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Hey ladies. I'm going to DR and I decided to...

Hey ladies. I'm going to DR and I decided to choose Dra. Yily de Los Santos as my doctor. I am 5"2 and 154 pounds. I'm having a tummy tuck with fat grafting to my butt and a breast lift with small implants. My body was perfect before having my son and now not so much. Everything on my body went south and I hate it!!! Please ladies if anybody went to Yily share your experience


hi..welcome and good luck..there are a lot of reviews on here for her,,just had to go threw the reviews
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us.

Here is a list of other reviews for Dr. De Los Santoas. Take a look through them and connect with some of the girls. They're a good group and offer great support to each other.

Please do keep us updated with your progress!

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Hey ladies!!! I need some help finding a good...

Hey ladies!!! I need some help finding a good recovery home!!


Ok so due to scheduling conflicts at work it looks like I will be going a little earlier. I'm so nervous!!! I'm waiting for Yily to email be back to confirm march 9! Is any real self ladies going at this time?
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Hey hun I am going to Yily March 9th....I am coming from NYC.....let's talk. I am trying to stay at a recovery house....r u interested in sharing. I heard both the recovery house and Dr. Yily discount if we share a room and surgery date. Natalie
Yes!!! Are you able to inbox me? i jjust got confirmation from Yily for march 9th and she said I will be the second person for that day so you must be 1st!! I was looking at JM medical spa it's 75 per day

Hey ladies! I need some advice. I also got an all...

Hey ladies! I need some advice. I also got an all inclusive(except the flight) quote from Dra. Robles( also in santo Domingo) for 5800. That's just for breastlift w/implant and a tummy tuck. I'm torn between Robles and Yily but I'm leaning towards Robles. Her breast work is so much better plus she does the donut breast lift that leaves no scars!!! I won't be able to get the bbl but that's not a deal breaker for me cause everyone says I have a nice booty lol. Please help!! I need an input from you ladies. The price also includes a 10 day stay at the recovery house and medication


Please let me know where you stayed for recovery. I'm thinking of going to see Dr. look great!
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I dont think you need a tummy tuck how bout BBL & lift w Implants and robles is not so expensive... im confused... wait this was two years ago LOL
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Why a tummy tuck? you really don't appear to need one. I think your stomach looks fine.
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