Had consult with Dr Gabay yesterday for lipo,,,IDK he said I dint need alot and was impressed with my ASS lol

This is To shape my body don't want to be skinny...

This is To shape my body don't want to be skinny just look nice in any dress !!! I'm 5'9 220lbs I have back fat a gut loose thights ..I'm in love with me on the inside but I don't like what I see on the outside ...I'm not goon to lie I'm scared to death ,but I can keep being in this cacoon I'm in .I want to love everything abt me sooo Dr Robles her I come ,I was,lookin for a buddy to go with on here cause I don't want to be judged for going aboard ...I got a qoute here 16,600 yessssssss man that's a lot soo instead of emptying my bank accout I started lookin to to DR soo hears my story now follow my journal !!!!!

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1 breath im super hype next breath scared to go...

1 breath im super hype next breath scared to go abroad !!!!! am i the only one ???


No your not alone, I feel totally the same way. I'm going to Dr. Yily in Santo Domingo and you hear all the horror stories so I'm afraid and I'm going alone in December
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hey cherry yes im scared did u research ya dr how much is he charging u and what r u gettin done !!!!!!11
When are you scheduled for?
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Well ladies my mom just got wind of the whole Dr...

well ladies my mom just got wind of the whole Dr thing and SNAPPED the hell out !!!!!!!!!!! yall dont understand me and my mom is bestfriends i tell her everything shes always been my ryder soo to lie to her and DR was noy sitting well so i told her today and like any mom but a black mom cuurrssseeedddd me out and started to name calling i laughed and told her use words to help.not hurt she started to laugh with me ... then.down to the serious ish lol she said that i will pay half and she will finance the other half for me to pay in 5 mts the money part was nwver really the problem but i said hey if i can do it and keep 10 in the bank why not im sooooooooo confused but my family is tight and we stick together my sister said she would take off and would drive me back soo i wouldnt have to fly we have a cadallic truck soo i can lay in the back real comfortable soo i guess it will work itself out !!!!!! in tears and dont no why nobody understanda but u why u want to put yaself though this but u !!!! im happy with me and love myself but hate thia body i will poat pics soon idk


Who is Jamerison?? Lol I think you meant Jimerson in ATL. Your relationship with your mom is a blessing. Hope it all works out for you.
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lol i spelled it wrg but whatever for the price im playing i need to move in with him abd his wife lol i hope soo too whete r u goin
yes my mom is my boo my rider my homie my friend my shopping buddy and my mommie !!! its not always been good but we made uo for that !!!@

Dear Khadijah, We have reserved the following...

Dear Khadijah,

We have reserved the following surgery appointment with Dr. Jimerson especially for you - please add it to your calendar

Woooooooohoooooooooooo got my date babbbbyyy im sooo happy I'm scared to ready and to think Ima fall in love with myself on Valentines day !!!!!!!! If anybody can let me know I can put pics up !!!!!


yes i did lol and she is my pat rep aziza i love her shes alot of help my price went up some but whateva im ready what did u get done are u from the A if not how was ya stay there !!!!!!
I just got what's included as I knew that was 5 L LOL. No I'm not in the A. It was a good stay. I have to get back out there to see sites though. I didn't have time for that after surgery.

Wow my family is turning and not to supportive my...

Wow my family is turning and not to supportive my feeling are hurt but its,cool I'm goin to do what's good for me they don't understand why I want to take myself or my body through this ....I don't have low self esteem but as being a woman I don't like what I see !!!!! :'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(


Like PrettyP said this is FOR YOU! Do what makes you happy. I didn't tell no one about my bbl. Just told them I was getting lipo & it's nobodys business but yours.
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yes i see now they hatin on my hopes of a big ole butttt lol im still pushing and this site helps me alot thanks
You're welcome. We got ur back.

I want to post pics i just dont know how ????

i want to post pics i just dont know how ????


awwwww thanks missy i need it trust me !!!!

Omg i posted pics and cried while im doin it i...

omg i posted pics and cried while im doin it i hate my body !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Someone posted one year update with pics a few days ago. she looked phenomenal and said she didn't lose any volume at all. Don't let the negative experiences scare you. Remember, those are only the rare cases :) Good luck!
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thanks missy its scary i want long term nothing short im paying alot and dont want to waste my money but damn the stories take u off ya square !!!!!
I really hope someone reassures me..I am definitely scared now!!
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I came on this site for help and support and i see...

I came on this site for help and support and i see soo much hate people arguing name calling I can't.... I need people going through the same things I am,,, thats able to share or tell me where I'm going wrg ..we all heal different we all have different shapes different sizes and different doctors ...I understand riding for the home team but shit happens .and who r u to say what can or did happen to the next woman ..I sit back and watch ...we all should be supportive cause u never no if that could have been u that got fucked up !!! I don't have a wish pic cause I wish to look like nobody but myself with better shaped body !!! We all want that killer shape but some are not build for it be real with yourself ...our Drs are just that Drs not GODS and I think soommmeeee people should realize just that u can't come in this lookin like a old rusty beat up truck and expect to come out lookin like a shinynm new 2013 BENTLY its not going to happen !! Just my thoughts gn

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Spell check but u get it !!!! use words to help...

spell check but u get it !!!! use words to help not hurt !!!!!... in the words of my 8yr old!!!


Hey newbody, I don't see any recent pics from you. Are you still looking forward to your surgery? I am Team Jimerson as well and I can't wait for my procedure! I am going to send you a private message, check your inbox.
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Hey girl just checking on you.
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Hey ladies yes I'm still goin with a mt to go I've...

Hey ladies yes I'm still goin with a mt to go I've not been posting cause there was not reason I said I'll start posting in feb to let you all know what's goin on with the kid ,,,,,I'm noy goin to post every step y'all seen that a 10000 times so I sit back and watch learn and pack lol any who happy New Years ladies !!!! Ps did anybody stay at the sun suites only there cause they have a kitchen ,,,,, ooooooooohhhhhhh pps apaid for another section on my back soo sz up to 18,300 smdh but I don't want the problem most are having abt this back bra roll I was at dr J twos ago and there is a upper and lower bar roll then flanks soo there are three main parts not two soo if u have bra roll and flanks u will still have back fat ladies sooo ladies with a fat back add upper and lower bra roll for a better look !,,,,,


Me too! that's my Freaking problem! Good luck on your journey!
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Lmaooooooo thanks missy ill kept y'all updated !!!!!!!
We're scheduled on the same day!!! :)
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I can see my coochie i never had kids so i dont...

i can see my coochie i never had kids so i dont think i need that muscle repair


Good luck! Totally understand how u feel
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Wow...so if I act a couple more spots, the price goes up...damn, lipo should've just be one price. I hope my abdomen, flanks, upper n lower back is included...n I didn't even get to ask all the questions I wanted to ask cause I frozed up once I seem him...lol but I sure as hell will when I go to my pre op on the 30th.
Lol yes ma'am because I would have been stuck

Ok call dr office today and asked them abt the...

Ok call dr office today and asked them abt the jtuck or full tummy tuck she said honestly u don't need a tummy tuck at all ok now I got the dum ass look foe one if u didn't have kids more then one your abdominal wall may not need repair at all like wtf I never had chick or child to me that's a question that should have been asked right then she says if we do aggressive lipo ya stomach will go down in time I'm confused scared and nervous now ok I said a j tuck cause I was it completely flat but then I've looked at some people lipo it's flat I don't what to do ok goin to the j tuck saved me 2000.00 I feel like I've should have been told this then I had a chance to think my sx is 45 days away and I'm a Lil lost cause I can save myself 4000 more well maybe 2200 cause I will need my whole stomach lipo vets I need help on this one cause with lipo I prob will have loose skin still

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Date: 10/31/2012 Preparedfor: Item Description...

Date: 10/31/2012 Preparedfor:
Item Description Fee Fee
FATGRAFTINGTOHIPS1AREA-Fat 1,000.00 graftingtohips
LIPOSUCTION(SAL)-AdditionalAreaSAL- 900.00 Liposuction upper bra roll
LIPOSUCTION(SAL)-AdditionalAreaSAL- 900.00 Liposuction lower bra roll
LIPOSUCTION(SAL)-AdditionalAreaSAL- 900.00 Liposuction inter thighs
Fatgrafting-BUTTOCKAUGMENTATION 9,300.00 ass
JTuck-JTuck 4000.00



Hey NewBody! Welcome Team Jimerson! I wish you the best with your surgery. I will be following your journey!
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Thanks I'm gettin everything done as we speak please do lol

Hey ladies just a quick update I'm sooo freakish...

Hey ladies just a quick update I'm sooo freakish last min on everything smdh today I'm getting everything I mean everything I was thinking to hell with this surgery just get lipo and ill be fine then I look at my asks like hell no u need a ass too lol I'm soo confused but I'm like the hell with it ,,,then my gf backed out on me at the last min sooo now il lookin for somebody else to go with,,, I'm a person I hate to asked for any help cause I hate no I don't want nobody missing work on messing up there plans for me if I could go alone I would uuugghhhh now I have to pay for somebody flight I wish shit was easier hell I wish he was in Philly but hay that to fucking much to ask for soo ima suck it up and move on well ladies happy healing ,,lookin ,,stalking,,and deciding ,,,whatever you are on here for have a good day !!!!!


It's affective February 1st. Only 3k instead of 5k
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So im good then thats my surgery date im using $3300 i decide to stay at sun suites since its not expensive bc I have 8 days left so ready lol
Ya boo you good to go!! I know you must be excited!!!!

Ok ive been gettin all my stuff in the mail ......

Ok ive been gettin all my stuff in the mail ....went to labcorp and did my cbc 29.00,that was cheap look there we all should have one where yall live at .. rented car getting plane tickets today they are 260.00 rt which is good hotwire .com I'm srarting to get scared I think lol but 13 days to go I hope im ready !!!!


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Yes I said round two with yilly for more lipo...

Yes I said round two with yilly for more lipo cause I don't think I will get with I want in the lipo but ill get what I want in the butt soo I'm planning ahead and if all goes good I'm still going down there with my boo thang to make sure she cool !!!!!!

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This a good site for items I found soo much stuff...

This a good site for items I found soo much stuff cheap and no shipping !!!! https://www.iherb.com/


Hahahahahaha u better do babygirl...I've been thinking bout u...I didn't wanna bother u...R U READY. Yes & no right?
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Fuck no lol but serious I called u earlier I said I gotta find a new boo lol look at that website https://www.iherb.com/ for ya stuff they cheap and free shipping !!!!!!!
This stuff called msm is good look it up its better then collagen

Drs should never fish for appts !!!! Just got...

Drs should never fish for appts !!!!
Just got this email

March 3rd three spots March 4th one spot March 5th-6th-7th two spots each day March 10th-11th three spots each day March 12th BOOKED March 13th-14th three spots each day March 17th three spots March 18th BOOKED March 19th-20th three spots each day March 21st one spot March 24th two spots March 25th one spot March 26th three spots March 27th two spots March 28th three spots March 31st three spots


If you need anything else just let me know.


Feel free to contact me! Also you can text me at 347 667 2704

Thank you,

Laura Castro Customer Service Assistant/ Asistente de Servicio al Cliente

We invite you to/ Le invitamos a: Facebook Fan Page/ Página de Fans de Facebook: Dr. Robles Plastic Surgery Twitter: @DrWrobles www.drawalkirisrobles.com


Good luck sweetie...
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It's almost our time girl... Ooohh wee!
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I got the same email
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Ok my feelings are all over the place right now...

Ok my feelings are all over the place right now one min I happy one min I'm scared next I'm starting to think I should have not done this and stressing myself out ,,,,, this is truly a roller coaster ride it has its up and downs everybody want that flat stomach and nice ass but who wants to go through hell to get it !!!!! I hattttttteeeeeeeeeeeee pain and have a very low pain level soo I'm a really BITCH I'm goin to be the snotting and crying one sooo I'm going to chill gave me and my body a rest i will update till I go in the room then after that I will post when I can indeed talk back and fourth ,,this site is suppose to be to help each other out or maybe have a encouraging word to someone that may need it not for the bullshit I've been seeming in the past mts and its only on BBL blogs no other one on realself it's crazy this is not to see who get the best results or who ass is bigger its suppose to be a stepping stone to find our way back to a sexier me or you not to be in these dumb ass cliques we not in high school every body is grown we paying our way but cant act like ladies it's sad to see every would be able to voice there on opinion but not bash no ones feelings look you don't know what anybody go through till you went though it YASELF how can u tell somebody how they feel shit half y'all surgeries not for mts to come soo take a back seat ,,,,, leaving off to this ladies it's not what u say buy how u say it ,,use words to help not hurt ,, I've met some great ladies on here we exchanged number and they will remain to be greats friends I see that even planing on one we healing to take a trips some where and bring these new founds asses to a beach near u lol we'll no u but u know what I mean any way ladies Ttly !!

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Obtw sun suites is ok but I couldn't stay there...

Obtw sun suites is ok but I couldn't stay there ,,,it was small and smelly and abt 25mins away right off Mc Ginnis Ferry Rd ..... Soo when u talk nice people will help u ,,,,Hyatt has a big room nice size sectional its just a nice room I'm happy !!! Thanks ladies


Hmmm! That's usually how it works!! Tell him thanks & keep moving!!! You're abt to be turning heads!! His loss!! On to the next!! Good luck mama
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Good luck girly
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Thanks missy

I need to be listening to jezzy right now I'm soo...

I need to be listening to jezzy right now I'm soo its helps me !!!!!! I'm in the parking lot ready to go !!!!


Heard it's poppin at the spot time to get Right! Jeaaaaaa! In my Jeezy voice, lol. Praying for you :-)
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I also want to know did you have to take weave out for the procedure?
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wishing you a speedy recovery dear
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Ok everybody that know me here no I'm a real...

Ok everybody that know me here no I'm a real fucking punk I can't take pain and I'm very dramatic...sooo ok I get in there I was the first apt they call me to the back I wanted to leave but they had my Damn money ...sooo she ask me some info and started takin pics of m
e naked ...then sz I have to put a iv in u and is move while she was doin I I aid van we have somebody else do it she brought the nurse anesthetic to come it she got that big o needle in one,try ...then she said ok stand up off to the back for the sponge bath I must of blacked,out cause I don't remember and thing after standing up leaving out the room ...so this first day I slept the sec day I walked around some and been goin to the bathroom by myself ..one day I had really sharp pains below my boob it was like 10and I was short of breath I call the nurse like the patch me right over to Dr J I told him what was goin,on he tome me to pull the garment down take a look at it soo I can see I'd I something I didn't if says of it keep happening to go to hospitable ladies get some cheap ins cause u never no what can happen call atnea and buy some my start up was 120 ...... I'm gettin sleepy ill came back later I didn't sleep well last nite I was hotly sweaty and very uncomfortable so thanks for showing love


I haven't had my surgery yet but I can imagine how having drains are a nuisance. Be safe and Happy Healings.
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Thanks momma
Hello. Are you happy with your results. That's the important part.
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Ladies when flying home request wheelchair because...

Ladies when flying home request wheelchair because atl airport is a bitch u will be wheeled first class no waiting no standing all the way to ya gate !!!! Yes I said higher ghetto ass he gave me what I didn't want was a shelf ...I've have not been on her because I'm not truly happy with my results And I didn't feel like cursing some of u neg bitches abt my page my blog my ass my opinion or my fucking comments so I've kept them to myself ......everybody have different ways of feeling abt there journey no i didn't have a lot pain no I didn't need this ass maybe just lipo would I do it again Fuck no but I would do lipo am I regretting it no I don't regret shit I do I just have to live with it ....but I was soo hype to get this shit done and I got what I asked for a broke down ghetto donkey ass!!

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And keep ya eslaps to ya selves I'm not in a mood...

And keep ya eslaps to ya selves I'm not in a mood my whole ass feel likes its in my back


Broken down ghetto donkey booty I swear I can't get enough of the Realness from you. I think you'll be satisfied you just have to give it time. Also to me I think it's completely natural for everyone post sx to be going thru an emotionally roller coaster kinda like after having a baby right?! And we are worst critics so don't be do hard ya self taking of yourself post op n NEVER MIND the Negativity. I appreciate the real I don't want no water down sugar coated blog it's called a blog for reason some individuals didnt get the memo. Happy healing!!!
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Typo *we are our worst critics**
Hope your feeling better and better about your results/healing process. U had several things done and it will take some time.....Praying U heal excellent with excellent results..... Hope to here your doing better....xoxo
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Ladies it's a corset online tinkacloset OMG check...

Ladies it's a corset online tinkacloset OMG check it out its all that !!!! just order mine !!!

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WELL I'M back lol I said let me update since me...

WELL I'M back lol I said let me update since me sleeping habits have changed !!! Yupper I don't sleep at nite anymore can't get right ..... Ok my body has changed a lot don't get me wrg some days my stomach is flattttrtttt and some days its is puggy ..everyone ask was it worth it I say yes again I don't regret nothing now would I spend that money again HELL NO .... I would have just got lipo and called it a day ...now yes my ass is still hard in the middle and soft around the edges lol its gone down some I'm.ok with it cause if it soften and fluff like Yall said ill still be fine....none since the sx my fingers are tingling my pinky and ring finger both hands sooo I said I will make a Dr appt abt that ......I'm blessed I don't work soo I have been able to stay off my ass since the sx with the times I went for messages and today I went to the mall and I was fit to be dead when I came home I was sore every where ...... Sitting I'm turning the chairs backwards that helps a lot ......and still wearing a garment how long we suppose to wear this shit its killing I hate sleeping in it !!! But I do uugghh my shape overall is better but I'm a independent woman and hate to ask and with this u can't do it alone I have to get help putting on lotion u can't bend its getting easier and I've talk to Shakana from the ti show a few times she said the same she was sore for weeks and this takes time and patience that I don't have but learned since this sx ....well ladies I'm gone I'm here just on chill till I can get better I have two trips this my one to st Thomas and back to the A for my gf bday party sooo I hope I'm cool before then let's all pray !!!

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Enter code VE3TX1A at checkout!!!!! U can get ya...

Enter code VE3TX1A at checkout!!!!! U can get ya arnica and all ya pills happy shopping ladies !!!


Wassup!!! Glad to hear everything went good. I had to change my a appointment to 4/11. I can't wait.. post some pictures!!!!
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U can tell u from philly soo aggressive lol I'm posting tomorrow missy lol
Looking good chica
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Hey ladies I use that loosely .... How r u well me...

Hey ladies I use that loosely .... How r u well me I'm cool......still not 100% maybe 70% I'm walking more I went to get Mt feet and nails done yesterday and she was hot with me lol she said what happen to ya feet lol they was rough .... I hate asking for help soo this Mt I was a ashy ass lol ...now I see that spray and go lotion I wish I seen that before ..Im just starting to be able to bend to put socks and shoes on ...uggs was my best friends ....Ny way

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Hey ladies I use that loosely .... How r u well me...

Hey ladies I use that loosely .... How r u well me I'm cool......still not 100% maybe 70% I'm walking more I went to get Mt feet and nails done yesterday and she was hot with me lol she said what happen to ya feet lol they was rough .... I hate asking for help soo this Mt I was a ashy ass lol ...now I see that spray and go lotion I wish I seen that before ..Im just starting to be able to bend to put socks and shoes on ...uggs was my best friends ....any way I wore some sweats and a wife beater and yes this ass gets all the attention I gets none and for Yall Thinking Yall can hide this ass o please get in the back seat ..everybody that know me know I've gotten something done ...... I went from flat ass to fat ass ...I seen two of my exs sooo far they both knew lol ...idgaf it didn't stop them from asking for a upclose and personal show lol nope Yall exs for a reason .... Yup I did have sex the other day lol of course from the back ...he told me I need to learn how to work this big mother f... Smdh I'm still sore but still 30% hard soo not to much juggle yet lol but it stands firm lol ... Yes I'm happy I got it done I'm still puggy in the mid section but it still goin down I wear something everyday now I didn't at first im hard headed and not to mention that garment got on my.Damn nerves and was not comfty at all I hated it ...my arms are marked up nothing worked for me the maxi pads rolled off its this stuff thatook like sheep wool my gf getting hers done we got her some of that to go on her arms .... Next week I will start working out I need this stomach right for summer I have the curves but not tight like I want them some say I'm bitching its just me maybe ...obtw Dr J is good at what he does but office is a mess to me they need to make calls to check on there pts from out of town because we can't get there for a 6 week check up.idk I think he's becoming abt this bread not pts ...when u there its good cut that check get that ass make it past a week that's it lol ...any way I'm itching every where like when ya body is healing soo I hope I'm almost done with this part of it all ...o and yes my fingers still tingle they feel like they sleep ...then sometime hurt like when u hit ya elbow and it burns ..so I do have a Dr appt for a nerve test ...ill post pics later !!!


I love the video..lolololol
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Glad you are doing well!
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Your funny. I have the tingling in two of my fingers too. My ps said its from the swellen of the body...idk I started to itch last night, I guess it's the nerves coming back or the numbness wearing off. What type of garment are you using?
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First off Philly girls lol ....there's a great...

First off Philly girls lol ....there's a great place for garments on 4648 n 5 th st helps u and everything she is all that and not to high her name is miss Patricia here number is 267-254-8405 ,,,,,,and she gave me the number to a Colombian lady name Lorena that does allll the massages and I think they like 8 for 250.00 I love her my first appt is Monday her number is 267-257-2378 ,,,,,, I'm really still swollen and have complaints abt my upper back iiiitttssssss a mess I'm in the process of complaining because my back was never sore nothing but I do have the holes at my upper arms I'm confused if it was done on not ,,,I feel like they get ya money and its a wrap ,,,,,I've called Kim is there nurse she called once then no other call ,,,,after u cut that check u r on ya own ....they told me I had a 6 week check up ,,,I never knew that no one told me I was suppose too send them post opt pics them dr J will call me on the 28 th did anyone else know this ,,,,, I didn't ant was my ass is right it's not huge it's right for my body my dip in my back make my ass look big ,,,, jeans I found joes do fit not my waist but my ass ,,,I seen the Colombians jeans I refuse they ugly nope can't do it !!!!! I will not they ugly ,,, sorry ,,,,my body yes im still sore ,,my fingers still numb ,,,they Said I'm full of fluid ,,,,no pain ,,,I'm ready to stay working out but ill wait till April it's there ass lol ,,,im driving ,,I'm taking baths laying on my stomach ,,,, I'm not still in my ass a lot because I don't have too I don't work but I sit hip to hip not on my ass ......these men tripping that's the funniest ever all my ex want to be my current ....NOPE IM COOL FOH if my back don't work out yes ill be round two with yilly not my ass just lipo and maybe hips my ass cool will I'm posting pics keep y'all nut ass comments to ya selves use words to help not hurt lol.. O and I'm really eating healthy I'm soo hungry sometimes but u pay all this money I want to keep it ( not my back ) sad face

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Ok soo y'all got pics hope y'all enjoy ,,,,,I'm ok...

Ok soo y'all got pics hope y'all enjoy ,,,,,I'm ok I feel alright still sore but I lived thanks for asking (smdh)


I have seen several girls giving 1 star for after care follow up.....was wondering why you rated it a 1? Also, we all know dr J is expensive! do you feel like you got your moneys worth? Im paying damn near 12gs and im afraid im gonna regret spending that much! Thanks girl!
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I didn't go with dr j for that same reason. but after careful research I was made to understand he doesn't do post op he ha his nurse so it. I felt if I spending so much money on dr j I want to see him before my surgery and after and after lol but yea alot of girls said his bed side manners suck :(
Hi lady! How did your massage go? Does she do home visits?
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Hey homies LOL I'm on chill still not sitting on...

Hey homies LOL I'm on chill still not sitting on my ass much but been getting massages every day this week if you are from philly try her out she is $25.00 and worth way more she is great and the machines she uses I'm seeing results and this is the first week I'm very swollen.still don't know why ...but she said he did a great job but my upper and lower bra he didn't do so much of a good job ..... Pissed yes cause if he almost got to.his limit why say no.its not worth touching ill do more somewhere else she paid for soo if he gets 4700 from every where else he will only be able to take 150 out of each bra roll which I'd nothing damn near soo I will talk to him tomorrow and see what he says if its,some bullshit ill let tall no


hey im in philly too! could u give me the contact info for the massages pls?
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Hey so happy ur recovering nicely. Besides the bra rolls u seem to love ur results and thats a good thing. I sure wish ur massage lady was in my town:-( .. Please keep us updated on ur talk with Dr J..
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And looking at that pic again I totally agree with u that ur bra roll couldve been done alot better:-( .. Do u think its swelling?

Fingers still numb and tingling like I hit my...

Fingers still numb and tingling like I hit my funny bone ....ass hott literally warm to the touch not on fire !!!back stomach flanks still sore and very swollen !!!!


. I hope every thing gets better. Usually circulation( blockage of ur blood flow) or damage nerves causes numbness/ tingling. So first I get massages done to those tingling areas. Also check your bld pressure as well. But call Dr. J about it to be safe.
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Thanks I have been gettin it done there ...and I've called Dr j never to get s call back ..I've gotten more answer from vets on here then his office !!
Thanks I have been gettin it done there ...and I've called Dr j never to get s call back ..I've gotten more answer from vets on here then his office !!

Hey ladies I'm feeling good did three classes...

Hey ladies I'm feeling good did three classes yesterday thought I would have woke up in pain but I'm not sore or nothing I'm good so goin.back at 8 am to do my fitness program today and was lookin at insanity wookout just scared to so something to lose me butt cause that's cool I just hate hate hate hate my back !!! It's a mess and again i paid for full back to get lipo I wish i just got my butt and moved on cause thats all I like ...I didn't lose a lot of weight at all with the surgery and I'm still over 200 pounds will know how much today if the first time somebody is taking my weight uugghhh so i.will let yall no my measurements any way just wanted to post and let yall know what's goin on.with me yes I'm still.sore in my back sides and stomach and my back is still numb 30% so i know I'm still swollen so i guess my three mts I.will see my results !!!


Yeeeooooo! I hope my ass be that big too...lol. my surgery is next Thursday and I am nervous as hell. My consult is this Thursday. What do you recommend that I get??
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@phillychick Who are you consulting w/? Are you staying local or flying out?
Dr. Chang in Delaware. Did you schedule yet?

Hey all I said I will start and post once a mt !!!...

Hey all I said I will start and post once a mt !!! When I started this surgery I was 238 and I'm now down to 216 my measurement are 38 34 47 ,,,,,, I started at 48 1/2 so I lost a in and a half ,,,, I never liked my lipo coming out of surgery ,,I wear a stage two goin out and my reg garment at night ( when I don't have company ) I gotten it taken in 3in on both sides ... I still get massages at miss Lorena in phila 267-257-2378 she is alllllllll that I go every two days she charges $25.00 and is she went up to $50.00 I would still go she makes me feel like a million bucks and she is really nice !!!! It's not to far from 5th and the blvd she is a columbian lady ,,, well I started the gym also once to twice a day tryin to work these thighs off but I love my ass and hips but goin for more lipo I think ????? Any way ladies have a good day


Hello, you look good girl, round 2! You better stop it lol. Did you get your lymphatic massages in Philly?
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I'm sorry yes maam her info is,at the top she is great I still go to her!!!!
Thanks ima need to save her info for when I go

Hey ladies how are you ? I'm 4mts today I know...

Hey ladies how are you ? I'm 4mts today I know this is a hard road to travel !!!! I had my sx done on valentines day am I happy yes I am but yes there is a but I'm not happy with my lipo my back has went down some but I'm working out like crazy .....now my ass is great I'm in love with it I have not lost any more standing firm at 47 inches now I do want a Lil more hips not a lot but some I get a lot of complements on my shape overall but I have to wear bras that cover this roll its not huge but it WAS NOT WORTH getting done for ME. I'm going in for a rd two with YILLY in jan for my bday if I can't lose this ex weight I'm still over 200 I'm at 216 starting this I was at 239 yes u can't tell I'm 5'9 soo I'm tall .. Obtw I'm still numb in my waist and back like 25% my left hand is still numb my pinky and ring finger like 15% my scars are still dark that was my fault I didn't use maderma from the start of this ......dr J told me I needed a tummy tuck my stomach is damn near flat that would have been a waste next to them bra rolls smdh ...and his care after he gets ya money is the weakest ever they do not care abt you once ya sx is over ,,for out of town pt they should be on it they should have a dept set up to check on there pts they don't cause u are paid already and left ATL ,I was suppose to have a 6 week check up on FaceTime he never called I called back they said they will call me back it never happened !!! I was upset but hey ,,, but I was told to come back for more lipo for a reduced rate lol cdfu whatttttttttttttttttt reduced rate fix what u didn't do the first time any way ladies .......TIPS don't take a lot of clothes to sx with u ,,,,wear ya garment at all times for ya first three mts ,,,,,that boppy pillow I was off it in two mts ,,,get maderma or scar gaurd from day one ,,,,, and get your messages I still do from miss Lorraina I love her I go once to twice a week still she is in Philly,,,,,,,o one more thing if u are over weight try to lose it first u will get better results ..........will be posting agin in 8 mts too much drama on this site we are here to help not hurt and some of these ladies I use this word loosely act like kids !!!!! Any way happy sx and happy healing ladies


I appreciate your blog and your honest opinion. I am from Philly too and I'm getting my surgery in December. Thanks for the massage advice I'm going to call her. Your butt is huge and you look great. Don't worry about and negative comments either.... Fk these negative hoes, nobody knows your like hun...stay blessed.
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LOL good luck where are u going and lorrrina is all I love her ,, and we from Philly meaning I have tough skin and a short fuse lol im rest for anything cdfu and yes I love my ass
thank you momma

3mts post opt lookin for two ass nice need more lipo and hips

still tryin to pick out a new,Dr


Check out Cortes out of Houston TX. They don't have a lipo limit.
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I found one dr Gabay in philly no I wouldn't let him do my ass but he can do my lipo here had no limits neither because he is a surgery center and hes charging me 4000 four everything I want done so I'm ready I think ill be goin next mt but I heard Dr cortes was good also but I'm happy I can stay in philly
Hey Lady, always nice to see you come thru....glad you are well.....hope all works out for you. I am FINALLY getting my surgery....scheduled for July 9th in NYC with Dt. Schulman.....and thanks for your tips as always....xoxo
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RD two in effect!!#

I'm ready for it soo im goin in the next two mts I didn't want to wait but I'm in the process of buying a house and can't touch a dime a nickel or a grape bad as I wasn't too go to DR I dint need any more ass I've seen some ghetto added in philly I don't want THAT I want to be curves for faux not just a ass... I'm 5"9 soo tall and curves works for me soo for full lipo front sides chin full back $4000 I didn't think was bad dr J charges that for four sections of ya body Dr Gabay had no limits so I'm good IHOPE lol anyway I will keep you Philly lady and others ladies informed thanks for reading!!!!


hey hun did the massage lady help with your scar tissue? Im looking for a lady in Philly before I have my surgery.
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I'm sorry call me but miss Lorraina number at the top
Sorry I apologize I see it now
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

all over from other ladies ,to google ,research ,realself and other sites !!!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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