Waiting on my Quote from Dr. Agustina Duran! - Dominican Republic, DO

So excited to get my bbl, lipo, and tummy tuck...

So excited to get my bbl, lipo, and tummy tuck done and after 7 months of searching and preparing I've chosen Dr. Duran!!! Now just waiting on my quote but I expect to have survey done sometime in June hopefully!!!!!!! Me and my Husband are planning a big wedding and i really want to look good in a dress plus im just unhappy with my body ots causing me severe drepression. Ive tried the hcg drops which made me sick, ive ate right, exercised, and seem to only loose like 10lbs then it comes back. So anyone with any info on the Dr and the procedure you've had plz let me know.


Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us!

Will your husband be going to the DR with you, to help you after surgery? Hvae you checked out the other BBL reviews? There's lots of information in there from people who have gone before you. You can also read all of Dr. Durans reviews specifically, since she's who you have chosen, by clicking here.

Please do keep us updated with your progress!

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Got my quote

So I got my quote today and its $5000 a great price I'm so excited now all I have to do is set a date!!!!!


@colorme thx dieting is not easy I've tried all kinds and I've given up I still exercise on the regular though
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Her website has good information on it check it out
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Its on her website its hilarioplasticsurg@hotmail.com this is her website http://www.agustinahilario.com
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Bria Myles (wish pic)


Hi I.read your journal when are you going to get your bbl done? If you don't mind me asking what is your height and weight?
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I'm 5'1 200lbs and I'm plan on going in June

my butt


Hello, How do you get a hold of her?
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I emailed her u have to go to her site

2nd wish pic


I went to site but I guess website is down :( thank you tho
U go on her site and email her

another wish pic

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I want my body just like this or similar


Congrats and good luck
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I'm scheduled for June 3rd if u want a travel buddy....
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I would love to be ur travel buddy Lol I don't want to go alone lol
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