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Hi, I'm 31yrs old Mother of three. I have always...

Hi, I'm 31yrs old Mother of three. I have always weighed no more than 120 pounds. Well when i was pregnant i weigh about 160. Everyone sees me and thinks wow three kids you look amazing..Thanks but, all honesty i don't feel like a woman.My breast have always been A cup and now im starting to feel embarrassed in intimacy. i don't want to be looked at. So i have been looking for plastic surgery for a while. Now i found to great Doctors in Dominican Republic. Who to Choose is my biggest struggle right now...HELP ME


Welcome to RealSelf! Have you had consultations with both doctors? If so, do you get the same good vibe from each?

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Any one has done Breast implants with Dr.Yili or...

Any one has done Breast implants with Dr.Yili or Robles? the pictures they have don't seem to be enough evident for me?


what is. BA
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Breast Augmentation
Hey, I personally like Robles breast work better than Yily, but i like Yilys BBL better than Robles, only because Robles is a bit too conservative on the booty for my taste. However, you are small and wouldn't need a TT from what I can see, so Robles could work for both of your needs, breast and butt. She does sculpt nice shapes.
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Im on my way to the airport. The past few days...

Im on my way to the airport. The past few days i've been relaxed and not stressing it much. Right now i have butterflies in my stomach. Can't believe its about to happen New me in a few hours. I put myself. Robles hands and may gob lead her all tha way. Lets do this.


Guys, I am going thru a very stressful medical condition. When I went to get my surgery I was lucky enough that they did my XRay overthere and noticed I had a very bad infection in my lungs. I don't smoke or use drugs guess what was the cause of this the HOOKAH. I HAD TO FLY TO NEW YORK AND GET AN EMERGENCY SURGERY TO REMOVE THE INFECTION that was on April 1st . I had two tubes in my lungs draining liquid I hd in lungs. I'm still in bed with an IV taking antibiotics. Just want to say Make sure you get all your test done before getting any surgery anywhere. If I didn't have that X-ray and the doctor could've been gready for money I would of not been here. In a way I thank them for taking precautions it saved my life.
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Hi there, wishing you to get well soon. Did you feel any discomfort or have you been coughing?
I mean before you went to do BA?
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