I'm 22 mother of one 4 yr old I'm 5'5 170 - Cabral Barbie - Dominican Republic, DO

I'm 22 mother of one 4 yr old I'm 5'5 170. I've...

I'm 22 mother of one 4 yr old I'm 5'5 170. I've been interested in a bbl for about two years now and never made a move until now. I have took the first step of emailing Dr. Yily my pictures and my wish pics now its time to just wait and see. I picked Dr. Yily because I love the hour glass figure she gives. I'm looking for someone who can make my waist real small again and I feel like her hands work magic. I have a lil sumthing in the trunk but not enough. haha I was blessed with huge boobs 36 DDs but not enough ass and I love how ass looks on a woman. I just wana to get evened out pretty face small waist big knockers fat butt


good luck!!! :)
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Well congrats to the bbl journey!! U look good already so shes gonna make i look Incredible!! Keep us posted on ur journey.
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Thanks Hun... now just waiting for a quote

Still haven't receive an answer from Dr Yily but...

Still haven't receive an answer from Dr Yily but I'm havin second thoughts about leaving the states for my bbl I haven't seen to much wrk by Dr Yily and my aunt mom and boyfriend are trying to tlk me out of it ughhhh I Dnt plan on getting anything done till the end of the year so I have some time to decide what Iam goin to do


Hey there, would love an update. Did you decide on a doctor or set a date yet?

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Hello, ive sent an email to Yily on the 19th and still didnt get a reply.. some girl told me it could take a few weeks before she replies because shes extremely busy. Good luck hun!
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Today a week since I sent her my email n still nothing I even filled out the app on her page 8 days ago she should really get to her emails every 3 days at least kind of irresponsible

Cabral in December

I know I havent been on here for a long while lol Soooo here it is i decided to go with the best Cabral my appointment is December 16 for full lipo including arms and legs and a bbl his quote was $4000

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Cabral barbie Yily never responded

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