I Want to Be a Dra. Duran Doll!! =) - Dominican Republic

Hey guys not new to this but its my first time...

Hey guys not new to this but its my first time writing a review ive been on this site abt a yr now and juss be gatherimg some information and loking at other girls profiles and experinces. But anyways in 22yrs old and i really want to get a BBL with Dra. Duran plus a LS and if i need to maybe a TT . I sent her an email yesterday for the first time but still no response =\. If any1 could give me her direct contact # tht would be great. I really want to get this done but i always think abt the "what if's" and some of my friends DONT want me to go thru it especially out of the states.... but please feel free to give me any more info and advice it will be greatly appreciated =D

Still Nothing!!!

Its been a week now since i emailed Dra. Duran and i even left her a message on her FB and still nothing!! =( reconsidering changeing my doctor if thats the case. I kno i kno instill have no pictures but i promise i will get it up soon, been very exhausted from wrk.... can amy1 please recommend me a great doctor or any informatiom that i need to kno abt the BBL and LS procedure pleaaseee and thankk you

Changing my Doctor to Dr. Jonathan Fisher in Miami Fl

So i got a phone call today from Vanity Cosmetics and it was sure as hell a quick of a response than Dra. DURAN grrr...but the qoute she gave me sounded very decent $5,000 and thats juss the BBL which includes lipo on my upper n lower back, hips flanks and the whole abdominal. But unfortunately im no lookin to plan my surgery until 2015 becuase im in a big pile of **iishh ri now ... any of u ladies ever been to Drml. FISHERR!!!! PLEASE TELL ME UR EXPERIENCES

The Struggle!!!!

Im sitting at wrk looking thru realself again like if i dnt look st it enuff alredy lol, but im soo confused on a doctor to choose. I really really want to go to dra. Duran but im very terrified goin to a foriegn country and dieing since ive herd several tragedies in DR, grrrrr the struggle. So far ive only spoken to Dr. Jonathan Fisher and gave me a qoute that isny so bad BUT i would like to see more pictures of his work ...has any1 gone to go do a bbl and Ls with him pleaae comment. Should i stay with in the states or juss go to DR!?!?!?....2n i will deff post pics of me and some wish pics as welll

My Pics (>_<)

Some More

Now for my *** WISH PICS** =D

Now tht im in the nude with the ugliest shape body ever time to show wha i shouldne gotten but didnt lol!!!.... although im not plannin to get surgery till Jan or Feb of 2015 if the man up above permits, i am goin to start wrkin out and eatin more better than i am starting on MON May 19th 2014 cuz i cnt be lookin like tht for this summer uh uh lol

Loosing my patience.....

Im really starting to give up on Dra. Duran . I have tried to get in touch with her in every way possible even thru bella vita consultants and no response what so ever...idk wha to do because my heart is really set on her i dnt want no other dr. But i guess thats what its starting to look like =( any suggestions dollsss!?!?! Grrrrr i emailed her like a thousdand times left her a FB message even an istragram message and callin her is no use ...am i missing something here its been weeks alredy and im recently seeing some girls on here tht has gotten in contact with her with no trouble at all...wha am i doing wronngg!?!?!???

Finally!!! Team Duran =)

I finally got in touch with Duran and she gave me a qoute or $4000 and thats with my BBL and LS on my arms n inner thighs.... works for me. Now i need to call her office 2m and set a date. I am in no rush so im looking around feburary of 2015 so in the mean time i can save up . I would need to get a second job and thats cool. Can any of u dollz please give me some tips and or list on what i really do need for my trip and for surgery b4 and after or even some good sites where they have good deals. Such as supplements,fajas,foams sheets, compressions It will be very much apprecieated . This is so exciting that its all im thinking of. OH P.S any good recorvery homes that is highly recomend and would any 1know prices planning to stay in DR for 2 weeks

date is set =)

My date is set for Febuarary 16th once again im gettin a BBL and lipo on my arms and a little on my inner thighs. IM SOO EXCITED BUT SCARED N NERVOUS AT THE SAME TIME...but any who enjoy this beautiful memorial day outside with my fams and gettin some color. I wonder how long after surgery i can jump into the beach amd get my tan on cuz i sure ad hell dont wanna be stuck in a room all damn day !!! Any good recovery house where i csn bring 2 of my buddies !?!?! Pleasee chickasss i need all the 411 i can get . I need to loose 15lbs the doctor sed . Well here goes nothing .. i dont even know where to start


Wow wow wow.... soooo after being up all nite reading abt experiences on here i came across 2 females who were very unsatissfied with Dra. Duran. Whomp whomp whomp (-_-) . This is deffff makin me think long and hard i dont kno wha to even think now becuase i deffinitely do not want to do through any of that. Especially how duran doesnt be checking on her patients or even bother with them AFTER surgery. I need alot of encouragement ri now. And if anyone or doctors can give me questions on what i should be asking my doctor . I remember one of the females name u can search ( haz_luv) of im not mistaken i really hope shes doing bettet now =\

The switchhh!!

So ive been doin more research on doctors and i was thinking abt goin to miami instead on DR to see dr fisher so incalled yesterday and spoke tonone of his personal assistant i think her name is Lianext something like tht and gave me a qoute of $7,800 for a bbl + liposculpture+7 .day stay at recovery house including lipo on my arms but she called me 2day amd told me.tht dr fisher will be changing his price to $1000 more so im.looking at $8,700..so now im going bck to DR and now i want Dr.Manuel Diaz Guzman to do my procedure only thing is idk how to get in touch with him....do any of you lovely ladies know how i can .get in contact with hime and or has already got thier xs done by him please let me knooo . I'm.originally schedule with dr. Duran for feb 2015 but from wha ive been reading is that she doesnt acknoweldege her patients very much AFTER surgery and i need my doctor to be by my side even after im.done ya know...tss cuz im.not tryin to spend MY $$ on some1 who is not goin to take inconsideration of me ... leave me.some comments dollieesss x0xox000

what im takin in the mean time

I've made my decision

after reseraching and calling offices ive made my final decision Im sticking with DRA. DURAN =]... now all i have to is to send in my deposit of $250 but im probably going to change my date for a later one maybe the beginning of March ... oh a little info abt me i forgot to mention i think and if not ill say it again im 4'11 22yrs old and i weigh abt 150lbs and duran wants me to loos at least 15lbs...so lets do this mutha... bought a sauna sweat suit came in yesterday so wrk out 2m ohh yeaaaa.... but mind u ladies i do eat clean even if i skip a few work outs so its cool and i have 1 cheat day during the week ...hmmm maybe i shud make it once a month now ... tss who i am i kidding cuz i dont even believe that lol .... ii love arroz (rice) #latinagirlproblems =(


Okay so im kinda stuck and confused on how to send this deposit to Duran ... im trying to send it thru my account on Chase.com because i can wire money but some of the fill in info seems to come out blank..ill will post a pic to explain it better lol... i just dont feel like goin to the actual bank i kno huh grrrr... how did u dollz make ur deposit cuz this is fustrating i think she forget to send me more info this is all she sent me

Doctor's Name: Agustina Hilario Duran

Adress: Calle Mella esquina Duarte cotui provincia Sanchez Ramirez, Republica Dominicana

Route: BRRD.Dos.De

Cuenta: ############

Bank Name: Banco del Reserva

......is she missing something here

Deposit gone WRONG??!!!

So my RS sisters... 2day i finally had the chance to go to the bank and tried to send my international wire from my bank (Chase) but for some reason the info that dr duran gave me was incorrect or something was missing i think the accountant said a "swift code" was missing and thn he tried other ways to do it and he finally found a way but the adress he was giving me was not the one elizabeth (durans english speaking secretary) .... uugghhh so i called elizabeth and told her what had happened and she told me to juss bring the money with me when i go so i dont have tk make a deposit i guesss....

been a while

Hey RS Sisters...sry tht i havent been posting anything in a while. Ive juss been stressed and and working alot trying to save my $$ for my surgery. I also needed a little break from this sitebut Anyways besides that im still doing my research and making a list on EVERYTHING I NEED. But i have a feeling that i might have to change my date for March in stead of Febuarary 2015 AND it looks like i might be going alone now which im extremeley sad and upset about but hey it is what it is. Im still trying to look for a recovery home that is inexpensxive but i'm most deff looking towards Real Recovery Armonia. Still havent made an appt with my doctor . I want this sooo bad but i always think to myself is it going to be all worth it in the end!? .. its been a crazy roller coaster soo far .. till next time =) God bless those who r in recovery mode or who are very close to thier date. HOPE ALL GOES WELL !!

Yass!!! RH in the houseee!!

I finally found a recovery house that is excellent in my price range.. its called Raysa Recovery House i just finished chatting with her through "whats app" she is so sweet kind responsive and answered all of my questions soo far... thanks to @s3xi_01 for providing me with her info...if any1 would like her contact info please feel free to message me it will be my pleasure =)
Dra. Duran or Dr. Jonathan Fisher IDK

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Number for raysa recovery house does not work
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(809) 754-2124 that's her personal line...my bad for the tardiness for some reason i dont get notified wen i get comments and etc. But yea download the "whatsapp" app and u should be able to get in touch wither there
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Hey hun where all going through the same story. I'm going the 2nd week of of March probably the 9th or 10th. Maybe I'll c u there. Going to duran so its possible.
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hey hun... i was thinking the same days as well juss might change it thn ...did u make your deposit yet and if so how did u do it because im really skeptical about wiring $$ internationally and how long n where are u staying for recovery..im still not sure of one yet but i kno thta im deff stayin for 2 weeks
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Hey hun. Yup I'm staying 2 weeks as well. Only thing is I've spoken to someone from Raysa Recovery House because I've been looking at sooo many reviews and i keep hearing about how great her care is. Its her home for 85 $ all inclusive package. She has 2 packages to choose from also, each 7th day is free and she has a system in HER HOME that purifies water. Other rs people have spoken about it then I googled her myself to find out. I called her an spoke through what's app. She seemed very sweet and sincere. But yes I'm staying a full 2 days to make sure I'm healthy to go home to my girls.
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Ill be making my deposit in 2 weeks.An finally mmaking it official
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Thats aewsome could u five me her contact info sobi can call and see myself please
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How are you doing your deposit please lmk kno
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I'm going to contact Elizabeth or callDurans cell to find out how she wants us to do this.
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Ok thank you please let me know...have you've gotten any supplies yet!?
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Just simple items like boppy pillow, gloves, peroxide, p ez, etc not much yet. U can follow my journey as well. Just started it.
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Omg yess me 2 i think im goin to have to change my date to march as wellw...have u you ur deposit yet n how please tell me cuz im stuck lol and wha RH r u lookin at
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I didn't pay my deposit yet.. Elizabeth her assistant told me I canschedule my procedure a few months prior. I was looking at a women name angie.. I will get more info I know its 150. To n from clinic, airport, pharmacy and 65. Each night
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Awesome =] ... how did u hear abt angie !? ive been looking into Real rocovery Armonia and HealingHavenDR but idk ...wha r u getting done love?
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Her name is Angela #809-595-3109 and I've been on rs and heard pretty good things about her and her care. I was looking into armonia as well. I'm having a tt, lipo, and bbl. What r u trying to have done?
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I was gonna go to armorial too. But I was going to send money thru PayPal and they are having problems with their PayPal account. This made me worry. So if you ladies find out if they fixed it. Please let me know
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There may be another way their probably accepting payment. U should google, an call them to c what u can do.
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I just prefer PayPal. I like that if a customer has a valid problem with a seller or service provider PayPal will mediate and hold the money in their account until settled. Makes me feel more comfortable. It also makes me wonder why PayPal may or may not be having a hold on their account. They told me to western union vimenca. But I had to email twice to get only some of the info I needed to do that. I decided I'll look elsewhere. Maybe with a little less language barrier. I don't speak Spanish At all.
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Well of course I can understand that.. I wouldnt want to hear anything about my funds not being received etc... I was doing a lot of research on recovery houses and honestly Armonia is the best one although its a little pricey. Knowing their is someone to help assist u 24 hrs is making me want to choose them. I hope everything works out for u. I already c how all this can be nerve racking.
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@ s3xi_01 im gettin a bbl and lipo and mt arms and inner thighs... so far i might be travelinf with 2 companions tht r not gettin surgeries to help me ut at the same time i want them to enjot thier stay and not babt me so mucn ive been trtin to look at some RH thr r inexpensive for all of us ..@ at WonderingDove how mixh r they paying you at Armonia!?!?
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Armonia is 85.a night Angelas is 65.a night and if u go with people it may be a little cheaper, domingas is the cheapest that I've heard so far, but their has been a little negative comments about the care that's given. Ill either go with Amonia or Angelas. Those r my options
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Hey hun I'm planning on having my procedure done by Duran as well.. maybe we can try to do it around the same time. I planned on going the beginning of March 2015
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Dr.Diaz: whatsapp 809-610-9039 manuel.diaz@clinics. whatclinic.com
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Thanks bunches mama....r u planning to go to the same dr as well!?
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That's who I've had in mind for awhile now I just really have to convince myself to actually go through with it alone & then begin my journey of saving
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