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I have been looking on this site and mmh for about...

I have been looking on this site and mmh for about a year now, and you ladies have definitely inspired and motivated me, seeing your results and all that has been wonderful and beautiful. I'm pretty tall, I'm about 6ft and I weight 184. My pre op measurements are 38-36-42. I am trying to loose weight and come down to 175, so that I can look super good lol... I have never liked the way I look and my clothes are too big or too small, so I can't wait to have this done. I chose Dr yily because her sculpting skills are The best, I don't care so much for a donk, 400 ccs is more than enough for me, I want a nice tiny waist and some hips, nice hourglass pretty much and I know she can give me that, well hopefully. I'm going to start my weight loss regime after Christmas, hopefully I can keep to my plan and get some pounds off. I'm really nervous more so excited. I'm going with my friend, so I don't have to pay too much for RH. I'm going to be staying at del sol plaza, it's $45 per night, Staying there for seven nights, and oh it includes breakfast too. I am trying to start buying my things, please any advice, comments, ideas etc would be very much appreciated!!!! Thanks my bbl sisters and happy holidays y'all.

Hi ladies i pray your surgeries went well and that you all are recovering well! Cant wait to see the updates!
Hey, I ended up going to Dr. Robles in DR- I am 5 days post op. It is nerve wracking at first, but once you get there and see everything, you will calm down. I am healing well and getting better each day. Let me know if I can answer any quetions- Good Luck!!!!
Well hope to see you there. I have surgery on Feb 1st when date are you going and are u still staying at the hotel or decided on a Rh

So, I have been changing my dates, because I have...

So, I have been changing my dates, because I have me a nervous wreck, lol!!! But now the final date is the 28th... I don't want to stay at JM spa, I want to stay someplace else, so I could go out and have some fun... So any ideas, would be really helpful.. Thank you..

Oh btw, happy Val's day!! And good luck to all my...

Oh btw, happy Val's day!! And good luck to all my bbl sisters having surgery's.
Hope all is well
Hey Hun!!! How was surgery???? I freaked out and stayed behind lol, but I'm all set not. Rebooked my ticket for the 27th.. I hope you recovering well???

Hey Ladies, So I'm caught in btw this dilemma. I...

Hey Ladies,
So I'm caught in btw this dilemma. I love yily's waist, but not so much her hips because a lot ladies has said a couple of things about that. Now campos on the other hand does a good job with hips and waist, Perry seen one of his patient that I love, then Salama, good as well.. Ladies please what do you think. I'm scheduled with Yily for the 28th of this month, but after reading that review from Februarylove, I got so terrified. Please bbl sisters help out, who would you go to and why....

Hey girl, did you end up going to surgery with Yily? If so I hope you are healing well. Best wishes.
Go with ur gut I'm going 2 yily march 27 not every1 experience is the same. ;-)
Yeah true!!!!

Okay ladies pre op pics up, Dr campos all the way,...

Okay ladies pre op pics up, Dr campos all the way, get to MX on Wednesday, surgery on Thursday at 7:30am... All packed and ready!
Good luck to you!! Your in good hands. I have surgery with Dr. Campos May 1st. keep us posted SexyGal!! :)
I want to go with you!! hahaha seriously good luck and keep us posted :-)
Lol, come please!!! And thank you!

So my day is almost here. I'm not staying at club...

So my day is almost here. I'm not staying at club med because its booked all the way. So I'm staying at hotel del rio I think that's what it's called. I payed 450 for 8 nights, and breakfast is included. Oh I'm not going alone, so yeah that's a plus. Definitely need a familiar face around. I'm all packed, I leave for Cali at 6:30 on Wednesday hopefully I get to Tijuana by 2pm because I have to see Dr Campos on Wednesday...... Yup yup, that's it for now... Pray for me ladies. Mucho Gracias!!!!
I pray for u dear. Hope all goes well
Prayers to u! Please up date us as soon as u can xx

So my flight yesterday went well, when I got to...

So my flight yesterday went well, when I got to San Diego, I took the 992 bus to the trolley, then got on the Trolley to the boarder. Then walked into Mexico, that felt weird tho, cuz everyone could tell we are foreigners lol! They where really nice and friendly, I was worried cuz there are a lot of kidnapping going on in Mexico, but that fear went away because of how friendly every one is. From the boarder, I got a cab to my hotel which was like 120 pesos thats about 10 dollars ( 1 dollar to 12 pesos exchange rate, incase you wanna change money) checked in at my hotel, which by the way is so beautiful, then walked down to Dr Campos office. Before I got there I was feeling a certain way, due to my nervousness and already asked God that if this is a bad thing that I'm about to do, let him show me signs, like delay my flights, forget my passport or something, but none of that happened. That made me feel a lil okay lol! So I got into the building which is like your typical corporate building back home, well kept and all. When I walked into Dr Campos office, I was in complete awe because, it is so updated, better than my ps office back home. Angie and Hania are so nice.... Everyone here is friendly.. I don't feel as nervous anymore, lol!!! Oh by the way the food over here is the bomb, just had to throw that in. So after seeing the office, I walked down to the mall, had some ice cream, came back to my hotel room and was knocked out. Up now getting to leave for the clinic at 7:30.. Will try and update soon. Please Pray for me ladies, xoxo.

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Dr campos and his staff are amazing.... Took the...

Dr campos and his staff are amazing.... Took the pill now to relax... Prayers please and getting my IV. He said I look like a model and that I would look really beautiful. That really made my day. Ttyl

So my surgery was at 2pm and I work up 530. The...

So my surgery was at 2pm and I work up 530. The pAin is not bad, it's more of stiffness and muscles. I couldn't go to my hotel cuz dr campos said my blood wA low, I had to stay back. Extra 200 bucks for that arg, but I rather be here to me sure everything is okay than go back to the hotel and get no help. Can I I'm hungry lol starving is the right word. I don't get to eats first meal not until 7. Well that's it for me now, I'm alive and well. God is so good. Thanks for all your prayers couldn't have done this alone. Will update with pics soon xoxo
Thanks be to God. I am happy u ok.
Thank u...

Hey ladies, I'm in so much pain, but it's bearable...

Hey ladies, I'm in so much pain, but it's bearable.. I feel very dizzy when I walk so I just lay in bed all day... I'm swollen as crazy, but I'm loving my new curves, this camera doesn't do much justice. I wanted a more conservative butt so that's what I got. 1000 ccs on each butt. And I couldn't get enough fat inject into my hips cuz my skin is so tight, but still love em tho. I am loving my body now, I'm more satisfied now, I wonder how I would look like with all d swelling down, lol. Ttyl so tired need some sleep
How is everyones new booties? we are approaching 1 year!!!
How are you doing? I would ask if the itching has gone away but seeing that i'm still scratching i'm sure you are too. Yes it is part of the healing. Besides the crack head stage how else are you doing? I'm sure more swelling is going down. How's the rump doing?
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