Duran Sept 2013

I have been considered bbl for a very very long...

I have been considered bbl for a very very long time, since make me heal was just starting to become popular. I have scheduled, cancelled, lost weight and gainrd weight, but I have finally come to the decision that I wilk never be happy with my body until I have this done. I don't lack self-confidence, I just know how I should feel, its like a woman and her hair, if its not done a certain way you don't feel completely satisfied, even if it doesnt look bad. I have xontancted santos for a consulation and quote I am BEYOND excited I cannot wait to finally get this done! Your support, help and comments are all welcome! I am currently a nursing student and plan to leave during spring break for the sx, keeos your fingers crossed for me ladies and hope to see your comments in the future!

When will you be going?
Hey i also want to get bbl this year probably early june with yily. What areas are you getting lipo on?
I know my flanks and waist, I recently lost weight so the majority of my fat is in my tummy and arms, yily has not gotten back to me yet so we shall see! What about yu?

So guys, I am really looking for a roomie to...

So guys, I am really looking for a roomie to partner with, I am traveling from houston I want may 14th, but I reay want a roomie! Serious inquiries please!!!!
Hi I am also a nursing student looking to go for spring break!!
that's awesome! are you in the houston/galveston area? when in may are you trying to go?
I'm actually in Massachusetts:) but I changed my mind about may, I wanna go during spring break in march.

Does anybody have yily's paypal info? I have been...

Does anybody have yily's paypal info? I have been in contact with her & I know she has been having trouble receiving her money, I really wanna send my deposit, I wish I could speak spanish it makes it so much easier, I have been having my friend translate, if anybody knows let me know!
hey hun so i had to schedule for june 3, if ur interested in swtiching to may we can be roomies :) nursing student roomies... and ps i have yilys paypal info and i called like a million times so i got a quote and sent my deposit...pm me ur number
i meant switching to june

So I sent my deposit in today & im so excited, I...

So I sent my deposit in today & im so excited, I really hope I can find a roomie for may 13 there is much to do before then
Hey...just wondering are you also getting tt or just bbl for 3500.00? I am currently looking for PS in tijuana, closest to me i'm in san diego, budget is around 3500-3800 no more than that. What are the cost to travel to Dominican Republic? Thank You for your help.
Its actual a tt and bbl for 3700 but I added a breast lift to that too so total is 4600 for
Im not sure about to the costs where your coming from for me its from 5-600 for a plane ticket, since ur in san Diego mexico would be a great option because u don't have to travel for if your able to find someone you like

Hello guys I hope all is well I just wanted to ask...

hello guys I hope all is well I just wanted to ask a few questions and hopefully some will respond I plan on staying at Jacqueline's for 4 days and then moving to a refular hotel. wanted to know does anybody have any information on someone who could come give me the lymphatic massage at my hotel room I thought I read a couple of months ago a young lady did this to save money and I'm interested in it as well. Also do yoyu guys think 10 days is long enough for a tt & bbl? Im in nursing school & I have a baby I cant be gone for two weeks! Someone help plz! Also again again! Anybody having surgery @ may 9 let me know im trying to save as much money as possible!
Hey I'm flying out May 9th having surgery May 10th!!!
Maybe all three of us could bunk together?? I wonder how many ppl can bunk together?

Ok guys I have some new updates and more questions...

Ok guys I have some new updates and more questions as I can never get in touch with yily, im scheduled may 6, which is a monday, im flying in on Sunda, where do u stay the day before surgery? As I plan on recovering in angela's house. Does anyone have any information on this? Plz help thanks :)

Hello everyone hope all is well, so after reading...

Hello everyone hope all is well, so after reading peititemami's post I decided to go ahead and book my flight & reserve my spot at the jm spa. Im extremely confident about my decision but I am also prepared for the worse. After reading all of the reviews and getting to know people I have realized that there are two sets of people who seek cosmetic surgery, the one's who seek more confidience in their apperance and the mentally/emotionally disturbed. Reading done of the comnents it is as if some women are looking for someone to change then in an entirely diff person, expecting results that they know themselves are unrealistic/unattainable without any implants etc. The postingof some of these "wish" pics are ridiclious and foolish. If your body frame, current proportion and weight does not represent the wish pic then yoyr desire is far-fetched. I came here looking for support and knowdelge about people who have had this procedure, and I did find a couple of people who wwere honest and obviously prepared for this. The foolery and childish on this site from some people is exhausting, sone are screaming "I am emotionally disturbed and seeking cosmetic surgery for other deep rooted problems I have". With that being said, I will update again in april and again after my procedure and again 3 months then again on 6 months. I feel like I owe it to to te few friends I have made and those who are honestly seeking information about this procedure.

Again of anybody is having surgery may 6 plz let me know! 'Thank u!
Good luck. Can I ask what your quote includes?
liposuction of abdomen, armpit, upper arms, back, flanks, 
Yay!!!! Hopefully ill run in to you my fellow Houstonian :)

So hello everyone for those of you who do read, I...

So hello everyone for those of you who do read, I had to change my surgery date to July 1, :(((((((( sucks so bad, I just started a new job and I really didn't wanna quit, I thought I would have a nice body by my birthday but I guess it's not possible, I will be celebrating when I come back though, most defintley! so I had to rebook by flight which was $350.00!! OMG! i was so pissed! but oh well! I'm going to be staying at the JM Spa for 4 days then staying the remainder of my time in D.R. at the Villa Capri Spa, I'm so ready for this to be OVER! omg! I'm so tired of walking around and seeing all these ppl with Nice bodies!!!! :(((( anyway take care!
Good luck and happy healing.

need a new recovery house jm spa

how about I just had a quick question if anybody know of any other recovery houses? Jm spa emailed me and said they will be under construction the week im scheduled..soo yeah. Anybody? Thanks

Spoke With Angela

So I booked with Angela @ her spot, I recieved an email from yily with the contact information of different recovery spa's I hope this will help some:

Thanks for confirming!!

Jacqueline is not receiving patients. Below thre are some places you can call to hold a spot:

Ana Maria's:


Dominga & Virginia:

Angela Valentino:

How much is Angela charging u for the stay?
Hey girly thx for the great info. I had some of the same questions. Where r u staying the night b4 sx? R u staying at RH the entire time? How many days b4 u go home as 2 wks for me is too long with 3 kidos at home.
The night before I plan on staying at the Aparta Hotel, it really sucks because I wanted to stay somwhere where they were already familiar with the procedure and I could get a little insight from some of the people already there. Looks like I'm going to be going to the CIPLA by myself surgery day. I'm staying for 12 days, I have a daughter so I can't be gone that long, I already discussed this with Yira so I'm gambling, hopefully i'll be ok. I'm staying with angela for 4 days then moving to the barcelona hotel for the remainder of my stay, she told me it is 55 a night

Yily not honoring my quote I got in April

I am so glad I checked with this woman to make sure that my quote was still honorable. She informed me that she is no longer hororing my quote, which isn't even 6 months old might I add.
" Thanks for confirming!!
I see your quote is right, but right now i'm not charging 3,700 dollars for a Tummy Tuck. I'm going to do it with lipo to arms included, but you have to but the sleeves."

Can anybody please explain to me WTF that means? then I emailed her back and I have yet to get a response, I'm seriously thinking about just asking for my deposit back and headed to DURAN, i'm sick of this Sh*t.

Officially Switched to Duran

So I officially switched to Duran, I'm excited and just ready for my date to come.

Surgery Now Sept.19

switched to Duran

Sept. 16 I mean lol

So I switched to Duran because Yily was not honoring my quote. I cannot believe she did that to me, since now I have to come up with more money I had to push my date back. However, looking at Duran's Post Op results I am more excited than I was with Yily. I think they are both phenomenal at sclupting the body, but it is also about being far with your clientle, & I don't think Yily is doing that. I am so excited I hope these months breeze on by. I will post pre op pics closer to my date. I will be staying at the Barcelo Hotel, & I have hired a nurse to care for me four 4 hours for 5 days after my surgery, I can't do the recovery houses, I know me and my attitude & that won't work, anyway I'll update soon! muah!
Congrats :) will c Duran in nov for my bbl n breast lift w/implant.. I am planning on staying at plaza Florida suites n hiring. Nurse everyday during stay.. May choose RH for first couple days but prefer not to stay in ones private home..
I agree, I honestly rather stay in my own place and have someone care for me, that's why I just hired a nurse. I REALLY REALLY wanted to get a breast lift with my procedures but I am already anemic & I think that's to many procedures at once, I'm am going to have to come back maybe around the first of the year for a breast lift. I know your excited! ;)

Caring for A TT

I thought this information would be using for post care of a Tummy Tuck:

Caring For Your Incisions and Abdomen
A tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, is performed to remove excess skin and fat from the abdomen, as well as to tighten the underlying muscles when necessary. Here's what to expect in terms how to care for your abdomen and your incision after a tummy tuck.

•You may have some bruising or swelling for two to three weeks. This is normal.

•Twenty-four hours after surgery, you may remove your dressings, except for the skin tapes (also called steri-strips) that are directly over your incisions, and shower. Because the steri-strips have been applied with a skin adhesive, they are fairly water-resistant. Blot them dry after showering with a clean cloth.

•You may continue to cover the incisions and gauze dressings, as needed, for one week.

•Do not remove your steri-strips. They will eventually fall off on their own.

•If you have drains, they should be emptied and the amount of drainage recorded three times per day. It is important to record the amount because this will tell your surgeon when the drains are ready to be removed.

•Most plastic surgeons will allow you to shower 24 hours after surgery. However, most will ask you to avoid any water that is still (not running) for two weeks after surgery. This includes bath water, swimming pools, hot tubs, lakes, and oceans.

•A girdle-like compression garment and/or abdominal binder should be worn at all times except for showering. Your plastic surgeon will let you know when you can stop wearing the garment/binder.
That's what I'm thinking of doing too!! Let me know how that works out for you hun!!
Will do thanx hun
I'm crazy excited. Taking 325 mg ferrous sulfate everyday to up my blood count .. Don't know my hemo level now but truly wanna get it up to a 13 and higher (if possible so I'd be all set) I'm crazy excited. Been so concerned n excited for booty I haven't decided on cc count for my new boobs.. I just know I wanna be a d cup :) think dd might look too fake as I'm going for a 22 inch waist. Waist now is 26 inches..

61 Day's Left =)

So I have been getting a lot of questions about my procedure, pricing and date.

Procedure: Tummy Tuck With Lipo & BBL
Price: $4700.00
Staying at Hotel Barcelo From Sept.12-Sept 24.
Airline: American Airlines, Ticket was $425.00
Hotel Stay: $750.00
Nurse to Care for Me for 4 days, Appox $ 200.00 (if you want her info just pm me)
I have not found a massage therapist yet, I read Duran know's a lady that will come to you so I am going to check into that.
I have information on a driver but have not selected yet.


and realize I have 59 days left until I see Duran, :))))
Can you give me your nurse info, please

Keep Extra Calm

& Realize I have 56 days, legooooo! lol
check your pm ma'am

Great Way to Raise Iron

For the Ladies and Gents who have iron sufficency anemia like me:
I just wanted to share that Geritol is the BEST way to increase your iron and FAST. Whenever I wanted to draw blood I would always get turned away, after 6 days of the geritol I could donate. You don't want to overdose on iron because it can make you consitpated, so trying to double your dosage can sometimes cause problems. I got mine from walgreens but I'm sure they have them everywhere, it tastes gross, but it absorbs better than a tablet, it's amazing. =)

for my anemic people considering multiple procedures =)

In crazy excited!! Thx 4 hemo raising info
Yw good luck hun!

I am having the time of my life Trying to Get my Deposit Back From Yily.

I am not denying Yily's skill or potential, but her business professionalism is horrible. After I recieved the email that she increased my quote, I received another one saying that they made a mistake and would honor my pricings. After My Date Passed & I CANCELLED MY FLIGHT. I am seeking my deposit back and going through HELL and back to get it, SMH I really wish I would have never invested any money into this charade, I'm so frustrated.
Sept 16!! Omg! Thats like countdown!
Yes ma'am cant wait!

Should I add a breast lift?

I really want to get my boobs lifted, I think that if I'm going to do it big I need to do it BIG lol! I only seen one young lady who had a TT, BBL & BA all done at once and she went to Yily, What do you guys think?
I also asked Duran too but as I read your blog I see you're anemic as I am. She said that all 3 procedures would be fine and quoted me at 5900 for all 3 but when I mentioned my anemia to her and that my hemo level was 9 she said that in order to get all 3 procedures my hemo needs to be at least at 14 for all 3 procedures and that IT would be very uncomfortable post surgery!
Well! I asked Duran wich procedures should I combine? She answered that if I was healthy all three could be done. Now!! It all depends how comfortable u want to be during recovery!!
I'm in nursing school right now, the only reason I'm going is because we haven't started our clinical rotation, I'm just wondering if 3 procedures will be to much

36 days!

I am boggling my brain about this faja situation, I purchased a small squeem vest and lipo foam already, but I'm already worried about my stage two garment lol! Your feedback would help..thanks :)

yily gave me my deposit back!

I did recieved my deposit back back from yily..:)

No more butts plz!

Ok, I gotta get off this website until a week's time before my trip, all these asses and information is driving me crazy, I can't take it anymore! I have about 4 weeks left. I haven't started packing or anything, I need to hurry up...Toodles guys!

31 days!


3 more weeks!

2 more weeks ladies I am so excited!!!!!

3 more weeks I mean! lol

See you there flying in the 17 th and you will already be a Duran Doll :)
Hey Doll, I am having the same sx TT, lipo and BBL, with Duran and I've also been thinking about doing inner thighs as well. Glad to see that you were finally able to get your deposit back from Yily! Can they just change their quote when ever they feel like it? smdh!
Right! Guh I was livid, she is great doctor and they even offered to honor my pricing once I cancelled, but I told her I had already cancelled my flight and would really just rather go to yily, I got my quote back in March, I think once she started getting more patients she went up which is fine, you can charge whatever you would like, but my quote should have been honored, hopefully everything will flow smoothly with duran Thanks bby!


Can yall believe I have NOT started packing yet. I'm so lazy ugh.
Heyyy you're the 16th, I'm the 20th, ill be there the 19th for testing. We're both staying at Barcelo so well probably hook up.
yes ma'am! I wish I could have gotten my testing a day before but I have to be out of D.R. by the 24th i'm in nursing school right now, we will link up for sure

Breakdown of costs/Supply List

so guy's I started to give you guys a break down of all my costs as well as my list of supplies

*Rough Estimates*
Hotel: 712.00
Massages: @ 150 (brunhilda)
Nurse Care: 245.00 (maynoria)
Food/Tips/Misc/Supplies: 500.00
Post Op Meds: $150
Insurance From Insure my Tip: $120.00
Flight: Was 450! but after I had issue with yily I ended up paying close to $700.00
Procedure: $5900 after I added a breast lift ($4500.00 with TT and BBL only)
Ceasar Taxi: *200.00

Supply List:
Ipad (downloaded whats app so I can talk to friends and family)
Chux Pads
Benardyl spray & ointment
Bacterium Spray
Alcohol Wipes
Lysol Wipes
Anti bacterial spray
Female Urinal/Maxi Dresses
Round Alcohol Swab
Alcohol Prep
Hand Sanitizer
Anti-bac Soap
Vinyl Gloves
Arnica Cream
Triple Antibiotic
Maxi Pads Super
Aquafor lotion, (Tricalm AMAZING for itching and burning sensation with NO STERIOD)
Amlaction lotion (I have eczema)
Deodorant, Tooth Brush, Toothpaste
Ab Board/Foam, Faja (only ordered a squeem vest so far)
Toothbrush Holder, Mouthwash
Maxi Dresses,Slippers, Flipflops, Loose Sweatpants
Cetrium Vitamins
-Centrium Silver with a Vitamin D 1000 mcg
-Vitamin C (1000mg) {3x per day, 3000mg total}
-L-Arginine (500mg)
-L-Glutamin (500mg)
-Quercetin w/Bromelain (500mg Q/ 375mg B) {3x daily with food}
-Arnica Montana Tablets (30x) {Taken throughout the day, it's ok it's homeopathic}
( Borrowed some of these from user: LolaJae, please credit)

*most of the vitamains can be purchased from the Vitamain Shoppe if you have them in your area*


So I'm sure you guys have been seeing the travel alerts for ALL people traveling verseas, right now Africa and El Salvador are on the lists, but It is extremely important that you guys leave an emergency packet with your friends/family just in case something happens to you and you are not able to contact them.

--Please Credit LolaJae for this information because people rarely post information like this

Here is the link to the U.S. Embassy that offers updated and fresh information on the various crimes to look out for and avoid in D.R.: {http://santodomingo.usembassy.gov/messages_for_us_cits-e.html}

Here are some TIPS FOR TRAVELING ABROAD (good stuff here, folks!): {http://www.travel.state.gov/travel/tips/tips_1232.html}

There you can also register Smart Travel Safety Steps Program, it keeps you in the loop for Crime, latest safety and security announcements, etc.

Travel Alert
Bureau of Consular Affairs
August 02, 2013

The Department of State alerts U.S. citizens to the continued potential for terrorist attacks, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa, and possibly occurring in or emanating from the Arabian Peninsula. Current information suggests that al-Qa’ida and affiliated organizations continue to plan terrorist attacks both in the region and beyond, and that they may focus efforts to conduct attacks in the period between now and the end of August. This Travel Alert expires on August 31, 2013.

--I know this isn't the best thing to read about but it is essential that you guys are aware of your surroundings and know the different common thefts,crime in another conuntry, by being aware you are less likely of becoming a victim.

**I have also attached a copy of my travel information and sample letter for my friends and family****
---Keep In mind there is also a page for my nurses info/massage info/and hotel confirmation, check in time as well as pricing etc----

I will post pre-op pictures a week before my travel

Great review ! Can't wait to c ur pre op n post op pics!! Ur super prepared so ur gonna do great! Can't wait to c Duran :)
Thanks hun, I know I know, you are almost there, your review is amazing! I will definitely keep updating Muah!

Cut it Out..C'mon Son

I feel like I really have to speak on something. I have been reading a lot of blogs about how traveling overseas is "stupid" and "dangerous" and people are dying at the CIPLA etc. etc. From the last time I checked you had to be at least 18 to have a surgical procedure, therefore, you are indeed supposed to be an adult. Their are complications with any surgical procedure whether you go to United States, Singapore, or the Dominican Republic. It is unfortunate anytime someone loses their life, and even more disappointing when you find the physician was negligent. However, unless their is definitive proof that the physician was negligent and did not provide adequate medical attention or respond in a timely manner, you cannot fault anyone. I am not saying that people have not died from negligence, but I am saying SO HAVE PEOPLE IN THE UNITED STATES. People choose to go to certain doctors for their merited expertise as well as comfort. If you choose to go out of the country that is your concise decision and you have the right to do it because you are an adult. I personally have seen results from people who have spent close to 10k and had surgery in the United States and look EXACTLY the same. I would be livid if I spent 10k + on a procedure and I look exactly the same as I did. Though people in other countries dont' have customs or even equipment up to caliber of the United States, you can't deny that they can sculpt the hell out of a woman's body. Infections, burns are risks that you take going to any surgeon, I have read bad posts about Jimerson, Salama, and even Menedita and he is supposed to be the KING! the point I am making is don't bash people for decisions they make with their body, document your journey and move on. All that bashing makes you look jealous and insecure, support and be happy for people no matter where they go, with giving and honest non- judgmental opinion.
Love it!!!! You r super prepared and cant wait to c ur results!!!!
Thanks hun
I was just talking about this in my review too about bashing other countries and doctors when the same very thing can happen in other countries as well...where are you staying?

16 days yep!

I'm ready to g-o.
Aaaah sry I'm obsessed with Rs but fully read ur post from 24th n couldn't have said it better
Yayy ur day almost here ! Can't wait for mine!!
yes ma'am, immaturity at its best, I'm ready to go!

Jst Got My Driver Jose Brito On My Dream Team

Seems like we are using the same people but at different times. God bless you for your upcoming surgery. I know you will be fine. Its good to know that there are still a few sane people on this site. lol Your date is almost here!!!!

dr. duran posted this about an hour ago

Good luck!!!! I hope all goes well! I hope I can get in touch with her soon! Xoxo!
thank yu hun! don't worry you will!
Good luck and happy healing.

The Moment I Haven't Been Waiting For.


So I posted my before pics, please view at your own risk lol. I am so very excited that I am finally getting a chance to do this surgery! I have been wanting a bbl for almost 6 years! I am very glad that I chose to wait until after had a child before doing it! I will keep you guys updated!

I actually edited them before I posted them idk they are flipped upside down sorry

Hey Doll, your big day is in a couple days!!! I am sooooo excited for you and I wish you a speedy and successful recovery!! God Bless!
U r so close to ur date I know u r excited
Yes I am and nervous all in one!

made it to domician republic

So after a long exhausting flight I have finally made it with my roommate! Jose picked us up from the air port and he is soooooo nice yu guys and he really knows alot about yily and Duran! He took us to the resturant downtown now we are back in the room. We are thinking of going to the market tonight so we will have food when we return and won't to to leave becsuse either of us are staying at a recovery house. The people here are gorgeous they are like hybrids lol anyway will update later. ..muah

sorry for the typos typing on my phone

Thanks guys!
Prayers, kisses and happy healings! Keep us posted *muah*
Good luck on your surgery mama!!!

get it ready get it ready

So I met a few other girls here they were really sweet, they are all going home today
:( me and my rommie are waiting in our gowns.. will update again after im done and feeling good, muah

pics from the cipla

Hope your healing well!!
Happy healing and I hope you will update us soon
Its been 5days since ur surgery. I hope everything went well. Get back to us, just to say ur ok. Keeping u in mind and prayer


Hello everyone, thank you all for your kind words and encouragement. I am finally feeling semi-normal. I had a TT and BBL. tomorrow duranis going to remove my drains. I will give an extensive update when I get back the states as well as pictures. My surgery was good and I am feeling better every day, see you
Girl!!!! Was worried about you!!! I knew you were alright but just wanted to hear from you again. Take care of you Doll.
I'm happy you're feeling better.. Congrats to you doll
I kinda need some advice. I'm a poker dealer and I was wondering what excuse can I use to get some time of out of work. That's my only concern now before I can set a set date for my op.

duran sept

Hello so I finally feel up to writing my review, im sorry for the long wait but I wanted to write when I feel 100% better.

My surgery was sept 16, I got a tt & bbl. I did not tell duran any specific things to so to my body I just let her work. I was not considered with mt behind to much I just wanted a overall shape. I do not know how many cc's or the specifications of how much fat she removed. Me and my partner were supposed to fo first but we ended up waiting almost 6 hrs because Duran said there were two other girls that were going home that same day, which I was very upset about. I believe the surgery took About 2.5-3 hrs.

The first night was pure hell. I wanted to just die, my stomach felt like it was eatinf itself. Me my roomate were left in the room overnight ans no one bothered to put the phone across the bed so we can call for help. That is probaly the worst part. I was expecting equipment and care not up the caliber to the U.S. so be prepared. I kept screaming "enferma" for the nurse! Lol im so thankful I know basic commands and gestures in spanish it helped me out a lot! I threw up everywhere when they first helped me out of the bed. After that I felt much better! After we were released we went to the hotel where our nurse cared for us for 3 days, and our massaue came to give us massages. I am so thankful for the hotel staff because they really really helped us, I tipped the cleaning lady and everyone to make sure they would look out for us, I couldn't have imagined a better staff I love them! The following remaining recovery days were annoying but not terrible, thank god.

results: I am absoutely thrilled with my results, I cannot believe she was able to shape my terrible body I love Duran for that. I have a nice silohette & CURVES! WHICH I have had!
Thanks 4 the update! Congrats to you sis!! Love ur waistline n silhouette!!
You're from what part of Galveston County?

more pics

More pics
hey i have a question i am plannin on having a bbl and tummytuck with duran as well but what worries me is if u have a tt u cant sleep on ur stomach and if u have a bbl u snouldnt lie on ur butt to kill the fat grafted cells for best results so.. how did u sleep after surgery and still maintain that big donk?
That's exactly what I want to know.lol
for the first two days I slept on my butt, after i would prop the pills under me, horizontal or vertical whichever way I was feeling that particular day. It was hard getting in the bed but it actually helped me get stronger faster because I was constantly exercising my lifting up and down, like a push up. I would move extremely. slow and position myself really slow.


Hello ladies, I just wanted to give an update on my progess. I am doing well so far, I am back and work and school and caring for my daughter ( i was actually doing that like 10 days post op) but anyway I great! my stomach get's really tight sometimes after walking for a while but the most part I think it is actually helping in my recovery. I seriously don't know how fast I bounced back but I really think it was all the exercising & knowing that I didn't have a choice. Ladies this is not for everyone, so only move if your body permits..don't force it. I still wear my faja everyday and the most I will take it off is for an hour to get a massage or wash. I just bough a corset that I had custom fitted for my body, much waist is measuring 27 inches I'm trying to get to 24! the corset is actually fitted 4 inches under your waist size it should be readu wens I can't wait! I do not plan on purchasing another faja because I don't want under more compression on my lower body I think the faja now is more than enough, but my waist defintley needs more, this is why I got fitted for the waist corset. Anyway, take care ladies hope you are well!

light cardio I forgot!

I am starting to do basic light cardio exercising, no really weight training, I don't want to gain weight but I also don't want to gain weight, in my pic you can see my arms are pretty hearty, I am trying to get rid of that ASAP! when it get's colder I am going to wrap my arms in saran wrap to help me lose weight off that particular area, as you are aware when you lose weight you lose weight EVERYWHERE! the saran wrap helps me sweat, so hopefully I can reach my goal!
Your body is amazing
You are looking good girl !!! Thanks for the update
Thank you so much for answering everyone's questions. They were all ones I had as well. I'm seeing Duran in May and was going to decline the recommended TT because of the recovery and not wanting to ruin my BBL results, but your results are amazing. Thanks for sharing your experience.

waist check!

How can I contact Duran
Email/FB/What's App/Twitter/Instagram I know it takes her forever but keep trying she showed me all the messages that she get's sent everyday it's so many people and not enough bodies to answer all the requests, espescially now that she is poppin poppin.
You look great!!

Check on it

hey guys I just wanted to give an update. I am currently 2 months post op. I still have soreness near my lower back and upper back near the back of my arms. I still wear my faja even though I was told I didn't have to after two months. I am officially going to start and exercise regiemen to tone up my legs and thighs, other than that Duran got rid of most of the fat lol! My butt has went down a little but I honestly do not care, I have lost about 10 pounds total so my body is completely proportioned and my waist is AMAAAAZZZIIINNNNGGGG! Duran has given me life! I still have swelling in my lower abdomen but I think once I start exercising and becoming more active that will subside. I hope you ladies are doing well feel free to contact me, I know I take long to respond but work with me MUAHHHH!

Forgot this pic

I really don't think yall understand.

I really don't think yall understand

Omg ur body is the truth!!!!
Thank yu hun
U look great and did she add Lipo to your hips and thighs?

Contacting Duran

I have been getting a lot of PM asking me on how to contact Duran, the best way to get in touch with her is to call her office and go through Elizabeth (her assistant). If you have called hundreds of times your still not calling enough, the best time to call in in the morning 8-10 through the week, that's when Elizabeth is first getting into the office, when you finally get in contact with her, tell her to pull your email (which you should have already sent) and give you a quote, give your email address (make sure it's something easy to find) After that she usually get's back with you in about a week. If you have everything she needs, PICS, Exactly what you want and date you would like to come she will reply even faster. Also, if you tell you booked your hotel and your ready to book your flight she will respond faster because she knows you are REALLY interested in coming! If none of these options work all I can tell you guys is to be persitenet and patient, I was in the same situation so trust me I know the frustration can become overwhelming! I hope this helps you guys!

(I cannot post her phone number here, plz go to her instagram page/website she has all the information you need, I think she also has an english speaking line now to make appts!)
Post more pictures please
Go to Duran's Instagram, FB, Google +, she has plently of pictures there.
Lovin the results! Looking fab

Jeans Pic

Update please! ( with pics)
Can we have another update please?
Hey did u ever get a stage 2 faja?

Hey guys!

Hey guys I know I have not did an update in awhile but I just have been so busy! I will update with pics once again ASAP, I did want to let you know that I am going back to DURAN in sept for another BBL and TT revision, I have a small little pooch in which they call a "dog's tail" it's quite common after a TT and can be fixed with revision other than that I am still LOVING my results! my butt has gone down a bit, but my weight as not been stable because of stress, anyway I will see you guys soon with pics MUAH!
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Very satisfied with my results, Dr. Duran was able to sculpt my body and now I actually have curves.

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