I was torn but now I'm gonna be a Almonte Doll- Dominican Republic, D

I would like to get TT , aggressive lipo in...

I would like to get TT , aggressive lipo in tummy/waist, lipo of back and arms, and BA. I have a huge booty already so what can they do to smooth it out more? . This is going to be my bday gift to myself next yr and I can't wait. I'm looking for feedback from you guys also full expense estimates from others who've gotten surgery done already with one of the two Doctors I'm torn between. Thanks soo much and I look forward to my journey . ????????????
You look fab already girl but go for it. You definitely don't need bbl I thought you were a wish pic! Lol
Thanks I appreciate the compliment . I wish I was at my wish pic I gotta get this tummy down .
Wow, you have an amazing booty already!! I'm pretty certain I'm sticking with Duran although Im checking a few US docs right now. My biggest concern is whether or not someone would try injecting silicone or somethin I didnt ask for in there once they saw what they had (or didn't have) to work with! I wish there were fat donors!

Yay so I got a email response from Dra Yily on 2 days from inquiring .

So a few days ago I finally created my account with realself after months of obsession of the makeovers Yily and Duran Dolls have had. So I emailed Yily first and she replied last night saying : Thanks for getting in touch with us!

To better assist you and provide you a quote, Would you please send me the following:

1- Pics of you (front, back and both sides) light on clothes although it is preferably naked (as you feel comfortable! :)

2. Age

3. Height

4. Weight

5. Procedures you want to have done

6. How many pregnancies have you had?

7. How many deliveries?

8. Any medical condition?

9. Any other information we must know before surgery?

So I'll be taking pics this weekend to send to Dra Yily and will reach out to Duran as well and wait for her reply .
You dnt need a bbl at all or it will look cartoonish!!
Ikr thanks . I just want TT , lipo of back & arms and Brest implants . Maybe some fat in my hips since they armed really there
Good Blessing to your choice

Soooo.. I've decided to go with Baez

After all the research I'm in love with Baez work and feels she is perfect for my body type and my body for my end look. I haven't seen or heard anything bad and I'm sure she is the right Dr for my SX I feel it in my gut however you can never be to cautious and get more info , please let me know if you all have heard of any complications with her and patients ????. I can't wait I'm nervous , excited , & anxious . I can't wait until sept 2014 ????????????????

Help!!!! I need a wish pic

Hey ladies looking at me now (my pics attached) can you post some good wish pic for my body type . I want nice size boobs (implants) more hips & flat tummy , just nice natural hourglass look????
Thanks hon I chose Baez

Let the count down begin sept is a long time to go

But I'm sure time will go by fast and be here before I know it . And I can't wait because I want my waist snatched and boobs attached .
You already look great! Baez is a great doctor but she has too had recent complication. One of her patients got an infection but she says Baez was on top of it. All doctors make mistakes but Baez does have the one .Congrats!
You look great already hun! and if you want a bbl go for it, it will be like icing on the cake. if you want more projection(lawd that booty will be so big) den you should do it. Lipo around the waist will definitely would bring out your curves more. I hope you know your face is showing and just be careful because ppl steal pics.
Ok thanks can I edit post with pic

Me before

The monthly countdown until I'm a Baez beauty -7 mos to go

So I'm 7 mos. Pre-op and I'm sooo anxious . I can't wait however I'm on a journey again to lose weight I've relapsed to old habits of snacking on chips and sweets(Resputia is inside me) so here's more recent before pics . However I'm starting the gym soon and weight loss pills GlamBody Detox . I did GlamBody Detox 2.5 yrs ago and loss -50 lbs in 4.5 months . Since I've been back to bad habits I will have to start again but I'm adding clean eating and workouts too. ????????????
I read about the glambody detox. How did you purchase it?
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Who had a complication?what kind ? A infection ? Please share ... Because getting an infection can be caused by the patient too by not following aftercare instructions

Finding your true soulmate/ SX Dr. Is soo hard ...

Just an update on finding my doctor I'm going to for sure for my SX to get tummy tuck , lipo of back , arms , waist & breast implants with all inclusive stay is Dra. Fatima Almonte . I love her work I've seen in groups from her dolls and to top it's off before I even decided on her her communication along with her lovely assistant Lesley is SUPERB????????????. I mean when I sent whatsapp message I got response right away and she have me her assistant number to whatsapp her . When I contacted Lesley she was very informative , responsive and wonderful overall. She told me to call her to discuss things like what quote Dra. Almonte gave my friend & I , dates we want and how to secure the dates. When my phone hung up she called me right back to finish our convo. Now that's good communication . So now it's official I'll be an Almonte Doll Oct 2014 & I can't wait . I'll keep you guys posted on my weight loss journey before surgery with GlamBody Detox as well . Smooches ????


So yesterday I sent deposits for SX for myself & my friend . I'm so excited because we have talked about SX for 4.5 yrs and now it's OFFICIAL... LET THE COUNTDOWN ????? BEGIN. we have 6 more months until we go and get bodied . We plan to get Sx Sept/Oct .

Deposit pic

Woot wootv
you look great! cant wait to see your results! im thinking of going down in aug if she has openings im freaking out! how much was your deposit? keep me posted on your progress! best wishes!
Thanks hon I will def keep ya posted

Yes !!! Got my labs back hemo 13.9

Hello ladies I'm so excited I went to get my labs done by my PCP Friday AM . I was worried that my hemo levels would be low. I got my results back today... Drumroll please ... It's 13.9 ???? & I haven't started my vitamins yet . My SX is Oct so with help of vitamins and what I'm already doing food wise I can't wait to see my levels . But I'm officially cleared by my PCP so far for SX ????

What's needed for surgery

What Dra Almonte said to bring

Oh my gosh I have 126 days to go

Oh my gosh it was 11 months away when I made my mind ???? up & started my journey now I'm 126 days (4 months) away ????. I will be a Almonte Doll ... I can't wait to to enhance my curves . I WILL BE SNATCHED WITH BOOBS ATTACHED . ????
Yes boo! I'm October 2nd. It's coming quick. Good luck boo but you look great already. You are going to be from the gawwwwds when she finish withbyou
With you

We are counting down the days

When my close friend and I started this journey it was 11 months ago & between 3 doctors for this SX . Now we are booked and confirmed with the 1 Dra we chose . Dra Fatima Almonte ????. We went from 11 months to 126 days (4 months) left . That's less than 6 months now . I'm so ecstatic !!!????????
R u from USA?
Did you pick your recovery house yet?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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