Well I chooses Yily after much research here....

Well I chooses Yily after much research here. First I contacted Salama but I can't wait for one year for my transformation.
Then I came across Yily and decided if she has a date for during September,October or November 2013 open for me, then my search for a surgeon would be over.
I contacted her and after 10 days wait, I got an email that I should pick a date in October.
Well I picked 7th October. On the 30.04.2013, I booked my ticket and tried sending my deposit. I will fly depart Germany on 6th October 2013, and staying at the RH for 19 days, sent Jaqueline a copy of my ticket and asked if I could get a room for my duration of stay in Dominican Republic and she confirmed by replying that there would be a room.
Also emailed Yily my ticket too.

Well I have a problem since that 30th April 2013 I have been trying to send Yily emails to help me out but the very busy surgeon has not replied and this is over one week now.
One cannot do international bank transfer without the bank SWIFT CODE (BIC) and IBAN CODE.
The SWIFT CODE is like the bank identification code for international bank transfer,
The IBAN CODE is the account number for international bank transfer.
Well Yily gave me the ABA routing number and her account number. These details are only for transfers within America. Also, She did not tell me the bank is not in DR but in USA.
My first transfer was through my sister's account and I filled in DR as country where bank is located, gave in the ABA routing number as SWIFT CODE and her account number as IBAN NUMBER but some days later my sister checked her account and the money is still there, no transfer was done and we were told the details were incorrect.
Well, on the day I did the first transfer, I was told at the bank that it is 50/50 that the transfer is successful and I emailed Yily, asking her for her SWIFT and IBAN codes but of course she has been very busy to reply up till date.
I even asked for an alternative option like Paypal, Western Union details, if she doesn't have what the banks here in Germany requires, but she didn't answer.
Knowing how she hardly replies emails.
On the 3rd May, I tried again from my own bank, thinking my sister's bank were just incompetent. The cashier told me in my own bank that if the money is still in my account the next day then that means the transfer was unsuccessful. I emailed to her receipt of my 2nd attempt in paying her deposit.
The next day, Saturday, the money was still in my account when I checked my account online. transfer was unsuccessful.
On Friday night though, I had spent a sleepless night as I had turned to Google for help and research and read in different forums, blogs and website how people in situation like mine couldnt make international bank transfers because the banks in Europe required IBAN and SWIFT codes and also read some suggestions on how to get the transfer through.
Well I typed in her bank ABA routing number to find the bank SWIFT CODE and that was when I discovered the bank is in USA and not in DR.
I did get the SWIFT CODE for her bank and that is CHASUS33.
Well some hints I got on the internet suggested to fill in (a)- CHASUS33 (b) CHASUS33/ her bank ABA ROUTING NO.(c) CHASUS33 and XXX to fill in the box space provided. ( complicated, right)
Well with all those tips, I rushed to the bank on Saturday morning before the bank closes as it was half work day and I tried for the 3rd time and sent Yily the receipt and told her this was 3rd attempt and she needed to help me out, either by providing another payment option or giving me the details the banks in Europe require.
I know she might not have time to reply my emails, I am still trying on my own to find a way to do, it because the banks here also don't have a clue.
If anybody has paid her from Europe, please share how you did it and when.please if u, it doesn't matter your location recently paid using another payment method other than through her Chase Bank in the last weeks, please share too.
She is good at what she does but I think she needs to improve in the customer service department.
Well Before I decided to go with Yily for this OP, I knew from other reviews what to expect from her communication dept, so who I guess I was expecting this.

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Well it is almost 2 weeks and 4 attempts to Yily's...

Well it is almost 2 weeks and 4 attempts to Yily's $500 deposit. Hope the south attempt is successful. I did that on Tuesday and up til this Thursday morning the money has not been booked from my account. And Yily is not replying emails, just gave up on sending her any this week though, because she hasn't replied the ones I sent last week.

Well and i read somewhere that she hardly reply to those that send her multiple emails, can u believe that?
I got my ticket all paid for and sent her a copy, so she should know i definitely.am going to be there.


Belgiumchicka how did you manage to send your deposit? I don't think she does paypal or western union anymore because of all the problems.
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Doll, okayy now i understand clearly whats going on. I think your bank is just confirming that the bank in DR is an LEGAL bank. (bec ause they are the once responsible for your money if you do a transfer) BUT I think, the best option for you is to do an PAYPAL payment. that way you can confirm your DATE. btw, are you going alone????
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Yes I am going alone and staying at the RH. I read u aint staying there. The JP Morgan bank thru the ABA routing number we found out the bank is in the USA and not the DR, and if i allow a transaction it is my money, I signed for it. I just think they r bunch of lazy incompetent cashier. My ex BF has agreed to transfer the money for me, so will give him the cash, though now it cost $50 extra. Yily didn't give any Paypal option. I see most of the European soon to be Yily dolls here r going October.

I don't think I ever said thank you to every one...

I don't think I ever said thank you to every one on RS enough. Without RS, I dont think I would have even thought of doing this but because of you all here, willing to share your experience, I am sure I am doing this, thanks a million all the RS sistas that drop comments and write reviews no matter how small.

Well, my last payment to Yily has been booked from my account on Friday,
I would have updated them to let the other sistas know how I did it but wanted a confirmation from Yily that she actually got the money.
Well I sent her an Email asking her to .
confirm she got my deposit because if the money goes into a,wring account, I would want ti book it back immediately
Well, I an still waiting for her reply and i am hoping she does soon.
I think she has time to reply mostly on Sundays,because I receive replies from.her most Monday.

How i did the transfer this time that my money was booked is this
For her IBAN CODE, banks that don't have IBAN CODES use the account number (leave a space, then) the bank ABA routing number
eg "183*****9 26*****3"

The name of her bank is JP Morgan Chase bank N.A, PLEASE THIS IS NOT IN DR BUT IN USA, SO PLEASE WRITE NAME OF COUNTRY AS USA and not DR.

I FOUND that out by searching JPMORGAN BANK CHASE ABA routing number and their SWIFT CODES.


But I would appreciated it, if anyone that wants to use these info, GOOGLE and find out if the info I provide above is actually what you need or wait till I get a confirmation from Yily that she got the money from my account.
Cos I am only 100% sure when She okays my payment.
Remember this is the 4th time in 2 weeks I have been trying to send het her deposit from my account and this is the only time the money was booked out of ny account.

Well i started writing a list of things I want to travel with to Dr.

The first thing on my list is blanket.
I read how most girls wake up shivering. I can't stand the cold.

Then Iron tablets, vitamin B complex, Folic acid, be losing a lot of blood, so need to start recovering immediately after sx.

Wife Beaters for those uncomfortable fajas.

Body wipes.


Cotton underwears

Chin Lipo compression...

Fajas in xs and xxs

Waist cinchers

Poppy pillow for flight back.

More to add to my list,I only have 23kg, so I have to make use of it wisely, don't want to travel with things i dont need.

So excited can't wait.

I am small framed. I am going to Yily mostly because i want a very tiny waist and opening in my inner thigh.
Mostly for the Lipo.
But if she can get enough fat to give me a fuller ass and hip, ok.
I dont want to add weight for this operation because then I can't lose the face fat.
When I add weight, my face gets very fat and looks not so pretty. Don't want to be left with a fat face post op.


LADIESSS... WE GOT THE MAIL hahahaha lool. Yira mailed me, about the request of payment options for Europe. It wasn't familiar with them that we FROM EUROPE had trouble sending deposit to DR. She asured me, that they will search for the best option to make sure We from EUROPE can get the SEXYBODY or BOOTY aswell. So i will just say, if you already maild YILY about this, be patient. And hope they will FEEDBACK with DIFFRENT options to transfer the money to DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. ANWSER to the question I received about the details that where marked on my statement when sending money thru my ING account. Their ain't much info about the BIC or swift(nothing at all) JUST THE NAME OF THE RECEIVER, bank name and some bankCODE. I contacted my bank during working hours. LOOL and she explained to me that theire are INTERNATIONAL BANKCODES that are only availibail for the bank, but that are worldwide the same. YOUR BANK MUST KNOW THIS
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Thanks a million Chicka, wish my bank is like urs.
This is realy strange for me ladies. Like i said before, i tried on my own before sending the money it DID NOT GO. Then i went to my bank ING and the bankworker helped me out. The money did arrived at Yily's bank and i did received the OK from YIRA. So my ladies. let us try another option. I just sended a mail again to YILY asking about payment options for EUROPE. will contact YIRA tomorrow see what i will get as an anwser.
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Mad at yily now

Since my last update, i said I was waiting for a confirmation from yily after the money I sent to her was booked from my account. Well it is almost 3 weeks and no confirmation from her. I sent her the transfer receipt and statement of my account but still no confirmation from her if she got the money.
I gave a detail description how I transferred the money from my account here in Germany to yily's account but I also advised that anyone who wants to follow my payment description should please wait till I get a confirmation from her. I am sorry up till now, no confirmation.
I dont want to come to the conclusion that I lost 500USD to yily. My bank confirms money went to the account bearing the name I gave name but yily doesn't want to confirm if she got the money or she did not.


I think I would go: Duran, Cabral, Yily (in that order)
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Lol. Got Cabral's email and mobile number for whatsapp. Will contact him tomorrow.
Hey doll what happened to your deposit? I finally recieved an email from yily a few days ago with what seems to be her full bank details including her home address and bank address, i am going to send my deposit on monday and will update again.


I am close to my surgery date and I have not been updating for a while though I am always here everyday.
I will help as much as I can with my reviews be it observation from this forum to narrative of my own journey.
I won't delete any of my pre op or post op pics becausedof haters, so please if u want to show hate on my blog dont waste your time. U can say ur mind without being insensitive to others.
I may not upgrade often but I will always give my feedback or answer questions when asked.

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Well so many have been to Yily and are die hard yily believers, I dont blame them when they all coming out with body to die for but that doesn't change some things that have been pointed out about her and she does nothing to change too.

I paid to be operated by yily and if some reason she has someone operating on her patients under her supervision she should inform the patients and if the patients isn't comfortable with this, an agreement should be reached.
Though whoever is operating on the ladies recently is equally giving the ladies results they love, I think he or she doesnt lipo the back, flanks and tummy aggressively like yily, just my observation though. With yily u come out of op with her signature tiny waist even when swollen u still notice the difference.

NO one wants to have an op with a surgeon with an attitude before surgery but most of us go ahead and take it and endure the nasty attitude because we flew out of our home/ country and don't want to go back disappointed or without the surgery we have been hoping/ dreaming of.
But yily is so insensitive to the fact that the patients need to feel comfortable in the hands of their surgeon before or after surgery else she would have changed. And please dont get me wrong. She has military background or says it is as is doesn't give her the right to meet her patients with nasty attitude. Also dont get me wrong, I am not talking about her not being available when complication arises after post op, because almost all surgeon do the same.
I am also not complaining about her lack of communication pre or post op because most surgeons are also guilty of doing same.
What I am talking about is her nasty attitude to her patients pre or post op, most times for reasons that are not the patients faults.
Well calling a spade a spade, she is a good aurgeon with an attitude, supervising her patients being operated by someone else for reasons known best to her.
If we still choose Yily after reading other ladies experience with her, either good or bad, at least we have an insight on what to expect from her and reviews to help us make our decisions

Please to prevent this from reoccurring go to CIPLA on the night of surgery with a blanket, pillow, pan to vomit inside as most vets complained of dirty pans or hire a caretaker to stay with you overnight at CIPLA after your surgery just like Cray Cray did then u dont have to deal with those nurses that never answer calls or cry of help amd assistance there.
Well that is not Yily's fault and I hope the management of CIPLA /Cabral do something about that soon. I AM TALKING ABOUT THE NURSE BEEN UNAVAILABLE WHEN NEEDED AFTER SURGERY, DIRTY BED LINEN ETC AND PROVISION OF BLANKETS, YES BLANKETS.

THERE ARE COMPLAINTS ON YILY'S ASSISTANT DOCTOR, Ana and Samira, though rare, so I guess they are nice.

Don't get me wrong I am booked with YILY, paid my deposit $500 and bought my flight ticket €1200 which is more than $1500 but my comfort is more important to me so I am really reconsidering everything.

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There are shops in DR.
IF I decide to still go to DR. I am going with
Only maternity pads
Wife beaters
Granny panties for later
My vitamins
My toiletries.
Pillow and blanket covers.

The rest I will get in DR. There is a shop like Walmart there cant remember what it is called and pharmacies.

I will order second stage faja from surgeon's office.
Waist cincers I will buy in any faja shop in DR after trying them out.

My caretaker will come with a blanket and, bucket for night in CIPLA
On night of surgery at CIPLA, I will also go with crackers.


hey i read on RS that yily didnt operate on her. I cant remember her name on here. do you know it? i would like to finish reading her post
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I dont know which of the ladies u talking about how but the most recent one i read about is in the tummy tuck review section, her name is Emerville Mom and she is still in DR. Though they all know or think Yily didn't operate on them, they still love their results though.


Last night I read so many reviews in the tummy tuck and mommy make over review section and many said Yily didn't operate on them.
Now this wasn't the first time I was reading about that, there has been speculation and stories in the bbl section too for the past 3 months and as long as d ladies came out of surgery loving their post op body, I didn't care. There will always b student doctors, yily was once a student doctor too. Well I guess most ladies are just shocked that the were not told about another doctor operating on them more than being mad that another doctor actually operated on them.
Well these assistant or students doctors are learning from one of the best and they are good cos the ladies who they operated on all love their result.
But sincerely they are still not yily. I decided to go to yily because of her tiny waist and truly how she sculpts you to look so natural. Whoever is operating on most of yily' patients these past 3 months lack cant sculpt as good as yily though they try.
To understand me better you have to compare Yily's post op dolls that had their SX last year to February 2013 and most yily dolls that had surgery in the last 4 months till date.
Will I still go to yily? Yes of course!!!!!
But I will tell her also that I dont care if she has student doctors just as long as I come out well sculpted with a tiny waist and gap between my thighs.
Now like I said I didn't really care when I read earlier about some dolls saying yily didn't operate on them, what got me venting was reading Emerville Mom's review in the TT review section. Well you have to read it to understand.
I did consider other doctors but I will be a liar if I say for Yily isnt the best surgeon that will give me what I want either by performing the surgery herself or supervising others do it.


Hi, I just sent her a email with my concerns about her not doing the actually surgery. Im waiting for her response. I too will be having surgery in oct.
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She definitely won't own up and say she lets others do the surgery on her patients. I remember I read someone say when she asked, yily said she lets her assistant doctors do the prep and close up but she does the major surgery on her patients herself. Pls lets know her reply to your question. When is your sx in October and where are your staying then?
idk if i saw her or not lol....but i will love ur body...nobody in the US can touch her..
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Yily vet



Good Luck sweetie
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Thanks love. I need all the best of luck i can get. We all need it. So u got your price from Duran?

EKG and haemoglobin level ok for an anemic

Well got results for my iron and it is 12.4. I guess I have to double my intake of iron pills and food rich in iron.
Now my meal will be mostly cooked unripe plaintain and eat with okro/ tomatoes /spinach stew, not my favourite meal but want to avoid blood transfusion As much as possible.
I also bought oatmeal, strawberries, banana, broccoli, beans, liver.

I also bought some pads, I hope they do the job cos they are thicker and longer than the normal maxi pads.

Oh and I did something unusual. it is recommended to take iron pills with orange juice but I substitute this with malt drink and tomatoes paste

This is why I did that; and it is from my own experience.
Before I had my breast surgery, I knew I was anemic, and I took my iron pills with orange juice but when I went to ps for check up, I was only 11.1 and it was only 3 weeks to my surgery.
So after talking to some people, i was advised to mix the malt drink and tomatoes paste and drink for 3 days and go back for another check up
Well I did and my iron level was 12.1 one week after.
I really don't know if the malt drink and tomatoes paste helped build my iron level but I decided to always take the tomatoes paste and malt drink with my iron pills cos they are also very rich in vitamin c, while I still drink vitamin c tablets too.


Oh ok, yes she has. She told me if I get to 35 and all my blood levels come back good than we can proceed. That was yesterday. I went to zumba today..girl all I see in front of me is a yily body. .lol
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Ok, I've been researching Real Recovery Aromina so far good things and the place looks the same as there facebook page. Does Angie have a website? What day are you arriving in DR? Im looking to arrive on the 5th early morning. But I've read girls arriving the day of surgery like before sun come up
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I am torn between angie and mayra but will decide and book next week. Angie doesn't have a website. I will arrive on the 6th. It is a sunday.If I could arrive and get my surgery done same day after blood test etc, I would do it but CIPLA is closed on sundays. Has Yily been replying you on whatsapp?

My pre op butt pics

I want hips more that butt.

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No hips at all.


Yes I will c u soon. Im staying at real recovery. I got in touch with myra. I haven't started to pack as yet I will fo that late in the night so I can be sleepy I want to sleep the the sx and wake up fabulous. Your body is going to look good. We going to be yilyfied..lol
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Hope all goes well and hope you have a speedy recovery.
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Best wishes to you mamacita. God Bless you may you have a safe and journey and speedy recovery and may your results be all that you want them to be. I'm excited for you and can't wait to see your after pics. Thx for sharing your pics and story there's a lot of good info on here. You are in my prayers.. Surely you will look awesome...Soon will see you on the flat side. (:
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Oh my. I am going to lose a lot of money.
No matter how I try to convert euro to dollars, I would be losing a lil more than $500.
1 € = $1.36
But my bank will change for 1.28
Currency change-1.15
Western union to be received by me 1.29 and a fee of €24
No matter what I do I lose money.
If Yily was more responsive and helpful, I would have sent this money direct to her account through bank transfer and I will not lose this much. I am fuming right not.
Can't use my card because I have a limit and can only get pesos from ATM, and I don't know if I can withdraw much from the bank cashier counter.
My best option is sending via Western Union and collecting Dollars in Dominican Republic.
Now I am mad at Yily again, I know the stress I went through sending her deposit and the wait for her to confirm if she got my deposit

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I knew there was no turning back when I discovered Bbl thru RS, so to all my RS angels, I am on my way. In the flight now. 13 hours before I touch groung at SD.
So now all oican do is sleep, dream, watch movies and dream of my new booty.
If I can, I will get chemical peels in SD. I have acne and spots all over my face and body.
Will keep u updated. One love and peace.
Kisses and hugs.xoxo.


Good luck with your sx...sending prayers your way!
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Thanks love.
Praying over your sx and recovery! May the lord watch over you while in this time of desperate need..I pray healing angels surround you as you have became a new woman with curves..lol Muah xoxo
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woow looking good mama!! congratulations, it was worth the stress and headachee...have a good healing. Stay blessed
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You switched doctors? I'm so happy you love your results...what made you change? Get your rest hun, answer when you're up to it. Happy Healing!


Before i start my review i have to say please dont come to DR without female urinal... (PeZ) it is a lifesaver, I didn't come with one and I keep peeing on my faja, how disgusting. I regret not having one but tomorrow Mayra helps me buy a small funnel.

Please dont come without a boppy pillow, believe me, no matter what the doctors say about you being able to sleep on your back, it is very uncomfortable, all that pressure on your sore butt isnt funny, Mayra will also help me get boppy pillow too, though it isn't easy to find here as I learnt.
Pls check with your ps to know your medical status before coming, your blood level has to be 12 and above or u will get blood or iron transfusion, thereby making your post op stay here shorter. U need to be here at least 8 days post op, so please be sure nothing will stop or delay u from having your surgery on your planned date.most doctors won't touch u if u arent fit, they take precautions here. If you have aasthma, high blood pressure, daibetic and so on, pls let your doctor in DR know before coming.
Before I flew to DR, I had contacted Yily, Cabral and Baez. Cabral and Baez were more responsive and answered my questions almost promptly unlike Yily. I contacted Cabral then because I really dreaded the idea of drain hanging out of my body but when I learnt recently tgat he now uses drains, I took him off my list, and he operates from CIPLA was another reason, I didn't go to him or Yily. With all the recent happenings in CIPLA, I just didnt feel comfortable going there after knowing, they were shut down for not meeting health standards and the deaths in past months. Yily is a great surgeon but my honest opinion is she should get an office in a better clinic. I had booked and paid my deposit with Yily but that waa before all these bad reviews of CIPLA.
So this is where Baez comes in, though there wasn't much post op review of her work, she operates from another clinic and she responded to all my emails, though she isn't as popular as Yily and Cabral, all reviews I read were good. The ladies were all pleased with their post op results. Her patients all said she is an angel before, during and after the sx.
I arrived SD one hour later than scheduled and was afraid Mayra wasn't going to be there to pick me up buy boy was I glad to see her with a my name card. I told her I had to receive money from western union and she drove me there that night before we went home.
Met some dolls, sine had their surgery and some were about to but everybody looked comfortable and those that had their surgery looked superb.
The RH is great and tidy with a lot of ladies to help, a balcony, some rooms have views of the sea and the food there is so tantalising. There os an in house masseuse.
I was served dimmer, had my bath and paid my bills for my stay in the RH upfront. U dont have to pay upfront but I wanted that gone, so I did.
Then I paid for a caretaker to spend the night of surgery with me at the hospital. I didn't want to take chances, that is if the nurses there were not helpful.
Baez called Mayra to find out if Ibqas ok and asked her to bring me in by 7am the next day for evaluation and if all went well, then surgery. So mayra told me to be ready by 6:30am on Monday. We got to the clinic by 6:45am and Baez arrived 15 mins later. She arrived with her husband who translates as she speaks little English.
Mayra had to leave so she could take the other ladies to Cipla. And promised to come back later.
We went to Baez office, I told her qhat I wanted, she looked at my body and I showed her my wish pics. I also told her I wanted arm lipo but she advised me to work out as I would still work out even if I did lipo to the arms, so I told her I didn't need the arms done. She told me my body type waa impossible to achieve the result like my wish pics but she would give me a small waist and ass fat to my hips.
I then paid for my sx and compression sock, wwnt for blood test, cardio test.
My blood was 12.3. Well the ladies I met at the RH all complained that their level dropped I point when tested in DR, so if your hemoglobin level is 12.6 expect to be 11.6-12.5when you get here.
She said I was ok for surgery and should wait for the anaesthetist to come see me before surgery.
Everybody used gloves, the nurse that drew my blood and the cardiologist were extremely nice and did their job well.
The day nurse brought in scrubs for me to wear and my blue pill but I didn't take the blue until I saw the anaesthetist.
Baez came in to mark me up, so I asked her how much cc I would be getting, she told me between 300 to 500 and she asked me if I wanted butt projection.
I told her I didnt care about what she wants to do to my ass, she should give me a good ass but a better hips.
Mayra came back to check on me and take my habdbag when she was leaving. The anaesthetist came and explain all about epidural.
He said I would be up during surgery but wont feel anything when my tummy will be done but when my back will be done I might feel something cos lying on my back during sx, they will have to control my lungs and respirations.and true to his words I felt them work on my stomach but my back, I had so much pain and I was just saying pain pain pain until I was given something that knocked me out again. The pain was more like a massage in a sore place, I thought Baez was massaging my back during sx, lol.
So out of surgery, and up till as I write this review, u better believe I have no pain.
Everyone is surprised. I am stiff but no pain. I have been walking and going to the bathroom without help.
The night nurse at the hospital was superb.
Always tgere in a twinkle of an eye when I pressed the button on the bed or my caretaker called her which was not often because I slept thru the night like a baby. We called her only to empty my drain and get me something to drink which mt sromach couldn't hold, I threw it all up.
My caretaker refused that I stand up till morning because she aaid it would make me dizzy, good advice cos in the morning when I did stand up I wasn't dizzy
I had something stuck in my pussy, don't know what is called but my urine went into this, so there was no need to use the bathroom.
I has my private room with bath and toilet, and tv with English channels.
The cardiologist checked me in the morning before I checked out and they checked my hemoglobin level.
Baez came in with my prescription and antibiotics and pain pills and gave me instructions on how ti take them.
She then checked me my body and the incisions and moved the faja to the middle clasps for more compression.
Before I left the hospital, I emptied my drain 5 x but since I got to RH just 3 x.
I have to stop here for now because it ia 03:28 and I have been up since 01:00am writing this review.
Sorry for my numerous typos


Thanks! You look great!
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Happy healing, you have a great foundation and you are looking great already!
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3 days post op with Dra. Baez


Wow Baez did a great job on you. I have a date with her March 10th, I can only imagine what I would look like... Wishn you the best healn, and cant wait to see more pics
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Madam u look AMAZING!
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Baez did that. U look good
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3 days post op

My drain got clogged, so went back to Baez, I ordered a new reservoir that means I dont have to take out tge drain from inside me out yet.
Got my first massage today, didn't hurt that much, maybe the masseuse was being soft with me, though I doubt it.
While having massage my faja was washed and after massage I was wiped with baby wipes.
My period started today, now that is more discomfort.
I am so sore and although my back, thigh and butt dont hurt but my flanksand abdomen hurt like crazy.
Adding pad to those sore parts are lifesaving
Baez told me to come on Monday with my stage 2 faja so she can squeeze me into it, so until then I am in my stage one faja.
My knees are all swollen cos my faja stops before my knees.
Still loving my body. Next week I am going to buy corset/cinchers, this waist has to be extra tiny for my hips to be noticeable.
Then I am going to meet this tailor that sews pillow to help with creases in the faja and as I dont have lipo board for my back, I might as well make one to use here till I get back to Germany.
Will update later or tomorrow. Till then peace, one love and ciao.


U look wonderful! Full yet natural! Not exaggerated
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Thanks darling, just what I wanted, natural and not exaggerated.
Wow u look great
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4th day post op

I don't feel fine today. I can hardly do anything or move without being dizzy.
The reason is my flow which started yesterday. Yesterday I felt the same way but today is worse, my flow is veey heavy and last for a week and I lose a lot of blood.
I am still taking my vitamins and iron buy I can hardly sit up or stand for long.
I had my second massage. I have to stop now. Really dont feel good. Pls any suggestions would help. I have been having a smooth recovery until my period started. They will csll Baez to tell her later.


i cant wait to go to her everyone says such nice things
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U look Great! Loveeee how natural you look. Hope your healing well!xx
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RH and Doctors

Please if your doctor recommends a RH, hotel or service to you, use them as the reason might be the communication between both regarding their patient is better. Always ask your doctor for his/ her recommended RH, hotels, nurse service.


Oh.... One more thing... Where are you staying? I'm already booked and paid up at Angie's Silhouette's RH. I just read your update regarding using the RH recommended by your doctor.
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Who are you going to? Ask your doctor to recommend a RH to you. Sometimes I noticed the communication depends on how familiar they are with each other. I am staying at the Armornia RH by Mayra and truth be told, they go an extra mile for your comfort and get in touch with my doctor if need be but I think because both parties are not familiar with each other, they are cautious with each other. Just my observations which might be wrong too.
I'm booked with Dra. Yily and staying at Angie's Silhoutte RH (that's where she referred me). I didn't know if my RH deals with Dra. Baez, and vise versa.

5 day post

I didn't sleep with my faja on cos my skin was so sore and red from the extra tight faja, 4x small.
i am so swollen. The tight faja is good for compression and drainage but can irritate the skin to the point of burning it.

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5 days post op

What more can I sat, recovery is actually harder than the surgery as we all know but I love my results.

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I am so sorry for my numerous typos.
I know English but I am lazy to read before posting.
Pls correct my typos while reading and don't mind but forgive my lazy self for putting you through that task.


nice review!
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Great job, I'm going to check this Dr. out.
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You look amazing!
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Baez Beauty. Drain removed

Now I know and understand some reasons y some ladies disappear shortly after their sx and dont update their reviews.
After sx, no matter how many times we read from RS vets or the doctors explain to us not to expect results till after an estimated time frame, most of us are impatient and disappointed with our results in the early stage and just want to lick our wounds alone And go thru our disappointment alone forgetting what others said about it taking time to c results.
While some disappear to come back to update their reviews after the given estimates time frame, some don't.
Well I hope I am one of those that will update religiously till the first 3months and sincerely I would also like whoever reads my review to pls help me and be honest to me about what you think of the faults I will be pointing out.
We do surgery expecting perfection but in truth we should expect improvement. I cannot be perfect but in my search for improvement, I would like to know what was drastically improved and barely improved.
For now I think I am losing volume to my hips and butt or am I swollen to the point that I cannot notice my results on my hips and butt?
though I feel swollen only on areas that were lipoed; stomach, back, inner thigh.
Or am i swollen on my hips and butt and I cant notice it?
I also cannot c the thigh gap I wished to have. My thighs though lipoed look the same as before sx. It is not firm,, jiggles like before sx and still rub together.
I put up some photos for your comparison.
I took out my drain yesterday and I wonder y most people say it don't hurt, I was screaming down the doctor's office, she had to stop and apply tropical anaesthetic which didnt help, tying up the stitches were also painful too and she was as gentle as could be but it was pain for me.
Well the drain in the body coming out wasn't painful but the incision where it was coming out from, that was the pain,
This is an open sore, of course it will b painful and up until I left for the doctor's office, I kept looking for vets reviews on how the described the pain. I read and reread most reviews but unlucky me, none described it to be this painful, ttherefore I was not mentally and physically fit for that pain:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-);-);-);-);-);-)
I know I am not the only one that went thru that pain. Some other girls here did. So please be prepared, it might hurt and it might not hurt.

I didn't buy faja because living in Germany, I had few options and most were online with outrageous shipping fee, so I decided to get them here. Huge mistake, well I will see if the Marena faja will give me what is missing in this fajate...prada.
The sleeveless arm Fajate from this brand, for those of us who didn't get arm lift or lipo, don't go high up your back, so there is no compression in your upper back with the sleeveless fajate.
Now for those of us who had our thighs done and need capri fajate to prevent swollen knees, this fajate brand only has capri fajate with sleeves, no CAPRI style/SLEEVELESS arm fajate with compression to the upper back, I have no other choice but to find a waist cincher that will compress my upper back and for now, I am always wearing my compression socks pulled to my knees, just above my faja, that way my knees dont get swollen.
I didnt buy abdominal board or tummy board because only shipping cost to Germany would be a little more than $100.
Some tailors here can make something for uniformity and compression, most people from here thar had this surgery use them.
maybe it will be better than spending $200 when i buy online.
I am healing ok. My back hurts.
My skin is sore, I have fluid in my lower abdomen but that is all so i should say so far i am healing fine.

I big thank you for your compliments and nice wishes.
One love, peace.


ok thanks for infor. I will be pilled up when itcomes time to pull out my drain and I will have her give me pain pills alos. no I have never read where people scream out in pain to have the drain removed. well maybe 1 person but it wasn't from baez. Your butt/body looked amazing- sorry u are not seeing what you want.
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My worries are out of boredom and looking at the mirror every minute? ???

You wont believe, it is 21:34 and she (Dra Baez)still has time to reply all my questions. Every single one on WhatsApp. She is the most caring doctor i ever met.
Like i said, i believe i will turn out great but i am so impatient even though Dra Baez and everyone says wait 3 months.
The masseuse keep telling me, my body will come out proportional... i just need to strength to c me thru this first miserable weeks into my weeks of unending complimennts.
Now i need to sleep cos i am talking out of point. Good night.


I can relate to everything u said....I'm 3months post op n still waiting to see my final results. (I'm a Baez patient as well)
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you look great just let time do its job, may i ask what RH did you stay at?
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Well to be honest with you, I noticed that your ass and hips are getting a bit smaller, maybe you were just swolen in the first 5 days and the swelling are going down now and maybe you will be propotioed right in th nexxt few months, but you sill look veryy great, so lets pray and see what you gona look like in a few months. Best wishes xoxo
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If after sx,you ever feel, u dont c any improvement, look at your before photos and ask honest opinion from others.
I asked honest opinion from everyone and you all told me the truth and opened my eyes to more truth from your comments.
I looked at my before photos and I am
grateful for the changes I see.
Forgive me for ranting the past days.I am doing fine, though not in pain but my skin feels sore and raw to touch.
Will post pics later.Ba


U do in fact look amazing n I'm very happy for you :)
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hi hun just checking on you..you look amazing and let time do its job I can deft see the difference even if you think you look the same or losing volume is prob because ur worrying so much and your mind is playing tricks on you..but your flat ass tummy looks freaking awesome, your butt will fluff out and shape up in time can take months for some sooner for others and maybe longer for others everyone is different but it will fluff out eventually so just go with the flow take care of your bootie and avoid sitting on it buy a directors chair a camping chair whatever you wan to call it and make a hole in the center and sit as much as you want cause your ass will be sunk through the hole this way you a are not adding pressure to your knew butt ...stay off if you can for at least 3 to 6 weeks for best results ok...best wishes hun xx hugs
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you look amazing!
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whats baez whatsapp
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I haven't been on here in a while because my studies. But girl you look nice.(No homo)
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Just noticed my photos were all cropped when I tried to crop only one photo. And I dont have most photos save. RS messed me up bad.


Look wobderful. Do you know which RH Baez recomends?
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Thanks. I know she recommends Jasmin's RH and a hotel near the hospital she operates from. U can ask her for her recommendations.
Ok thank you. :) Where did you stay. Just on overload with researching and trying to find the best one to stay at

Baez Beauty

Well i haven't updated for a while but please understand if u have questions i will always try my best to answer.
Didnt update because there wasn't much difference.
Recovery isnt easy, had to take sleeping pills all nights last week. It all comes down to finding a comfortable position to sleep and as Baez asked me to sleep on my stomach,i find it hard, normally i sleep better on my butt or my sides.
Sleeping on the boppy pillow doesn't help anymore but today i tried putting big pillows behind my thighs and my stomach, leaving a gap/ opening/ hole where my butt is and i slept well without any discomfort, even slept on my sides without putting pressure on my hips at all.
I left DR on the 24th oct and that 11 hours flight to Paris was so uncomfortable. I almost cried. I was so swollen amd sore though i sat on a boppy pillow. I took arnica and bromelain pills before the flight and during the flight but it didn't help, i thought i was going to burst.
The flight from paris to Germany was okay, sat without a boppy pillow but it was just an hour flight. I didnt order for wheelchair service because i was almost 3 weeks post op and felt i needed the exercise, it didn't hurt to walk that much.
I dont look at my body for changes anymore because what i wanted most i dont c any changes.
I wanted hips more than butt well i lost some volume of the not not much fat i had grafted to my hips and though i have more curves than eatlier i really wish i had more fat grafted to my hips.
I wanted thigh gap but dont see any difference only bruises from lipo that i don't c results to.
I have fat on my upper back, now i dont know if this is Baez fault or because of my faja as it doesn't cover/compress my upper back.
Baez advised not to lipo my arms and i regret not doing that because my arms are now to big for my slim waist, my upper body as a friend told me in her words' looks like incredible hulks'
I am not totally pleased with this results because in clothes i look good, thanks to my well done boobs, tiny waist,round butt, and very little hips. But without clothes i look funny.
The areas i complained about are not areas that fluff and get bigger or get slimmer with time, i have to work out or do a round 2 which i already booked but no more fat grafting(to hips only) unless i find an inexpensive doctor that doesn't use drains, but for now, i have booked another surgery appointment with the surgeon that did my boobs for lipo to my inner thighs, arms, upper back and chin on the 3rd of December and i sent my deposit to him already.
I really don't look bad, I look good but i want to look better, only wish i had everything i wanted and asked for done in one procedure, now i have to spend another 1700euros and go thru
pains again.
Well i am sorry i keep sending photos of my ugly naked body but i am on the way to beautify it, so bear with me:-):-):-):-)I promise to take pics in clothes next week.
I am one month post op today, ehm, because i want the 3 months to pass quickly, i will be counting the months exactly 28 days, not 29, 30or 31 days. Haha!!!!! Cantv wait for the next 56 days=8 weeks=2 months. My recovery calendar.
All my old clothes fit like before only i have to take most in around the waist.
To all Sisters about to get a new reloaded booty and those recovering, u rock and your body too.
Oh and yes Baez is more conservative with her surgery than the other doctors in DR. Dont be disappointed if u go to her and she doesn't give u a big butt, she will give u a more natural look but with me, i guess she missed some points though she did try.
So once again all you beauties, one love & peace.

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photos 28 days post op

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y r my photos cropped?

I dont know y my photos are cropped or am i d only ine seeing it tgat way.i post full photos of body but shows half of my body. Don't know y.


Hi, your review is soooo helpful!!! Thx....I sent baez my pics weeks ago and haven't got a response....u mentioned whatsapp to reach her, can u tell me how I can get to that...I reallly want to get a quote from her fir tt, lipo,possible bbl....your assssss looooooks guuuud....very nnatural looking.....thx in advance
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please update.
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I think you look FABULOUS AND Naturally voluptuous, not sure if that what you were going for.... But You butt looks Excellent, and the boobs.
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