01/22/14 duran doll!!

A little about myself I'm 22 a mother of a baby...

A little about myself I'm 22 a mother of a baby girl. I'm petite weight 112, height 5,1. I'm set for sx with Dra. Duran jan 22, 2014. Sent in my deposit of 250 as she requested 2 days ago. Procedures I'm getting done are BI, LIPOSCULTURE and BBL All for 5,500. right now I'm researching all the recovery home don't know which one to go yet. She suggested Angela's rh, Yasmin and soraya. If any one can please let me know which one is good. I'm leaning towards Angela's more. We'll see..

Wish pics

Angela's recovery house

Does anybody know Angela's email. Can't get a hold of her. I rather email everything. Thank you!!
Im also going to have a bbl and liposculpture with Dr Duran. My surgery date is Jan 27,2014. Im also going with Angela recovery house because I heard great things about her after care. I spoke to her to book my dates but she said it's to early to book with her since my surgery is 3 months away. She told me to call back the middle of December to book with her.
I'm going with Angela too she is a sweetheart. Email her she will answer all your questions 85 a day 65 with buddy 3 meals 24 hr nurse. Massage lady comes for $25 a session
Silhouetterecovery@hotmail.com can you tell me how you sent deposit was it easy. Do I need to go to a Citibank to do it?

Angie's recovery house

So I just called and confirmed my stay at Angie's silhouette recovery house. I will only be staying 5 days since I have family at another city in dr. Just staying the days necessary for my post op app with duran. Praying and hoping everything goes smooth with the sx.

My pish wics

Would love this!

How exciting. Good luck. Your day is literally right around the corner!


How can I gain weight fast. I've only gained 2 lbs :( I want to be a least 120lbs before surgery. Please anybody let me know what should I eat to gain weight faster !

This is me right now

I hope everything goes far better then you could ever imagined. I will be praying for you. I look forward to seeing outstanding results & following your progress! My procedures are scheduled for April 2014.
I look forward to following you on your journey

Sx was yesterday

All I can say is pain pain pain in my butt. I definitely have a huge ass now and hips. I'm so happy with my results so far. And dra. Duran is such a sweetheart I love her. Right now I'm at real recovery and so far they are so helpful and nice. Even the nurses at cipla were good with. I can't complain with the services every nurse has given me.
Me and you are close in size. I'm 4'11" and 127 lbs. I'm really amped to see your results. I wanted to gain about 10-15 more lbs but hopefully I don't have to. Happy healing doll.
Tomorrow I'll post a pic of my week post op. I was 112 before sx. Surprised she found fat top it on my ass and hips. Depends if you want a fat ass. I really didn't. Just want a nice silhouette hourglass shape. I'm swollen now so you really can tell. The real results will show in a month or so
Thank you for responding.


Just to update y'all. The first week was hell. I was feeling very dizzy and with a headache all the time. Te problem was my hemo was too low so I had to get a blood transfusion. That helped a lot. Then I started to get really bad headaches so they took all the medications and recommended me to be off them for a while. Literally on day 7 I felt soo good that I can do anything. I started being my active self and walking a lot. Duran has been such a doll throughout this whole process and has been following up everyday. I finally did my hair today and feel sooo good like a brand new me. So I've been getting lympathic massages and they sure have helped with swelling. My shape is looking so much nicer.
happy healing!


Hey just checking in
Thanks for the review... Can't can't wait to see updates :) hope you have a fast recovery.
Thanks for posting a review. Can't wait to see more post op photos... Duran has very few BA reviews on realself. Hope your recovery is going well!!!

Butt update

Sorry I haven't updated but this sx has been a roller coaster of emotions. Mainly with my butt!!! Since I had a ba i can't sleep on my stomach I have to sleep on my back and that means finding a good position for me to sleep so my butt won't flatten. This has been the challenge. You can't sit you can't sleep you can't do shxt, only stand. I'm 24/7 looking at the mirror my butt has deformed is not round it has flat sides. I'm hoping it changes throughout time. This seriously is draining me. Can any of theirs girls share how they sleep when a ba procedure has been done


Oh and on top of everything I have a burn!!!!!!!!! Ughhhh one side is more swollen than the other. The burn is located on my right waist


Sorry about the burn. I think you look great give
Sorry about the burn, that must be scary and very frustrating. I know you see some imperfection in the butt but I think you look great and you should just give it some time. What did Dr Duran recommend for treating the burn? Has she been responsive to your concerns? Wishing you a speedy recovery!
Everyday I send her a picture with the progress. And she's asks how I'm doing. I actually switch the cream for something else that is working much better. A doctor friend of the family recommended. And it's healing pretty well and the fact that I put a lot of pressure on it since I wear the faja everyday. That side is still swollen so I have an uneven waist until it heals so I can start massaging. Ugh patience is a virtue with this surgery


Hi, will you be posting more pics? I am seeking to have implants and a mini tt by Dr. Duran. She did a great job for you, you look great. By chance, did she give you a quote on those 2 procedures?
do you have more pics of the bbl resultS?
Did she liponyour thighs?

3rd month update

Everyday is a different day. I'm not too focused of my body as I was in the beginning and I'm loving my body the way it. Because compared to how I was before it's a big difference. I do have a big ass just need the legs lol. Not to happy with my lumps on my stomach but is a process. I literally had 21 massages! And followed instructions to the t. I'm still swollen a little bit. When I drink alcohol I get really swollen. I wer the faja 6 days a week. Slowly putting it less and less so my body texture would go back to normal. Got to let my skin breath. My burn is still healing. But is definitely smaller just wish it would heal faster so I can really wear my faja tighter to get my waist smaller.
Just wondering how you're doing? Haven't seen you post in awhile.
Hi I had a question about the implants you got. Im going to duran this monday and have read so much conflicting information about her implants... do you remember by chance what brands she offers (and which you chose if you don't mind me asking). Also I heard she only offers high profile implants, do you know if this is true?
Hey doll, how are you healing. I'm 4'11 and weigh about 112pounds also. Just want to see what your results look like coz there aren't many of us petite girls on here! And I'm also going to Duran.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Heard many positive things about her. Can't wait to meet her

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