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I have been on this blog like crazy! I dream about...

I have been on this blog like crazy! I dream about ass looking at so many. I FINALLY got quote from Duran I feel like I can get this ball rolling now. I know I have 9 mos but I'm so anxious. I am 5'6 143lbs. Trying to gain at least 10 before my BIG day! It's so hard for me because I have a very fast metabolism. I thought I may not have enough fat for great results but she confirmed I do. Well my journey starts now ladies. Will send my deposit to Dr. Duran and Angie at recovery house. So I'm on my way ladies

Another Quote From Duran!

Hello Dolls!! Well i received another quote From the famous Duran. Went from 4000 to 3800. Sounds good to me but 3500 sounds even better! Lol:). I want be cheap for this one. I just want to be Transformed....i dream of having hips and azz to fill my jeans. She said i have enough fat no need to gain 10 lbs but i know. The way my appetite has been lately i may gain anyway but at least i know i don't need too. Later Ladies!!

Help with deposit to Dr. Duran

Do anyone happen to know how does this work with sending Duran deposit? Did anyone ever send deposit to her Citibank account? I just want to know before I go to a Citibank and have a hard time. Thank you in advance!

The Email from Duran!

Hi Felicia
It is us3,800 lipo and bbl. You have enough fat, so dont gain weight.
You can be agree with elizabeth about date.
Greeting and thank you for want to be my patient. I'll be glad to have you here.
This is the general information:

Medication before surgery:
i like To know hemoglobin level if It is possible If not You can use a month before: Iron with ácido folico and vitamin C and B12 (only It before surgery)
Use 2 days before surgery antibacterial soap for take shower like dermiscrub liquid soap.

After surgery You'll need:

-fraxiparina o mexaprin
-amoxicilina con ácido clavulanico
-hierro (Iron)
Vitamina C, B12
Proteína (ensure)
Lioton gel (heparin gel)
Arnica (tab y crema)

toallas sanitarias (pad)
Franela o t sirt cotton (blanco, white)
Toallitas húmedas (wipes)
Ropa cómoda (confortable clothes)

This price includes:

•Pre-surgical medical examinations

•Cardiologic Evaluation

•Photographs (before and after surgery)

•Operating Room


•Post-surgical Accessory (1 Garment)

•Supplies and disposable materials

•Medicines (analgesics and antibiotics)

•Medical fees

•One night at the clinic

•One night of nursing care

•Consultation and medical checks before and after surgery

•Physician examinations and consultations, pre and post-operative

This price excludes the cost of medical insurance and post-operative medications. The medical insurance is a requirement and its purpose serves to ensure that you are covered in the event that you will need to be transferred to a local hospital in case of an emergency. The cost of this insurance is $130 USD. The cost of the post-operative medication is $150 USD

The patient is responsible for reserving their flight and stay. I recommend that my patients stay at a recovery house to ensure they are receiving the proper care during their recovery. Please reserve your stay and send me the details of your choice upon confirmation of surgery. You will need to be here for at least 10 days

wish pics!

A few wish pics! Can't wait.....Uggggg

Appointment Made! Yay!!!

Finally!!! I spoke to Durans assistant Elizabeth today. I made both me and my buddy appointments! I'm so excited. I'm so glad I spoke to her because I wanted surgery on the June 30th but she said Dr will not be doing surgery on that day that it will have to be June 27th. Works for me I can manage a few days earlier. Ladies this is really a journey trying to get in touch with this lady is like pulling teeth but I believe it's all worth it. I completed another step to this journey. Im so excited! YAY!!! Will update again once deposit is sent. Later Dolls

My mind is playing tricks on ME!,

Hello lovelies!! Just figured I will drop in for a quick review. I really think I'm going ass crazy ladies. Lol. I wake up and go to sleep to this site. The hubby is getting a little jealous of the iPad. Lol. Oh well. I'm addicted to this ISH. I finally stopped harassing Duran with all my questions and emails and decided to focus on getting myself right for this procedure. Starting to work out, just a little don't want to loose weight just want to tone legs and stretch a lot. I haven't been doing nothing lately but eating. So it's time to get right. I know 7 months seem so far right now but will be here before I know it. BAM! I wish I can go sooner but unfortunately I have my son's college tuition and other debts to pay off first but when my mind is set on something I want, I am that type of chick to always make it happen by the grace of God! I praise him for he is worthy to be praised!! I am truly blessed. So as I count down these months ahead I will be updating you ladies on my journey. I still don't know if my buddy is going to go but if not I'm ready to take this journey alone. I'm not new to this ISH, I'm true to this ISH! My GoD has my back and I will be fine. Later Ladies......

a few more pre ops

Just dropping in for a quick update. I swear i need RE anonymous. Hello my name is Felicia and im an addict. Lol. I can't wait. Guess its time to start shopping for my items. In so excited bout this procedure. I wish i can sleep and BAM its June 27th but i got to wait this out but with so much beautiful and experienced ladies to take this journey with me its going to be a BLAST......Owwwwe! Til next post ladies. God Bless~~

Sorry for Typos

Sorry ladies for the typos. In another quote from Duran. I meant I won't be cheap for this one and in my last post I meant RS not RE. This damn phone! Uggh. Have to proof read before I post. Be going all fast. Don't want you ladies to think. This b*#^h is illiterate. Lol. Far from it

Time to Countdown

Hello my sistas! I have been neglecting my page but so much has been going on in my life but I'm a trooper....moving right along. Well I have been waiting for the New Year to come in before I really start my countdown. Still haven't sent my deposit and June is already filling up but if it's meant to be I will still have my day for June 27th. If not I will wait for her (Duran). I will send it before the month of January is out because I'm already to anxious so don't really want to wait any longer. I want to start toning up but don't want to really loose no fat, I don't have that much already but she said for me not to gain but 10 Llbs wouldn't hurt. Any suggestions ladies on if I should wait until after bbl to workout and will I loose my butt. I'm so confused but I want to be right for this procedure and get great results because this is the last cosmetic surgery for me so I need this to be right don't want to go back for any revisions. Not looking for no big ol dumb ass but enough to fill out my jeans and that top shelf you feel me ladies! So I am starting to get my supplies together. I work part time overnight at a healthcare facility so you already know. Just got to get vitamins and a few other items. Will post photos soon don't know why this iPad won't post photos. Ugh! Anywho. I have less than 6 mos ladies. Yippeee! I have to really occupy my mind and time because I've been so wrapped up in this bbl shit since I've came across this site. Finally I'm doing this the healthy way. Thank GOD I didn't go to Colombia for pmma because I would have truly regretted it in the long run and I don't need an ass that bad to have a foreign substance injected in my body but it was a thought. I have stopped smoking cigarettes for 2 weeks now. Pray for me ladies that I can beat this. I know I have to do it. I can do this. I know I can't stop the good good right now but cutting down and will stop 1 month before surgery even though I never did for any other procedure but I will this time it seems like a lot of blood lost with lipo and bbl so I want to be as right as can be. I feel like 2014 is gonna be my year. I am turning 40 on April 1st and getting my dream body in June. Going to Jamaica for my 7th year anniversary in August. Also doing a trip with my girls to Vegas. I will have all my debts paid by March then a sister will have some money to blow! Yaaaas hunties!! Well I hope you all have a safe and prosperous New Year! Will update soon. Stay blessed~~

Date Changed but Deposit Sent

Hello Ladies! It's been a while but my life has been really busy and hectic. I wanted to just drop in and update you ladies little. Well unfortunately I had to change my date from June 26th to October 20th. I sent my deposit today from my TD Bank which is my bank. I know on Durans email it says from Citibank but I read a few dolls reviews and I saw that they went to other banks. The transmission was successful and I sent Duran a copy of receipt. I purchased a $2 calling card as soon as I left the bank and called Durans office. I confirmed and secured my date for October 20th. I am really excited now that it is done. I wish it could be sooner but everything happens for a reason and this gives me a little more time to save. Ive started purchasing my supplies and being as though I work at a healthcare facility part time I've been able to get a lot of items from there. Saving money. Lol. I am up to 148lbs I was aiming for 150 but now that I have time why not 155. I don't want to even think about it but it's so hard to get off the brain. It seems like October is next year but hopefully it will fly by. I will purchase my ticket next month and pray I can still get for 400 round trip don't want to wait until it starts rising. As far as the infamous Duran I guess she is really busy because she haven't been responding to any emails. I see it's best to just call her cell phone and office. Also for you ladies who have not yet sent deposits if you send from your bank make sure you have Durans bank address which was not in email they cannot process it without that and her address which is included in her email but the bank address is Expresso 27 Febrero Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. My husband keeps telling me( it's nothing wrong with your butt). Well maybe to him but to me it can use a lil Ummph! I got the boobs and flat tummy so I feel I need to complete it with the booty. I want to go shopping so damn bad but I refuse to buy any clothes until I'm transformed;) I heard from a friend that was suppose to come with me that a girl from Irvington Nj just died from When she went to Duran I forgot what from but I guess now she is backing out and going to another Dr here in the states but I feel like complications can arise with Dr and my heart is telling me that Duran is the one. I let people discourage me on my last journey to DR for my TT and BA. I kept hearing you shouldn't go over there, you don't need to do that. I backed out then decided I'm doing this after having to keep looking at them sagging boobs and flabby belly that I just couldn't get rid of. I went but took a friend with me because I didn't know what expect but it turned out to be a beautiful experience so this time I have to go alone but I'm looking forward to it. I pray there are no more obstacles in my way to deter me from going in October. In the meantime I will be preparing for my journey but don't want to overdue it because I know me. Can any of you ladies that have already been through this let me know the necessities. Don't want to be traveling with too much alone. Til later ladies.

Getting Stuff in Order! EARLY!

Hola Chicas! I had to do another review to let you ladies know about the free Boppy pillow. I was on Craig's list and decided to search for boppy pillows and came across this ad for free boppy pillows. So for you dolls who are interested and will be traveling like myself the website is when u choose your pillow and check out use promo code SAVE50. I chose one for 39.95. You will still have to pay for shipping which is $12.95. That's not bad for a brand new boppy not sure how long it will last but I figured I will let u ladies know. I share my deals. Any who here is a photo of the one I purchased but they have several to choose from

A few wish pics

Just a few wish pics

pre op photos

photos didn't download

Here are some pre ops
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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Thanks for sharing all ur journey"s read all ur blogs:) Buenos Suerte con cirugia estetica :-)
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Your welcome sweetie!:)
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I am trying to go to the DR ASAP. I also have the same height and weight and was wondering if I had enough fat being that I am top heavy 34DDD. but unlike many my stomach is packed along with my love handles. so we shall see...Best of luck in your journey!!
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also thanks for link..just ordered my pillow for shipping cost only
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I hear you girlie. I wish I can go sooner to. I'm sure you have enough fat even though she said for me not to gain any. I still want to get to my goal weight of 150 but I wish you the best of luck on your journey also and I'm am glad you got your boppy. Thank you and I will be following your journey. When do you plan on going?
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I am thinking I want to go either end of next month or may. I was considering just going as walk in this week so decided to o to the Drs. to ask if my seasonal allergies post a problem and he said no but prescribed a lot f med as I have really bad allergies. Good thing is I got labs but need to wait a few weeks to get to my 90%. As long as I have allergies will never be 100.
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Yess! Gud luck with that Hun. Take your time and work on you and your health first.
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Thanks luv! I'm sure you will have enough. If she telling my little butt not to gain weight but I am anyway. Just a few pounds. Thank you and best of luck to you also my luv!
  • Reply
I think I will just go to D.R. At the end of month and do a walk in.
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Congrats! Are you traveling alone?
  • Reply
Thank you sweetie! Yes I am. My buddy backed out.
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I might be goin around that time too. I already have a August date, but some other stuff has come up and I might have to push it back a lil.
  • Reply
I hope you do. Sorry you had to postpone like I did but everything happens for a reason boo but we gon get these new bodies;). It would be a pleasure if we can buddy up. Keep me posted and good luck with your journey.
  • Reply
Yes, just a little set back, but nothing gonna stop me from gettin my BOOTY!! Lol. I workin on getting a later date now so if ican get a date around yours we can definitely buddy up, I been looking for a buddy for months!!! Good look with your preparation, I'll keep you posted.
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Ok! Thanks and yes keep me posted. I'm praying you can
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Good luck! How did you send your payment.? Did you just go to the bank and give them the number that she sent you. I'm confused on how to send her the down payment.
  • Reply
Yes I just sent it today and I sent it through my bank. If you haven't already I can tell you what I did
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Congrats on your quote & i wish you well on your journey Hun!
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Thanks boo! You are looking fab yourself. Loving your results. A little upset I had to postpone but everything happens for a reason. Gives me more time to prepare.
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Good luck!! Really wishing you the best on your journey..
  • Reply
Thanks sweetie! I really appreciate that
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Thanks cocopuffs!
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Hey hunny! Wishing you all the best and a smooth journey! I know Duran gonna hook u up! :)
  • Reply
Thanks hunny!! I'm so excited and a little nervous at the same damn time...but I'm READY!
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Alright Hun you are getting ready obese & your foundation is great Duran is gonna work it out for us no doubt. I will be following your journey & good luck.
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