Getting a tummy tuck to get rid of my stretch marks on my stomach - Yily De Los Santos - Dominican Republic, DO

Hey everybody... First I have to say THANK GOD for...

Hey everybody... First I have to say THANK GOD for this website lol... I will be going to yily on 2/18 for lipo and bbl she quoted me 3,000 I asked her about a tummy tuck and she told me it would be $700 more however I have not seen anybody post any photos after getting a tummy tuck with her and the photos on her site from what I saw it seems like the scar is a little high and would be difficult to cover with underwear or swimwear... Anyways I'm super excited but I must admit I'm scared to death because I will be going alone :-( I do have family over there and my cousin will be taking care of me but it isn't the same being that I haven't been to DR in almost 16years.. If anybody else is going at the same time please let me know :-) and if anybody has any tips for me that has already been to yily please let me know

Hey guys so I'm playing a serious tug of war in my...

Hey guys so I'm playing a serious tug of war in my mind right now... As I stated before I only have 1 child and I was seriously thinking of getting a tummy tuck to get rid of my stretch marks on my stomach but now I'm thinking what If I want more kids in 2-3 years?? However if I get just the lipo I won't be able to show off my belly due to my stretch marks :-( somebody help me!!!!!! Not only that my asthma has been seriously acting up due to the ny weather has anybody with asthma gotten plastic surgery done???? I have also posted some before photos

The past couple of nights have been hell (adding...

The past couple of nights have been hell (adding tonight to the list) my mind is going nuts!!!! I have heard of so many people dying while getting surgery in DR and I do NOT want to be 1 of them this is driving me crazy lol.... I've been trying to find bad reviews or news on yily n I haven't found anything :-( ugh im ready for this to be over!!!! 1 month to go!!! On another note i decided to go with The lipo Being that i Know im Going to want more kids in a few Years i guess the thought of being sliced in half isnt Really sitting well with me lol.. And from what ive heard she Will fix my belly Button (thank god) Cuz after my son n my belly ring its looking Pretty Crazy Lol

If Anybody wants to buddy at jm Spa please let me...

If Anybody wants to buddy at jm Spa please let me know ASAP
Im Really considering it

These past few days have Been Crazy i started a...

These past few days have Been Crazy i started a NEW night Job on saturday and had To change my flight To THE 18th and my Surgery To THE 19th im so scared Lol i cant wait for IT To be over!!!!!

Changed my date To 2/19 if anybody Needs a buddy...

Changed my date To 2/19 if anybody Needs a buddy at JM Spa let me KNOW im planning To stay for 3-4 days

Finally Spoke To JM Spa n ill be staying There for...

Finally Spoke To JM Spa n ill be staying There for 4 Nights... 1 week To go n im
Literally **shitting bricks*** Lol... If anybody wants To buddy up lmk

Sleep and me arent Friends anymore Lol... I cant...

Sleep and me arent Friends anymore Lol... I cant take my mind off this damn Surgery its all i Think about... I Really Wish that THE days would go faster so this can all be over n done with i want To be back home already n i havent even left yet Lol... #mommyissues... This is THE first time im leaving my almost 4yr Old and its driving me Crazy :-(

Ok so my surgery was changed to 2/19 :-( I'm so...

Ok so my surgery was changed to 2/19 :-( I'm so ready for all this to be over I'm tired of thinking about surgery all the time lol... I leave on 2/17 exactly 1 week away... I ordered the vitamedica kit from makemeheal because I heard such good reviews about it but I haven't received it yet :-(

My mind is starting to play tricks on me :-( last...

My mind is starting to play tricks on me :-( last night I had a dream that yily's office was in a club and they drugged me n operated on me without me even meeting yily and they went in my bag and took all my money out lmao WTF!!!!! I need a shrink lol

Ok guys so after talking to a few people from this...

Ok guys so after talking to a few people from this website I have decided to not post any photos as most of u have noticed I deleted the photos I had on here n it's because (excuse my language) some of you pathetic ass bitches have nothing better to do with you miserable ass lives stealing people pics and trying to expose them for trying to look and feel better about themselves is fucking pathetic. Faking a friendship and surgery is just low and you are just ruining it for everybody else who really needs the support... With that said I will update u guys about my experience as I promised but again sorry but no pics :-(

4 days until I leave n my depression is serious...

4 days until I leave n my depression is serious :-( my son n I both have colds so we've been having ALOT of cuddle time n every minute I get sadder about leaving him... On the other side my love life is slowly falling apart things between my boyfriend n I went from bad to horrible and part of me is like thank god for this f*ing trip so I can get away from this bipolar man for a few weeks hopefully ill come back n he will be totally different thanks to my new huge booty lmaooooo...

My flight is at 7:30am and my tears havent stopped...

My flight is at 7:30am and my tears havent stopped flowing all night ugh how i Wish i could take my baby with me... A note To Moms... If u are súper attached To Your kids and Think ur guna be ok about leaving for 2 weeks DREAM
ON!!!!! Its Not Going To happen i seriously thought of canceling my tríp a few hours about But ive decided To suck it up n get it over with...

Finally here and it's sooooo hot!!!! I haven't...

Finally here and it's sooooo hot!!!! I haven't been here since I was 7 so I don't remember anything... Thanks to my godfather I was put in a VIP suite once I got off the airplane I got my tourist card in seconds and my luggage was put in the car so I didn't have to deal with any of the madness... Planning to enjoy these 2 days before my surgery...

Just a heads up if ur not staying in the RH bring...

Just a heads up if ur not staying in the RH bring bug spray the Mosquitos are serious!!!!!

I cant sleep so i figured i would Update... I have...

I cant sleep so i figured i would Update... I have Been very Lucky my cousin who is Going To be taking care of me works for a Surgeon here in DR so she was Able To get me some of THE meds yily is charging 250 for... Guys vitamin c and THE iron pills u can get in THE us But THE other stuff u can Walk into a Pharmacy n Buy urself i bought 2 that i needed plus iron and vitamin c (Which i forgot) and i paid 550 pesos Which is like $14usd i checked THE price on THE cream and it was 700 pesos Which is like $18 so save yourself alot of Money But pickinh These up... On another note im a Lil homesick so i went To THE salón for a Beauty DAY my Maní was $3usd my pedí $6usd and my hair $6usd you def cant get that over There Lol... Well im a nervous wreck n i hope n Pray To every n Any god possible that everything comes Out fine tomorrow... Guna try To catch some zzz's But i Will Update once i Am Able 2... Nighty night

Surgery update.... I didn't have surgery today......

Surgery update.... I didn't have surgery today... Met petitemami she was super nice :-)... However I went through all the test and everything was good until the pulmonary doctor came in (as I said before I'm asthmatic) he told me its best if I wait a day or 2 and use my inhaler and nebulizer just so we wouldn't run any risks... :-( but :-)... I met yily she was so nice she told me I'm sorry but I can't touch u if I don't get the ok she thought I would be upset but I was more than happy because I actually felt safe... By THE way i met a pt that yily did While waiting for her To come in and she looked FLY!!!!!! Tiny waist she got operated 2 months ago n i told her i wanted To look like her... She had a little dress on and i was shooked because THE faja is like capri's so i asked her how was she doing it she Then told me that she cut THE lega off and showed me thank god for her Lol... I guess ill Tell u Guys moré tomorrow now im Going To eat some pica pollo Lol

Saw the pulmonary doctor in his office #1 the wait...

Saw the pulmonary doctor in his office #1 the wait took forever #2 they charged me for the "visit" smh... He finally cleared me for surgery on Thursday so FYI if you have asthma make sure u start taking meds b4 u get here if not they will make u spend more money and more days... My cousin n i went shopping thank god I found a MAC here in the blue mall because I barely brought makeup thinking that I wasn't going to need it but having to keep ourselves entertained we have to be out all day... Mac was maybe $3 more expensive than ny which isn't bad... But tomorrow we decided to go to boca Chica and get massages n enjoy the beach while I can plus being cooped up in the house isn't going to work for my there's a pool here n that's about it lol... So please remember sometimes this trip comes out more expensive than u think like if I would have been staying in a RH I probably would have been pissed to have to pay an extra 2 days... Just an fyi

Another thing in cipla "closed mouths don't get...

Another thing in cipla "closed mouths don't get fed" remember that cuz they forgot about me so many times that if I would have left it up to them I probably would have still been sitting there... First they told me I had to take my nail polish off n that they would bring me the remover... I'm still waiting for it lol... Then I was suppose to go for X-rays at 8:30am finally at 10am my cousin got up n told them off n the lady told her well u can take her down yourself n my cousin was like WTF she's in scrubs already ready for surgery n her ass is all out finally 15mins later they got me then the pulmonary dr told me I couldn't get operated n that yily would come see me it took 2hrs before I found out where her office was n I literally had to go downstairs to talk to her n thank god cuz she was almost going into surgery... So don't be shy n speak up

Ok so I finally made it to the the other side.......

Ok so I finally made it to the the other side.... Lol... So I got to cipla around 6:30 n because my tests were already done I was first in line.... Yily came to get me right away n everything happened pretty fast being that I met her on Tuesday already we went into my room n she asked what i wanted I said kim k she laughed she drew on me n gave me the blue pill (dormire) before I knew it a transporter came to get me I told him "if u let me die I can assure u u won't ever sleep again in ur life cuz I will haunt u n pull ur feet everyday" lol... I was out... During the surgery I woke up twice the first time I cursed everybody out in English "knock me the fuck out" n they kept tellin me to put my head down... The 2nd time I was calmer but felt poking n I remember wondering am I dead lol... I was done n I remember yily saying "her skin is very thin" n something about my fat... I woke up in my room a few hours later n I was literally freezing my teeth hurt from chattering so much for about 2 hours I was cold even with socks n 2 heavy blankets on Ooo I remember also when I was leaving the operation room the transporter told me "you see I took care or u n didn't let u die lol" anyways I felt tired so slept a few hours when I woke up my family was here happy as all hell I was ok n I felt my stomach gone I was so uncomfortable because I usually sleep on my side n I was on my back my neck hurt... The nurses are super nice but wouldn't give me a pillow because they said I have to be flat... I didn't really give a shit n made me cousin put a towel under my neck... FYI it is normal for the surgery to bring down your period I was told because when I woke up I was like wtf... I have wires everywhere iv, Cather, and a drain (pretty gross) I did have a soup when I woke up but I wasn't hungry just very thirsty... I can't see my ass at all but it's really sore I felt like I did 3,000 crunches n 3,000 sit ups... Please note if u have to see the pulmonary doctor they will charge u $150 dollars extra plus what he charges for the tests which is 1,000 pesos (about $25 usd) anyways I can't wait to stand up already I'm so uncomfortable it's horrible... Another FYI my aunt has a lady who charges $150 for 10 massages which is the lady she used I will post her info tomorrow being that yily said 310 for 10 I said he'll yea... Don't bring the vitamedica to the clinic u can't drink it here no pills at all everything is in the iv... Ur cipla bag should include socks (warm) ur wifebeater although I have a faja on but no wifebeater an outfit to go home n a brush they give u a tooth brush... I hope yily gave me a huge butt or I'm Guna have a heart attack lol... Ill update tomorrow again nighty night ooo 1 more thing if u don't do anything to your legs and theighs they give u a very very short faja thank god it's easy to hide

For those of u coming To DR bring books dvd's...

For those of u coming To DR bring books dvd's everything possible because all They give is novelas im bored Out of my mind Lol... Girls please be ready To eat EVERYTHING im a very Picky eater so im having a hard time... I FINALLY saw my Butt its lifted n Big But idk if its because im still swollen... I sleep 24/7 thanks To the muscle relaxers so im Not feeling Any Pain i would say a 2 Out of 10 im Pretty good when it comes To Pain i guess Tattoos and childbirth helped Lol... Im so ready To go home...

Just uploaded a pic... Still Really swollen

Just uploaded a pic... Still Really swollen

Im still very swollen so i cant Really say Much...

Im still very swollen so i cant Really say Much about my results HOWEVER if my Butt goes Down im Going To die because she told me she gave me a huge Ass n i dont see anything huge here i hope im Wrong Cuz if Not i Will be coming back for implants Lol... The Pain isnt bad at all Just uncomfortable n some spots hurt moré than others... Im already thinking about a nose Job Lol... But im ready To go home... Cant wait To be Able To do everything on my own again :-(

Bring laxitives!!!!!!!!! And those of u who arent...

Bring laxitives!!!!!!!!! And those of u who arent on the vitamedica get on it trust me it helps some Think its expensive But its worth it.... Im getting alot of questions on the Massage Lady i Will post the info tomorrow once my aunt gets back from the "campo" i promise... I also have An aunt who does Them in NY if anybody Needs her info Lmk

Today i had to call yily because my drain was...

Today i had to call yily because my drain was leaking when i got to the clínic i almost passed Out (no idea why) she saw me in her office and took the Drains Out (Didnt hurt) Then she told me i can FINALLY take a full shower But it cant be with the water from the faucet (Music to my ears) she also told me i need a new faja mine is a large n i need a small only problem is the stores dont have Them until thursday so im sol.... :-( other than that im doing Pretty good eating has become a nightmare because im running Out of options... I kno this is horrible But i would die for a chocolate brownie right now (tears) lol

I got my first Massage today IT HURT!!!! But i can...

I got my first Massage today IT HURT!!!! But i can already see the swelling Going Down thank god Cuz i had One Side wayyyyyy moré swollen than the other n now im looking a little moré normal although im Not looking foward to tomorrow :-( i promised i would post her info on here But decided against it... If you want to save Money Just send me a message i Will send you my aunts number (she works at my aunts Spa) and once you get here you can call my aunt to sechedule Your massages... The package is for 12 massages 1 a day But you can alter Them depending on how long you plan to stay

Stupid Ass me... I put the faja on today with no...

Stupid Ass me... I put the faja on today with no pads and it def did burn the crap Out of me so make sure u have the pads Handy... I FINALLY saw my Butt and yup Just like i feared it isnt There :-( now im depressed because im homesick n Cuz i have no Ass lol

Here is An Update for those of you who Think that...

Here is An Update for those of you who Think that you are Going to come to yily get lipo and be done.... That shit is a piece of cake compared to the massages PLEASE mentally prepare yourselves IT HURTS!!!!! I cried today and im usually ok with pain But if you want the Tiny waist you have to get Them because thats the only Thing that is Going to make the swelling go Down and break up the fat thats left inside of you... So be ready!!!!

Hey dolls... Havent updated in a While so i have...

Hey dolls... Havent updated in a While so i have plenty to say Lol... First of all everybody is asking about this Massage Lady and as i promised i gave everybody her info HOWEVER i would be Fake and honestly a bitch if i were to keep giving her clients!!!! Shes HORRIBLE!!!!!!! I wont go into detail But i Will say you get what you Pay for end of story so i switched to Tati (yily's Lady) and i love her she came right to the house and Best of all i saw results right away.... I HAVE AN ASS!!!! Now that the swelling is Going Down im starting to see it and im soooo Happy Lol... Posted a NEW pic although im súper swollen... Also dont forget the baccitracin you get so itchy under the faja and its the only Thing that Will help.... If you can bring Your faja from the us that might be Your Best bet i waited over 1 week for a faja here... Here is my faja story... When yily did my Surgery she put me in a large faja so when i saw her a few days later that she told me i needed to Buy a small faja i thought she was on crack i never wear a small FINALLY on thursday we get the faja and my cousin tríed to shove me im There it was a mission fáiled i looked like i needed to put 2 smalls together the next DAY i took the faja to yily and Tiny little Theresa put me in that bad Boy with no problem (although i couldnt move) Lol... Im use to it now But i cant put it on by myself... My drain story... Yily operated me on a thursday on monday she took my drain Out (note to the Wise try to keep it in as long as possible) BEING that the Massage Monster sucked the líquid i had was starting to form a clot so when i saw yily she had to drain me it was so damn painful she put a needle in my back and pushed on my sore skin mind you Guys i also have burns on my sides from the faja so it hurt even moré... She took Out almost a Whole cup full of stuff from in There and i Really do hope that when i see her again on thursday she doesnt have to do it again :-(

Hey dolls so i got back here on thursday the DAY...

Hey dolls so i got back here on thursday the DAY b4 my flight i called my Airlines to reserve a wheelchair (best move Ever) i Didnt have to carry anything or Walk And BEING that my feet swelled up the Last time i Walked alot i Didnt want to risk it... Going through Security was a little wierd BEING that the Lady pulled my shirt up right There opened 4 clips in my faja and started poking around smh... The flight was fine and when i got here a wheelchair was waiting for me the Guy got my luggage and everything thank god Cuz i wouldnt be Able to pull it off alone BEING that my ribs are still killing me... Once i got here my asthma started to act up and my faja isnt helping i literally have to take off the first couple of clips because its 2 tight on my lungs n i cant breathe idk wut im Going to do... The swelling is Going Down on my back however i Think i need more booty from the sides is looks flat :-(

Everybody wants a list of what i took so here is...

Everybody wants a list of what i took so here is the list.
-wash cloths (i took baby wipes as well But Didnt use Them to wash myself so 1 small pack was enough)
-dial soap
-vitamedica kit
-maxi pads
-wife beaters
-wee wee pads
-vitamin c 500mg
-folic acid

I Think this is it But if i Think of anything else ill add it...
Things not to worry about
-deodorent (yily goes in through Your armpits if you get a fill lipo)
-under wear
-Makeup and flat irons (you wont care how u look Lol)
-bra's (the 2nd faja has a bra to it)

Hey dolls... I kno I haven't updated in a while...

Hey dolls... I kno I haven't updated in a while but I've been really sick I have a cold that's kicking my ass right now :-(... So I'm still in pain, discomfort, sore and idk how long this is suppose to last but I'm ready for it to be gone!!!!!... As far as my results I'm not very happy I don't know if its because of the swelling but I feel like yily took in more on 1 side than the other also my butt cheeks are very different in every way 1 is higher than the other and they both have different shapes not to mention I hate the size :-(

Hi Guys... This is the Last Update ill be doing...

Hi Guys... This is the Last Update ill be doing because im sooooooo unhappy with my results i Really feel that i could have thrown on a faja to get the little waist But the ass was a total waste of Money my cousin called the clínic today and They told her its because of the swelling Which is total billshit Theres no way my ass is guna get bigger and if i had to do this over i def wouldnt do it again... Congrats to those who got the booty They wanted Cuz i sure as hell Didnt :-(

Guys i Am NOT talking bad about yily she is a good...

Guys i Am NOT talking bad about yily she is a good doctor no doubt she gave me a Tiny waist Which im Happy with HOWEVER i Am doing what i Wish others would do as well tellling the truth!!!! She did NOT give me An ass yes she lifted it But that is it i do not have a problem with my shape n some Nay say i look fine But its not what i wanted i went to her to get a yily booty Which is what everybody was fussing over n Ended up with nothing But a little lift Which i could do without....

Here is my 2 month update... My butt isn't huge...

Here is my 2 month update... My butt isn't huge like I wanted it to be :-(.... From what I can see I think I'm going to need a revision because I'm not the size I wanted to be... I have parts that are still numb and parts that still hurt but the worst part is that my sides are getting hard I don't know why... If somebody can tell me what to do to soften them up and to get my sides back to normal that would be great (massages aren't working)

5 month Update

I know I said I wasn't going to update anymore but I figured that some people really need and wanted this info so here goes... For starters if I could rewind back to feb I would have gotten a tummy tuck because my stomach isn't completely flat :-( so if your doctor suggests for you to get a tt DO IT!!!!! Also I had a lot of friends tell me Lipo is a waste if you aren't going to change the way you eat and work out that is sooooo true I haven't been working out at all or eating and I already feel like I'm getting bigger.... The only way to keep your body looking the way it is, is if you eat healthy, work out, get your massages and use your faja from time to time even after the 3 months I started using it only to sleep now and it is helping... On another note I heard cipla is closed is this true??? Ok now for my butt yes it did get bigger not huge like I wanted it but I can live with it I keep saying I'm going to make it bigger and everybody is telling me I'm crazy but I guess I don't see it as big as everybody else does lol I will try to post a pic later on today... Hope this was helpful
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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My email is can you please give me your cousin dr phone number I need to get some massages please, my sx is the 26 thank you
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Thank you for sharing your journey. I look forward yo seeing your before and after pics. I wish you the best.
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Is our ashtma controlled or do u take meds for it im ashtmatic to and i usually have attacks doing different seasons but im not any wat meds did u take?
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Ladies do not go to Yily i will post pics of her job.... i have a nasty scar on one of my breasts and also one its bigger than the other. My lower ab sags. Waste of money.
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hi! ur review was really helping! but i was socked when i read that u woke up during the surgery!! whaaat?? you were feeling pain? i read a lot about yilly and i haven't decide if she's a good doctor or not. and what about the deaths thing? OMG i'm so scared to do the surgery
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Can I see ur pix please? :)
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Would love to see what you look like today with some before pics. Also, a doctor stated that the faja should be worn for 6 months straight! Yikes! LOL But he says you'll get better results.
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Can I see pics so I can see what ur talking About??
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The girl woh mentioned she got lipo no tt and now her skin sags this is what I'm worried about bc two other docs told me I needed a mini T and then she told me no hughhh
  • Reply
Im planning To go back To her at the end of sept for a Tummy tuck n hopefully a bigger booty
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Why if you are unhappy with your results would you go back to her???
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who had sagging? I want to read up on it. this is the first im hearing of this. ppl usually only update during the beginning of postop then theyre off enjoying life. I wondering if others are experiencing this as well further out
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Wow sorry to hear your not happy
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DId you previously post pictures?? I don't see your results I am considering changing from my Houston doc to a DR doc. Can I see some pics?
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Srry ur not happy with your results kisses:-(( idk wht infor to offer as far as ur numb nd hard spots since u hav bn regularly massaged. Hopefully some vets will chime in. Take care babe
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Any fluffing yet?
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has anything changed? its almost a month since your last update...and I see you stated "worth it" so are you HAPPY NOW?
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I would say I'm 80% happy but I will not be posting any pics sorry
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I'm sorry it didn't turn out to be as expected, I hope everything get's sorted out! x
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You look good but I hear you. It is not what you were expecting. Maybe you didn't have enough fat to give you the butt you wanted? Could that be possible if you were getting your own fat transferred. Good luck and I hope you keep on feeling better!
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Hello. I think I saw you the same day of my surgery 2/19...anyway... im having the same experience i went to yily to have a tummy tuck done and she said that lipo alone would give me the results i wanted... yes i have a smaller waist but now my lower abdomen sags... not happy! I also got a bbl and breast lift... not happy! First my breast werent the same size i had to go to her again so she can fix it but still one sags more than the other. My butt isnt as big as i thought it would be. So now im thinking about going back and getting the results i wanted. I dont know if im going to Yily though.
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Maybe u did see me but I didn't get surgery until the 21st... I also plan on going back to her I want implants in my ass n a tummy tuck my stomach looks fine but now I can see the stretch marks more so I def plan on going back probably jan of next year
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Hey Hun. R u still unhappy with ur results...hav u fluffed any??? Hope all is well nd ur feeling better abt ur outcome.
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I HOPE FOR FAST RECOVERY xoxox get lots of rest think positive, thinking negative lowers your immune system and reeks havoc on it and i hope every evens out or goes unnoticed with your are fully healed.. thanks for the truth in your experience
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