Hey guys, been on the site for awhile, but...

Hey guys, been on the site for awhile, but recently started investigating in actually finding a doctor in my area. Ive wanted this surgery before I even know it was invented and I think its about time that I get it.. I don't want a big ole booty but a little fluff never hurt anyone. I was thinking about Dr Salama or Mendieta but their prices are way to high plus I live in the Caribbean, so I think that Yily is my best choice.I messaged her 27/02/2013, called the next day to make sure they received my email and was told that there's a four-five day wait. So today is day five and I'm waiting on my call. Hopefully I get my day in May wish me luck !!!!

So being that its take a longer than expected time...

So being that its take a longer than expected time to get an initial response, and also because if I use another set of dates I would have more recovery time. So I'm gonna wait until she responds and change my date from May 24th to May 27th/28th
(3 weeks recovery before heading back to work)
Hey Tan...if you don't receive an email by tomorrow you should call Yira and have her look up your email

YAY!!!!!! I just got fed up with waiting another...

YAY!!!!!! I just got fed up with waiting another day and called, and fortunately got the english speaking lady....and guess what I got my date JUNE 2nd !!!!!! im excited as hell...my deposit is $500

Correction it was $300

correction it was $300
yay! my date is june 4th! hope to see you then :)
ditto :) *happy dance*... how long do you have to pay the deposit?
Happy you got a date girlie! Did you already send your deposit?

Hey guys, I'm still waiting on Yily to respond to...

Hey guys, I'm still waiting on Yily to respond to my email even though they gave me June 3rd as my date. I haven't sent in my deposit because I really want to have some type of correspondence with her first and so I can get a QUOTE!!!! Maybe I'm just anxious but I'm loosing my patience waiting for a response :(, I just want a booty lol. I'm thinking about taking out a small loan also to help with the accommodation cost (really want my mom there with me)
I am also waiting on a response it has been two weeks. I even called and also got the eglish speaking one and she said I needed to wait to receive and email quotation before I can have a date and more information. It really sucks to wait while she is just getting more and more booked up. I have money and am so ready.
Im not sure.... I think it is needed to save your date. So if someone wants your date and they pay their deposit first they get the date
Send $500!! If someone wants your spot and they are willing to pay a bigger deposit then I heard she will bump you



Before surgery

- It is VERY important to have a good hemoglobin level to have the surgery done. Also i recomend you to
see a cardiologist few days before coming.

-You should start taking vitamins, B complex, ferrous sulfate, folic acid, vitamin C.
-Stop smoking
-Stop taking drugs
-You should have a doctor or nurse that able to drain your liquids when you get back to your country.
-Your hemoglobin levels have to be more than 12 gm/ dl.

-You should have the tests done there to be sure that you can have surgery. The tests are: Creatinine,
glucose, full blood count, hematocrit, EKG, radiography

-You need to bring loose clothes, a shirt to wear under the garment, baby wipes and maternity pads.

-You have to bring any identification to the clinic (ID, Passport or driving license) To have the admission
Need tip on preop
I actually was reading another users post on what Yily sent her , I don't remember her user name right now tho. Or were you going to give me preop tips?
She told me the same thing, but when I pressured her about not wanting to lose my date because they were approving other people she told me to hold on and then took down my date and told me to make my deposit. Their customer service skills suck, even if they are busy, and I'm still waiting on this email. So put some pressure on her

So I was reading through the site (yeah I'm...

So I was reading through the site (yeah I'm addicted) and I realized that these surgeons have different theories on how many post op. massages to get. Being that I'm flying into the dominican republic to see Yily, I'm getting kind of scared about not being able to get the right amount and not being able to find anyone here to do it. How many massages are you guys intending on getting there? and I still haven't received an email from YILY!!!! grr

So I read somewhere that Yily does surgeries on...

So I read somewhere that Yily does surgeries on Saturday, if this is true and I hope it is, I'd be so grateful. So much going on around and after the time I really want to go so a weekend sx date would be great. Still havent received a response sent my message on the 27th of february, called and called and sent responses to my own emails, have my date and still nothing from Yily. really getting discouraged now. On another note I'm gonna pay for my mom to come with me even if we just stay at the recovery house for a week to 10 days and then get a hotel room, yeah Imma mama's girl....cross your fingers hope I get my email today.

After 2 weeks of waiting I finally got a response....

After 2 weeks of waiting I finally got a response... at 2.34 in the morning (1.34 their time I think) saying, " I see you are all set, Do you have any questions?" wth, Ive previously asked for a quote so I was at least expecting that. I'm starting to become a bit skeptical about Yily.

So Yily, hasnt responded to my message btw, I may...

So Yily, hasnt responded to my message btw, I may have a complication, so there was an accident and since I'm a blood donor I donated. Has anyone ever done this, do you think she'll have to push my date back?

Finally got a professional email from Yily yay...

Finally got a professional email from Yily yay me!!!! Unfortunately I won't be able to go on the date that I wanted because while I was waiting on the quote/email another person took my vacay days. So looks like I'm going in July instead :( . With what Ive read on other blogs I'm not really interested in the buddy 'system' so I'm definately carrying my mom with me

Unhhh so July is a no no....so September it is...

Unhhh so July is a no no....so September it is plus I'l be getting extra recovery time which is a bonus... I'm so excited about going, the only thing is that I'm on medication for my urticaria and anaphylaxis which is always a major issue for me ( another good reason for pushing my date back as I'm on medications for it on a monthly basis). Any of you ladies have issues with allergies or breathing? I asked Yily about it today and I'm waiting on a response
Did you get through to them as yet?

So Yily hasn't responded to my email as yet, and...

So Yily hasn't responded to my email as yet, and I've been looking into Dr. W. Perry. So far I've received one email ( very detailed and authentic), make me feel like I'm talking to an actual persons instead of a basic 'copy and paste'. he price range is a big difference , however with my condition I need to ensure that the Doctor I chose can understand what I'm saying, and also is aware of the condition. My only issue is that I need a cheaper place to stay being that I plan on being over there for at least 3 weeks post op ( so I get get the proper massages and follow up care.)

Just got my quote from Arianny Sturla ( Dr....

Just got my quote from Arianny Sturla ( Dr. Salzhauer) and while I know he does great work I'm not certain if I can afford him. They quoted me at $9995 and a discount brought it down to $8995...I'm waiting to hear Dr. Perry's quote. The cost of the surgery as well as accommodation for 3 weeks, a nurse first few days, massages is gonna be costly, So far I can accounut for $7500 with savings from now up to then, thinking about taking out a loan to help me out.
Oh you wrote what I was thinking perry,saltz if i should go through with this. I my self is back and forth emailing with Arianny too in the end it looks saltz will be my guy (bbl)if i do go through with it...dr.Perry will be doing my breast lift for sure today was supposed to be my day to do bl but had to put it on the back burner because my dads very sick...

So I emailed Dr. Perry back and have not received...

So I emailed Dr. Perry back and have not received a response. Basically my email was asking about all the medical concerns, the mas that were massages that were available in my home town etc. So at this point not really sure what I'm going to do. This process is really frustrating!! Has anyone gone to strax?

So I spoke with who I believe was Norma yesterday...

So I spoke with who I believe was Norma yesterday ( she is so friendly, I don't even remember if I asked her name) but she emailed me so I'm guessing that it was her. Anywho so I lost weight around maybe around 5-6 pounds since the pictures I sent him, hoping that this could bring my cost down just a bit I'm really trying to get a 6000-6500 pricing so cross your fingers for me *** But thats whatever seems as though they're booked up ( like we didnt know with all the ladies on here posting their dates) but I'm happy that he takes his time and follows up with persons unlike Yily (still waiting on a response). Ive seen a lot of stuff on here about Yily wearing a dirty gown, and patients getting infections, so its safe to say that she got herself evicted from my list permanently. I feel really good about Norma and Dr. Perry you feel completely at home when speaking to them.
Resaeach Strax, if i am not mistaken more than one person died there.
Oh wow. I was doing some research and read that they did some botched up jobs, but I saw a girl who went there "physically and she looks great" but with my condition I think imma pass.. who are you going to?
After doing my research I found out 3 people died there. One recently in 2012. But I am going to Dr. Perry in Miami.

UHH!! still waiting on this phone call from Dr....

UHH!! still waiting on this phone call from Dr. Perry, this is really starting to make me feel depressed. Knowing that I want this so badly and can't seem to get anywhere... Anywho while I'm over here mooping I'm actually trying to loose a few pounds so that my body does look weird or face isn't super fat when I'm going to get it done. To me it just looks a bit weird to be small and have a fat face or other tell tale signs ( my face blows up when I'm fat) So I'm gonna work on getting myself down at least to 145-150 , I'm currently 156, 5'5 ft, 24, no kids, dont anticipate having any until at least a year after surgery
Most likely team salz over here. Pricey yet significantly cheaper than my previous quote from dr j plus he very aggressive with lipo (yay) best of luck to you.. Think perry also awesome (my plan b) n also aggressive with the lipo. Both deliver big booties n an hourglass.. Perry's quote is closer to what ur looking for tho.. Best of luck to u and will be following :)

Still waiting to hear back from Dr. Perry,...

Still waiting to hear back from Dr. Perry, hopefully he calls me soon. Ladies I've also seen that you get discounts for paying in cash is this true???? If so please let me know because I am looking for a discount and also will be paying in cash. Any little bit will help me since I'm stay at least 3 weeks
It took me 3wks to hear back from Perry... I know how you feel, getting frustrated and anxious... lol.. Then when he did call I missed his call.. SMH.. I was so pissed at myself, but ended up speaking with him 2 days later. He totally put my mind at ease with his patience and amount of information he provides. He does give $200 discount if your paying cash. From what I've seen on here his quotes will be more so in your range. I don't think they are that low though... lol.. I've seen 7k and up. Good luck with finding a surgeon, that's half the battle. #Teamperry June2013
thanks, I hope yours goes great as well! I'm so far from my date and I'm already freaking out about seromas. Yeah I'm a worry wart...
Thats the thing, I see that alot of his girls do lymphatic massages per his request to help with draining. Some of them do it up to 6 weeks, thats gonna be an issue for me because I'm gonna be an international patient I won't have anyone to do it here.So I'm planning on staying out in MIA for at least 2.5 to 3 weeks, I really dont want lumps or a seroma, I think its so sad knowing you paid so much only to have a bad recovery to mess it up . But accommodation is gonna be so friggin expensive

Spoke to Norma yesterday, said Dr. Perry was...

Spoke to Norma yesterday, said Dr. Perry was trying to get in contact with me so I'm guessing the blocked number was him. She made a note and said he'll call so I guess I'm answering blocked numbers now...I just want this over and done with So I can get my bootayyy
wow 3 whole week, thats what Norma says happened to me so I'm waiting on him to call me back. That discount is surely appreciated, I just hope that he quotes me @ 7000 since I dont want arms lipo

Well I'm still waiting on this call from Dr....

Well I'm still waiting on this call from Dr. Perry, Ive been sleeping, bathing, peeing with my phone on me like an obsessed person (TMI sorray) so I'm starting to think It's about time I let go of this dream, hell feels like I'm waiting on yily to respond to me. Tomorrow will officially make 3 weeks of waiting since our initial contact
Girl I was calling every other day. Keep in mind. He's been pretty busy for these last couple of weeks. You'll get thru. Can't wait to hear your journey.
lol okay guess I have to be on 'em then. Thanks, I'm so happy that your sister is doing better...ps. your results look great so far *jealous*
Thanks boo! I will start loving my results when the pain n swelling go away lol.

So I totally forgot to call the office ( School...

So I totally forgot to call the office ( School and work are really draining me) 4 horrible hours of sleep and constantly waking up between. I'm gonna be calling on my lunch break... PS I lost some more weight gym time. Don't know why but I think exercising will help me be better physically prepared for the surgery, I can with stand alot of pain but the mental aspect of it will probably get me...so I'm gonna have a talk with my doctor friend... My motto is you can never truly anticipate every aspect of anything and with something this major I've gotta make sure I at least do the basics

So just spoke with Norma again ( caught her...

So just spoke with Norma again ( caught her perfect timing she was coming into the office) and she said that things have been a bit swamped but she took my info again and put it on the list...So far it doesnt seem as tho anyone has my date as yet ( not sure) but I'm hoping that I can get it because I'm gonna put in for my vacation time soon. Question can dr. perry give you a few day sick leave i mean like a week off I wanna make sure that I don't destroy anything since I sit all day in my profession

So I'm off the Perry cruise, tired of waiting for...

So I'm off the Perry cruise, tired of waiting for this phone and having to call the office and hear that they'll put my name on the list for him to call. In search of a new doctor in the miami area, doing my research but any suggestions?
Hey Tan Tuddy did u send him an email? If not send him 1 saying u have been awaiting a call back 4 several weeks & he has responded. I'm sorry ur having a rough time he's been very busy lately...
Hey thanks for the suggestion, I completely forgot to respond, but I did it on Tuesday morning, still waiting on a response, hopefully it works

YAWN!!!!! nothing yet....can you sense the digust...

YAWN!!!!! nothing yet....can you sense the digust :(...not sure imma update this page...if he messages me i will if he doesn't then that dream crash burnt and died
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Yily de los santos/ Wendell Perry

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