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Seriously considering doing lipo and bbl this...

Seriously considering doing lipo and bbl this coming new year some time in April or May. I would like to do it with Dra. Yily de los santos. If anyone is planning on going around this time let me know, please share your experiences if you already had the procedure done. Thank you ;)....................

Dr. Fisher

So im no longer going to Yily to do the Surgery.. I chose to go with Dr. Fisher in the States, in Miami Florida. Im planning on going May 26 and stay out there till about June 1st. Im currently looking for a buddy that’s going more or less around the same time I am. Im not going to stay in the recovery house, but if worse comes to worse and I don’t find a buddy.. than the recovery house it is.

BBL with Dr Fisher

So i came a long way since last year. decided to got with Dr. Fisher a Vanity. I have a set date of 5/29/15 , anyone else going around the same time ?

Fisher Doll 5/29/2015

Originally i was going with Dr. Yily in DR for a BBL, but than i found Fisher and his work, and decided to remain local in the US for the procdure. My coordinator at Vanity is Margaret. Shes really professional and i love working withher because she gives everything straight forward. Last weekend, I finally made a deposit to secure my date of 5/29 with Dr. Fisher. the price includes liposcultpure full body, and bbl(abdomen, waist, love handles, flanks and bra line.

Im currently looking into recovery houses, so if you ladies know any good places, please let me know. Currently lookin into "New Body RH"

pre-op pics

Before pics. Wonder what I m going to look like afterwards lol. I weigh 190lbs and 5'5. I want to lose 20 pounds before surgery. Thinking of getting a breast lift.. But that would come later. This is what happened ti

Recovery House

Hi Dolls,

Surgery is right around the corner, and i'm gathering everything together. Still currently looking for a recovery house. I was set on going wtih Newbody recovery house but it looks like they're booked all the way till June, if by a miracle theres a cancelation.

Im also looking into Assissted Living RH, hopefully they have availabilty for when i need to go.

Does anyone know of any other recovery houses besides the two that i mentioned?

change my date

So upset, so i put in my time off from work to have the SX done on 5/29/2015. So the plan was to leave on 05/28/2015 to Miami in the afternoon, to have SX on 5/29/15. I was planning on staying there till friday , JUne 5th in the afternoon. So i requested my days off from work from 5/29/2015 until 06/05/2015 and it looks as tho the manager only approved for June 1st- June 5th. Now, it looks as tho i have to change my date for surgery. I called my coordinator and she was on the phone with a client. I hope they have a date for May 30th on a Saturday, if Dr. Fisher even works on the weekends. This thru me completly off. ughhhhhhh!!!!!!

So i'm all set

so I contacted Assisstance 4 life and left a deposit for my recovery stay. i will be arriving 5/28/2015 for 8 nights , a total of $1450. I called margarette and she told me i need to arrive the day before surgery and go to vanity before 1pm to meet the doctor, take pics, sign forms and do labs. So excited. now all i need is to buy supplies and purchase the flight. :)


So I just bought my flight thru american airlines and United. Now I'm working on getting supplies via amazon. Is there anything that you can think of is a must have ?

vanity portal

Got an email getting access to the vanity portal. Anyone else got this too?

paid off

Everything is paid and I got the promotion of free lipo board, foams and garment once the balance was paid off before April 4th. Quick question tho, is that suppose to be stated in my invoice ?


So just an update since I last signed in... I had my physical and everything is great .. Hemoglobin is 13.1

Originally I was planning on staying with assistance for life but than of course last minute my significant other told me he wants to accompany me . so now I'm looking for anything on airbnb so he can tag along on the journey . any suggestion for those that used the site? Any recommendations?


For those scheduled for surgery in May .. Are you ready ? What are somethings you still working on or need to get?


Hello, yes I'm looking for a buddy . I was originally supposed to stay at assistance for life and than last minute 2 friends of mine said to cancel that and just book a hotel and they'll take care of me .. But that fell thru and they can't go. Now I'm stuck in a hotel suite by myself lol. I left a deposit with assistance 4life and will use that for a nurse to come the day of surgery. So if u want to buddy up. Let me know . I'm staying at hotel Sofitel. 05/28-06/05.. No one wants to go thru this alone. Or just send me a message ;)


fisher on vacation

Did anyone here about fisher going on vacation and won't be back until September ? Just curious because I'm set for the 29th and I'm getting the run around with Vanity.
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