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I've been wanting to do surgery for a very long...

I've been wanting to do surgery for a very long time! I am now 24 years old and I am ready more than every. I have finally found the perfect doctor for my procedures, not to mention i have two friends who have already gone to Dra Yily and done an amazing job on their body!

I am a little scared because i have no Idea on how much things can someone really buy and get to be prepared but I know that with the help of most of the forums here and reviews I have pretty much made a long list of everything to get!!
I emailed Dra Yily on Tuesday May 7th and she emailed me back today Thursday May 9th 2013 !! She emailed me the estimate for my procedures everything i will need to do before getting the surgery done and most of what i will need after the surgery, all her information to make the payments which she stated she needs to receive $500US with minimum being $200 of a deposit to confirm and reserve the operating date. I will not be confirming anything because I will wait for when i go to my country next week May 16th to go for a in person consultation and discuss certain things she mention in my email of doing which I'm not interested in doing. I am basically going with the flow which is why i'm a little scared, I am going to Santiago which is where my family lives, during my stay in my family house I will go visit Dra. Yily and consult with her in person although we spoken through emails. After I consult with her in person i will scheduling our date for the surgery which can be the next day right after i speak with her. This is a little more nerve recking because It will happen one day to the next!
My mother isn't very approved with all of this she told me I already look great and doesn't think i need anything of what I will get done! But this is what i want and I'm tired of people for years telling me that i shouldn't do it because i look good already. I don't feel great and thats what i'm aiming for! My mother will be flying out with me and hopefully visiting Dra Yily with me. If not i will be going through with this alone.. which is why I decided to write my experience here hoping that i will get the SUPPORT and STRENGTH i'll need while i go through with this!

I will keep everyone posted on everything!

I am 5'2'' weight 130 pounds
My measurements are Cup 34B , Waist 26 , Hips 39
I am going to do Breast Augmentation/ Implant , Arm Lipo, and BBL ( Butt lift)

She mentioned in my email Fat grafting to Buttock, BBL, Liposuction of Abdomen, armpit, back, flanks, waist , breast augmentation with implants.
I don't think i need liposuction of Abdomen or waist if she needs fat to grafting my buttock i think I would do back and flank and from my arms but as i mentioned earlier she added things to do that i didn't mention or want. What do you guys thinking ? I posted so pictures of myself and this is literally right now that i took the pics.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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