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I'm 5'5 1/2 140 pounds I will be getting a tt,...

I'm 5'5 1/2 140 pounds I will be getting a tt, bbl, lipo and hips done. I have one child a 7 year old. I been reviewing stories for a while now and I'm sold on getting it as soon as I can. I would like to get to 155 or 160 pounds to get the size butt I want. I'm a 36c-34-41 I want to be 36c-26-46 I want my butt to be 48 or 48 1/2 with a lot of projection and fullness I want a bubble butt since I lost some of mines.


Thank you sexeeangel I'm looking to get it in Late July of 2014 or late October of 2014.
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Thank you BBL2013 but when I gain weight it goes to my hips and butt. My arms and face always stay small but thanks for the advice.
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welcome to the bbl world, and all the best fr ur journey. My advice is dont put on too much weight though as it might go in ur face arms and upper body which may be a bit problematic to get rid of after sx.
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Waiting for Beaz to give me a price

I sent dr Baez a email to get a quote for a bbl with fat transfer to hips and tummy tuck.


R u still considering Baez?
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I wanted but I could cause s is good to
did you ever hear from baez
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