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Hello ladies I've recently did research on Dra...

Hello ladies I've recently did research on Dra Yily and I must say she does amazing work. I've decided to go to her hoping the 2nd week of March. I'll be traveling by my self and would mind a buddy who's going around the same time. This will be my 1st time to DR. Im in the process of getting info and a date and will update when I do. If any is interested plzzz let me know thnx!!!!

I want my procedure in April and considering her also but don't know how to get in contact! Her site is all Spanish!!!! Help
If u go to google first and then search her there they have a link to translate her page, once on her page scroll a to the bottom!!
I would be willing to travel there in March, however Im having difficulty getn in contact with Dr. Yillys ofc.

Hello again finally booked for March 15th if...

Hello again finally booked for March 15th if anyone is interested in a buddy, hoping to stay at JP spa and wouldn't mind sharing room with someone to save on money. I plan on leaving March 14th or if a very early flight leave on the 15th I will take that one!!
Call 809-331-5050 and ask to speak with Vita, she speaks great English. She will pull up your email u sent and send u a quote back the same day, at least that's what happen to me, if she doesn't answer and someone who speaks Spanish does just call back a little later she will eventually answer!!
Call 8009-331-5050 ext 208 ask for Vita she speaks english, she snt me quote the same day i spoke with her if she doesn't answer call back a little later until she does!!!
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