for the minimum 8 days. I've read that women stay there or something because the nurses are there and they give you 3 meals a day and all this other stuff I was wondering if someone could explain that to me a little more?
I also heard it was cheaper if you bring a friend.
Someone please help I just wanted to make sure I bring all the right things and enough money.
Is there a cheaper garment too because $140 is kinda steep.

Which recovery house and how much?

I just wanted to know which recovery house you ladies stayed at and how much it was each night? Please help!
hi sweetie am 5'6'' 137 pounds i was gonna go with robles but am going to have yily do my body :) march 18 i can't wait
Yes, another petite frame girl for Yily... Aug. 29 is mines..
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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