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Seriously considering doing lipo and bbl this...

Seriously considering doing lipo and bbl this coming new year some time in April or May. I would like to do it with Dra. Yily de los santos. If anyone is planning on going around this time let me know, please share your experiences if you already had the procedure done. Thank you ;)....................
Im trying to go april 1st! Having a hard time getting my quote and setting surgery date! :(
Good luck with your jorney!Im going to yily march 4!Team yily!

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So im no longer going to Yily to do the Surgery.. I chose to go with Dr. Fisher in the States, in Miami Florida. Im planning on going May 26 and stay out there till about June 1st. Im currently looking for a buddy that’s going more or less around the same time I am. Im not going to stay in the recovery house, but if worse comes to worse and I don’t find a buddy.. than the recovery house it is.
I'm stuck between Yily and Fisher. I'm waiting for my new quote with Fisher. I'm thinking about getting SX done late May or early June. I'm going to stay for a total of 7-10 days. Are you only staying for six days?
Hey, i was stuck between Fisher and Yily too... than i thought about real good and thought to keep the surgery in the states even tho Yily is awesome.. so is Fisher and hes in the US too, so even better. Yeah, im trying to go for late May till early June as well. My quote for just the bbl with no recovery stay is 4500 and with the recovery its 6500. i was told i have to stay for seven days because i have to get massages and by the 6th day , the tube things come out. SO yeah, i was told by another girl on here about a bed and breakfast near by that charges $70 a night.. but for the first night if you choose not to stay in the recovery house, you have to pay $250 for the nurse. Im thinking about doing that.. but only if i get a buddy. Fisher isnt that bad tho.. hes just as good as Yily and getting more popular too. ;)
I heard he doesn't use drains. That's weird. The price I was given is $7000 with recovery house cause the price went up. That bed and breakfast price sounds reasonable. That's for the nurse for just that first night? What about a driver? I'm still considering them both.
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