1 Week to go - Dominican Republic, DO

I'm so excited to finally have recieved my...

I'm so excited to finally have recieved my quote!!!! My friend and I are planning to do this together in April. I went out and loaded up on my vitamins lol! I don't want anything stopping me. Ladies don't get discouraged if u have been stalking dr yily n haven't receievd an email yet...I started emailing her the beginning of February, my friend the same time. I couldn't figure out why my friend had her quote way before me. So hang in there.
we share bbl dates, we should stay In not touch :)
Hi. I changed my date to april 25, flying down on the 24th but we can defintely keep in touch. I'm staying till 5-2-14
Congrats and good luck

1 week to go

Lipo of full back, waist, armpits, arms with fattransfer to but and hips. Leslie the assistant Is amazing!!!! She speaks English and shesis very prompt. I've even chatted with the dr via what's app and she is sweet. The price includes transportaion, garment, labs, ekg, and recovery house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best of wishes praying for you and your friend on your journey to bootyland hope you girls rec'vs the booty of y'all dreams!!!
how are you doing?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Scheduled with dr fatima almonte. I'm super excited, I will be flying out a week from tomorrow!!!!!! Lipo n bbl here I come!

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