So this isnt a review yet, im in the process of...

so this isnt a review yet, im in the process of finding housing and flight tickets for sept2-9, i will be getting lipo to my butt and breast implanst. please any tips on flight, hotels and just being in the dr please let me know. i also have a problem, all the pictures i have seen so far are of women bigger than me, do you think she can give me an ass?
your best bet is to ask if they do implants for your butt. you have like ZERO fat on you (jelly) LOL can be done its up to you to check. im going to dr fatima in 3wks recovery home w/nurse is included in my quote as well as travel accommodations. im doing a LOT more than u and i didnt even hit close to 5k =D
Oh my! Your body is gorgeous! What do you need to do to it? I mean, your butt is really beautiful, too. Mine used to look similar to yours and I wish I could get it back.
lipo to your butt? I'd just do squats and other leg exercises if I were you. You have a great body and you're not far off! It wouldn't take you long to develop the muscle there. I don't think any lipo is necessary in your case.
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