I Want to Be a Cabral Barbie - Dominican Republic, DO

Has anyone gotten work done with Cabral? Any pics...

Has anyone gotten work done with Cabral? Any pics that you could private message me?

I got my quote for a Brazilian butt lift and a breast lift. Really want a small waist with big butt and hips but want to see more work hes done first.

Was anyone able to find some before and after pics on the internet by cabral? Ive only really seen what is on his instagram page.
Welcome to realself! Plenty of cabral barbies here. Read these reviews- dollfaceangel, Rubiabella, autumnleane88, craycray and others. Goodluck
Thanks so much. I will take a look right now!

Recovery Houses

Can anyone please send me the websites of a few of the recovery houses near Cipla. Can you also share some of your experiences that you've had with them?

I will be seeing him on the 15
i just got done with him
please send me pictures!
Dr Hector Cabral

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