UK Doll Planning on Going to DR for BBL and BL/BA in November 2014 - Dominican Republic, DO

Hi dolls, I have been lurking on here for a good...

Hi dolls,

I have been lurking on here for a good two years ( sometimes daily) and finally decided to make my dream that I had for so many years and get a the perfect body a reality :)
I am 5'9 and currently 198lbs . My measurments are 42.5-34-42.5 :(

I always had DD and I love it , however unfortunately now I am 28 and they are hanging and I definitely want a bust lift because I have never been able to wear anything without a bra but also I don't want to lose voloume so I am considering getting a small implant with the lift.

I alwayd had some butt but my biggest problem is my waist and tummy and arms . I never had small arms or small/flat tummy which would change my entire look drastically.

I have been wearing the "butt out" fajas unde r my clothes for almost 5 years which cinched my waist and makes my butt and hips look amazing , so many ppl think I have a great shape ( lol) . i would never let anyone touch me as I don't want them to feel the garment under my clothes and obviously the beach is not a happy place for me . I never in my life went there with a guy I like , only family and girlfriends lol .

I have no kids and a few ( not many and very light) streatchmarks around my belly button and on my hips which I hate with a passion , however I hope I can get my desired look with just lipo as I have no kids yet and wouldn't want a tummy tuck right now because of that.
I am turning 29 next year and have decided that by that time I will have my perfect body . * fingers crossed*
I decided to get it done in the DR and thinking to go to Baez as the butt and boobs come out looking good .
I would love to get the tiny waist that Lilly gives but I am scared to go to the CIPLA . I am uploading a few wish pics that are similar to my body shape and hopefully achivable for me , I am at work right now so i don't have any naked ( unedited) pics of me in my phone lol

Wish all you dolls a great day ,

Pictures didn't post

So here my 3 wish pics , my ow are following shortly

Moment of shame

Well ladies .,, this is me and my pics . I weigh 202lbs now which is the heaviest I've been in a while . I'm 5'9 and planning to go down to 165lbs by the time of surgery. My waist is literally non existent and my boobs need a lift ASAP . I want fat in my hips and definitely a bigger ass as it would look way better . Also I need lipo on my thighs and knees . I just sent an email do Baez and Duran asking for a quote . Wanted to send one to Robles , Cabral and Almonte as well just to compare but don't have their e-mail . If you ladies could tell me what those are would be very appreciated . Anyways dolls wish you all a great weekend I have an interview tomorrow for a 2nd job , trying to get this money together , pls wish me luck . I'll keep you guys updated

Contreras Quote

Wow received a quite from contreras within 40 minutes !!!! That's just amazing :

The cost for this procedure is


GUEST HOUSE IS USD 60/N shared 80/N individual



Duran Quote

I didn't ask for a TT nor do I want one as I have no kids yet . Do you guys think I have to get a TT?
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Hey girl I spoke to you ages ago about going for surgery, hope your well! I'm a uk lady planning surgery for next year xx
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Another UK doll! Will be following your journey
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Hey doll , can you pls give me Contreras info , I would like to get a quote from him as well.
  • Reply 00 1(809) 8011333 It's best to whatsapp him on the number above Xx
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Thank you so much !!!!! You're great xx
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I have received a quote from him already and it is really good . Now i have to look out for more before and after pictures. I wanted to go with Baez originally but I am not sure if she can give me the desired waist.
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Only cabral and contreras are SUPER aggressive with the lipo...they make proper barbie dolls
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Cant wait to see your results Best of luck!!!! I'll b following ur journey......
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I look forward to your results keep posting ;)
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Thank you doll , I am so excited for you too :)) Only 4 days away . I know you a probably overdosing on chicken liver and spinach and red meat as we speek .
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Lol! U know it. Is getting realer. Xoxo
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Welcome to RS :) Can't wait to follow your journey
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Thank you doll :) I just checked out your blog and I absolutely love the jeans that you ripped yourself :)) I see that you are currentl losing weight and just wanted to let you know I started Atkins 2 weeks ago and lost 22lbs while eating all day long . No calorie counting at all just no carbs. Even had Mayon on my chicken and didn't work out once . So I will be sticking to this right now since this is the first "diet" ( even though it doesn't feel like one ) that works on me .
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Thanks, I will try to stick to a more no carb " lifestyle" that's a great idea.
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