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all is said & Done, i made it to the other side!!!

Hello Ladies after stalking this site for forever...

Hello Ladies after stalking this site for forever and a day, the time has finally come for me to share my story. I'm a 35 year old single mother of 4 ages ranging from 18-1. Yes I said the oldest is 18 and my baby is 1, so as you can see I stretch my kids out and they stretched my body all out of order, but I love them I just don't like how the multiple pregnancies left my stomach hanging and butt sagging. I decided on Yily after extensive research, I love her work and not only that I love the fact that she respond to her emails in a timely matter, honestly I love Durans work too and I have thoughts of contacting her for a quote and a surgery date also. my only concern with Duran is that she is booked and I would have to wait until almost next year to get this procedure done, and I don't want to wait I'm ready to go NOW, RIGHT NOW, lol... My current weight is 166.3, and I stand at 5'9. I will be getting lipo to the stomach and flanks, a tummy tuck, breast lift with implants and a Brazilian Butt Lift, THE WORKS!! I will be taking this journey with my daughter and my best friend of 20 years, they will also be having surgery with Yily on the same day. We're so excited and can't wait to make this DREAM come true. we have so much to do and very little time to do it, but by the grace of God it shall be done. So far I have started taking Centrum Complete for women and plan on adding Iron tablets to the regimen real soon. I have also been lifting 3lb weights to tighten and tone up arms because I don't want to have them lipo'd, which they are not big so I see no need to have them lipo'd anyway but they could use some muscle so that's what I've been working on.

Before pics

Another before

Looking for some cheap flights

Ladies if any of you know a airline where the flights are cheap, please feel free to share the info. I will be in the DR a total if 14 days and planning to stay at the perfect stay if my sil joins us, if not we considering hiring a nurse for a few days or maybe even a recovery house. Oh and I decided to email Duran today, so now I'm waiting to see if she responds and if she does I'm hoping she has something available in April around the same time because I love her breast jobs over Yilys, but I will be letting Yily do her thing if I can't get a date from Duran in early April..

Some random pics & wish pics

so close but yet so far

Sitting thinking its getting close but still thinking April seems far, I'm anxious, excited and ready to GO!! I still have a lot to do but not in a hurry, I'm taking my time in order to make sure that things are done right. I have a appointment next week I will have my hemoglobin taken and I will have an idea of where I'm at as far as my iron is concerned. The last time I had it checked almost 3 months ago it was 12.9 I'm hoping that I at least maintained that level and I plan on working to build it up in order to avoid having to get blood or taking iron shots, but don't get me wrong I'm getting this surgery by any means necessary I don't care what it takes I'm doing it.

Any body having surgery in the beginning of April

just wanted to know if any ladies was going to be in the DR around the same time as us, we would love to get to meet some RS ladies while we are out there. Hopefully we could hang out, get together for a meet and greet or something. We will be there from April 1st to the 14th, still undecided on exactly where we staying but leaning towards either a rental home or hotel because as it stands my sister in law plans on tagging along to help us out, Thank God for her and bless her heart I hope that we are not to much for her, LOL!! I would much rather her take care of us than some Spanish speaking nurse that we can't understand to save our life!! But anyway, get with me if you will be out there and you interested in hanging out or if you will be alone and need to meet some cool people to hang out with b4 or after surgery.

The days are passing FAST.....

But yet it seems SO far away, I guess I'm just too anxious, Oh yes ready for the body to be BANGING BABY!! lol. Cant wait to show up with a BIGASS, what will that feel like? i know what it feel like to be beautiful, because I was born beautiful!! but i always wished, hoped, dreamed for a BiG BuTT, and finally i will have my chance to own my own ASS, oh well they better watch out, That ass will be on a billBoard near YoU!! (JustJoking). oh well i couldn't get my labs on Tuesday because my blood pressure was to high they made me reschedule my appointment for my depo, until tomorrow so i will update soon with my hcg Levels praying things will be on track, since i dont have much time.

Time is ticking

Hello sisters!!! Time is ticking, and I'm getting really excited these days. I did get my hcg levels checked and to my surprise a whooping 15, thanks to Geritol! I decided to start taking it every other day. I started the process for my passport, well at least I went to Walgreens and had my photos done and picked up more apps from the post office , I missed the passport office so it's not clear to me how much it will Cost me and how long it will take me to get it. I almost forgot about my Moms, apparently she missed the memo I gave her that I will be gone to the DR on her Bday, actually having surgery on her b day. So I had to hear her tell me what all could happen, why there? You can't go to a 3rd world country and have surgery,not my child, no. I politely let her know Yes I am, and I might be regretting it for a minute but I'm going get my ass right, in the DR on your birthday! Now who gone Pop me? !! Any who peace & Blessing to all until next time!

Change of plans

So we decided to expedite our passports and move up our surgery date, to excited but still not packing. I guess I'll start soon. Ladies save yourself some Money and apply early for your passport it will save you lots of money. If you go regular it's only 150 with photos in Louisiana but if you wait it's 221.00 so be smart ladies. Will really start keeping you guys posted on my milestones since it's only weeks away!

Beware ladies

We all are anxious to get the body of our dreams and will do whatever it takes to make sure it happens. Just the other day my daughter recieved a email from who we intially thought was from Yily, with her banking info insisting that she go ahead and make a deposit in order to insure her surgery date so we went to the bank and was about to send the $300 deposit she was requesting when the teller asked us if we felt comfortable sending this money to another country because once it was sent they couldn't replace it, so we said yes and proceeded to complete the wire transfer to the bank account that was provided in the email. Well why doing so we realized that the email didn't include the bank address that was needed to complete the transaction so we decided to leave the bank and call Yily's office to get the banks address, low and behold we realized that we could be getting scammed because the number that they provided in the email didn't match any of her #'s nor did the email match Yily email it was very close but didn't include the . That Yily has in her email. So we decided not to send the deposit and warn others against sending money to anyone if the info can't be confirmed, as far as our trip it's still on we decided to fly down and get our surgery done by whoever can fit us in preferably Duran, Yily and maybe even Carbel who is so easy to contact and his secretary speaks English which makes it very easy to understand what's going on unlike Yily when you call her office you better know Spanish or you will be lost and confused like we were. Yilys office gave us a dose of what's really about to go on, we are gonna be lost trying to figure out what the hell just happened, lol. But anyway ladies please beware because now that we think about it the more it seems like we were never in contact with Yily herself from the jump but we recieved emails and quotes from this email and surgery dates too. Lord knows people prey on the desprite and they will go to the extreme to make it seem real.

so excited in 1 week we'll be on our way!!

Leaving in 1 week and in so excited, still not packed but I have all my supplies with the exception of some yeast infection medication just in case the antibiotics do a girl wrong, a sweat suit to travel in and maybe another maxi dress or 2, everything else is set to go. I plan on updating you ladies as much add possible and I hope that everyone keeps us in your prayers. At this point my appointment is with Cabral on the 20 th and in trusting that he will deliver the body that I have been dreaming about and I just can't wait...

Finally made it!!

Well I finally made it, but still don't know if our bags did as of last night we were waiting for a phone call or a drop off. It's so easy to get separated from your bags so it's best if you pack carry on bags with the very important things in there. First stop Cipla, and get ready because that's everybody's first stop this place is packed with a lot of anxious tired women. We were able to get all of our blood work, x ray's, ekg and consults done even though it took some time. Let me warn you ladies of you don't know Spanish you will be lost, we were able to meet with a nice lady and her daughter from the Bronx abs they speak Spanish so we're able to them to translate for us, thank God. As for Maria, Cabral assistant if she had her way you would have surgery right then and there, but we decided to wait until the day that we were scheduled we are having surgery on tomorrow. This gives us time to rest And prepare our self for our transformations!! We're staying at the Plaza Florida and even though it's pricely it's worth the money fully equipped kitchen and, spacious. Once we got settled we walked a few blocks to This burger joint and even though we enjoyed the meal the price we paid in American dollars was ridiculous, make sure you get some Paso's ladies right now you can get 43 Paso's for 1 dollar. And it's worth converting because if not you will pay! ! It's the of us and we paid 60 bucks fora burger meal at Jimmy Rockets even though we enjoyed the meal it just wasn't worth 60bucks. I'm laying in bed trying to debate what will be on the agenda for today. I was thinking that we need to make sure we have the things we need for surgery Ave prepare ourselves for the aftermath. We have to get out and site see buy garments and get ready for our big day tomorrow! ! Well add some pics in a few.

Sorry for the typos dawn phone

Well update later with photos abs more of what to expect

I made it to the otherside

Well ladies sorry for the wait, because it has been a week now and I'm finally in the position to inform you girls on the ins and outs of the Dominican Republic.. Overall I'm pleased with my results from the procedure, Dr. Cabral and his staff did a good job, I was able to get a tummy tuck, breast lift and a BBL. The day of procedure we arrived at Cipla at 630 am and was placed in a room at 1230pm I was gave my blue pill, and taken into surgery at about 330pm and made it out at about 7- 730pm. I was given some medicine intravenously and a epidural and was out within seconds but sadly towards the end of my procedure I woke up to them working on my stomach, all I really felt was some tugging and pulling and I remember telling them hey I'm up I can hear ya'll, my neck hurt and before long they were finished so they untied my hands and allowed me to put them under my neck and before I knew it they took down the sheet that was keeping me from seeing what was going on, they tied me up in a sheet and taped it and rolled me to a small room that I guess was a quick recovery room where this guy checked my pressure wrapped me in a blanket and then I was reeled back to the room where I started. on the way to the recovery room I was able to see my daughter who was also having surgery, she was in the middle of her procedure her butt was straight in the air,lol. I thought to myself no privacy at all in the operating rooms which was some very small rooms with glass allowing others to see in and out of the operating room. Once I made it back to the room the blanket that I was wrapped in was taken and I was left there freezing with the sheet and the blanket that I brought along with me. Thank God for the ladies that wrote reviews and advised us to bring blankets and pillows because they only provide you with a sheet and a bed. Shortly afterwards my daughter was wheeled back in and I managed to get my sister in law to take the blanket that was stripped from my daughter and I tried to hide it under my blanket until the gentleman that wheeled my daughter left out but he was really looking for the blanket so I begged him to allow me to keep it because I had given mine to my daughter and I would be left with nothing so he smiled and grabbed my cheek and left the room. A few hours later a nurse came in checked our vitals and headed out the room, and that continued every few hours during the duration of our stay. I'm happy that I was accompanied by my sister in law because she was able to call the nurse when we needed one even though they really didn't understand what we were saying and vice versa because we speak no Spanish and they speak no ENGLISH therefore we had to try and help them understand what we were talking about, when it came down to us understanding we were just LOST,LOL... this went on for 2 days but finally we were released out of the hospital on Saturday and to our hotel room is where we returned. After getting organized we decided to eat and change our flight from 3/27 to 3/23 and catch a flight home the very next morning without a release a followup or not even a notice to Dr. Cabral. It was a combination of things that drove us to making this decision, for instance the lack of pain medicine besides the pain medication that we brought from Cabral that was like Tylenol, and it barely took the edge off. Other reasons include the safety concerns about sanitation and infections, and also the fact that the food taste different nothing was really satisfying to our taste buds. When I speak of sanitation I'm speaking of the hospital and how we were left to lay in our blood and fluids overnight and when they did come in to change the sheets the bed was not wiped down just another sheet put on with a pad to catch whatever fluids that might have leaked out. even upon us being released I noticed the house keeper come in with 2 water bottles filled with some cleaner that I assumed she was going to freshen up the room with, nothing that seemed to be bleach or a disinfectant. I must admit we took our chances flying home without a clearance and it was very uncomfortable, but once we made it home we were able to get comfortable take a bath and get some real pain meds. This past week has been difficult but as the days past the pain gets better, I have yet to receive a call from Dr. CABRAL or his staff concerning us missing the follow up visit, or even checking up on our health. But thank God my sister is a nurse and she have been by our side every since we made it home. As of today I still have my drain in and plan on letting her remove it soon, its still draining but not as much as in the beginning. I'm battling a build up of fluid in my back area, but besides that I feel fine, everyday things seem to be getting better for me and my daughter. The Fajas that we purchased from Cabrals office was a tad bit uncomfortable so we decided to purchase some new undergarments from JCpennys that include a all in one garment and a waist cincher to help shape the waste and keep some pressure on the lipo'd areas. so far so good but we are in the midst of ordering us some more Fajas from a site online. I said all this to warn you ladies what you will be facing when deciding to go to the DR for this surgery. RESULTS will vary and will more than likely be what you are desiring but please make sure to pack pain meds, blankets, pillows, and anything you can think of that may keep you comfortable and aid in your recovery. Spanish would be a plus and if nothing else bring along someone that can call the nurse and help aid in your recovery because you will need HELP.

New photos

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

My Dr. was DR, Cabral and I'm pleased with my results

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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How many days did you stay in DR after sx?
  • Reply
I had surgery on Thursday and left that Sunday morning. Not long at all. and just to report I'm recovering fine!! Loving the results thus far!!
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Looking good girlie
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That stomach will no longer be poking out. It looks very flat to me:-)
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Prayers and big booty blessings!
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Thanks! !
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Good luck tomorrow!
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Gd luck & I'm excited 4 u
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Thanks doll! !
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Good luck and god bless.
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Thanks doll!!
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Ok I will post the email but it's the same email that you posted
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Can you post the scam email? I just emailed Yily and now I am not sure that I emailed the correct one :/.
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Will you post or send me the email that you recieved so that I could compare it to the one that I got because I am planning to send in my deposit today.
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Hope girls dont fall for them spammers! In a way I'm glad Cabral doesn't ask for a deposit, but than again I would feel better my date is set on me for sure. Good luck chica!
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Ikr but they do require u to call a week b4 to confirm and then u must go in the day b4 for labs and X-rays.
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am going april still not have pack anything ... nerves
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Good luck Yily will give you that ass you've been dreaming of.....lol!!!
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Thanks and I can't wait!!
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You're on depo?
  • Reply
Yes .
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I'll be going on the 10 of April just not with Yily ... She takes to long to answer questions
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Just wait til April
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Just wait!!
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Hi doll ! Am scheduled on April 2!
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