Three Children and So Done!! - Dominican Republic, DO

Hey beauties I'm new to real self as of 05/13/14...

Hey beauties I'm new to real self as of 05/13/14 and I am getting bbl with Dr. Duran. At first I was going with Dr. jimmerson but his prices are crazy and he doesn't give that nice tight waistline I love and have been wanting for years. So recently I've done more research and stumbled upon the great Dr. Duran. Her work is beyond the best and I'm so excited about my decision. I've actually been looking for a doctor for about five years and I found Dr. Duran... I knew she was the doctor I wanted for forever. Right now I can't help to write this because I'm so excited but I'm tired as hell lol.. So on that note ladies I will take you on my journey but for now GN.

No More Children!!!

I planned to have surgery with Duran but after seeing pictures of cabral patients I was so stuck and confused. He is consistent with his work and he sculpts beautifully the only problem is and you guys know what that is his track record and good as far as fatalities it puts me in an awkward position :-(..

Hemo mission...uuurrrggggg

OK so I've been taking Geritol, ferrous sulfate 65mg, blood builder, vitamin c, b6, b12, zinc and folic acid. The last I checked my levels it was 11.6 n b4 that 11.3 within a three week span and that was about three weeks ago. I plan to check it again in a week to make sure. I wouldn't advise anyone to take all of what I take but when I started I was anemic and I'm pretty sure my level was low and I'm praying its better now ????crossing my fingers on this one. I forgot to mention when I take the iron I take it with orange juice and the folic acid two hours before or two hours after I eat it absorbs better or you can take all of that with vitamin c. Along with that I take my cell builder... I'm not playing with this ????. On that note good night ladies and gents I'm so tired I need my sleep... Toodles :-)

hemo mission cont...

Sorry ladies the correct name for that liquid boost I take is cell food not cell builder n hopefully its working

so close and so ready:-)

Hey dolls I've been mia taking care of business and such and said to myself I need to post so future dolls can be informed of my journey like others have done for me. Today is Sunday and like I have mentioned b4 I'm packed and ready. I have decided to go with Dr. Cabral because his results are the best and don't think I'm not worried yes very but I'm trying to stay positive. Like I mentioned b4 my bestie does not know I am switching to him but she will know soon and I have not told her yet because b4 when I did mention it to her I didn't get one ounce of support and it makes me uncomfortable. Anyway onto the next....


Hey dolls its me again I mentioned b4 that I did pack but I would like to share what I have which is.....

T shirts
MoMos- night gowns
Under wear-granny pants
Bed pads
Pain meds.. A lot lol
Plastic bed covers
Sheet set
Plastic pillow covers
Foam pads
Female urinal
Baby wipes
wife beaters
Hygiene supplies
Oatmeal packets
Hemo blood builder
Iron pills
Most my vitamins

And if I forgot something I will post it later.

Last hemo test

So I just had my last blood test done to find out what's really good and hopefully it went up to or passed a 13. I feel excited but I think anxiety will kick in once I get on the plane lol. I'm praying for a safe surgery and recovery and not just for me for my best friend also.

Hemo update

OK so I got my test results back and my hemp jumped from 11.6 to 12.4 yesss bish yesss I'm happy because originally I was anemic and I'm actually feeling better no ice cravings anymore. My best friend was ahead of me as far as levels but now she's behind me I gotta help my girl... Any suggestions????. I also received my prescriptions for amox. And omeprazol the rest I can buy and the blood thinners I can purchase in DR. So excited and praying for the best.


Hey ladies I'm so hype about to be in D.R in four days I cannot wait. I haven't been on a plane in a min but hopefully all is well god willing. I'm so nervous about getting all this stuff done at one time which is tt, bbl, and lipo I hope my body ready for it cause mentally I've been ready since child number one. I'm about to slay my hair I'm on my three part method ish can't do the upart... too much work when it comes to changing styles I need that flip over method:-). So I need to start Chile I only got four days left smooches tty soon;-)

What a journey ladies..

Finally..... Hello or should I say Hola, Omg we arrived in Dr on August 16, 2014 and upon arrival to the airport of course it was dark but you can tell that its a poor country. Me and my best friend luggage was on the flight after ours so you know we was going a little crazy. We arrived at Armonia an hour after arriving to D.R due to us waiting for our luggage. Anyway upon arrival we met Myra at the gate and she is a very sweet women there were two nurse's that took our luggage. We then went upstairs to a four bed room then we looked at each other like wait this can't be our room because we specifically paid for a double then two mins later we were placed in a double room upstairs by the balcony.
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dra duran vs dr hector Cabral

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Pictures ?
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How did surgery go?
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I'm praying for you hunn ! Good luck
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Good luck to you
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I'm going to Cabral/Duran Aug 19! Do you have a buddy?
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Yeah my best friend but she's going to Duran and I want to go to cabral I will buddy up with u our date is august 18
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Doll!! I truly understand about being confused with doctors .I am Also confused with the same 2 doctors ! Go with your heart. Good luck!!
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Yeah and thank you for ur kind support trust me I need it but I think your right and I mean with every surgery there is a fear I just hope everything goes well and good luck to u also doll I will keep u and myself in prayer.
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I switched from wanting to go to Dr. Jimmerson to Dr. Duran as well. I think that's a good decision
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Yeah I'm torn between dra Duran and Dr cabral Smfh.... Don't know what to do.
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Welcome! I decided on Duran too but I'm having a hard time getting in touch with her...if you know the best way to reach her, please lmk...I've emailed hern msg on whatsapp and no response in 2wks
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Yes doll what I did was I waited till 4am on a Saturday because she doesn't do surgery on the weekends and I hit her email and her WhatsApp.. Hopefully that helps hun:-)
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Ok thanks I'll try that. I've been considering Cabral too because I really like his results and consistency. I already have my quote from him...still nothing from Duran
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Oh OK yeah his work is unbelievable and every time I say nah I'm gonna go to Duran I change my mind back to him and its a strong feeling because who wants to keep going back for a round two ....bad enough us ladies had to get the money up for round 1.. I want it don't right the first time nobody got time for that. I feel like this doll whatever your heart is telling you go with it cause like I said I keep leaning towards him.
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Have you started your journey?
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Yes I did hun I've just learned how to work real self lol but yes everything is packed.
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