Yeah, being stalking you ladies for a while now,...

Yeah, being stalking you ladies for a while now, looking at your butts, admiring the results, wishing to have it too...then, searching for the right doctor...that one that, give you what do you want, and with a nice price at the same time.
I'm a mother of a 15 years old daughter, and through the years, between the age, bad eating habits, stress, lack of exercises and drinks here and there, I become a big black pillow with flat ass, height 5.7", and weight 160 lbs. SMDH
Being trying to do diets, exercises and even laxatives sometimes, and guess what?...Nothing, or just a little bit So one day I decided to look online and accidentally I found this site, this awesome site that being part of my daily life since then. its like a freaking drug....Geez, never in my life I've seen so many naked women, and so many butts, and I love it...not cuz I'm a lesbian or anything, but cuz love the beautiful results that the doctors are doing with you guys and you so helpfully share with us, thanks you so much......Thats why I decided to share my journey with you too!
Wanted to get a Brazilian Butt Lift, I wrote to Dr Duran and Dr Cabral, great doctors, but never got an answer from them, Dr Perry was the first one I contacted and answered me 2 days his work, he quoted me with $8899....No convinced, i continued my searching and I got a quote from Jimerson starting around $9000, then Dr Pazmino, Dr Salzhauer, later on Dr Markmann asking for $17,000. Dr Ortega in Miami with juicy quote of $4900, for 12 areas of lipo plus BBL...i was excited bout it...then when I looked at his patients results...blah, wasn't a big deal....I wasn't impressed.
Keeping searching I read about Dr Salas...saw his job and starting to look for him, I found out he is at, so I send my request, I got an answer the next day they asked me to call, I called to talk to Surama the girl that exchanged emails with me and she was on vacation...the next week she emailed me apologizing and asking me to call her again to discuss about my procedure. At the same time I found the contacts of Dr Baez on Facebook.
I called and sent the pics to Dr Salas, and Surama asked me to called her again, when i did she offered me lipo front and back, a garment, 5 massage and BBL for $3775, that's a gr8 quote I said....then Surama said, yes it is, but its ONLY for today, and you have to pay half at that price TODAY....Wo_Ow that turned me off again, I'm planning to have my BBL in April 2014, I wasn't expecting something like that right now, so I let it go :(
Now Dr Baez....she answered me the next day, wanted to give me a tummy tuck from the beginning, and I refused LOL. she answered all my questions and gave me a gr8 quote:

Liposuction of the abdomen, back, flanks, waist, arms and legs with brazilian butt lift, postsurgical massages, a garment, a night at the clinic, the fees and expenses of internment in the clinic, post surgery assessment and post surgery medications (analgesics and antibiotics) TOTAL: $ 3500
So my Sweets BBL Sis, I made my decision....Dr Baez will be
Thank you so much Girls for your sharing, tips, encouragement and help...without you i couldn't make this decision, thanks again!
I will update as I go along

I wanna look better!!!!

A natural look for me will do it.......

4 days to DR.....6 days to my sx with Dr. Australia Fragoso Baez

I'm very nervous...packing, preparing and getting ready for my trip of change...Last month got my hemoglobin result, 12.2, being taking iron 2ice a day pills and liquid to get it higher, Iron, Folic Acid, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin C, D, 6 and 12, plus orange and beet/carrot/watercrest juice, and lots of kiwi.
I gain some weight, (around 10 lbs) but I hope wont be a problem to get the results I want...So please pray for me BBL Sisters, cus in a few days I will need it!
Thanks in advance and Bless You All!


So I travel to DR on Wednesday April 8 to meet Dr Australia Fragoso Baez to do my BBL, at Instituto de Cirugia Especilizada..José Brito supposed to pick me up at the airport, but instead of him, Carlos a young friendly dominican guy came for us (my hubby and myself)
At the Instituto de Cirugia Especilizada, Dra Fragoso and her translator was there waiting for us, although we didnt need his services cus I speak Spanish...TG cus there not many ppl speak English. Dra Fragoso Baez, is very tiny, and looks younger than in the picture, very sweet and lovely lady, right away she sent me to undress in a small room beside her office and her evaluation began. Dra Baez squeezed my belly all over the place until, according to her she found a very small hernia in my belly button, she said she will find a second opinion from a general surgeon. I started to get nervous and sad....we wait for about 2 hours till the other Dr came to the clinic...anyway, to make this long story shorter, Dra Fragoso told me that she wont operate on me, bcs with a hernia she was afraid of hurt me while she is doing the procedure....I cried and begged, but nothing made change her mind. she is a very nice Dr, and she just wanted the best and no harm for my health. So I told her I never heard or have any problems with hernia, so I will look for another Dr's opinion.
I was impressed with Dr's Manuel "Hottie" Díaz work b4, so that same night I decided to call him and ask him for an appointment for evaluation, didn't mention anything about Dr's Fragoso, the next day around 12 noon Dr Diaz was giving me an evaluation for my surgery...when he done, then I started and told him the whole story bout Dra Fragoso Baez and the hernia thing. Dr Diaz asked me to lie-down again and this time he squeezed and be sure to feel everything...but nothing, he didn't find anything, so he went ahead with the surgery :))
Friday April 11, 2014 around 4:00 pm I was having my surgery with Dr Manuel Diaz, he did a great job on me, he is very professional, and gave me so much confidence, I really love, love my Dr, he gave me the shape I always dreamed, and although I know I dont have the final results yet cus the swelling etc, I so happy already. I recommend Dr Diaz without any hesitation.



So...the trip was good, especially meeting Carlos the driver who was amazing and took us all over the place we wanted, and wasn't only a surgery trip, but we had the opportunity of enjoy a little bit of Santo Domingo, he drove us around very safe and with a good price. CARLOS (829) 729 6832
Another great experience was with Genesis, nice, professional, beautiful and the sweetest girl you can find at CIPLA, she is Dr's Diaz Secretary, amazing person too, always ready to assist anybody in Spanish or English.
I'm feeling much better after finally had my first shower after my surgery, a week later ufff :(...but not only cus of that but cus of Brunilda's massages that were awesome, she was very nice and professional. To be honest, I was skeptical with Brunilda...I was expecting a 6 ft lady with huge hands and very deep voice, after I read some bad reviews about her, but no...not in my case, she was very sweet and attentive, not only with me, but with all the girls that went to the first massage at CIPLA, cus after that one Brunilda went to give me my massages at the Hotel were we stayed.
Now I'm wearing my stage 2 garment, tight enough, but ok....I'm still very sore but able to move around...Wow my trip yesterday was awful left the hotel at 11:00am and left Santo Domingo 2.00pm stopped in NY for 3 hours and jumped in another plane at 9:00pm, arriving to Toronto at 11 something and between this and that, we reached home around 12:00, feet were swollen, butt and whole body so sore, but that didn't stopped me to take my first long warm shower, ahhhhhh, was heaven! :)))
Will update more in a couple days...All the best to the Sisters that still waiting for the "Great Day" and Happy/Speedy Healing for the ones that got it....Bless you All!!!


Hi Dear Sisters in the same journey....Today I woke up sore, and the swelling and hard lumps from the lipo all over the place, but after I moved around a little and started to massage myself with Almond Oil, I started to feel better right away. This Almond Oil I heard from a girl that did BBL too there in CIPLA, she recommended, cus wasn't her first surgery, she even told me to go to "LA SIRENA" a supermarket close by CIPLA to buy it, I did, and it really works!...So after my massage i decided to take a couple pics to show my results so far...I know I have a long way to go still, but I'm happy with what I got, i wanted a natural look and I got it....THANKS DR DIAZ! :))


Still waking up very stiff, not sure if its the garment or just the position of being on my tummy all night, but I usually get out the bed in pain....then I stretch myself, take off the garment have a hot shower then massage, and I go back to feel better, sighsss, now its ok, don't know how I will do when I go back to work next Monday...I wont have time to do all that, unless I woke up even earlier....let see how things go...sighs
So after my massage with almond oil and being my 2nd weeks post op I decided to try some old dresses and see how I look in them with my new body....I like what I see!

A Month and a Half Today....

Still stiff sometimes, hurts still, the recovery and the swelling it's going slowly but surely...I'm wearing a waist shrinking corset at least 15 hours daily...OMG can't take the faja anymore...
I'm more than happy with my results, still thanking Dr Diaz for his wonderful job on I went for a nature walk in the woods with Hubby, was fun especially cus I wasn't wearing nothing but undies and faja, nothing.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon


5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Omg you look awesome. Happy healing.
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You look great!!! Congrats too! I have 20 days to Diaz! :-)
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Awesome results....Wow, Dr Díaz is the best!
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Lady you look amazing!!! How much did you get put in each cheek and what was your weight when you went in ?
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I asked him to put 1000 CC in each cheek, I wanted a natural look, get some ass but not a dunk, and I was around 165lbs at that moment...
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Thanks for the complement! :D
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CORRECTION...Dr Diaz put in 1000 CC 500 CC each cheek
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Coming along great mama
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Thanks SassyDoll, yes, it's a long journey...but it's worth it!!! :D
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Hot mamacita!!
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Thank You Love! :))
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Ms. Blacktina4ever sounds like you had a great experience with DR Guzman, I will be having surgery with him on the 27th of May I'm having breast lift with implants and possible thigh Lipo . He seems very professional and reply to email in a timely manner unlike Dra Yily De Los Santos. I had tummy tuck with Dra Yily but decided not to do my breast with her because she and her staff never answer emails or what's app text in a timely manner and that frustrates me . They are super booked and her bedside manners sucks.. Her work is phenomenal my waist and abdomen and belly button is hot!!!
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Hi Ms Curvy....Yes, Dr Yily's work it's amazing, she is a great sculptor, I've seen her work! I love the changes that Dr Diaz did to my body, and I recommend him to anyone....Many Blessings on your journey, and believe me, you made right choice!
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You look great and I'm happy for you, you'll see whenever you pass a mirror with you VS on you have to do a double take Chaz you're like "wow" not to sound self absorbed , but I love my new bod. Was your thighs painful or super painfull?
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Ms Curvy, Thank You so much....I'm so happy with my new body, although it is a long process...I noticed I got some hard lumps in my abdomen area, but I read and my family Dr said that is normal from the lipo, that will go away with time, ( I dont have much patience so I'm getting frustrated), but I have no choice than wait, but for the rest I'm very happy. Yeah, you are so right, there is no mirror, window, or anything that can give me a reflection, that I wont stop and look at myself, {◠‿◠} Wo_Ow, I love the feeling, so much pain and vanity, but its so much it! ♥.♫♥ Oh, I almost forgot...I didn't do my thighs.
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I can see you loving your body and Dr. Ds work, I'm anxiously awaiting my breast lift and thigh Lipo , so was the thigh Lipo painful and yes those painful lumps will go away with massages and warm baths. I used to do massages 2-3 days a week and it helped a lot. Was the thigh Lipo pain and did u see a marked difference with it?
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You look amazing he did a great job.
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Thanks Hun...I am very satisfied so far...
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Girl you look beautiful!!!!.....I know Diaz is a hotie but I think Dr.Sabala is gorgeous!!! they did an amazing work love your results!!!
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Thank you so much, I am very happy.....yeah awesome team of those 2....they did a gr8 job on u 2!!!
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I'm going to Diaz as we'll I see how quick you was up and about... How soon did you get to remove your drains?
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I had my surgery on Friday and he removed it the next Thursday, 6 days, usually takes longer to b removed but I was leaving the country the next day, plus was Good Friday and he didn't work that day...So Happy you will b a DD "Diaz Doll"too...You will love ur results!!! :D
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Yes my Surgery in on the 9th I'm leaving the 16th and trying not to go home with my drains in. Gosh I hope I do well healing :)) can't wait but also nervous:/. What do you recommend we absolutely buy and bring with us during this process and procedure. I'm determined not to bring the whole world with me. Only needed items
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Dr Diaz Won't let u go home with the drain I tried that, lol....what happens is he has to close the stitches after the drain its out, and can give u complications and he tried to avoid that... The first 3 days to b honest are brutal...but then after everything easy up, b sure to go with someone and hire a nurse at least for the first night, you really need it....Wipes, maxi pads and please DO NOT FORGET the female urinal/pez or even a funnel with a long neck, cus u will need it, u wont be able to bend down or sit on the toilet, a small blanket will help, especially just after the surgery, I believe its the anesthesia reaction cus I wasnt the only one, you will feel extremely cold, I've shake like a leaf, and good pain killer too, u will need strong ones, ask your family doctor, for something that put u to will need it the first 2 nights.
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