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I've been wanting to do surgery for a very long...

I've been wanting to do surgery for a very long time! I am now 24 years old and I am ready more than every. I have finally found the perfect doctor for my procedures, not to mention i have two friends who have already gone to Dra Yily and done an amazing job on their body!

I am a little scared because i have no Idea on how much things can someone really buy and get to be prepared but I know that with the help of most of the forums here and reviews I have pretty much made a long list of everything to get!!
I emailed Dra Yily on Tuesday May 7th and she emailed me back today Thursday May 9th 2013 !! She emailed me the estimate for my procedures everything i will need to do before getting the surgery done and most of what i will need after the surgery, all her information to make the payments which she stated she needs to receive $500US with minimum being $200 of a deposit to confirm and reserve the operating date. I will not be confirming anything because I will wait for when i go to my country next week May 16th to go for a in person consultation and discuss certain things she mention in my email of doing which I'm not interested in doing. I am basically going with the flow which is why i'm a little scared, I am going to Santiago which is where my family lives, during my stay in my family house I will go visit Dra. Yily and consult with her in person although we spoken through emails. After I consult with her in person i will scheduling our date for the surgery which can be the next day right after i speak with her. This is a little more nerve recking because It will happen one day to the next!
My mother isn't very approved with all of this she told me I already look great and doesn't think i need anything of what I will get done! But this is what i want and I'm tired of people for years telling me that i shouldn't do it because i look good already. I don't feel great and thats what i'm aiming for! My mother will be flying out with me and hopefully visiting Dra Yily with me. If not i will be going through with this alone.. which is why I decided to write my experience here hoping that i will get the SUPPORT and STRENGTH i'll need while i go through with this!

I will keep everyone posted on everything!

I am 5'2'' weight 130 pounds
My measurements are Cup 34B , Waist 26 , Hips 39
I am going to do Breast Augmentation/ Implant , Arm Lipo, and BBL ( Butt lift)

She mentioned in my email Fat grafting to Buttock, BBL, Liposuction of Abdomen, armpit, back, flanks, waist , breast augmentation with implants.
I don't think i need liposuction of Abdomen or waist if she needs fat to grafting my buttock i think I would do back and flank and from my arms but as i mentioned earlier she added things to do that i didn't mention or want. What do you guys thinking ? I posted so pictures of myself and this is literally right now that i took the pics.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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I'm still looking to see what's wrong with your body! You look great! But I guess if you see something you want to change then do what pleases you. Good luck!
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Good luck!! She did me in Feb :)
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Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf! The support of your family near you will be extremely helpful, especially during your recovery. Hoping your mom decided to join you. Looking forward to your updates and photos! Take care!

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Hey girl. I am from DR too and I know the pressure we are on to eat tostones and be skinny with a big booty lol. I really wish u the best. You look fantastic but it's you who you have to satisfy. It's a lot of work to do on your body for one day that's the thing you have to consider other wise keep doing your research. Plz let me know how it goes prima lol!
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Do what makes you feel good
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Hi. I think currensydiva is absolutely right. If I were you, I wouldn't even have breast implants because from the pictures I see you have some breasts. Wait until you have children and then you will see how your breasts will be as well as your body. You are from Latin America, right? Well, your body is shaped according to your race and I do not think you can do much to change it. It is not worth the money and pain, possible complications etc. Listen to the person that did it and is not happy. Do not be affected by women on this site who do it at a very young age and are obsessed with big boods. I had a nice pair of breasts before my children and after breastfeeding them I ended up with nothing, so I wanted to have back what I had before. I went with silicone over the muscle 175cc, I am very happy with them, never regretted the size and wished I had gone bigger. If you do the breast implants at least go with overs, I mean over the muscle. You have enough tissue for that and the recovery is much faster. I had no pain after a very short time and feel nothing of those things that other women describe, mainly because of my overs. I had no tissue to start with and my doctor would not do it under the muscle. There might be more complications with unders, read about it. Good luck.
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the waist tummy back n flanks are included in the quote.... arms n thighs chin are extra.. so if its included in the quote get it get as much fat as you can... you only live once if this will make yu feel better do it. you can always have kids later still... its up to you kno one else...
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Hello, I know you don't want to hear this right now but you really do look great just as you are! At 24, you have the biggest weapon any woman can have at her disposal - youth. The risks associated with these procedures are worth it when you are in your late 30s or 40s, have had kids and generally gravity and pregnancy has taken a toll on your body. At your age, these procedures are unnecessary and fraught with risks. I am 35 years old and have one child (age 8 yrs). I was moderately overweight and had a very obvious muffin top tummy. So I went in for a lipo (abdomen, flanks and back). It's been a year since the op, and although the fat is gone, the results are not worth the money and pain. The skin and tissues underneath where lipo is done, continue to hurt for 6-8 weeks after the op. I didn't feel like exercising for the longest time because of the discomfort and pain and in hindsight, if I had just exercised for the months that I had to be idle, i probably would have achieved the same results. Also the incision marks don't go away easily and sometimes there is rippling on the skin like i have on my tummy. The surface is uneven and has little bulges and dents which haven't gone even after one year. I also still have the hard scar tissue which i can feel when i touch my tummy (although it has softened over the months). I am so unhappy with the results that I am considering a tummy tuck as nothing can be done to smoothen out the bumps and dents. I cry when i look at my pre lipo tummy pics.. atleast they were smooth and even. Also fat transfer is vastly overrated. The docs who recommend it are just thinking about making money.My doc was kind enough to tell me that the success rate is abysimal for fat graft and 50 to 60% of the fat doesn't stay in the place it was grafted 1 year after the op. It is such a sheer waste of money and the pain one has to endure is so unnecessary. There is also the risk of calcification or fat necrosis, wherein the fat cells harden and get infected or die. Such complications need repeat surgery. I had gone into the op hating my body and wanting to make it perfect. One year later, I still hate my body and realize that it was much more beautiful before I went under the knife. So I would really really request you to please re-consider your decision. These procedures are good in middle age, after having had children and when the body is kind of damaged anyway. To mess with a body that is already young and beautiful to begin with is totally unnecessary and kind of tragic because it just shows how much of an effect the airbrushed mainstream media has on us.
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Everyone is entitled to their opinion about their bodies, there's nothing wrong with being perfect, if the lady want to enhance something to look better that's great. Everyone has something that's not perfect about them. i can see why she needs a breast job and some lipo.Age has nothing to do gravity,etc. I know girls 19 ,over 200 pounds and saggy. It's about how you take care of yourself. I'm 38 and my body look better then a lot of girls younger then me and i still turn heads!
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