Yily DOLL post op!!! Make the Body the Tea!!!!! - Dominican Republic, DO

What is the Tea out there in Realself...

What is the Tea out there in Realself land?????
I'm a transgender woman who is scheduled to have the BBL procedure performed by Dr. Yily Feb 21st 2014. She quoted me $3,900 for liposuction of the full back, abdominals, flanks, arms, and inner thighs. So apparently , males and transsexuals have to pay more than biological females. SSSSHHHAADDEEEE!!!! It's all to the good Yily . I'm gonna give you whatever you need to sculpt this body into existence. Does anyone want to buddy up? Let me know.
wow you're gorgeous! thats a good quote imo.
Thanks hun. I really appreciate it
congrat's and welcome :) that is a great quote because she quoted me 3400 no thighs(which is supposedly more expensive for some reason) and no arms..... anywho are you all the way transgender? just intriqued, sorry if that is doin too much

flat back

You have nice legs , so u can get a big butt bc it will blend in well . Keep us informed !
I am going to Yily as well on Feb 21st, inbox me
Daisy Rh she is a sweet heart

All the passport information you need!!!!!

Whats the tea!!!!,
Today I went and applied for my passport at my local post office. The total price was $244.00. The price was a bit steep because I opted for expedited service, and I also got my photo taken by the postal worker. Your birth certificate must have the official seal imprinted on it (copies aren't permitted). Also, they mail your birth certificate off with the documents you fill out for the passport. I almost forgot, when they mail your birth certificate back to you, it will be in a different piece of mail from your passport. So apparently there are two types of passports; passport card and passport book. THE PASSPORT BOOK IS THE ONE YOU NEED IF YOU PLAN ON DOING ANY TYPE OF INTERNATIONAL AIR TRAVEL. The passport comes with 28 pages + the data sheet that includes your picture and other information. When traveling to the Dominican Rebuplic your passport will get stamped when entering and leaving the country. I was informed that the Dominican Republic doesn't require any additional Visa stamps like some countries. Uhhhh...... I believe that covers everything with the passport.

On another note,
I am receiving a lot of comments about which recovery house I will be staying at. I have decided to stay at Armonia Recovery House. I have seen several pictures off the rooms and other parts of the facility and from what I can tell it look like some place where I would feel comfortable at.

*******Back to the passport business. I am not sure as for Passport prices or procedures for every state, I am just letting you know my experience. Yours may be different!!!
Did you have surgery yet
Gd luck the 21st is right around the corner!!!! Did u decide on a RH? Keep us all posted!!
....my date has been pushed back to the 26th and I will be staying at Armonia recovery house

Ughhh they changed my date.

Hey guys,
sorry I havent updated you guys, but when I tell you I have been beyond busy trying to prepare for this surgery. So I was kinda pissed because I was suppose to been scheduled for surgery on the 26th of this month. Something told me to call and talk to Yira and she told me that they were booked until March 1st. After talking to her she sent me email confirmation confirming the date. Words cannot explain how pissed I was. I had already purchased my ticket to the DR from that ghetto ass Spirit Airlines. Luckily I was able to change it to the 28th.
I will have it on March 1st...I will definitely update

Hold up

March 1st....that is a Saturday....Damn...they do surgery on the weekends there....lol..Im not mad at them
Good luck to you
Yay! I am so excited for you :D. You are gonna look bomb. That sucks about having to change your date though.
Hey honey!!!!! Good luck on your journey and keep us posted

Made it to the D.R.

so I arrive to the Dominican Republic Friday February28th. When I arrived there was no one from
Armonia Recovery House. At this point im kinda panicking. I get on the wifi and contact Mayra through facebook. Someone can to pick me up 35 minutes later.

Had the surgery

I had the surgery...unfortunately I was awoke for the entire thing...will update
I hoped everything turned out well for you, plz let me know how your stay at Armonia was I'm happy they picked you up but I would have been pissed. I hope you weren't in any pain if you were awake during the procedure. Ugh. Please update when you are able to - Happy Healing
Happy healing to you girlfriend
Thank you for letting us know your okay. Heal well darling!

yesss gawd

okay...so I must say that if it wasnt for these ladies at the recovery house...Im not sure how I would recover. When I tell you they wait on your hands and feet.. Some of the sweetest people I ever met in life. Well I am two days post op at the moment and baby Yily gave me the fattest ass. My arms are swollen, but I do believe its because of the arm compression garment, which I will discontinue wearing....will update in a few minutes

another pic

here you go
Ohhhhhhh girl sexy!!!!! Thanks for the update...you said you was awake the whole time :( now I'm scared
You look awesome girl!!!! Can't wait to hear your update! That's the scariest part to me....waking up and feeling it! I won't mind being awake if I don't feel anything, but I'd rather be sleep till the end! lol!!! Good luck with your recovery!

The Surgery

First of all let me tell you that getting the epidural was probably the most painful part of the entire experience. They shot me 4 times in my spine with 4 different medications. Now I do believe I was knocked out when they did my stomach, but from the moment they flipped me over I was awoke from that point on. Now do be scared because I didnt feel any pain, just the pressure of the cannula going back and forth. I did feel pain when they began to lipo my arms. I remember me saying please stop, please stop. Other than that I was good. When they wheeled me back to the 4th floor to rest it took a good 12-13 hours before I could move any of my limbs. As soon as I was able to move around I rolled on stomach to sleep which was extremely uncomfortable. I havent experienced any pain just discomfort. Will update a little later.
Hey Doll any update, I hope all is well. Happy healing
Hey boo! you look goood!!! wait until all the swelling goes down, you're gonna be one hot mama! Yily gave you a donk!! Happy Healing!
Good luck on ur recovery, u look good tho boo!!! I have my procedure Thursday and can't wait!

Details Details Details

Ladies and Gents thank you so much for your patience! Now lets get down to the nitty gritty.

As of this moment I am a few hours shy of 5 days post op. Im going to try to break everything down as detailed as I possibly can.

*Arriving to the Dominican Republic*
Once I arrived and got my luggage, there was no one waiting on me from real recovery armonia. I got on my phone and contacted Mayra through facebook and someone came to pick me up 1.5-2 hours later.

*Real Recovery House Armonia*
This was my first stop after leaving SDQ. I dropped off my luggage and headed to Cipla where I got my blood work done. Hemoglobin was a 12.8. Back to the subject at hand. The recovery house is beautiful and the ladies who work here will make you really feel like family.

Pros: Healthy eating, They remind you constantly to take your meds, overall clean facility, beautiful view, overall safe place to stay, very attentive to needs

Cons: They have two showers and neither of which got hot. Also, the shower nearest the front door got some shit with it. The water will literally run into the middle of the hallway. I feel that they are a bit understaffed. They have workers who just specifically tend to the kitchen, so if you need help draining or a massage or anything they are completely oblivious to what you are saying.

You will definitely need a translator app because Mayra is the only one who knows good English.

*Day of Surgery*
Arrived to Cipla at about 7:30 am
Seen the Cardiologist and got xrays, green light
Went to the 4th floor around 10:00am. I was the first to get to marked up by Yily. I typed her up a Spanish letter explaining to her the look that I was going for. Yily is cool, she is really straight to the point, which is cool with me because I am the same way. The first patient was being wheeled into the operating room at about 10:30. They came to get me for surgery about about noonish. I took my blue pill and got on the stretcher. They wheeled me to the operating room where they shot me 4 times in my spine with anesthethia . To be totally honest those epidural shots hurt worse than anything I ever experienced before. They wiped my body down with some sort of solution , and moments later I was out. From the point they flipped me over on my stomach until the end of surgery I was completely awake. No I didnt experience any pain until they started to Lipo my arms. Which did hurt like a bitch I might add. They wheeled me back up to the 4th floor where I was knocked out until 1am. As soon as I came to, I rolled on my stomach. This is very important that you guys should know. The recovery house arranges for someone to be with you overnight at the hospital. The fees vary, but I paid the girl 40 and she was only asking for 25. It was definitely worth every penny. She fed me, she gave me water, kept me entertained. She was definitely a godsend. I did experience real bad shivers. uhh... I believe that is about it as for the surgery goes.

**The day after surgery**
10am the faja lady came in and dressed me and about an hour later the recovery house was there to pick me up . I hate that I had to sit on my butt on the ride back. I had my boppy pilly but it still feels akward as hell. I did experience a lot of drainage on this day especially from my arms.

Im tired of typing...lol...will update tomorrow
Congrats on your surgery and I wish you a speedy recovery.
Hope your recovery continues well...thanks for sharing
Girl your body is banging! thanks for you full detailed review.

***The importance of proper compression***

You will not believe how many individuals who aren't even 14 days post op don't wear there garments anymore. Let me say this, the garment is very uncomfortable to the point where I feel like im on the verge of passing out. At the same time, when I am out of my garment I feel light-headed and you can actually feel the fluids collecting around the midsection. Im my opinion the compression garment is a catch-22.

***Benefits of the garment****
Compression is needed because it forces the fluids to drain out of the lymphatic system.

With liposuction the skin is very loose, and proper compression helps mend the skin back together.

Proper compression reduces swelling

If you are not going to commit yourself to this %100 stay your ass at home. Recovery is not easy, but it only gets better with time.

*** Hemoglobin ***

If your hemoglobin is not over a 12, they are not going to operate on you. I have been here 7 days and seen 3 girls denied surgery two from Yily and on from Baez. There is a hematologist available at CIPLA who will put you on an intravaneous iron treatment. I believe the treatment is a two day process. (from what I am seeing from the girls in the recovery house. I am not sure if its different strokes for different folks). Lastly, you hemoglobin will drop during and after surgery because of blood loss so keep in mind that the same regimen you were on prior to surgery to build your iron, you might have to bring that same regimen with you to build your iron again. post op
looking great!! happy healing
Hello love, I got quoted 3500 just for bbl/lipo no arms or inner thighs (extra cost) I also wanted to know how did you communicate with yira? Any contact info? I have beef trying to for 1 week now. I sent my deposit but am waiting on confirmation.
Hi...I actually communicate with Yira by calling the regular office number. Also, with your deposit. Make sure you take a picture of the receipt with your phone and email it to Yira, then you will get a confirmation

yaaass yily

a few pictures
Looking great. Ty for sharing
Dam luv Yily sculpted you. You look great. Happy healing. Hope your doing good
Happy healing.

Past due update!!!!

Hey Everyone,
I have been receiving a lot of questions regarding the Bbl and my experience. I will do everything in my power to provide a detailed update as well as tips.

1.) The fat that was transferred to my but is still there. I have not , at least from what I can see, any fat loss.

2.) My incisions healed up nicely with the exception of my armpit scar. It is slightly discolored. Now that I have been doing a little research most doctors in the US stitch up the incisions. My incisions were not stitched up so that lead to the visible scars.

3.) I completely stopped wearing my faja after 6 weeks and I can definitely see a change in my waist. Yily gave me a hourglass, but now I'm straight waisted which is my own fault.

I can't really think of anything else at the moment. If I do I will come back to update.
Hey. You look great. How do I get in touch with Yily?
Amazing thanks for the update
Girl she did that!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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