I Want That "S Curve" - Dominican Republic, DO

Hi RS sistas! I been on ??h?? website for...

Hi RS sistas! I been on ??h?? website for some months researching and building ??h?? resolve to take ??h?? plunge and go for it!! ???. I guess ??h?? die is cast. I'm in ??? !
Stumbled across realself actually while I was fantasizing about breast reduction( yep I got biggg bazookas; I will make another review for that) and RS pops up and I idly click it and WOOZAH!! A whole new world opens up to me! Actual experiences, doctors and cost estimates. And hundreds of surgical procedures.
I soooo want that sexy hourglass figure. To that end I plan on having a brazillian butt lift, lipo and a breast reduction.
Am tentatively trying to schedule it for no later than June 2014.
I am in my early 30's, 5ft 8 and 260lbs. Am working on getting down to 190 lbs. That's why I plan to do ??h?? surgery around june. Any ideas from other successful slimmers greatly welcome. And am having my surgery in Dominican Republic. Loving ??h?? results coming from there!
Love ??h?? sistahood on this site.
did you get yr sx done?
Not yet. Ran into visa snags! Wanted to go to DR or miami. But am looking at other countries now. Am not in d US.
Ok thanks. Maybe Brasil or Spain? Check out ibizabut from ibiza
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