Going To Be A UK Duran Doll May 2014 - Dominican Republic, DO

I want to be a Duran Doll. I would like BA and BBL...

I want to be a Duran Doll. I would like BA and BBL not sure if I require tummy tuck at this stage as I plan on losing some more weight. After doing some research I really like her work and feel she could achieve the body I want. I'm new to RealSelf so not sure if I am posting in the right place. Just want to be able to get help on this journey. Will post before pics soon
Welcome Tahirah! Plenty of info and reviews for you to look at to help with ur jouney. Looking forward to reading ur updates!
Thanks :)

Weight loss

I'm having to type this up again not sure if its not gone on or it has to moderated before it goes in my review.
I think I need to lose weight before sx. My BMI is obese and want to get it more healthy weight. I'm currently 5ft 4 and 185lbs. I want to get to 160lbs. I started at 200lbs and have lost quite a bit weight. So here is my pre-op pics now. I plan on having surgery in April 2014 - June 2014. Just trying to arrange a time that works for me and my commitments.
Best of luck to you! I cannot wait to be a Duran doll myself!! I have foolproof weight tips n exercise regimen to help u lose weight on my blog! I lost quite a bit now putting some back on 4 a Duran booty! Lol

Duran Vs Baez 31st of March

So I decided to do a lot more research on other doctors such as Cabral, Yily and some others but my two personal favourite is Duran and Baez.
Baez has got back to me really quickly and I really like that.

My Baez Quote
The price for the surgeries that you are requesting breast augmentation, lipo to abdomen, waist, back, thighs, flanks and Brazilian butt lift (fat transfer to butt) is US$ 4,000.

I'm not so keen on tummy tuck in all honesty but will ask her for a quote with tummy tuck incase I change my mind.

I really like Duran results and have been stalking her on Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp and no reply. I really want a doctor that I can communicate with even if its with her assistant I need something. This puts me off Duran.

I have also decided on my date: 31st of March

Love Tahirah


So i finally got hold of Duran and will have booked in June 9th 2014. I think this is the perfect time for me and it is right for me. I am so pleased.

I only want liposculpture with BBL not TT as I don't feel I need it yet and I don't want my body through to much.

BBL and My Boyfriend.

So I have always told him I have wanted a BBL. He's always said he's fine with it. But the more I talk about it the more of a reality it is. I know he isn't 100% supportive of it. I was going to go with him to DR but I am going on my own.
So last night we were talking and he thinks I do not need it done. He says my bum is big already. I mean I understand where he is coming from because my bum is not flat and I do have a bit of a bum but I really want the liposculpture I am in love with the small waist and I would love just a more heart shaped bum that duran gives. I think he is also worried about the attention I will get too. He asked why now. I think its the right time for me and its the only time I am free and will have the time to fully recover. It is my decision at the end of the day I just wish he was more supportive. He also said he doesn't agree with it so being supportive would be fake.
That sucks! Sounds like he's just unsure of what will happen after. Just try your best to reassure him of your love and you guys relationship. Tell him you respect his opinion but you have to do what best for you and he needs to respect that. Other than that hopefully after the surgery he will come around in time.

I am so excited!!!!! Wish Pics and Shopping

Thought I'd do a quick second Update. All I can think about is getting my sx it has secretly taken over my life lol. I've been ordering Maxi dresses online got some cute on on BooHoo.com in the sale. Bought a Sexy Pink Suitcase and I have been buying some little bits and pieces. My surgery is next year in June I need to calm down. I decided to get stuff like meds and creams closer to the time in case of expiry dates. I am looking for bargains. Ebay has a lot of the stuff like the PEZ. Wish Pic I love Maliah's shape it's what i am aiming for if possible.
Hopeful I will see you there. My sx is june 2. Good luck hun xoxo
I hope to see you too. I'm so excited
Omgggg my boyfriend is just the same. Except is VERY against it and lets it be known. Always asking me not to do it. Tht I just want attention. Ugh. He knows he can't stop me but still he tries lol

Results From Doctor

So I paid to have blood test, ECG and urine test to check my health and I have no major complications and I am heathy. I do not have any pre-existing conditions but I wanted to make sure I was healthy. They didn't check my haemoglobin which I am a bit disappointed with but I will check this with my local doctors soon.

I also have found a surgery buddy and we are looking for time when to book, So I may be changing my date to the last week in May if Duran is free. I really want to pay my deposit but I timing is crucial for me.

My main issue so far has been should I have a tummy tuck or not. I just cannot make my mind up. Im swaying towards tummy tuck.

I know I have a wile to loose weight but Im finding losing the weight so difficult. I must try harder and will be trying harder from Monday.
My boyfriend does not approve as well, I want to go in June, if I can get your date or close to it want to buddy up?
My boyfriend is starting to come round a bit. Give Them Time. I will update in December when I will be going in DR. But its definitely late May/First Week in June. :)
Hey girl im trying to get in the last week of May or early June too!! We might see each other just keep us updated hun and good luck :)

Its Just A Waiting Game

I have not updated in a while as there is not much I can do. However time is going really fast and feel like in no time we will be in the Next year. I will be securing my date in December for my Birthday. Which will be my next update.

I am currently on my way trying to lose this weight for surgery. It hasn't gone to well but its getting there. Its so hard as I enjoy my sweets and chocolates but will be making efforts to eat right.

Recovery House
I have made the decision to stay at Camellia Recovery House and will be paying my deposit in December too.

I feel like everything is in place.

Duran Doll in Late May!!!

So it's been a while and a few things have changed. Firstly my date is 28th of May and I have paid my deposit to Duran and confirmed with Elizabeth.

I have a Surgery Buddy from the UK BBL2014 which has made it a lot easier and has motivated me to get everything sorted and prepared.

I am now going to be going to Silhouette Recovery House and have also paid my deposit.

Things are moving fast and will be booking my flight in January.

Super Excited to get the ball moving!!!
can you update plz lol x
Updated ;)
Lol well done ... Get your GP appointment ASAP girl x

HEMO and I've Nearly Got All My Supplies


For optimum results and to even be considered to have Surgery you need a good Haemoglobin level. Minimum being 12 from what I have seen. Without sufficient iron, your body can't produce enough hemoglobin, a substance in red blood cells that makes it possible for them to carry oxygen to the body's tissues. DO NOT LEAVE IT TO LAST MINUTE. (I've seen a lot of disappointment and stress attributed to not having a good haemoglobin level) as it can delay surgery and prevent surgery for example.

These are my chosen iron supplements to increase Hemoglobin levels. There a lots of brands so do research and look around. Popular ones I have come across are Mega Blood Builder, Geritol but are expensive in the UK in comparison to the US.

Hema-Plex (Iron 85mg)
Feroglobin - (Iron: Liquid 14 mg and Tablets 17mg) Not too heavy on the iron has folic acid and I will be taking these for 60 days. Then moving to the Hema-Plex then after. I will stop taking Hema-Plex three weeks prior to Surgery as contains Vitamin E which should be avoided prior Surgery. At This Point I will move onto Liquid Iron i.e. Geritol, Floradix and Feroglobin.
I also take a Seven Seas Multi-Vitamin which does not contain Iron.
Do not forget Iron Rich Food which is a lot easier for your body to absorb. Liver, Spinach, Kale etc
Check out http://www.webmd.com/diet/iron-rich-foods

I will keep you updated with Hemo levels on these products.

Supply List for Surgery
Arnica Gel 1 litre (Ebay) £22.50 (This is Huge you may want to look at smaller sizes)
Savlon Cream
Milton/Dettol Wipes
Dettol Soap
Baby Wipes
Feminine Wipes
Savlon Anti-septic Wipes.
Hand Sanitizer
Gauze Pads
Chux PAds
3 Maxi Dresses
Lipo-Foam (Optional)
Maternity Pads
Vita Medica Surgery Program Kit Vitamins which contain Arnica and Bromelain with Quercetin.

A lot of the items can be purchased in Local chemist or Boots Store. Additionally Boots frequently do 3 for 2. Look around on Ebay and Amazon of good prices.

Also Check Out BBL2014 who has some great info for Supplies (UK Girls)

Hope This Helps
OMG I love the shopping site you provided and those dresses! Thanks so much for sharing and Maliah does has a nice BODY. You go girl will be following!
I love Maliah shape. Thanks. Will Be Following You Too. Congrats on your date.
I'm also scheduled for the same day...Good lock on your journey...

DR Costing

So I thought I'd post the cost of the trip (It is Approximate also prices fluctuate due to exchange rate so some where just rounded up and may very slightly:
Flight have not booked yet but in the region of £600 -900. Depending on outbound airport, transfers and where you stop.
Insurance £78.90
Medication £91.03
My Surgery Quote (BBL, Lipo, TT) £2761.39
Recovery House (Silhouettes with Buddy Rate) £491.55 this is minus the $100 deposit sent.
Travel £48.55
Massages 10 at $25 £152.32
Extra Faja £85 (Not essential)
Nurse at CIPLA £30
Incase of Blood Transfusion £151.72
Stockings £18.21
Tips £100

All I can think of but I will add if I forget anything.
Supplies I have bought over the month and have not kept track of what I have spent. This is also cost specific to my needs but I'd say £200-300.

Flight Booked WooHoo!!!

So its more than Official I have my flight booked to DR. I will be using AirFrance LHR - Paris - Santo Domingo it was very reasonable. On the way there this flight does stopover in Punta Cana for under 2 hours it does not on return. I personally prefer this route as I find that travelling through Europe a lot easier rather then going through JFK, no need for ESTA and this flight was a £200 cheaper than the Gatwick - Madrid - Santo Domingo Flight.

I know my surgery is in May but I have already packed away a lot of my supplies and a big problem is this big boppy pillow that I have no idea how I am going to carry. Put it in my hand luggage bag and it filled all the space. Also my chux I ordered off Amazon take up a lot of space and weighs 3kg. Argh not to add all the space these pads are taking up. I am seriously considering buying the maxi pads at Duty Free in Boots and putting my boppy pillow in my suitcase instead. Also since i am going to be in DR a few days before surgery maybe I could just get them and the ensure while I am there. Going Doctors tomorrow to check my Hemo should get it back in a week or two.
How did you officially contact Dr.Duran..email, whatsapp, etc...I am still trying to reach her:(
I got my quote via Facebook. Called Elizabeth to confirm dates and to let her know I sent my deposit.
Hey sis, all the best on your journey. How did you get an early date?

Duran Hacked and Hemo Levels

Just a lil update yesterday it appeared that Duran email had been hacked so please be careful I think she know has access to her email so please be cautious.

Did my blood test my results came back normal except Vitamin D levels being really low so they asked me to come in. Ive been asking the receptionist what my haemoglobin level is but they were telling me either its Normal or percentages so will ask my Doctor. This is so frustrating.

HEMO Results Finally

Was meant to have updated yesterday but was super busy. So Here I go Hemo was 11.5 so not too bad I thought it was a lot lower than that as I assumed I was anaemic but turns out I had a severe vitamin D deficiency which I am also working on getting up. Like I said previously I am taking Hema-Plex to increase my Hemo level and will be checking my Hemo again in March/April to see if its working well.

118 days til I am a Duran Doll can't wait. With January coming to an end I am coming to realise how quickly it is going.


This is the iron tablet I am taking please see above for full details. 85mg of iron
Does anyone know Dr. DURAN, bank's address and the bank's branch? My bank needs that in order for me to send my deposit.
Eat spinach, pineapple see my info on how to increase hemo level...take vitamin D asap the last thing you want is to deal with weak bone issues difficult to have a good level in uk no sun at all :(
Infections following Cosmetic Surgery Performed in the Dominican Republic By admin | Published December 10, 2013 Dear Health Alert Network (HAN) Subscriber: 2013 ALERT # 38 Outbreak on East Coast of Rapidly-growing Mycobacterium Infections following Cosmetic Surgery Performed in the Dominican Republic One Case Reported in New York City An outbreak of Mycobacterium abscessus and chelonae infections associated with cosmetic surgery performed in the Dominican Republic has been identified, including one case in New York City and seven in other states. Please report to the Health Department any suspect cases of nontuberculous Mycobacterium skin and soft tissue infections in patients who report recent cosmetic procedures in the Dominican Republic. Please Share this Alert with All Primary Care, Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Infectious Disease, General and Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Laboratory Medicine (including Mycobacteriology Laboratory staff) and Infection Control Staff in Your Facility December 5, 2013 Dear Colleagues, The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) has been notified of a cluster of nontuberculous Mycobacterium (NTM) infections following cosmetic surgery procedures performed in the Dominican Republic. The initial cases were reported by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Additional cases have been identified in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York City. All patients are women with ages ranging from 28 to 57 years. All report having undergone elective cosmetic surgery procedures, including liposuction, abdominoplasty, and breast lifts or reduction, in the Dominican Republic in July or August 2013. Symptoms have included abdominal abscesses, pain, wound discharge, and fever. No deaths have occurred. Five wound cultures have been positive for Mycobacterium abscessus or chelonae. Treatment has included hospitalization, surgical debridement, and intravenous antibiotics. Available isolates are being sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for molecular typing. Outbreaks of NTM infections associated with cosmetic surgery in the Dominican Republic have occurred in the past: 1). Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). (2004, June 18). Brief report: nontuberculous mycobacterial infections after cosmetic surgery — Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 2003–2004. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports. Retrieved from . 2) Furuya EY, et al. Outbreak of Mycobacterium abscessus wound infections among “lipotourists” from the United States who underwent abdominoplasty in the Dominican Republic. Clin Infect Dis 46:1181-8 (2008). A proven link to a single clinic in the Dominican Republic has not yet been established. To assist the investigation, we request that providers review their clinical and laboratory records and report any cases of either: 1) Cellulitis, soft tissue infection, or cutaneous abscess in which NTM (including M. abscessus, M. chelonae, and M. fortuitum) has been identified since July 1, 2013. Physicians should inquire about previous surgical procedures in these patients; 2) Cellulitis, soft tissue infection, or cutaneous abscess post cosmetic injection which have not responded to standard antibiotic treatment regardless of the culture results since July 1, 2013. In such patients, we recommend that specimens have mycobacterial culture performed. Please report all cases meeting the above criteria to the Health Department at 1-866-692-3641. As always, we appreciate your assistance in helping us identify and respond to communicable disease concerns in New York City. Sincerely, Marcelle Layton, MD Assistant Commissioner Bureau of Communicable Disease This article was posted in News & Media and tagged cosmetic surgery, dominican republic, Mycobacterium, outbreak, plastic surgery. Bookmark the permalink.

Weight Loss 193lbs to 189.8lbs

So Ive lost a few pounds and my aim isn't about losing weight for sx. My main focus is on changing my eating habits and patterns. My problem is overeating and sugar intake and I have reduced my calories to 1200-1500 and lost 3lbs in the from Wednesday. I will be continuing this and adding exercise. I have a fear that after surgery i will end up putting it all back on if i don't continue making long term changes in my diet. I will keep you updated on my weight loss.
My date with Duran is on June 10th!!!
Hi girls, sorry to gate crash your convo lol but I'm in the UK and looking to book my date soon! Have you all decided on which recovery house your stating at?
Looks like we are staying at Real Recovery Armonia

Just A little Update

I have not been on here in a while and I feel at this point I am just waiting for my date and have most thing prepared for. I have been trying to lose weight but I have just not been trying hard enough. I have retaken my hemo levels so will update if the hema plex has been working soon. I may also be changing Doctors. I will do a full update very soon. I have not disappeared I have exams coming up and just revising.
Keep us informed honey, hope all is well

Hemo Not increased that much

Where do I start well I will start with hemo its only 11.9 which is not great from 11.5. I really need to step things up and I am now taking mega blood builder, haemoglobin booster tea and geritol. I will try do one more test before I leave next month.

I have a mixture of emotions but I am generally excited I wish it was sooner but I need to work on my Hemo. I have gained a lot of weight again and I am trying to get to 12stones from 13st 8lbs for surgery. I am wishing everyone the best and stay blessed.
How is your the hemo booster working for you? I am taking a regular iron pill and drinking Spinach smoothies, but I think I need more.
I am currently on Mega Blood Builder Twice a Day, Geritol once a day and beetroot juice a cup a day and eating red meat regularly. I am getting my blood test tomorrow and will do a big update tomorrow. Im saving most of the tea to closer to my date (the last week) I have only been having the tea once or twice a week.
Hey sexxxi ladies. I am sooo new to all of this I finially made a decision and after all this research. I cant DO IT ANYMORE IM READY TO MAKE THAT MOVE appointment :), what I need to do next ive sent a facebook message like 3 emails in one day ( what a stalker) smh and called i didn't get no where calling i couldn't really understand. im confused again.lol hoep to hear from someone tired of being fat lol

Almost 2 Weeks to Dr and my hemo is 11.7

I am devastated and I have tried a lot of things to raise it. I just feel really defeated. I will make one last effort to build it up if I am able to have a feeling I am just anaemic and there is little that can be done about it.

I will make an appointment with my GP to see if there is anything at all that I can do. I will be focusing on getting iron through diet liver, red beans, oysters, mussels, spinach, kale all that iron rich goodness.
Hi doll, I'm wishing you lots of good luck on your surgery!! I too finally decided to pick Dr Duran over Dr Yily!! :) The only bad thing is trying to get a hold of Dr Duran is hard! :( Anyway when I was pregnant my hemoglobin was low also thanks to my anemia. My doctor suggested lots of orange juice and raisins. It worked pretty good & fast too. I think you should give it a try hun.
Thank You So much it is much appreciated, Getting hold of Duran is really hard. I would either go with Bella Vita to get a date quickly or Stalk her on Facebook. I will definitely give those a try.
Ok I will definitely give that a try. Thank you!! I can't wait to see your results! :)


I still cannot believe that in a few hours I will be on my flight to DR. It has gone really quickly, I am pretty much packed and ready to go. I have mixed emotions but mostly excited.
I took your advice and contacted Bella Vita. I received an immediate response. I keep coming back to your page to check on your results hun. How did things go? I hope you're well and just too tired to update. I'm wishing you a speedy recovery!!!! :)
Will do a mini update while I have wifi now
rooting for you angels!


So I had surgery with Cabral Tuesday 27th of May and everything is fine. I'm In pain but not as much as day 1/day2. I had bbl, tt, lipo. Recovery is hard. Here's a lil pic
Congrats, did you manage to get your hemo up to 12 and what made you change from Duran if you don't mind me asking?
Hope all is well. How are you feeling now?
Thank You I am doing well now
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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