Saving up money for mommy makeover from Dra Walkiris Robles - Dominican Republic

Hello all :) This is my first post on RS but I...

Hello all :) This is my first post on RS but I have lurked for years. I finally have the courage to look outside the US for my procedure because I have been quoted $7-9,000 in the US and ... still have not come up with the money (and as my username suggests: You Only Live Once). A few friends of mine have had surgeries by Dra Yily and have not had any complaints. I emailed her, read many reviews, viewed her Facebook, and followed her on Instagram ... now if only I could get her to reply to my email from 4 business days ago for a quote.

In the mean time, I wanted to see if there are any ladies out there who have had a BL/BA done by Dra Yily. 98% of the reviews I have found are centered around lipo, BBL, and TT. I would GREATLY appreciate comments from those who've had her breast surgeries. Would you let her do it again? Are you satisfied with your scars and nipple appearance? How much were you quoted? I have seen some that aren't impressed by her breast work but I've taken a look at other DR doctor's galleries and the results seem just okay at best.

I understand that having multiple surgeries saves money but I'm also hoping that if nearly full body lipo, BBL, and a TT are running some of you $5000 that a BA/Full BL won't be more than $3000 max. Here's to hoping!

Please feel free to PM me with reviews or your own pics :)

Still Here. Still Researching ...

I've been on RS everyday for the last week looking at results and reading through progression stories. To the vets who will read mine and the new ladies who will add their own to this site, the completed stories are invaluable!

I haven't updated mine much because I find I'm personally more interested in the stories that have surgeries shortly after beginning the blog then later the periodic photo updates about their healing.

I will say that I originally planned for a BA/BL with Dra Yily but after receiving her quote, I realized that it would be best to add on other procedures because the additional cost would be minimal. I don't remember exactly what the quote for BA/BL only was but it was around $3500. That's fantastic still considering what I have been quoted in the US but adding a TT and additional lipo (arms) was only $1300 more, I figured I needed to rethink this.

In rethinking my plan, I realized that Dra Yily does great body work but seems to be less consistent with her results probably due to the recent increase in cases she's taking on. She's also very hit or miss with her boob jobs and with my luck ... well, you know.

So I looked at several Dominican doctors and am confident (currently) that I want to go with Dra Walkiris Robles. Even the "worst" TT result I've seen on here would still make me very confident and I haven't come across any boob job of hers that was unacceptable. Scar quality and placement is very important to me.

I received an all-inclusive quote from Robles for $6000. This didn't include the $200 RS discount for mentioning having a RS account. Once I have saved the money (could take 6 months to a year barring any unexpected financial blessings), I will request another quote.

I will update this review once I'm ready to make a deposit with my own personal and wish pics. In the mean time, happy posting/researching ladies (and gents)!

How Do I Use This Site?

My posts don't seem to come up in searches. I posted a question in the Tummy Tuck forum three days ago that I cannot find. Besides a community manager encouraging me to post more, I've only gotten responses to comments I've made from 2 people. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of interaction here ...

Wish Pics

Here's a few "wish pics". I'm starting to wonder if I should get implants or just the lift. I'm currently a saggy 34 C. I wouldn't mind being a D but a padded bra could help with that if I chose not to get implants. I have broad shoulders so I'm worried about looking "big" in tops that are not fitted. If I don't get the implants, maybe Dra. Robles would agree to a little BBL in the same surgery as my tummy tuck, lipo, and breast lift.

Decisions, Decisions.

Still Researching/Lurking

I'm still reading reviews. I've been on this site every day lately! The downside to that is that there are not enough updates from the DR girls so I've started reading reviews from mainly US ladies. The results I'm seeing make me second guess getting a TT but then I have to remember this is mainly the reason I have chosen to have my procedure outside of the US. Wish I could fast forward to being in my new job for 6 months. That way my makeover would be that much closer!

To workout or not ...

So I'm looking over so many before and after pics and I'm noticing that women larger than myself are coming out on the flat side with better bodies than what I have currently after working out 3-4 days a week lol! I'm resorting to surgery because the areas I want fixed (tummy, breasts, and triceps) aren't phased by exercise and diet. Just makes me not want to workout (nearly as much or as hard). I can't wait until it's my turn!!

Be Safe! ** Soap Box **

As I read comments to reviews, I'm seeing things like "have your doctor prescribe (insert strong diuretic or antibiotic)." Ladies (and gents), one reason we have resistant bacteria like MRSA is because of casual/irresponsible use of antibiotics. And the antibiotics that kill resistant bacteria like MRSA are known to be toxic to your kidneys or hearing, etc. which is why monitoring of your labs is needed ... which is why your doctor should not be sending you on your way with it. As for the diuretics ... yes, they help with fluid ... but they also lower your blood pressure. Besides making you feel awful, low blood pressures can mean compromise in circulation to your organs nevermind that incision you're concerned about. Believe me, if your body has to choose between sending blood to your skin or your kidneys ... guess what? Another thing ... I saw someone specifically recommend Lasix. Lasix is strong and the type of diuretic it is can cause an imbalance of your potassium. Low potassium leads to heart rhythm problems for starters! I chose to write this on my own review because I'm not here to lecture anyone but PLEASE consult your doctor or nurse before taking things. Even over the counter ...
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I had lipo on my triceps and can't tell the difference really. The biggest change for my was my back and tummy with aggressive lipo. It gives my booty the illusion of looking bigger. My butt didn't accept much of the fat grafted. I'm thinking about 90% of the fat died off and my surgeon is one of the best in the world for BBL
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I wonder if my doctor would be aggressive in my triceps. I mean they aren't huge but I have a little chunkiness above my elbow and it's been there even when I got down to a size 2. I figure I could try because when I inquired about it as a single service in my area, the doctors quoted $1500-$2000. No thank you.
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worth asking :)
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Remember if you workout it strengthens ur body even if you can not see it. Strong bodies heal better and quicker , just saying;•}
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Yes, you are right but I really worry it will affect my result. I emailed Robles (which means I was really corresponding with someone else who has never performed a surgery) asking if losing weight would affect how much skin they had to pull. Think about it, your skin does retract a bit (if you don't have damage from things like stretch marks). I was told I could lose the 10 pounds I wanted to. I am hoping that the lipo from the tummy tuck will give me more of an hour glass shape but if I lose weight, my butt and thighs will be smaller. Decisions, decisions.
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Yea ur right, I'm how about getting you some ankle weights and a step ? I do this for thirty min every day and it totally lifted my butt in like three weeks. If you do cardio you will loose weight. But if you have weights strapped to you plus stepping , you will be building and toning muscle. I understand ur delima tho, keep me posted;•}
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I have increased my cardio so we'll see how that helps. I love weights more than cardio lol! I currently squat 215 lb on the Smith machine so I feel like, without going to more extreme measures as far as diet and exercising all day, I won't get the body I'm looking for :-/ I'll add my before pics soon. I know it would be easier to see where I'm coming from if I had those.
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Yea ur right. Dang 215 that's nice right there. Pretty strong chick!! I'm looking forward to seeing ur pix my dear;•}
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I hope you get everything planned out and make the right decisions darling. I pray you find all ur answers and get everything planned out as well. Good luck to do and I will be following ur journey;•}
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Oh and depending how this goes, (God willing I come out ok) I NEED a BL my girls are sagging :-/ I hope you find some answers! You are correct all the reviews are centered around this BBL phenomena its so crazy I never envisioned I would be a part of it but it just makes so much sense to me to remove fat where you do not want it and strategically place it throughout your body to create a more curvy silhouette. Sheer genius!!! LOL I am not getting BA at this time but hey I will offer any guidance I can as well. Cheers :-)
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I feel you on that. Me neither it didn't even cross my mind for a BBL. I look at Kim K and Nicki Minaj and that's all I could think about when getting a BBL and it looking unnatural. Dra Robles suggested it herself and I said hey why not if it will look natural.
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I emailed both Dra Yily and Duran with no response. I chose Dra. Robles after seeing her work on her FB page and seeing the feedback on RS as well. She is very sweet and her (or her assistant) answer all my questions within hours. To paint a better picture I initially made contact a few days ago and have already booked my surgery for June 27. One of my concerns is that I will be going alone. I am scheduled to arrive in DR June 25. I am just a mixed bag of emotions right now LOL
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Yaaay! Very exciting. I will be going alone as well when the time comes but after reading a few reviews from her patients, I'm not worried. I'm going to head over and read your posts about your upcoming trip. Please keep us updated!
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Same for me too. I was scheduled for a TT with a US doctor, but something told me to read a certain post about DR. I never thought I would go on my own to a foreign country but here goes.
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Mine is to be on Monday and am just a bag of emotions myself. Is almost 2 am and I can't sleep. I been like this for days now.
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I posted on your review as well. I have anxiety and being worked up for days is the worst. Unless you have something specific that you're worried about, finding a way to relax is your best bet. I take valerian root (natural herb sold where the vitamins are) and it works for me though you should ask the dr prior to taking any medications so close to surgery. Otherwise, trying to get more sleep or some other distraction (hanging out with friends/family, etc) may help get your mind off things ... as much. Good luck :)
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I'm so glad you're no longer a lurker but an official RealSelf member! You're right, I do see that most of Dr. Y's reviews are BBL and BA. It will be nice to hopefully have a review like yours as I'm sure there are other women who might just be interested in a BA. 

Be sure to comment on other member's reviews so they can easily find you and give you their feedback and support. Looking forward to following your journey. And be sure to post some wish boob photos so the community has an idea of your goal look!
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