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So im 5'5 132 and iv been wanting a big booty for...

So im 5'5 132 and iv been wanting a big booty for years I have tried every single squat on damn youtube and nothing works for me so I started saving money to finally do what I want! and reading all the different girls reviews Iv decided to go with Duran I havent red a bad review on her yet but I spoke with her last night Via FB and she was very sweet.

so my set date is in Libra season my favorite ! Im trying to get my best friend to come but I want to buddy up just in case she bails . HOPING TO HAVE A BIG BOOTY SOON i know Duran will give me one her work is Amazing.

Good Luck
Hey hun good luck I'm leaning towards duran too haven't decided yet

So Australia Fragos Baez ....

so Iv been sending my pics to a couple Docs and Duran quoted me 3,500 but Baez is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy quick replying to me and she quoted me 2,600 she is also very sweet I like her. Im working hard on my bestfriend to buddy up with me but Baez only does one patient a day and she told me Oct. 16 which would give me a couple more days than Duran to save more money. soooooooo im stuck hmmmm who will give me that booty I so desperately need
Congrats on your decision! I started off with Dr. Yily but she's so busy you never hear from her. I ended up switching to Dr. Baez and I'm glad I did. She's answered all my questions and been so freaking helpful! I'm scheduled for October 10th. Let me know if you need a buddy!
Best of luck to you!! Duran is incredible with giving small framed girls big booties! I'm a Duran doll to be for November 5th n she said to only gain 10 for my but (huge booty) . I'm 5'5 .. 137 lbs
thank u im really nervous on putting all the stuff together getting ready like whta if im not prepared? what if i need more money? but i was looking for something oct or Nov cuz im coming into 2014 looking good! good luck to you to definitely cant wait to see ur pix

very sad

so girls I did a very stupid thing I gave half my money to my man so he can make more money and I would have enough to get my booty and we ended up breaking up ad he took all my money im extemely hurt right now Iv dreamed about this for years ! years and I was so close to getting this done but no i decieded to be greedy and have a man hel me get more moey when i should have just worked hard like how i made the rest but extremely dissapointed in myself now i have to start saving all over because of a man... see I got approved for care credit 3,500 but Duran and Baez take cash only and I was told there is a way to get the medical loan nto cash but I dont no how .....ladies please help me reach my dream ....I was so close....I hate him
Girl! Take that as a sign and just push the date back until YOU (and only you) can pay for it with no help! Hope it works out for u!
Oh my goodness love sorry to hear that. Trust I'm sure a lot of us can relate to us sacrificing for our man (now exes) but perhaps u can take out a $6000 personal loan (which should be enough for your stay, bbl , flight and meds).. Maybe someone in your fam can help (say its 4 school or something?)
thank you girls i really need the motivation


ok ladies so im no longer doing DR that was just to much work for me I found this place in Miami for 4,000 and they accept care credit so im in there i just paid the 3,500 i was approved for and i can pay the 500 when i get there. She asked me if i had a friend who wanted to the surgery the same day and I told her bout my best friend Makemecurvy and im super excited!!! Still havent gotten my money from my Ex he's a complete ASSHOLEEEEEE but its because he dont want me to look good for nobody else n im gonna do this for me i will hustle 500 by the time of my surgery i have a job but im still pretty upset 700$ was just rippped outta my hands
so who is ur doctor now im doing my mommy makeover too with doctor salama
Glad things r looking great for you babe!!
I know i think im gonna switch it to late november so i come into 2014 looking good ... no seriously i dont kno what kinda sign it is but its fucked up

Wish pics

How I want to look

Wish pic 1

Luvv Waist to hip ratio

not happy

so why did i already get my bill to start paying for my surgery when i havent even got it.... im not gonna be paying for something i havent even got done yet.... wtf
A doc tried to pull that ish with me n I told them I'd take it to the bbb
Can you please tell me how to get in contact with duran?

oh hi

hey ladies ok iv litterally given up.... iv lost all hope ever since my ex stole that money from me ... i try to save money n bills keep rolling in... it sucks... i bought some silicone butt pads and it made me feel a little better bout when ppl smack my butt but i still wanna feel good naked... idk im trying to get back to my goal but i just feel so discouraged...i need hope ladies

love me some santiago

Word ! Santiago looks good N please take your time with ur bbl planning. We all get very anxious but u don't want to just pay 4 it (let's say u have the $ now) . N girl ur in shape n u should feel good naked so don't stress yourself

I wish I looked like this from behind


so im still saving but these bills keep rolling in ... ugh... but i fixed that shit that was going on with that Dr's in miami i signed a refound form back in aug got billed a late fee late sept.. i was so mad i caled them up and they just now refunded it. soooo unprofessional... but i just want this done already girls ... lately iv been corset training i got a 24" corset for orchard.com but idk i lost 3" in 8days but yet oh... MY ASS IS STILL FLAT ... ugh nothing will fix this
Oh man, as far as the money situation goes I know exactly how you feel. Same thing happened to me smh. But don't worry, just keep saving again and you'll get this bbl in no time! I'm excited for you and you also motivate me as well :) (especially since you're around my age lol)
thank you. ugh its just so annoying that i got set back over a jealous man ... but i finally made 700 back but i still have to save so much more but i cant wait till i have my butt i just wanna feel more confident
thank u very much girl idk what u see but my ass is like a pancake n men have not hesitated to tell me that over the years but yes im so anxious i hate it i just keep praying that ill get this done

So Its been a while

Damn I got set back so far for messing with the wrong man in my life. so much has changed I finally got wiser and changed my culinary job for a nursing career so I can once again get back to saving. of course bills and debts got into way and tax return wasnt good enough for me to fly out to DR but now im back and im ready! Lately iv been struggling gaining weight I was 132 now im 139 I just have no motivation to work out anymore and now matter what I do my ass stays the same and the fat on my lower back just wont leave.. hopefully this is my year girls
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