Breast Lift Implants and Bbl - Dominican Republic, DO

Impatiently waiting for April to get here as I'm...

Impatiently waiting for April to get here as I'm sooooooo ready to start my recovery process. Last year I had a tt and bbl. and now I'm ready to finish everything off. I will be going to Dr. Yily. It will be 4 of us traveling together. We are also looking for a nurse and masseuses. So if you know of any please let me know. I'm really not looking for a RH we would rather one on one with a nurse and masseuses. Happy healing!

I don't like the idea of carrying this money

So today is the day I said I would pay everybody I need to pay because the least cash I have to. Carry the better. Why can't Dr. Yily accept all the money via bank transfer? So my buddy and I are still looking for anyone that is having surgery on April 15 with yily so our price can go down. I think after all the going back and forth we are going to be staying at Zara's recovery house. If you have been there or know of Zara holla at me and let me know what you think about her or her place. So I'm still up in the air about if I want implants are not. The thought of it being there just freaks me out. Our plan is to arrive at cipla about 1 and do all our test. Then shop shop and more shop

Zara's recovery house

So a lot has changed in the last 24 hrs. Well there were reports of over crowing and Dr. Yily being forced to do several sx a day due to tax season. There have been walk ins and the quality that cipla once had is now gone. SOOOOOOOOOOOO WITH THAT BEING SAID IM ABOUT TO PAY MY DEPOSIT FOR DR. ROBLES AND BE DONE WITH IT. I AM NOT LIKING THE PICTURES THAT I SAW AT CIPLA.SO LETS SEE WHAT HAPPENS NOW.

Paid in full!



So for the pass couple of days I been on the phone with amazon and western union.Usps said the box was delivered but I didnt even get mail that say. And if I never use western union again Life will be great. I received my confirmation from Robles. I went for my CBC and clearance Dr. Said I was too sick to do anything but try to get over this cold.ok I'm falling a sleep ttyl

61 days until my surgery bl ba bbl

Man I'm soooo ready if I wasn't so sick lord knows I would be gone right fuckin now. I'm looking at all y'all that had y'all sx even though this is round 2 for me looking at y'all got me wanting to change my dates shit. Waiting on my buddies to get it together I should have just followed my first mind and went alone. I just wanted to have someone to kick it with go shopping cause sx or not a bitch is going shopping. Man I'm packed everything paid for I'm ready to go. Then these bad ass kids is driving me bat shit crazy in this house with them. Always crying and complaining whit I want to cry and complain too. So when you go to DR the Dr. Say how long they think you should stay my Original Dra Yily said two weeks I went to my hubby and side the Dr in DR want me to stay 10 days WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THAT.THAT FOOLMSAID I DONT GIVE A FUCK IF YOU GO TO THE MOON YO ASS BET NOT BE THERE NO DAMN 10 DAYS. I WAS WEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAK THIS FOOL CRAZY. Ok time to get ready for sleep ttyl girls


So I been dealing with Zara RH for a while I was planning on staying there. So after me sending the money and western union number to her her she wants to up her prince. Not to mention she was the one that told me about her RH. Then she is trying to charge me 6 days and up her rooms price. She got he fucked up I called western union and got my Monty back. I can't stand when a mutha fucka try me

This trip to DR has me feeling bipolar

So since the beginning of this trip I was going to go to Cabral but then his passed made me change my mind then I was going with Yily then the pictures and story came out of how they were over booking and the rooms weren't being then I changed to Robles well dealing with Laura via whatsapp I had 6 different quotes then when I paid it in full It was very rare that they would respond to my chat messages. I had asked for a official quote and had not heard from either Robles or Laura. So I called western union to get my money back. Then late last night I get a email from Laura saying she didn't have a quote for me she needed to check whatsapp. Ummmmmmmm really. So now I'm going to yily unless something else happens. As far a RH I'm not doing that. I contacted Zara and she told me my price for the days that I would be there I agreed with the price and sent the deposit western union. Well after I got my flight I sent her a pic showing the flight info. She didn't know who I was or what I was talking about. This is after I had sent the money over a week ago. So then I tell her to send me the balance I was going to pay it in full. Now here's where she fucked up. She tells me I have a balance of 300 so i asked her how is that she said the room is 55 a day and for 6 nights in the RH I sent the flight info to her again and told her that I would only be there 5 days and if she looks threw the chat we had on what's app she told me it was 45 a night. Well needless to say I still haven't heard from her and it's been a week. So I had western union send my money back. After all this one would think I would be like hell I'm not going but guess what I'm going. Praying that The Lord watches of me and everything works out fine and I come home to my family the way I came to DR. So last night I got a email saying my passport was processing. Some of the girls on fb says that I should receive it in 2 days. My sx buddy and I will be staying at a hotel near cipla. We are amped and ready to get this done and over with. The other night I asked her what's her yily doll name going to be lol she said I don't have one so I told her to think about it. I told her my name is gona be pocahontasssss lmao I went on the internet found a pic and used simulator to give her some assssssss and a small waist. She said she wanted to be a brick how so I found a pic and fixed it up for her. Man I hope this time hurries up. Talk to you girls later.

Oh sooooo much fuckery

Ok so even though I took my money back from Robles she sent me a sweet ass quote. I'm truly concidering it. Ummmmm hummmmm these fuckin children of mine are working my nerves. They better hope I don't get to DR and like it hubby and kids would be looking for me. Y'all asses on here bet not tell either. Well I paid my deposit for a different RH ILL be at silhouette recovery. I choose her because in the time of Trenna JAcksons passing she was the only one who spoke up. And I respect the fuck out her for that because if something was to happen to any of us we would want all involved to state the truth. I found out that the owner is from houston texas where I live so that's cool. My procrastinating ass sx buddy is gona make me clip her. Man it bothers me to wait till last min for things that or a necessity. I'm all packed and just awaiting the next 49 days yo pass. Now my only other thing to do is travel insurance. I have been going crazy since the day we said we were all going. Oh and by the way it started off as four of us now it's only too.

Pics on google

So I thought let me google myself well I have seen more pics of me than I want to . Especially the naked ones from here so I am deleting those photos and if you want a pick of me I will send it by pm

lol how on hell did my daughter find me on here


Does anyone have any info on cabrals breast implants?

Because I don't really have a lot of fat to spare I decided to check out Cabral. I want what fat I do have left to count. Cause lord knows I might snap if my ass ain't right when I see it. So if any of you girls have any info on his breast implants let me know. It's march I'm so ready to go. I went to New Orleans to spend time with my mom and other family and friends. I'm just so ready for this shit to happen ugh. Then my damn passport is asking forever. Like imma damn terrorist or something. I already had the pass card but they had to use a different pic foe the passbook because it was too old. I have Ben. Spending my sx money. I guess only because I know my hubby will give me more.huuuuummmmmmm I'm sooooooooooooooo ready to go . Well I'm packed and everything is ready

Just read Vicki Ramirez review on Robles

I think Robles may be back in the race. I just need to see more bbls. That review was everything! Well my passport just got here and guess what today is my tt bbl anniversary! Yey me I'll post some pics tomorrow I'm supposed to be up getting ready to see usher but my lazy ass still in the bed. Man why did I pick April. Ugh I'm so ready to go my bags have been packed since forever. I will still be staying at silhouette hopefully it's not a disaster. If it is I will let y'all know. Some of these people are so money hungry at these RH. Ohhhhh the stories that has come to light. I just pray I don't run into any problems with anyone. Ok I'm going get ready TTYL!

Sorry it was vikkiramirez.


I just got my hemo results back and ya girl is ready

Today I got the best news my hemo is 13.5 yassssssss the doll is ready to roll. American airline changed me and my buddy flight soooo when we talked to them we were trying to get them to change it to the Friday before but they only changed it to the day before which is still good. Woot woot I'm ready to roll. Today I got some vaccines hep a&b and that shit burned so bad. Bad enough I'm scared to death of needles. I've been taking my vit and will continue. OMG IM SOOOOOOO REEADY TO GO. I need this lil break. I'm gona post a pic of some of the vaccines you should get before leaving I still have 2-3 more to get I have to find a clinic that have them.

28 days 9hrs 5 min hahahahahahahaa

This journey is driving me that crazy.... My sx buddy and I eat sleep and dream of our upcoming day. So we decided to stay at silouhette for two days then stay on the beach at the Hilton. Right now I'm just ready to get it over with. I wish I could have pushed my date up and went in man or feh but I didn't want to stick out my sx buddies. I'm not a pain freak but I do kinda have a high tolerance for pain. My biggest issues is figuring out if I want to wear my natural hair get braids or get this funky bob. Hummmmmm if I woke up and tomorrow was the day I needed to leave man I'd be happy. I really doing have much to say. Oh I won a raffle with the SURGERYI queens I won some kind of hemo builder. Yey me. Well I guess I'll ttyl.

I have changed my Dr. More than I have changed underwear

Shit on some days I go back and forth on which DR. I'll choose. So after going around and around in a circle from one Dr. To the next I think I'm going to stick with Dra. Yily. But I'll tell you one thing nooooooooooo body better not hit slap or punch me while I'm down there. Because like I have said before I WILL BE LOCKED UP ABROAD! I'm not playing that shit. I'm still going to silouhette RH and then the Hilton. I wish this sx hurry up and come so I can get this healing thing together. Not to mention I wanna see how imma look. I have to go back to my Dr. Here in Houston on April 11 I hope he can give me more antibiotics and pain meds cause imma damn sure ask for them. I'll post my pre op pics as soon as I can.

Yily dolls

Please inbox me to let me know what you liked or didn't like. I have been hearing some stories that has me thinking. And the ladies that see that their Dr. Did a damn good job holla at a doll and let me know. I still have 18 days till I roll out and I need to hear and see what's really going on. Then there has been someone putting that they got a blood transfusion and as a result now have HIV. I didn't want a blood transfusion there anyway but for damn sure don't want HIV.



So I changed my Dr to Cabral. I figured if I was going to DR to have sx I might as well go with the best. Ok so his office person gave me April 16 but I need the 15! Ugh I'm soooooooooo irritated I been asked him for a dYe if he would have sent it to me I would be good. IF ANYONE KNOWS OF A DOLL THAT HAS APRIL 14 or 15 DATE AND DONT WANT IT PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I LEAVE IN EXACTLY 15 DAYS MAN I CANT WAIT.EVERYTHING IS PACKED EVERYTHING IS DONE I JUST NEED THE DAYS TO FLY BY.

12 days to go

So I have been really feeling conflicted since the death of sisterless sister. Do I go, do I go back to mx. Man I couldn't imagine my kids and husband trying to live without me. It's hard to think that there's a chance that I couldn't come back to my family. Well this is my last elective surgery. No more for me. I am praying for us all to be able to make it back home to our families safe and sound. My baby girl (Doc) clothes is together for the time I will be gone. I have all my stuff together and I'm just waiting for the day to come. Hubby and I will be going on a dinner cruise the day before I leave. My oldest boy (17) says he wants yo come have lipo lol he is a fool. Only if he knew how bad it feels after. Well ladies this is it until I have more to tell you. I gotta go wash clothes.

8 days to go

Well I have successfully changed my date to April 15 with Cabral. I almost fell back on the Robles bandwagon today when I saw the results of some of her dolls. Then I started counting I would be saving somewhere around 2000 if I go with Robles. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut there's no sure thing that I'm going to get the body I want. So I figure the best thing for me to do is to stick with Cabral. He's more likely to me me to the body I want or close enough to it. Still very nervous thinking about the death of our fellow sisters. Praying for their families and most of all their children. Everything is set up except out transportation. This could get very expensive. Congrats to the sisters that has had their sx already and I thank you for telling your story.

4 days 6 hours 6 minutes

Yessssssssss I'm so ready I have had the worst week. Praying that things get better. I was about to cancel my sx I felt like the devil was after me and I thought it was a bad idea to have sx. I don't know.

Man God is sooooo good!

Today I went to the bank to get a paper notarized and the fucking bank gets robbed! I snatched my daughter threw her go the floor tried to stay looking down. The robbers went from person to person taking there purses and wallets. I had all of my sx money in my purse. BUT GOD! The man took the ladies purse that was next to me but for whatever reason didn't touch my purse. I was sooooo scared and my heart was racing. I remember praying but don't remember what I said. But for the robber to pass my purse and It was next to the lady purse all I can say is THANK YOU JESUS! I'm having crazy flashbacks of them walking through the door. Lord I hope that goes away. I'm still leaving this Sunday praying that nothing else happens. I'm in constant prayer for our post op and pre op ladies. Y'all we have to keep each other lifted in prayer toooo much is going on in the world. Well good night y'all.
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Hello Lady. Just checking on you. Haven't seen any updates from you. Praying things are well. Let us know how things are going. Keeping you in my prayers. RedLady14
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Im good we still here we are at the hilton until monday thanks for all the prayers will make a full review asap
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Thanks God you and your daughter wasn't hurt but I'm sure you two were emotionally shaken girl I pray that God will protect and shield you and all the other future dolls and bring you all home safe God bless you all my sister and I are hoping to have our enhancements in June best wishes to you all beautiful ladies.
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Thank you I am waiting to go to cipla now
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girl.........I'm so glad he didn't touch your money.he probably figured you didn't have any yet.boy was he wrong.thank you Jesus. I am just like you, I keep switching back and forth between Cabral and Robles. I just don't know where to stay if I choose Cabral
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Girl yes I'm still stuck I'm going to both clinics then make a choice
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Amen to that. Its good your money didnt get touched and great nothing happened to you. Wow a bank robbery how often does that happen... you have a testimony girl
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I know right the devil has been after me two weeks straight.
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I'm so glad you're ok! And yes God is AWESOME!!
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Yes he is I can't stop thanking him
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Amen!!! Thank God for His UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! My daughter was in a robbery in that area at that Wing Stop in Feb.
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Girl that was crazy as fuck
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Wow what a crazy case of misfortunate events hope all is we'll love good luck and wishing you a safe journey
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Thank you
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Oh, my. That is crazy!!!! I'm glad you and your daughter are ok.
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Wow!!! Thank God you're fine. Are you in Houston?? What bank?
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Chase on veterans and Antoine
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Thank God you all are ok.....Praise God!
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So excited for you! God bless you and your journey, I pray all goes well for you Hun!!!! Much love
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Thank you sooooo much I'm so ready
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Cheer up You're going to be fine. Carbel is the man he will have that body banging!!!
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Thanks I can't wait
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Good Luck :D. I'll be praying for you! I bet you are gonna come out looking so amazing :).
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I hope so thanks
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