nov 6 getting a real booty! list of things to bring help please!

Gotta put my deposit down! I don't feel like...

gotta put my deposit down!
I don't feel like writing too much details all i know is i was a tiny waist big hips and a big butt my wish pics are the butt that i want! i'm in love with vida butt she has such an amazing butt i'm not into her body shape just her butt lol.

a little info about me i'm about 5'4 120 pounds i've been gaining weight slowly for this before i used to be 110 and gain ten pounds in months it takes me a while to gain weight hoping to reach 130 by the end of april we shall see

I'm currently waiting for Dra Yily to respond to my emails grrr! But I'm currently 5'4 and 110 pounds!! I'm trying to gain at least 10 before june, I want to get a bbl/lipo by june/july! And so true, it is definitely hard to gain weight.
Keep me on the update on how your eating habits are and what your consuming ot gain weight haha, i've been stuffing myself with donuts, fried food, everything but i remain the same. -.- i step on the weigher and its 110-114.5 daily.
lol omg girl i eat everythingggg!!! like whatever i find right now i'm 122 i went from 110 to 122 i'm trying to reach 130 or max 135 because i hate all this fat!

Going with Duran :) anyone wanna room or something :)

Still haven't made any plans for sure but I already saved how much I need now I'm just trying to get the date thinking something nov-dec or next year jan 2014
hey hun i wanted to go either nov. or jan. im going with baez but we can still buddy up
i'm going nov 6!11
Hey good luck... Im going w/baez march 2014. Im 5ft 125lbs so im.hopn she can do the job I want. Tiny waist nice size bubble and hipsss. Do u plan on postn pre op pics

nov 6 is my day for a booty! what do i bring help please!!!

its finally happening you girls have no idea how happy i'm lol!!!
for real i've been wanting this for about 3 years now
my only thing is i have no idea what to bring and what will help with scars!
can anyone suggest a list!
Best of luck to you sis! Congrats on ur date! I'm going to Duran nov 5th for my bbl n bl with implants :) I plan on ordering SCARAWAY Silicone strips as well as me seems for my scars..
Where are you staying at? And thank you best of luck to you too!!! Is scarway good?
Hey girl! did she tell u how many cc she can give you?
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not going with yily going with duran

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