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I'm a Mom of 6 Boys I Hate That my Boobs Shag ! Dominican Republic, DO

Well this will be my 2nd time choosing DR for my...

Well this will be my 2nd time choosing DR for my surgery I had a tummy tuck in March of this year I love I mean really really love my results ! So I won't a bbl and bl I'm choosing dr robles again I have Confident I'm her that she will give me what I'm looking for so I'm basically here to get as much info as I can on the procedures I have picked to so this time and hopefully find a surgery buddy

pictures of me since my tummy tuck

I love my new body

I'm 5 mos post op

I'm going to wait until I'm 6 mos post op till I make my deposit and get my plane ticket and began my vitamins super excited about my decision and I can't wait to get my boobs lifted

Getting a quote

It's a pain in the butt waiting for your quote I got one but they for got to add my breast lift the main reason for me going for surgery in the 1st place so now am waiting again.... Hopefully it does not take more then a week as I lose my mind waiting I can't wait for the day my boobs and stand up and say hi lol

Before my tummy tuck this was me ewww

Ok brace yourself here are my before pictures lol

hey everyone its been a while

i have chosen to have my bbl and bl with dra taina medina shes a true sweet heart and her work is amazing dont get me wrong dra robles does the best tummy tucks thats fact but she lacks in her bbl and dra taina medina is amazing with bbl and bl so i have about 6 mos or less till i make my way to DR fro the 2nd time im ready i need to lose like 20 lbs well i wont to lose 20lbs so im going on a diet til lose it before i go so by dec i should have it off i was qouted 10days in RH but omg no im going to try to stay only 6 days cause i cant do it i get home sick really bad read up on and see when i was in DR the last time i was ready to go lol i hope everyone is well
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I love her she's so kind and careing I would pick her for every procures I chose to have

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