55 days post opp Yily :)

Hello ladies....so it is official , I am going to...

Hello ladies....so it is official , I am going to the Dominican republic Feb 25 to see Dr Yily ....just bought my ticket flying first class for the first time ever.. not that I couldn't afford it before but, always said whey pay more when imma sleep thought it... I'm from Jamaica and live in the states so whenever I go home it's an all day trip, so I usually stay up all day gathering stuff and packing and pass out once in the plain.. ....I also sent my deposit.....just need to get the RH finalized..... I as so flipping excited that I don't know what imma do with myself till then... I first came on this forum regarding my breast.. and now it has turned into a full body Makeover.... I decided to do my body first because of the whole fact of keeping on my current weight in order to do the lipo & the FG into my buttock s. .as if I had done my.breast lift first ( i had planned to get down to my ideal weight before doing it )..I wouldn't want to then go back up in weight again to do the bbl ..as we all know weight fluctuations also affects or boobies: (...I have been reading till early in the mornings sad I know.. copying and pasting info left right and center from all u wonderful ladies...I have some people even bookmark as I follow there journey to recovery.. I hope to be as helpful as u ladies in documenting my journey hopefully up to a year or more ...I will be back thank u all again for just being on here I know our times are all variable.... awwwww so excited... OK now Im really gone ladies lol

Plane ticket check, deposit to Yily check,...

Plane ticket check, deposit to Yily check, recovery house reservation check....supplies still working on it :).... I was getting very anxious waiting to hear back from yily regarding my stay at the spa.. cant imagine having surgery , then no where to go afterwards lol...

I had emailed, text, even called today and left a vm...so last night I figured why not reach out to the spa myself ..its not Yily job to do this anyways, imma big girl.. . And with her being so overwhelmed , the last thing I wanted to do is stress this woman out lol...she will be holding my life in her hands per say in a few weeks . So I grabbed the email from the spa website last night. And low and behold my reservation had already been made and Jacqueline confirmed it....

I know its frustrating ..but I had to remind myself that there are a lot more factors to consider when working with doctor Yily..fist off she is in a totally different country and doesn't speak the same language and lets be real what doctor here in the states is going back and forth with us with emails?
We usually meet up months ahead and have a one hour consultation and because we speak the same language everything is understood. Yily is no different we are the ones choosing to go with a doctor that doesn't even speak our language, so cant really get mad with her as we are going in knowing that there is a communication barrier.........any ways stay positive...and continue to love on yourselves before and after surgery. ..thanks for your time ...

Im hoping to get really sculpted.... i have a...

Im hoping to get really sculpted.... i have a litte butt...so im not at all worried about that...however want it as full as yily can get it....i really want some hips , i would love to stop having to stand in a certain position everytime just to give the illusion that i have hips in photos :-)..i hope for a smaller waist and i know, just by having a smaller waistline will give me what i want as far as having a more cury figure, so adding to the hips will be icing on the cake ......im getting lipo of my full back, full abdominal, flanks & inner thighs......then maybe i can wear shorts around summer time...i currently dont because my legs rub causing my shorts to rise up in the crotch area...so not cute....i will have a more formal review once i get on a computer....ttyl

Officially One week left.....No nervous, anxious,...

Officially One week left.....No nervous, anxious, scared, happy and extremely excited :) ....I have tomorrow off ...I will grab all my last minute supplies....DR here I come lol so ready to get my body back to where I want it (and know it can be).... I had stopped working out so cant wait to hit the gym when all this is finished ( I know I have to wait at least 2 moths post op though) ..... to all the ladies having surgery this week many blessings..... I will be joining you next week

So I fly out tomorrow night....or should I say...

So I fly out tomorrow night....or should I say tonight as its already Saturday :) I will get to the DR on Sunday afternoon. I've Confirmed since night with Jacqueline about who's picking me up... pretty much done packing ..my board that i ordered over a month from ann michell just came today right on time.. as i was about to cuss them out lol..i'm taking snacks with me, even cans on pineapple juice .:)..make sure any food u carry if packaged limit the chance of have issue with. Custom, I will be posting my supply list when I get to the rh ...heck I won't have anything else to do for the next 2 week so l will keep u all updated. ..say a prayer for me please as my nerves are starting to get the best of me... thank u all for the info I have gathered on this forum to help me prepare....well imma try to go sleep now...ttyl...

Never knew how much those thoughtful comment were...

Never knew how much those thoughtful comment were till now. Im here sitting waiting on my flight ,While my heart beats a million times a minute :)...with all sort of thoughts going through my head..then i come on hear and read all these prayers and well wishes and i tell u it helped a lot ..calm my brain and brought smile to my face ...thank you so much ladies. ....

Thank u all, for your positve energy. ..things...

Thank u all, for your positve energy. ..things went well ... im up. Pain not bad at all just get really stiff when I move...I have this nurse that is so nice tried to tip her she smiled and said no ..:)...I cant keep anything down though not even water :( just want however wanted to know that im alive and well...thanks again every one ttyl

Its been a while .... so sorry ...but we all know...

its been a while .... so sorry ...but we all know life happens...however i had been feeling really bad not being able to update pics... i have no computer right now... actually using my brothers.... so now imma have to make sure i erase and delete every thing once im done....lol...im doing good now.. still stiff after sitting too long. im pleased with my results so far ...started working out this week so it will only get better... planning for a mini tt next year with yily ....she told me i needed one but i was not prepared for that so i told her to just let it be.... let me know any specific questions...ttl
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Can I ask how did u make ur deposit I'm have' a hard time I got a email wit a account num but how do u make the deposit please help me
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Hey NeedSome, can you im me the account info that you got for Yily
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I was wondering about the tummy tuck too. Thanks for your review. Great new look.
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You amazing I love the work she did on you
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Thanks for that TT pic. Oh ok now I see.
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hey hun! looking good! i remember we met at jm spa. i was supposed to give u some massage gel and i totally forgot! i felt so bad
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lol........thats tooo funny when i came back that evening, I was like did they leave already :(.. lol ...u r too sweet ....but what i really wanted was to go to that resort lol ....how was it ???
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Lookin good!!!
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thks hun
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I'm gonna have to agree w/all the others.. You really look nice and very natural... Smiling Hard for Ya...
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thanks :)
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What was your height weight going in as opposed to now?
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pre opp it was 145... now its between 145-148 .... my body fat percentage has gone down by 2% though
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Hey sweetie!! Glad to see you are doing well!! You look great!! Depending on my schedule, I was trying to go back for BA in Nov., but I may have to wait til Feb. if so, maybe I will see you again :) Happy Healing to you girl!!
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thanks hun.....yeahhhhh .....not that im happy that your schedule will put u out till feb lol or maybe i am just a little lol.... It would be awesome to see a familiar face.... i know "T" who I room-matted with for a bit was planning on going back around Oct/nov for her arms.... remember how I told u i wanted to do the lift/augmentation separate. so ive decided to do the lift here in states in august and then have Yily can put those bad boys in lol
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Lol :) Good move to do the lift in the states with another doc. I will keep you posted on when I end up going back. I'm wondering for a BA if you still have to spend one night at CIPLA. Hopefully not!!
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Looking nice I don't see why u would need a tummy tuck at all from looking at your preop pics. I seen you said you didn't really see a difference in the LIPO to between your thighs are you still feeling this way? I'm also thinking about doing the LIPO to my thighs because they rub and wana make sure it won't be a waste. Thanks in advance!
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I agree! With superduperbad.. What's the TT for? You look am fab to me ;)
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I agree as well. I dont see the need for a TT.
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is it because of a lil loose skin? you look fantastic!! congrats!
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thk u so much u lovely ladies... I will agree in my upright pic with me standing its not that bad. I have uploaded some other pics to show what im talking bout....plus I now have even more stretch mark ....u cant really tell in the pics cause they are lighter than my regular complextion....but i have a city map on my belly lol
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But I don't see any stretch marks or loose skin in your per op pics? How many kids & your age? I'm asking because Yily suggest a TT because I've had kids but I don't have any stretch marks or loose skin. I'm afraid to get one & rather not if I don't have to. Thank you for sharing!
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Sorry.Pre op not per op lol
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IM 27... I have one child who was 9lb 6onces :) my stretch marks are lighter than my skin so you really cannot tell in the pictures however they were there before trust me lol as for the lose skin there was quit a bit enough to not make me wear anything that showed my belly, after surgery they just got worse..every one is different and a part of me knew I needed one before surgery but decided not to...
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