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Travel Buddy! - Dominican Republic, DO

Hello ladies I've recently did research on Dra...

Hello ladies I've recently did research on Dra Yily and I must say she does amazing work. I've decided to go to her hoping the 2nd week of March. I'll be traveling by my self and would mind a buddy who's going around the same time. This will be my 1st time to DR. Im in the process of getting info and a date and will update when I do. If any is interested plzzz let me know thnx!!!!

Hello again finally booked for March 15th if...

Hello again finally booked for March 15th if anyone is interested in a buddy, hoping to stay at JP spa and wouldn't mind sharing room with someone to save on money. I plan on leaving March 14th or if a very early flight leave on the 15th I will take that one!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon


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I want my procedure in April and considering her also but don't know how to get in contact! Her site is all Spanish!!!! Help
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If u go to google first and then search her there they have a link to translate her page, once on her page scroll a to the bottom!!
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Call 809-331-5050 and ask to speak with Vita, she speaks great English. She will pull up your email u sent and send u a quote back the same day, at least that's what happen to me, if she doesn't answer and someone who speaks Spanish does just call back a little later she will eventually answer!!
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I would be willing to travel there in March, however Im having difficulty getn in contact with Dr. Yillys ofc.
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Email her she does take about 4-5 days to respond, but she will I'm also looking to go in March she did contact me and I'm waiting for quote so I can send deposit!!!!!
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Try calling 809.331.5050 ext.208 Vita speaks English or you can email her at drayilyplastica@gmail.com it can take 3-7 days to get a response. Good Luck!
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Call 8009-331-5050 ext 208 ask for Vita she speaks english, she snt me quote the same day i spoke with her if she doesn't answer call back a little later until she does!!!
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