just got out of the hospital yall, blood transfusion!

I would really love to go in March or April if...

I would really love to go in March or April if anyone wants to trade dates! let me know! :) if not, anyone that is going on or around May 21, hit me up and we can see if we would want to stay at the rh together!......Also, anyone with a toddler please let me know how it was once you got home with them wanting to be picked up and crawl on you like a jungle gym lol thanks!....so excited!

PLEASE PLEASE if there is anyone that needs or...

PLEASE PLEASE if there is anyone that needs or wants to go a little later than march or april please let me know if we can swap dates. I really really need to go sooner than May. I would love you forever! haha *crosses fingers*

Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!

You should check out the BBL forum. We have a few forum posts for people who are looking to switch dates, you may find something in there.

Please do keep us updated with your progress!


I just got off of the phone, Shelly told me I need...

I just got off of the phone, Shelly told me I need to gain 10 to 15 lbs :( had that not happened she was going to schedule me for March 22, Next week!!!! omg Im so sad cuz I woulda swooped that date up quick! So now she is going to give me about a month to gain the weight and said if I cant then she doesnt recommend getting the surgery. *sighhhhh* another small set back, but everything happens for a reason I suppose. so now I have to gain weight..ive never been bigger than I am now in my whole life! Its a scary thought honestly. I guess I will be hiding out in the house, cuz I refuse to let ppl see me a sloppy mess lol but 4real...

So, I am now on the fast track with Dr. Jimerson....

So, I am now on the fast track with Dr. Jimerson. this is awesome and terrifying at the same time cuz that means that this ish is REAL! ahhhhh....anywho, I dont plan on letting ANYONE know about this procedure, but i have never had a curve to my name and so i already know ppl are gonna be like wait wait wait...whats going on?! lol like i said i dont wanna tell anyone about it so the only thing i can think of to say is that I been working out real hard....I know that is not gonna work forreal but Its all i can come up with haha well any advice on what you plan on saying or have said in the past would be greatly appreciated! Thanks loves
hey gmb welcome to the jimerson movement lol. i will c dr j in oct... i was concerned with his lack of aggression with lipo and was considering yily n duran for only a week lol but realize he just may be the one... i was only being stubborn becuase i was asked to gain 10 lbs also and will have gained 25 lbs for sx (according to what he asks) but think i wanna stop at 150 (im 144 now and wanna lose another 11 for summer then gain back starting august.) would love to c ur pre op pics . cant wait to c ur results
Heyyyy thanks!!! haha...I am actually a tad concerned with his lack of aggression in the lipo area too. I mean I want him to go hard on my waist and sculpt that mug like Yily does! LOL...but I guess im just gonna hope for the best with my waist, cuz i know my booty is gonna be on point!...I feel you on the gettin skinny for summer thing tho girl lol thats y i rushed mine! ahah im scheduled for april 5th, so Im like ok, at 4th of July ill b three months post op, so once the 4th comes, Im bouta get ratchet for the rest of the summer! lmao....I think you should def lose a lil for summer so you will feel comfortable, and since you gained more than ten anyway, You might not even have to try to gain more in august. prolly be cool where your at!......I am hesitant about posting pics cuz of all the ish ive heard about ppl stealing them and stuff smh. but Im like man, I gotta do it for others, cuz I really enjoy seeing ppls pics too. so I got you. Just not sure when lol
Afternoon, is it easy for you to pick up weight?

Nervous aint even the word yall. About 50 thoughts...

Nervous aint even the word yall. About 50 thoughts per minute running thru my head every time I think about this being two weeks away. It makes my heart pound at the thought too!.....all that and I still have awhile, how in the H*ll am I gonna be when its time for this flight or walking into the office!?!!?!??? *wooooosaaaah* I cant believe im actually gonna do this!!

Oh yea, and another thought I have every time I...

Oh yea, and another thought I have every time I think about this is all the other things I could be doing with $12,000!!!! LOL sick to my stomach at that. Havent even checked my back account since they took it out cuz its gonna hurt :(
You so say "oh excuse me! yall b's betta make a way for this booty" lol in trina voice(Da Club song)
LOL! this made me laugh forreal! hahaha

I am having this bbl in less than a week and that...

I am having this bbl in less than a week and that just does not even seem right! Leaving for atl in 3 days :-0 i still cant believe Im really doing this. one min im like, i wonder if i could still cancel, and then the next im like omg ima have a bootay! lol...anyone else go back and forth like that?? Im gonna miss my baby soooo much. itll be the longest we have ever been apart. Thank god for grandma gonna babysit!.........It really dont even seem like im really gonna do this or that its so close. I think I am so extremely nervous about it that I dont even really think about it, kinda like its not gonna happen, and thats how I make it through this time without having a heart attack! lol It sure is sneaking up on me tho. I just pray that everything goes ok, and that i dont die! lbs...and that I am happy with the results. Next to dying, the next thing I worry about the most is that after its all done that I wasted 12,000 dollars! That is going to make me sooo sad. welp, im sure ill be posting more closer to friday (surgery day) cuz besides my mom, i have nobody else to talk to or tell about this, so I will be venting/commenting/telling my story and making updates on here to get opinions and support etc!
Good Luck with your sx..... I know you will get great results with DR. Jimerson!!!! I cant wait til my day
Good luck boo!! My date is May 17th
Thanks girl! I leave for atl in the morning! I feel like im crzy for actually doing this lol....just hope i dont regret it! May 17th will be around the time i have to come back for my 6 week checkup! we will have to keep in touch on here! :)

Well ladies, I had my preop today. and it went ok,...

Well ladies, I had my preop today. and it went ok, except for the fact that everyone was looking at me crzy and asking if I even had enuf fat. I really really tried to gain weight yall, but from the time I contacted them, to now was only three weeks (since i paid in full, it FLEW) so i only gained like 6 lbs total from when im like super skinny, and that was even super hard!! well anyway, they were kinda looking at me like im wasting my money. so they called dr j in, and he asked the same ish! like "did you even gain any weight??" ughhh! its so frustrating cuz ive already paid, and surgery is tomorrow, so there is no turning back. unless I wanna lose 12,000dollars! NO WAY!....so dr j looked at me and was like, you barely have any fat at all, how big of a butt do you want? I told him I dont want a huge, obviously fake one, but I want like a baby donk lol. he said well Ill get as much fat off you as I possibly can! and that its not gonna be a huge booty, but itll be enuough to make the guys look LOL. I figure with making my waist smaller and adding as much fat as he can to my booty, that hopefully ill b happy! PRAYING PRAYING PRAYING.Oh! he also said that i wasnt going to have enuf fat to do both my butt and hips, so asked me if I wanted to split up the fat I do have and do some butt and some hips. but i think i have decided to go with all booty and no hips....even tho I really could use both, cuz i dont have any hips either! :( but if somethings gotta give i would rather it be the hips than the booty! sooo..... i guess im not exactly the best candidate for this procedure but i really really dont wanna get a butt implant, so im just going to pray for the best!.....well i need to do my pre surgery shower, and pack etc etc, cuz 8:30 am is going to come fast!! omg im really doing this yall! please pray for me. in the back of my mind lingers still the "i hope i dont die" thought...silly i know. but I would appreciate the positive thoughts and prayers in the morning! Ill update asap tomorrow to let yall know how everything went!!
How is everything? Haven't seen an update.
So far so good, I think! Very very sore. But not in a lot of pain. It really just feels like extremely sore muscles, and only hurts when attempting to get in and out of bed or move/bend etc. I have been meaning to update, but all I have is my phone and on top of that ur neck begins to hurt from laying this way for so long. I'm about to just suck it up and update tho haha, cuz I've got pics n stuff too
I pray your sx went well!!!! And u are loving your new body!!!!

B4 I begin, this is all on my phone so plz forgive...

b4 I begin, this is all on my phone so plz forgive typos and things. Ok, here goes! I went in for my 930 appt Friday morning at around 820. Sat in the lobby for awhile bcuz the Dr was still in another surgery. I don't kno what time I actually went back but I def was not on track for a 930 surgery. Went back, put on compression socks and hospital gown, then off to the lil room to take pics, get the IV put in (blake missed the 1st time btw) & wait for Dr j to mark me up! Sat in the room for awhile, shelly came in to see me, and was disappointed that I hadn't gained more weight....I did the best I could in 3 weeks, approx 4lbs. & that was stuffing myself from morning til night! Anesthesiologist was so knowledgeable & sweet! Really a sweetheart! Well, so was everyone else really. But finally Dr j came in to mark me up. We had discussed the day b4 that I didn't ha e very much fat and that he was going to do the best he could....bummer. but he asked if once he got in there, and didn't have enuf fat, would I prefer him split it up and do half hips & half booty? I decided if it came down to that then just do all booty. So, anyway, back to marking me up, we were talking and I said let's add my inner knee, cuz he said he could get about 100cc more outta each side, and then looked at the backs of my arms & sid he could maybe get 50cc outta each arm, well with me being desperate, I was like f it, swipe that card! Lol....I was struggling to get enuf fat so I figured every lil bit helps. So shelly came back in to get my card & I get to chat with everyone a. I

So my card was declined bcuz my bank said I didn't...

So my card was declined bcuz my bank said I didn't tell them of my travel plans! Lol, they cleared it up right away tho n we were back on track. Now it was pretty much time, so the anesthesiologist came back in with his magic pen to insert into my IV....he said I wouldn't remember anything from there on haha, boy was he right! Well I do remember having to take his arm from stumbling n stuff but after that NOTHIN! next thing I kno, I wake up face down wit shelly raving about the dip in my back! Lol she was going on.& on about how she was doubting my results from lack of fat, but that the dip in my back made it all amazing! I was super happy, high fiving n ish lol! I remember hearing and seeing Dr j walking around n thinkin that I hoped he would come talk to me, & sure enuf he came & sat n talked to me for awhile. He told me that I was dancing when I got back to the OR Lmao! Def don't remember that. Super embarrassing. Then we went on to discuss how man. Ccs were put where, I very vaguely remember, so ill have to call back and ask later. My ride then came back to see me and and start the going home process. I don't remember the nurses name but. She came back & was saying some ish about this cloth in my back, & then continued to reach down my back and yank it out! It's still taped to my skin, mind you, & it hurt like HELL! I was on the verge of tears! My best friend mom was my ride and she was talking about how stupid and horrible that nurse was! Like wtf was she doing! Very rough and unnecessary.....we finally got up to go out to the car and I tell you, bending my kness to shut the door was.very very tender. Got home and laid down, slept a lot the first day. Would get up to walk, pee, and jus move, then would get right back in bed. Wasn't in any pain so I haven't really been using the pain meds....until day 2, and that's only bcuz of the headaches, which I think are caused partly from laying on ur stomach so much. My neck is KILLIN! Nothing else really hurts until trying to get in and outta bed. Day 2 and I am jus barely able to do it alone. Ur just really stiff and very very sore muscles. The shots aren't too bad, and I jus pee a paper cup, works perfectly! Had to take my garment off for the first time and I was terrified! It literally seems impossible. Gettin it off was easier than putting it back on. I am not a punk when it comes to pain and I cried! It was awful.....well that's all I can think of for right now. Feel free to ask me any questions u may have!.......oh, and even tho I'm so swollen that the measurements don't count, I did my waist and hips just to see. Pre op was waist 27', and hips37'.....post op with all bandages and garment etc on is waist 25 3/4, hips 41 1/2!

Not letting me post pics :(

Not letting me post pics :(

4days out and I feel jus a slight bit better each...

4days out and I feel jus a slight bit better each day, do far! *crosses fingers* .....mobility is gettin a lil easier, and a bit less tender. I been having some pretty mean pounding headaches tho. If it weren't for them I wouldnt even b taking the pain meds. Still no # 2 tho, so I had my friend get some suppositories. Used one and nothing really happened for awhile, then I started feeling a lil rumbling lol I don't even kno how u are supposed to accomplish this without sitting down, and having to hold the garment out if the way, all while not having ur leg strengh n stuff! Sheesh! Well I ended up only gettin like 2 rabbit pellets out Smh. So some bigger steps are going to have to b done tomorrow. I also have some really strange swelling in my eyes and forehead. I don't even look like myself. If it keeps up ill have to get that checked out too!.....that's all I can think of ladies, so feel free to ask! Also, any advice on posting pics would b appreciated!
Glad to hear everything went well!
Thanks! So far so good! I'm trying to post pics for yall, but its not lettin me...??
Contact Kristy. The only way that I know how is if you have an iPhone 5

Well ladies, I searched thru the help tab and...

Well ladies, I searched thru the help tab and found out that you cant post pics off mobile devices....so unless the "help" section is outdated the pics will have to wait until I get home, which will b next Tuesday, sorry yall

I forgot to tell yall a couple things. I found out...

I forgot to tell yall a couple things. I found out how many ccs were taken out and put back in. I was concerned about this since I didn't have much fat to begin with. Im glad I added the two extra areas at the last min cuz I may not have gotten the small amount that I did end up gettin, had I not! Anyway, he put 600cc in each cheek, and 100cc in each hip. I coulda preferred a tad more in the booty, but I think all things reconsidered, 600 just ain't too bad! Haha (that's supposed to say all things considered, but it is refusing to let me change it!?!....weird)....the itching has started and its pretty miserable, not trying to complain too much cuz it could always b orse, but wooooweeee I jus wanna try a slip n slide move on sand paper or somethin! LOL....Welp yall, I guess that's it dot now.
Hey Gmb513, happy your sx was successful, I hope you love your results. Happy healing Hon!
Thank you! I can't tell if I love em jus yet. I'm sorta holding off on judging my looks cuz I kno they gonna change....although as of right now this teenie waist and hips I have are looking pretty good! ;). Just gotta pray they don't change TOO much! Thanks again girl
I have an android...maybe that's y? Also, have u started feeling less stiff? I'm 6 days out tomorrow n I'm so tired of being uncomfortable already! I kno I still have a long way to go, but jus thought I'd ask :)

Just wanted 2 give a quick update. I went in 4 my...

Just wanted 2 give a quick update. I went in 4 my 1 week post op yesterday, & ended up going 2 the ER and needing a blood transfusion! It was do crazy cuz I didn't feel THAT bad. But anyway had to stat over night, got out today. I'm feeling better, but still not to 100%. Gotta take iron pills to get outta the anemia stage. I didn't realize how scary close to danger I was! I had an extremely high heart rate (144, stroke rsk starts at 150) and an extremely low blood pressure (99/36) , hemoglobin was 6.5, & supposed to b 10+, very scary #s yall! But thank god everything is back on the right track! Dr j was very very cool. He is such a sweetie. He came to the hospital to see me today n stayed n talked with me for like over an hour! He's really nice. :)
Omg!!! I'm so glad your ok
Wow that's scary girl hope your doing better!!!
Hope your healing well! Would like to see your results :) I got my sx date for Oct 9. I'm so nervous but when I read your review it calms me down! :)

Im 2 weeks post op today, and im noticing a bit of...

Im 2 weeks post op today, and im noticing a bit of volume loss. its disheartening, but i just keep trying to tell myself that this happens to everyone and Just praying that i do the fluff thing that others talk about! I mean, I still look good and stuff, but it has gone down. I have been slacking on my diet a bit tho. but mine is that I need to maintain or even gain more (as recommended by dr j.) but i just havent been eating enuf. so ima start tryna eat more, n hopefully itll pump this thang back up a lil haha. as far as recovery goes, everything has felt likt 90% since the first week really EXCEPT for my inner thighs/knees. wooooweeeee he did work on them babies, and they are still bruised and swollen hard! they also told me that inner thighs would take the longest to heal, so i was expecting a slow go wit them anyway....well they def right! everything get a lil better/easier each day, so thats encouraging, cuz with these thighs mangled so much, i still walk a lil funny, still can barely reach my feet, among other things. So ladies, if he goes hard on your inner thighs, inner knees and anterior thigh areas, then be prepared to be handicapped for a lil bit longer than most. the legs are no joke! .......on another note, my waist keeps shrinking bit by bit, but sadly so does the booty. not as much as the waist tho, of course.

I just realized that I never updated after my...

I just realized that I never updated after my SECOND er visit! smh so the very next day that I was released from the hospital for the transfusion, I had an unusually high resting heart rate, so, I called dr j. and he said he really thinks im gonna be ok, but advised me to go back to the er just to be safe. so i go back to the hospital and they do more blood tests and my hemoglobin was up even from the day b4, so that was great news. but then they had to figure out y my HR was still so high. they did a CT scan of my lungs to make sure there were no blood clots and there ended up being none, Thank God!! so the er dr was kinda like, he didnt know y it was high and jus sent me on my way saying i would be ok. LOL well thankfully so far he has been correct. I do notice that I still have a higher than normal HR, but I guess there nothing to be done about it. Hoping that it straightens itself out as my body fully recovers and straightens itself out too!
Wow.. I hope your ok girl and everything is good. When your ready can you post some pictures. Thanks
Thanks girl!!!
I am doing better, Thank you! still have a fast heart rate, but the ER dr said he didnt see any reason for it and so i guess i jus gotta deal haha....but everything else is coming along!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Picked her after seeing her results on rs and mmh.......mow switching to Jimerson bcuz I am wanting more of a booty and less of hips like yily gives. plus there was always a fear in the back of my mind that I may die :( i know thats probably silly, but I just couldnt get the thought away!

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