TT, Lipo, BL (Reduction and Lift) and Perhaps BBL...... I'M SO HYPE!!!! - Dominican Republic

To borrow a phrase from another review, "I've been...

To borrow a phrase from another review, "I've been stalking this site for years." I initially thought I wanted to go to Tijuana. I had surgeons narrowed down, even got a consultation once. Somehow, it just didn't feel quite right and I never went forward. I came across someone else's posting comparing Dr. Robles and another doctor. After looking at all the things that stacked up, Dr. Robles won hands down. The fact that her price was all inclusive of transportation, hospital stay for 2 days, a recovery house for 10 days with meals, and all the conventional expectations of surgery. My choice was sealed once I saw her transformations and experienced contact with her. She comes across as a compassionate physician who definitely cares about her patients...very, very genuine. So happy with my choice. I hope to even move my date up a month!
The pic is me taken in December 2013. I'm 5'8" and 217lbs. I hope to be at 180lbs for my surgery. I started this journey actively in September by watching my food intake, working out, and getting more sleep. I weighed 262lbs! GROSS! Ultimately, I want to hang out at 160lbs. I may alter my procedures opting to forego the BBL if liposculpting can give me similar results. The cost I put up is for TT, BL, and Lipo. Quote slightly different for the BBL with no BL (5200).
....anyone else traveling to see her about this time? Would love to keep in touch.

The scale is not my friend...LOL!

So I decided to weigh in this morning and HOLY CRAP! I'm up to 240lbs! I guess the holiday were not as kind to me as I thought. I think lifting weights kinda got my off kilter a bit because I don't look heavier. I'm also having knee problems that prevent me from doing the circuit training with step aerobics in between my sets. But 240 is 240.
My bday is Monday, so Tuesday it's on and poppin'! I gotta increase my cardio without pounding on my knees. Sucks! I love step aerobics with my kinda music. Looking at spin classes, cardio-boxing, etc.

Weight Loss Counseling Today

Last I posted, I was gonna hit it hard after my bday, 2/3. NOT! In fact I've probably gone up. I seem to lack the usual motivation. I've also been analyzing my habit of losing weight, but not being able to keep it off. I know its stress related, but given that, why can't I work thru my week episodes?

I decided to make an appt with a weight loss counselor/ psychologist to help me get to the bottom of my habit. Once I've cleared this hopefully my nutritional lifestyle change will be permanent. I'm not trying to go through my DR makeover only to gain weight again later on.

Weight loss to get the best results possible...

I want to get the best results possible when I go to DR for my makeover in July with Dr. Robles. I want to be 180lbs when I go. Started at 262 last year in September, got down to 216 by Thanksgiving, then the holidays showed me MUCH love and I ate like there was no tomorrow. So I gained 31lbs back as of March 9th. This was my initial weigh in for the start of my HCG cycle. I weighed in yesterday (I do it weekly instead of daily...that would drive me insane!). I'm down to 11.1lbs! Though the weight loss won't be that big every week (3-4lbs for me in the past), I have my encouragement to keep going. Although I must say I'm contemplating moving my surgery date back a bit to give more time.

Revise, Revise, Revise!

Here are my updates.

First of all, I started eating like I have sense. I take in no more than 1200 calories/day and watch my fat intake. I stopped the sodas and only drink H2O with Mio for flavor (I cannot drink just H2O). I exercise with 1 hour of cardio x 4/week. Or at least that's been my goal. Working nights makes it hard because I just want to sleep when I''m not at work, so I fall short sometimes. I even fall short on my eating sometimes, but I don't kick myself. I just keep moving forward.

Secondly, I weighed in with my doctor on the 10th and I'm down to 224 from the ultimate of 243 (240 on my last posting). I'm hoping o drop 10 more by my surgery date...which brings me to the next update.

Third, I changed my surgery date again. This time it was moved up by 2 days at Dr. Robles request. So I'm scheduled for August 12, 2014. Is there anybody who will be looking to buddy up? Hit me back.

Fourth, I've changed my procedure somewhat after looking long and hard in the mirror, over and over and over and over and over and over again..LOL. I'm still doing the TT. It's a must have. I'm also still doing the BBL, but I've decided to get more aggressive lipo. The back and flanks come with the package, but I also want arms, upper abdomen and thighs. Since Dr. Robles cautioned me against wanting too many procedures at once and since I still have weight to lose (my breasts shrink as I lose), I decided to do this in stages. The next stage will be breast lift (and or augmentation) approx. 6 months later.

Fifth and final, even though I haven't mentioned it to my realself fam, I must come clean and admit I havene't come clean with my guy about my decision to do these procedures. He knows I'm going to the DR with my friends and that I'm staying for an extended period of time, but he has no idea about the surgeries. I want to tell him, but I think he will be totally against it and very adamant about me not doing it. This was all planned out before he and I started up. But I'm sure he won't see it that way and I'm not in the mood to butt heads with him about it. I want to keep a positive attitude through all of it. I know I'm wrong ladies, but just how wrong am I on a scale of 1 to 10? LOL.

T minus 8 days and counting...

Here's my latest... My guy ended up asking me directly why was I staying an extra 2 weeks when everyone else was leaving after 1 week of vacation. A direct question deserves a direct answer (especially since he joked about me meeting someone else, which is his way of being serious). I told him about the procedures with Dr. Robles and we proceeded to have an in-depth discussion. He tends to be a holistic, natural, non-commercialized man. And me? I'm scientific, evidence based, modern medicine's poster child if you will. By the end of the discussion it was all good. He doesn't totally agree with my "shortcut" as he called it, but he wants me happy. He also decided to join me and my friends for the first week of vacation:) Love that man

wish pics...

Well I'm here...KINDA

I got to CECIP, with no problems. I came in from Puerto Plata via Metro. Laura (can't say enough nice things about her) had someone there as soon as I arrived. He was a very nice man as well. Upon my arrival I met Dr. Robles assistant MD and yet again very nice. Dr. Robles looks to be much younger in person and she's absolutely lovely.....that was the's the sour. My hemoglobin is still low, 11.3 and for me to have all the procedures, it has to be 13 or better. So add a week of intense iron therapy, new lab to be drawn on Sunday

Surgery Day Update

Since I've been here (8/11) I've had 2 iron shots/day. Today I get the last two. I liter of IV iron every day. Yesterday was the last day. I had lab drawn on Friday and my Hgb was 12.7! Yay for me which is up from the 10.7 that it dropped when I got here due to me being anemic anyway, but my menstrual cycle made it that low. On today, Sunday, I will go and have lab done again to see if it's progressed above 13. To get all the procedures done. The cost of the 5 days of IV iron was about $150 and the shots were about $200 for 10. I also continued taking my iron from home. While here in the recovery house, a special diet was prepared for me with foods rich in iron. I HATE BEANS! But ate them everyday like a champ. I know she's going to throw liver at me today...UGH! But, I must say the cook is excellent here at Paradise Recovery Home. This is where I will be brought back to after surgery..... I've been emailed and asked if I'm upset about my delay. Disappointed? Yes. I'm off schedule now, but had taken a few more days here to rest up anyway. I don't plan on leaving here until the drains are gone. Am I upset? No. Things happen (just as they do in the states) and I like the fact that Dr. Ro is particular about certain things that effect the outcome of my recovery. It shows she's conscientious about her work and my well-being. How do you get upset with that? Anyway, I'm so ready to get this show on the road!!!!!!!!

The day is the day...

I'm back from the clinic to meet with Dr. Robles. She did her markings, asked if I had any questions. She also said I had to choose between getting my arms done and the back lipo. She explained that the more lipo you do, the betterchacI also did my CXR, last lab draw (HALLE-FREAKIN-LUJAH), and EKG. All good. I'm not sleepy since I work nights and usually awake, but I'm not going to kid myself. I'm nervous. Not scared just nervous excitement I guess. See you ladies on the other side...muah!

Post op Day 2

Surgery was a breeze. After I went into pre op and they gave me the infamous "blue pill" within 10 minutes it was lights out. I woke up in my room at the hospital with Dr. Robles' assistants checking on me frequently, as well as hospital staff. Dr. Robles came in on Wednesday morning to look me over to clear me for my return to recovery house. Here I am on post op day two. The only thing that's bugging me is the way my belly is scrunching in, but the other ladies said their abdomens looked the same at first. We'll see.
Walkiris Robles

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Best of luck honey!
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good luck. Wishing you a safe surgery and speedy recovery!
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Good luck
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Good luck girl!!
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Praying your surgery goes well! :) you're going to look GREAT! :D
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Thanks. I'm good. I'm sore and stiff, but no pain. Just wish time would go faster.
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I am glad you are progressing! I will keep you in my prayers! :-)
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good luck boo everything is gonna work out
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Thanks love :)
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How are you today?
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Im ok. just wish I was off the table already
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Wishing you the best:-)
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thank you:)
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Good luck, I'll be following your journey.
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Best of luck to u!!
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Good luck. Happy you got there safely. Be very careful though. I read something about Haitian prisoners escaping jail. PLEASE be careful.
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Thanks for the heads up. I appreciate it :)
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Congrats on your journey:-) I will be following:-) Ty for the updates:-) One of the things that deter me from her is that she won't do all the procedures you mentioned. Has she changed in doing mommy makeovers? Her breast work I heard are on point:-) and sh snatches waist:-) will she be addressing your arms as well? Just curios. Thank you
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She's doing a TT, Extensive Lipo (upper abs, back, flanks, hips, inner and outer thighs, and arms) and BBL. Adding the breast lift to the group is problematic for being under anesthesia for so long. She feels it best suits her patient's safety not to do so many procedures at the same time. Actually it was one of the reasons I did choose her. She is conscientious enough about her work and my safety to say no, when others only say yes, yes, yes. I also still have weight I hope to lose. At that stage of weight loss, my breasts decrease in size too. I want to weight and see where they settle in before doing them.
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good man! You have a good shape your results are going to be amazing
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Thanks. I think so too. I seem to carry my 200+ lbs pretty good. long ad those clothes are tuned!
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So happy to hear that, wishing u the best.
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Thanks for the response I'm 5'10", so I can't wait to see your results. I don't know what to say about your situation but think about what could happen when u come back to your man and you've had this surgery how will that affect your relationship. Do u think he will be more upset about you going or coming back and you kept it from him?
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Hmmmm....In retrospect, he's probably going to be more salty that I didn't say anything to him. We briefly touched on the subject one night when he happened to use my phone and a youtube of tummy tuck surgery was on the screen. His only comment was a sarcastic "good luck with that", but it was when we first started seeing each other. I didn't invest in any further conversation about the matter at that point because we didn't have that "right to know" position in each other's lives.
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