Expectations exceeded~ Team Yily!!

Hey ladies I have been on this board since July...

Hey ladies I have been on this board since July 2012 and have finally made a decision to go to Yily. I am getting bbl and breast lift with no implants. I am staying at the spa and have heard that it is cheaper if you come room with someone. So if any of you ladies is going to Yily around this time I would love to partner up. I am leaving from ATL to SDQ.

I was quoted $2900 for liposculpture back,flanks,tummy an arms. With breast implant $4600. Not sure about the boobs tho. Planning on staying 10 days an you?
I will be going the same day. Is this your 1st surgery? Have you been to DR prior

So far this is what I have for my...

So far this is what I have for my surgery
• Arnica
• Mederma
• Vitamins(vitamin C, iron)
• Shower shoes
• Antibacterial soap
• Gold Bond Anti-itch cream
• stool softener
• firming lotion
• Benadryl
• Tylenol pm
• hibiclens
• Baby wipes
• hand sanitizer
• gloves
• pads
• bromalien
• arnica tablets•
• Foam- $35
• Board- $30

Things I need to buy
• folic acid
• prescription
Yes this is my first surgery my quote is 3800 I'm getting bbl breast lift no implants. I'm leaving out on the 17th and is hoping to have my surgery on the 18th. When do you plan to have your surgery?
And yea I have been struggling weather or not to get the boobs done also.. Decisions.. Decisions
Well yesturday i was on jetblue an my flight also seems to work best if i leave the 17th at night. I would arrive in DR at like 2am but i could care less as long as i have transportation waiting for me. Since i had surgery before a year ago, i wanted to see the doctor i had my surgery with prior just to make sure he says its safe to do it again. But i really dont want to bother with him. How you charge me 4500 for lipo an tummy tuck an I am still fat as can be??? I did a total of 35 massages after as well. I dont think he did a good job at all. I cant say i got sick or he messed me up but what he did for sooo much money was TAKE MY MONEY. I look honestly worse then when i went a year ago all i had was a baby belly but that was after having my baby. I cant tell you about how your experience might be because i never got a BBL or implants. I got lip, tummy tuck only. An the tummy tuck is hell on earth super painful an lipo is manageable. Do you speak spanish?

I really hope I can find a doc to prescribe me my...

I really hope I can find a doc to prescribe me my meds before I leave!
Hey where did you get your boards and foam from??
Yes that is where I plan to stay there as well just haven't sent my info yet?
where are you flying from?

Here are the links to the board and the foam...

Here are the links to the board and the foam



The website for the board is in spanish but if you look to your left in the purple menu box towards the bottom it gives you the option of switching the site to english.

For my ladies who had the surgery or is getting...

For my ladies who had the surgery or is getting the surgery in DR, how did you call home? Was it expensive?
If you have an iPhone or android they have an app called Viber it's free look in to it
Thanks I sure will
I have posted the links up top..

My surgery is next week and I feel like I am so...

My surgery is next week and I feel like I am so unprepared. The situation is getting stressful. But I am calm because it will soon be a thing of the past. But my advice will be to start buying things early it doesnt matter if your surgery is months away start now it will save you time and you will be more relaxed and excited about your surgery.. i think so anyways. But do start early on buying things it will help. I have added a couple things to my list:

• Feminine wipes
• Bacitracin(NEOSPORIN)
• Large bandaids
• Diurex (WATER PILLS)
Hopefully I don't have to or better yet feel the need to add anything else. :-)

I have 4 more days till my surgery! I will start...

I have 4 more days till my surgery! I will start packing today to make sure I won't forget anything. I am going to try my best to pack only what I need. I am excited about the surgery but of course having doubts but I guess it's normal when you are about to have a procedure like this. I can't wait until I am on the other side. I went out this weekend and had the hardest time finding something to wear. I can't wait when that day come I can just go and throw pretty much anything on and it will work.
Good luck girl! Praying for your speedy recovery !! You will look amazing !
Thanks ladies..ur encouragement means the world! I promise I will update ASAP!!!
Good luck!!

Thursday was my traveling and what a day it was. I...

Thursday was my traveling and what a day it was. I was flying on stand-by as of Wednesday afternoon the flights had many seats but Wednesday evening all the flights were oversold!! I was stressed. I had to go through ATL to SDQ. In order to make it to ATL I had to take a 2 hour bus ride to another city to catch a flight to ATL.. Mind u the flight departs 6 and of course te bus left late so I didn't get to the city I was traveling to until 5:20am! I was in panic mode. There bus station looked all run down and guess what no taxi!! So I called one and luckily for me he came about 5:25am. I told him my flight is taking off at 6 I need to get there like now! And did he get me there he was driving oh so fast but I was happy with it! I get to the airport a lil after 5:30 and had them print off my boarding pass and thankfully I had my employee badge cuz I got to skip the line through security! So I get to ATL and of course our flight was delayed due so I end up getting to the DR 2 hours late and was so scared that it wasn't going to be anybody there to pick me up.. But as I walked out I seen a big sign with my name on it!! I'm like YESSSS! So I get to the recovery house and everybody is super dupa nice.. Everybody here seem so affectionate from the hugs to the playing in my hair.. Which I didn't mind I love head rubs.. Lol.. But I ate took my vitamins and talked to my fam and went to sleep.

I'm up and getting myself ready to go to CIPLA. Jacqueline took me. Got there a lil after 6 and they took bloodwork and all the other things they need to have for my surgery. I had a translator that helped me everything that was provided by the hospital.. I sat around a little bit and dr Yily's assistant came in to introduce herself.. She greeted me with a hug and stated dr Yily is on her way.. A lil time later dr Yily came in and marked me up. Then I took the blue I waited for them to roll me surgery.. Once I got in the surgery room they put an iv in my arm and I was out!! I remember waking up during surgery I didn't feel anything but kept asking for a blanket cuz I was so cold.. Then I was out again.. When I woke up I was in my room and the first thing I notices I couldn't move my legs of feet I guess because they been limped for so long so I got into my "Kill Bill" role and start saying to myself wiggle your big toe..lol but it only took a minute or so for me to start moving again.. It was around 5 when I woke up.. The night nurses was soo nice and attentive but them day nurses pretty much didn't want to deal with u.. My only problem I had the first night was laying down too long.. I get cramps in my stomach when I lay down for too long so the nurse who stayed in my room all night I kept waking her up cuz the cramps in my stomach were giving me the blues.. They told me I couldn't get up until 7am by 4am I couldn't take it anymore I guess she couldn't either because she finally helped me up.. I felt so much better.. I finally was able to sleep for a lil bit over an hour and here comes the shift change.. Of course I had to call them numerous times before somebody came and sometimes they didn't come.. So from that point I taught myself how to carefully get out of bed or just sit up by myself.. Yes I was doing this at one day post op!! Finally Jacqueline came to pick me up and off to the recovery house I go.. I get there and laid down and was sleep off and on didn't have an appetite but made myself eat which was very hard to do.. Now I am 2 days post op and haven't really felt in pain pain just a lot of soreness and stiffness.. So far I love love love my shape and hoping my booty go down just a little bit which I think it will.
Hi I can't find the board on that website I turned it to English in still can't find it
Hey Hun. Hope everything is going alright for u nd ur healing up nicely. Take care
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