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Hello, This is my first time actually posting. I...

This is my first time actually posting. I am mother of two I have a 16yr old and a 9 month old. I have gained stubborn weight since the baby, and gravity has taken a toll on my breast (breast feeding). I am lucky enough not to have stretch marks on my stomach however, I do have stretch marks everywhere else. My current weight is 193lbs and I am 5'5, I don't want to less than 160 lbs because that's my normal weight and I love being thick. I am still waiting for Dr. Yily Santos to email for my my quote. I plan to do the following: BBL,BL, lipo to the stomach,back, flanks, inner thighs, arms, and possible the calfs. I will update the cost once she lets me know. Not sure if I should loose weight any suggestions?


My Operation is scheduled for April 11 with Doctor Camilo in Santo Domingo (works in the same clinic as Yily) for April 11. ***I will be flying in April 9 -is your operation for the 9th of 10?
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Desire0726 - Thank you so much, I will look up these shakes and where to purchase them. I'm actually working from home I have my tablet next to my desk top. This website is great... :)
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What type of diet and workout plan...would work best for you??? For me I started by eating smaller portions. My workout is walking, jump roping, or roller skating with my child (which KILLS me) lol.

I okay so this is very weird I received 2...

I okay so this is very weird I received 2 different quotes for the same procedure. The difference between the 2 are $1,700, which makes me want to go with the However, I did email them back asking for an accurate quote.


Hey Just Me in NYC, how are you? Hope you are OK!
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Hey girl! you day is just in two days! Wishing you the best and full recovery! Keep us posted!!
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Hey, My date is for the 10th ..... How long are you staying for ?
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