I Want That Head Turning Banging Body at 40 - Dominican Republic, DO

Planning to have a mommy makeover and I can't wait...

Planning to have a mommy makeover and I can't wait for my new body. I have been looking for for a Plastic surger now for eight years. This is not my first surgery I had a breast reduction done back in 2000 in NYC, Park Ave doctor never the less and was unpleased with my out come. I have done four consultations in the last seven months with different doctors from Fl, SC, MD, NJ, Conn, and NY. I even put out a deposit for surgery dates, and at the last change my mind for some reason or neither. I see so many ladies taking that leap of faith and now me.


Happy to see another Fabulous 40 on here...Congratulations!
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I can't wait my date is in April, my bag is almost packed with everything I need for this trip. Passport check, air flight check, recovery stay check, hotel check, only thing missing is a letter from the doctor for my husbands job so he can stay with me.

Two more weeks to go and than I'm on the table of...

Two more weeks to go and than I'm on the table of great transformation. I feel like I'm packing to many clothes for a two and a half week stay. I have a question for the ladies whom went before me and that are home recovering, are you draining your own tubes, if you stayed more that a week what did you wear, and was the plane ride back home bearable?


Thanks everyone for all your blessings, I made it home and all is well, I have some swelling still all over, but I'm happy. For all whom is going or there already I wish u well.
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I hope all is well. Wishing you speedy recovery.
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Hi Diosa just stopping by all the post op Yily girls showing some love support and prayers....
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