Surgery with Dr. Javier Baez Angles - Dominican Republic, DO

Has anyone had surgery with Dr. Javier Baez...

Has anyone had surgery with Dr. Javier Baez Angles? am looking foward to have breast implants and a tummy tuck in DR. But I want a doctor in the Santiago Area since I have family there. He seems really nice and knowlegeable, But am searching for other reviews on him. I emailed my photos and was able to speak directly to him, so far am feeling confortable....but i want to see more before and afters.

Ill be doing surgery hopefully in May with Javier Baez
did u ever find more info on him?I also have started looking into him
My husband is going to Javier Baez in July 2013 and he is very easy to reach and offers great hub is getting a mini tt, and aggressive lipo. I haven't seen any pics of his work so I'm a little on edge can u offer suggestions
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