BA with Fatima Almonte in the Dominican Republic

I just sent my deposit to book a surgery date and...

I just sent my deposit to book a surgery date and I'm wondering if anyone has had breast augmentation done with her and if they are pleased with their results. I'm also having a another procedure done by a different Dr. so my total cost quote reflects both procedures.

The patient services coordinator Raquel has been awesome. She even sent me an E-card for my birthday. She has followed up promptly and even with questions she didn't know the answers to,she went and found out from the Dr. for me.

I had planned on going with a different Dr. but I found him to hard to get a hold of. That may not be a bad thing don't get me wrong it could just mean he's that great at what he does that he is always busy doing surgery or teaching seminars or w/e but it seemed like after a week of trying to communicate with him he just stopped all efforts and IMO, that is not a good sign. I mean how hard will he be to get ahold of if I have an issue or a question after I have forked over my hard earned dollars!?

So I am not exactly sure If I doing this right or not. Injust tried posting and it said not enough content so I added the part about deciding to not go wqith the other Dr. Hope this is enough and not confusing to anyone reading.

I spent a lot of time researching all the horror stories and having really mixed feelings about it but I made up my mind and sent the deposit. I currently am not even an A cup. Just to give you some history on me, I am 36 years old married to a really great man who supports my choice and we have four children together. I breastfed all of them. I went from a small A cup, to a very large C cup. As you see I'm super tiny and after breastfeeding my ta-tas just kinda deflated and now they are empty for lack of a better word. I would like to be restored to about a large B cup or very small C cup. I put up the closest wish pic I could find to show what I'd like my after result to look like.

I'm not much of a blogger so I can't promise that my posting here will be of much help but I am so nervous I just thought getting it all out and sharing it, asking for info and feedback from all of you here would give me some comfort.

Anyone had breast work done with Dr. Almonte? I did see many positive posts on women having lipo/BBL done by her but nothing really other than her two photos showing implant surgery results.

I have just posted the payment today so I am waiting to get info back on a surgery date but It needs to be in April because that is when my PTO from work begins.

I have been doing a lot of planning and preparation for this and I will be keeping track of it all here so that anyone else who is considering surgery outside of the US can refer to it for help.

As far as planning to leave the country so far I have gotten my passport and I took the number for the US embassy in DR so that I can register ahead of time. I also bought carry on luggage and luggage locks as well as read up on the country. There is a lot of economic issues so there are a lot of people that live in poverty so therefore a lot of theft. Mainly crimes of opportunity on unsuspecting tourists so I plan on not taking my wedding ring or any expensive jewelry.

I also bought some recovery supplies and pre-op supplies. I will list them all next time I get on here because right now I am just to tired and have to be up early.

I'm so excited and nervous all at the same time so any ladies here that have had or know of others who have had BA done by Dr. Almonte please give me ALL details!! Anyone who can help me know what to expect having plastic surgery in DR, I am really in need of ay advice or feedback from others personal experiences.

This will be my first time traveling to DR and strangely I don't feel nervous at all about that part of it. Just the surgery and outcome of it. I am worried that I will not get a chance to talk about my goals at the consult or how different they may do things leading up to and during the procedure.Of course the whole thing with the deaths at CIPLA even though I am going with doctors who practice at CECIP. What if there were an issue and I can't go back to DR right away? All these things I have turned over and over in my head and so much so that my hubby and my momma are starting to have second thoughts about my decision. Anyone who can tell me from there experience not to worry? LOL The more I plan the more real it becomes and the more my nerves start to take over.

Well that's all for the moment until I can get a surgery date set then I will be posting again!!

Raquel responded yesterday

Okay so she responded to me and told me that she will be sending the pre-op instructions in Feb. since I am wanting the surgery in April. A lot of it I am already aware about thanks to Realself and common sense. I know I will need to stop taking supplements like my herbals and no vitamin E. Of course no smoking. Since I have a couple months beforehand I am still taking my herbal supplements and that is fine for now.

What I have been doing is this, I take an immune wellness vitamin as well as a multi-vite without vitamin A or E daily. Sometimes I take melatonin for sleep and I do take herbal soy and St. Johns.

I take a prenatal, vegetable iron, and a probiotic every other day.

I set up an appointment with my primary Doc to talk about everything and also to have a mammogram ahead of time just for my own reassurances.

I ordered some arnica Montana, bromelin and Colace to start taking a week before my surgery date. Also bought some over the counter motion sickness pills in case I get sick on the flight or from the anesthesia. (I doubt they will let me take it if I do get sick from the anesthesia but I a trying to think of anything.)

I also ordered a couple of stretch tube top maxi dresses and a few bolero shrugs in case I get cold, a surgery bra with implant stabilizer and a boobie pillow so I can sleep on my stomach later on once I'm all healed and I am taking my old nursing PJ's because they are comfortable and easy to take on and off. Oh and I also got some scar gel which I couldn't believe how expensive it was but it is supposed to prevent keloids on new scars. I don't know if I keloid or not but I have darker skin so it is possible I could and also that I may have hyperpigmentation with scarring.

Disposable panties like you get after delivery plus two peri bottles,(one for saline wound wash and one for a special antibacterial wash.) Tucks pads extra large, thick gauze and triple antibiotic salve with lydocaine. These are for the other surgery that I'm having which is a vaginoplasty. That's a whole other topic and anyone who wants to share if they have had one and how the results went I really want to know because there is so little info out there and I am scared! I mean I only have one na-na and one body period. I am nervous but also feel confident in my choice. The Dr. is an OB/GYN and a urologist as well and has been in practice a very long time. He also has oncology background so I feel more secure letting him work on my lady bits. I hope when all is said and done I can give anyone looking into this good news!

I bought a special donut pillow for my bottom too that I can use on the flight, instant ice packs and a portable foot rest that folds up and can be also used as a chair in case I have no where to sit during the layover. I am going to wear slides instead of heels or sneakers too. Trust me no one wants to have to bend over and struggle with taking off shoes when they have just had major surgery and the airports do make you take off your shoes.

I am packing very light since I don't want to wait around for bags to be checked and possibly losing my luggage. If it doesn't fit in my carry on it is not going with.

Other things I am carrying with will be adult body wipes, the kind used in homecare, lip balm, dry shampoo, non slip socks, antibacterial wipes and hand sani and Lysol spray. I can get travel sized everything and make it work LOL.

A few other things I found out while researching DR customs is that you cannot leave the country with more than 300 dollars either American Dollars or Dominican Pesos in cash. Or so the website I was on says. (Can't remember which one.)

My other question I am trying to figure outs if they have any ATMS there that distribute American Dollars. I doubt it but if anyone else knows please do tell.

I don't want to go without enough cash but I also do not want to get held up if I am trying to carry back more cash than they approve!

So yes I feel I am covering mostly everything but if anyone has more ideas of what I should bring or advice please tell me and if anyone is planning on having surgery in April through CECIP and wants a surgery buddy please hit me up because so far I am going ALONE! Very scary but I cannot take my man since he will be having to work and my mother is not well and the others in my family with the funds to go will be helping with my children. When I think about this all I do feel a little bit selfish but I have put everyone else first for so long I just feel I am worthy to do this for myself.

Well that's all I got for now. I will update again when I know more.

So I am waiing to hear back from the woman running a recovery house

Okay so.... I have a friend who had surgery in DR a couple years back and she stayed with this woman and her family. When I told her recently about my plans she said she would give me the womans number. Well now apparently there is an issue of the lady not wanting her number given out which is fine I guess.

So my way to work around that is I had my friend give her my email and so now I am waiting to hear back from her.

The info my friend gives me is this: She charges 20 USD per day or 100 per week. if you stay for the week the price will include pick up and drop off to airport as well as to and from all your Dr./clinic visits, meals 3x a day and RX delivery.

My friend told me it is nice and the rooms are clean and each have their own bathroom. She said her and her family are very nice and that she speaks fluent English so I am just hoping now whenever I am able to speak with her not only can I book the room ahead of time but that she will allow me to provide her email to all the girls here that are doing surgery in DR.

Once I hear more about anything I will post again.

Still no word back regarding the recovery house

Well I'm pretty bummed out about it but then again maybe she is busy with the holidays just wrapping up and after the new year so I am going to wait a few more days before I ask my friend about it.

If it ends up being a dead end then I will just have to find somewhere else but I liked the idea of 20 dollars a day. I figured that would leave plenty of money for buying snacks for myself and gifts for the doctors and staff.Also I had planned on catching a ride to the pawn shop. DR has this huge pawn shop that sells lots of lovely jewelry and it's cheaper to buy than in the states. Plus they charge by gram and not workmanship or the complexity of the piece so I figured to take advantage and buy some things for myself and my oldest daughter.

Anyway I really hope I can stay at this recovery house. Supposedly it is within walking distance to everything.

Pics of Dr. almontes' work/ recovery house included in quote.

So after waiting to hear back from the woman who runs the recovery house and getting no response, I end up finding out that the quote for the procedure includes the stay at a recovery house they offer.

Ok so that's fine, but my new worry is that I'm just unsure if Almonte can give me the boobs I want.

I asked for more pics of her work and Raquel, who is absolutely amazing, I just can't say enough good things about her, well anyway Raquel sent me quite a few photos of her work.

Honestly most of the women had different body types then mine and only a couple were far enough post-op to really get an ideal about the final result but none of them really wowed me you now what I'm saying? In one of the pics it even appears like the girl ended up with a double bubble so I am super afraid now. I may just cancel the breast surgery and just stick to the vaginoplasty.

I just figured kill two birds with one stone and save more money by having both done at the same time.

I posted three of the before/after cases and I'd like to know is it all in my head being that I'm somewhat of a perfectionist or should I honestly be worried? Now I can tell that Dr. Almonte won't have problems giving me cleavage, my breasts and sternum are naturally positioned to be able to do so anyway, but I like she was able to give each of these ladies good cleavage, but some of the photos that I didn't post here,IDK it seems like they should have had either a lift or nipple repositioning because their nipples are going in opposite direction. That I can't for sure look to the doctor as doing bad work because it could be entirely possible and probably likely that she explained for the best result they should pay more to have it done and they just decided not to. Either way I'm not super super worried about that because my nipples are smaller and also already pretty well positioned on my chest.

So anyway please whoever is reading, give me honest unbiased opinions regarding what you think?

Recieved our W-2's WOOP WOOP!

Okay so.... we got our W-2 and I figured our taxes. We will be getting back slightly less than I had originally though. (I grossed a little more than I estimated.) I told Raquel to go ahead and book whatever dates in April Dr. Almonte and Dr. Regalado will both have available. Waiting to hear back so I can book my flight.

I originally had planned on booking the cheapest flight I could find which will be right around 500 bucks but then I started thinking about the loooong layover that I would have to deal with on my post-op return back home. On second thought I am not ready to be stuck at the airport for 8 hours under those circumstances LOL.

I did find a much more direct flight that only has an hour and 15 minute layover but it will cost 675 bucks. Still well worth the extra in my opinion.

Also, when I originally started my review I put up the wrong price quote. Just now realized that. The actual quote for both procedures is 6300 USD.

Right now I have a bad cold and have had it for about three days. I am hoping I do not actually have the flu :( I got a horrible strain the year before last and was wiped out for a month and that started as if it were only a bad cold. It sucks having to work when I'm sick. I'm a big baby when it comes to being under the weather. Going to make tea and soup and take a huge dose of vitamin C and just turn in early when I get home.

Still waiting for a surgery date

So I have spoken a few times to Raquel about minor concerns and such and about getting the surgery date set but she has told me it is still to early for all of that just yet. The minor cold turned out to be an upper respiratory infection so that's why I haven't posted anything yet. I am still feeling out of sorts because working while being sick has taken it's toll but I am going to try to post pics of essentials that I feel anyone having these procedures will want when I get some time off.

I did get info that makes me feel better regarding the implants she says that they do have 200 cc implants as well as slightly larger sizes in the high profile. I am hoping a smaller implant with a narrow base will fit me and appear more natural.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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Thanks for sharing your journey. Please keep me posted. Wishing you well.
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Hi Doll, wondering about you. How's your ba going? Hope all is well. When you can please update? Ty
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Hi!  Haven't heard from you in a while.  Are things all right?  Did you ever get a surgery date?
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Let me know how it works out for you. I need to hv mine lifted and added. As u I haven't seen many Aug of her work. My fear is that is lump sided and sx is very noticeable. Good luck and safe recovery.
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Do you have raquel whatsapp to get intouch with her can u please provide me with it?
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Raquel Medina Service Assistant 678-212-4899 (i text her from my cell)
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Excellent to know there will be a variety of options to make sure you get the look you want :D.  Nice to hear you're on the mend, anyway--I'm sorry you were so sick, though.  Hate being sick!
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Thanks so much... Yes I'm feeling better but my doc says iron is low. How!? I take a vitamin for that. I went out and actually bought liver of all things to try and increase it before whatever surgery date they give me. On another note, I did not realize until I re-read your review that you had implants! They look absolutely natural. I honestly would never have guessed at all. I am afraid I'm so thin I won't get close to that kind of appearance but I am hoping she will give me ones that aren't to far off from my vision of what will look right for me.
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I don't have implants…did I write that I did somewhere by accident?  Let me know and I'll fix it! :D.  I went with Dr. Horndeski specifically so I wouldn't have to get implants :).
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Thank you doll! I'm still so nervous about it all ;)
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Those all look to be immediately post-op to me (not an expert here!).  Can you ask about the double-bubble?  It seems highly unlikely that a subglandular implant would cause that.  More likely a submuscular that hasn't settled yet.  But I'd certainly ask Raquel.  I wouldn't go to someone if I had unanswered questions and felt insecure...

But I'm so happy to hear that the recovery house was included, at least!  That was stress you didn't need.
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Yes! I am not sure how I missed that part being included. I think I either forgot to move that email to a folder or accidentally erased it. I couldn't quite remember exactly what was included in the quote so I asked her to resend it. Well, that's when I figured it out. BTW I read/saw the pics of your post-op pre-op journey. Can I just say AWESOME results!? I mean really really good and very natural too! You go girl! But yeah... I am definitely having reservations about the breast surgery part now. I am going to tell Raquel and then whatever her response is either way, when I meet the Dr. I will try communicating my concerns and depending on that decide whether or not to move forward. My first choice for a breast surgeon was Loftus Plastic surgery. Either Dr. Loftus herself or Dr. Venemyer. Both are great and I even bought her book, The smart womans guide to plastic surgery. Now I saw the best, (in my opinion,) set of breasts right here on realself done by Dr. Venemyer and a very good video of a surgery done by Dr. Loftus which is on youtube where she explains why she marks her patience the way she does and how in some cases she will lower a womans breast fold so the end result will be more symmetric. The vid shows her actually perform the surgery as well. I just think their technique is so good. I may still end up using them for my breasts and just wait till after I come back from DR. For the work they do the price really is on point. Right around 6,500 to 7,000. I will ask about if I can get some of that shaved off since I'd be an out of towner that would not be getting the six months of follow up visits which are included in that price. I can't remember the womans name on here who used Dr. Venemyer, I think it's countrylife or something like that,but her results are what I'd like mine to be. I really don't want that overly round look. If Dr. Almonte can't give me the boobs I wan't , I will have to just use more of our refund then I intended to go to Loftus Plastic surgery. I don't even want to think about the extra planning and budgeting THAT will be! LOL
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Thanks :).  Sometimes I wonder if others think my result is as good as I do.  I see a lot of people on here trash-talking my surgeon and saying they think all of his results are butcher-jobs.  But I am one of those results.  It makes me feel awful. :(

I found whom you were talking about.  She's called countrylife07 and she had hers done by Dr. Vennemeyer.  Definitely beautiful results there!  I didn't have a choice to split my surgeries, because it was cost-prohibitive for us, but if you can do that, it definitely adds a degree of freedom, so that you can pick the best.  Also, I don't know where you live, but revisions are more easily done when you don't have to travel as far (I haven't had mine yet because TX is so far from where I live), so closer to home is an advantage there.

Anyway, let us know what Raquel says!  Peace :)
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Well I think your results are great! Yes I really like her results too. When I said "best" I was referring to implant surgery. But when I see your results I'm just like wow! I mean I had never even heard of this sort of procedure and then looking at the pics of what the process actually entails made the results even more unbelievable in my opinion. I don't see where you need a revision at all but then again it's probably different when it's your own body and whatever concerns you have then just seeing some photos up close. But from what I can see, you look great. I don't know why some doctors get labeled as butchers. One of the docs I was researching before also was getting that rap but the results I saw were very very well done. Sometimes I think the women are valid and other times I just think they may not have had realistic expectations. Honestly I don't have a huge amount to work with moneywise either which is why I had my hopes on DR for both surgeries. In fact we got our W-2's back today and are getting back a little less than I originally figured. I think I can still probably have enough to split both surgeries if really necessary but it'd be nice to have something left over. I am definitely not going through a finance company. Just to many horror stories there. Ughh I really wonder sometimes if I am just being vain and need to just say forget it. Or at least wait till later. For now my plan is to just talk to Raquel then after I am in DR and speak to Dr. Almonte make the final decision. I also need to find out if they even carry the size of implant I am thinking I will want. I already know the brands and styles they carry just not certain on the sizes.
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I'm going to PM you :)
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So you are using pto for the surgery? I'm stressed out right now I'm going to Fatima next week and I don't want to use my pto so I'm trying to get medical leave obviously I'm not telling then I'm getting plastic sx but idk I just hope they don't ask for too much info because I don't want to use pto for this lol
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Yes, my job is so slow but strict at the same time and I really don't want to have any issue with them. (Trying to get my kids registered for school was a nightmare!) The job is nine to 5:30 M-F so unless I took time off then there was no way it was happening and it was just to crazy. Needless to say I wasn't able to use the PTO due to their stupid regulations. I won't go into detail but trust me just a lot of tom foolery.I don't even want to think about trying to use medical leave and what kinda ruckus that would probably be LOL!! I figure they can pay me to take a week off and not ask me any questions.
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What are you having done? Please keep me posted on your surgery and the results. I totally get the stressed out feeling.I really am worried about getting my breasts done. I think I am scared they will look really funny on me or to big or lopsided or just really fake looking. I look at them now and I think soon they will be gone and it's weird because I almost feel sad. I don't think they are that bad when I'm naked honestly especially since I breastfed four kids but when I have clothes ON? Oh no no ! I can't wear anything cute unless I have a padded bra on. and then I'm so narrow I can't really wear any kind of strapless bra unless I take it in. I just want a nice not to enhanced look.
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Oh yes, please don't give up hope yet.  The holidays are way more sacrosanct in the latin countries than here.  Plus, lots of people are probably there for the holidays, so she's probably crazy busy.  Definitely give her at least a week before you give up hope.  Or maybe follow-up with your friend after a week.
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Sounds like an interesting option!  Good luck--I hope she contacts you soon!
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Another great update!  I wish I could help you with this stuff, but you are definitely outside my experience.  The only thing I'd say is to make sure that your doctor has no problem with the Arnica and Bromelain--mine said they were pointless and not to take them.  Other doctors recommend them every time and to every patient unless there's an allergy.  

The other thing I'd say is to consider doing a vaginoplasty review, so that you might find others over there.  

Also, you might consider looking in the Brazilian Butt Lift for a surgery buddy, because they have a forum dedicated to that and I'm not certain it makes a lot of difference what type of surgery you are getting.  Here is a link to their forum. You can also try doing a search for "dominican republic surgery buddy".  Or travel buddy.  And you can start your own forum topic about it as well. :)
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Thank you so much!! Yes I think I will do both. I really do not want to go through it completely alone if at all possible. And yes I am waiting to get the pre-op instructions before I take the arnica/bromelain , I def will have to ask. I'm a little bit worried now that I sent the money because Raquel hasn't responded yet about a question I had but I know she is really only the service coordinator. (I don't mean that in the sense her job isn't valid.) I just mean that it's not her job to answer each question. I think I will send a message to Dr. Almontes' email directly. Well thanks again for feedback. It seems no one else is interested in this thread lol. Oh well. Part of it is for myself to be able to look back on as I go through everything. I'm going to post in the other forum right now! :)
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I honestly have very little idea why some reviews get lots of people and others don't.  It's definitely the case that reviews with pics get more traffic, but you have a pic so you've done that.  It might be that they are looking in specific locations, or at specific doctors, and maybe there aren't a lot of people looking at Dr. Almonte yet.  But post-op, you'll get more traffic for sure, because people are always interested in pre- and post-op pictures.

But posting for yourself is extremely valid.  That was why I started it for sure.  And I still go back and look at my pictures regularly, as well as using them to show others in my flesh-and-blood life the transformation.  Like when I pulled off my shirt at my dentist's office to show them my results, then showed them my pre-op photos on RealSelf.  Invaluable!  LOL.

I hope you find some surgery buddies, though.  It seems like it's getting more and more popular to go to the Dominican Republic for surgery, so it should be helpful that you have several months before you're going.  

As for your coordinator not answering, it is a little early to start freaking out now about supplies and the like.  They likely have people coming every day now around the holidays, and will be busy with those people's last-minute preparations.  A month in advance is plenty of time to get all your small supplies in order.  By the time the end of March and beginning of April rolls around, they will be neglecting other patients in favor of your last-minute preparations! ;)
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Yes, you are exactly right. It's very early and I have plenty of time. I have very politely hounded this poor lady before I sent the deposit, or at least that's how I felt when I was asking her many many questions and she was so great and understanding. I was always apologizing that I was having to ask her but she totally understood where I was coming from! I am definitely going to bring her a gift when I go for all of her help. I guess I am just a planner LOL. I also over think stuff and so I know I'm just letting nerves get me now especially since I haven't even filed the taxes which our refund is what is going to cover the costs! IDK I'm just so so nervous yet excited. It feels almost unreal that simple ol' me is actually going to have cosmetic surgery. When you had yours where you like this? How about the results were they exactly as you had hoped? Better even or did you have to grow into your new look? I have read from some ladies on here that they had emotional rollercoaster after surgery and even with very nice results they had to get use to their new look. I'm most scared about results not equaling my expectations which is why I want t get clear understanding from the doctors about what they can achieve so I can have realistic expectations. I really DO NOT want my vag to be ruined or lose any feelings and I don't want too high up or to round or fake looking boobs. I want hot mom boobs, not anything that will give to much attention or an obviously enhanced look but enhanced enough that I can wear certain clothes without a padded bra and still get cleavage. Cleavage is really a big goal in having my breasts done. I think if I were to go through it all and not have decent cleavage I would really be upset. I did have a consult with a Dr. here and he told me based on my breast shape cleavage would not be hard to achieve at all so I'm pretty confident Dr. Almonte can give me this. Oh wow... BTW happy holidays to you!!
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