Switched to Robles!!!! TT, Full back, waist and sides lipo Dominican Republic, DO

I am 28 and been wanting a tummy tuck forever then...

I am 28 and been wanting a tummy tuck forever then came across bbl... So now I want the works!!! I am in the navy and I work hard I want a perfect body and Duran is going to save me!!!

I am
Waiting for a reply to my email!!! ASAP!!!!! I need my date so I can take leave from work!!!! Anyone knows a fast way to get in touch with her!!! Any one speak to her recently
Hey missy wish u the best of luck on your journey. Fyi I added Dr. Duran on fB. Sent her pix and med info and she replied back in 2 days. Good luck xo's
what's her name on FB?
actually..magically I just found her lol

Any plus size girls

Has any plus size girls ...14 or bigger been to Duran or yily with good results, I am waiting for a reply Duran still.... I emailed dra fragoso she emailed back ASAP in like 2 hours. She thinks I need a tummy tuck which I want !!! And due to being over weight I think I need to lose some more weight !! I have 5 more months to lose more weight!!!! Still waiting Duran ughhh!!!

I fb and emailed her tried calling but nothing!!!

Well again inwoul love to hear from some plus size girls who went to Dr and got a flat tummy and bbl..!!! Anyone!!!!
Was that a reply that she received your message or a quote? I emailed her on Aug 10th and have yet to get anything except a generic reply that message was received.
gghc59 it was a short convo back and forth about my health, procedures and a quote. Fyi she responded around midnight i think on a saturday but I so happened to be awake so it worked out.

Maybe. Dra Robles

So I emaile dra Robles and I got a instant reply. her assistant Laura Castro sent me a package with info she needed and questionnaire to fill out !! So just waiting in a reply! Still waiting on Duran also, so now it's between Duran and Robles.
Hey ladies! I'm looking to go to duran in feb. I don't know about y'all but I'm really tired of hearing all these crazy reviews about duran almost killing girls down there! It's so discouraging and scary when we're excited and planning sx. Have any of you had seconds thoughts?
Where did you hear about that I have been researching her for years n I havent came across anything her track record was clean pls respond
I think she have that mixed up with Cabaral/ Yily. I haven't heard anything like that for Duran

Bella vita

Hopefully I get a qoute tommorrow or Monday from miss jazmine at Bella vita so far she has been very helpful!!! The waits on !! All i do is stay on this site !! It's like crack!!! I talk my boyfriend to death about small waist and assessssss!!! I work out and picture my perfect body and what I will do first once Im perfect!!! I think I am gonna go shopping and buy hella crop tops... Lol..!!!

Post op DR Dolls ..How long to keep my nurse !!

I m having a bbl lipo and tt. I m staying in a hotel because I have 2 people accompanying me ... How long should I keep my nurse , and how much does a nurse cost ?
Hey girl there was only one incident where a girls foot was numb for a couple weeks but that's the extent of Durans mishaps those story's you heard where about Cabral and Yily. Duran operates at a much higher standard from what I've seen and heard. Very little complaints her patients love her!
Post pics whats your height
What is your height and weight and have you spoken w dr duran if so did she say anything about your bmi or you losing weight im a 14 in jeans depending on the cut im 197lbs n 5"6 is why im curious

post op pics

finally adding a few pics
Girl we have almost the same framec

Get my Duran quote from Bella vita

I am so happy got my qoute now time to secure a date and pay my deposit .. Looks like early march... I can't wait ..... Bella vita .... Is the best... jazmine is the best !!! 4 days max and I have my quote.. I tried for 3 weeks in my own nothing!!!!!

Also Durand says I gotta lose 30 pounds !!! So pow... 30 pounds be gone!!!! To happy right now

Procedure I am getting done
TT bbl lipo back arms waist and thighs
Thanks bklynbeauty
Best if luck to you! I lost about 100 lbs in 2 years naturally (to gain 29 back for my bbl with Duran in November) and I have my diet and exercise plan on June 30th date of my blog :) u can do it! U le gonna look great!!

Omg I must lose 30 lbs *duran doll

So I have spoken to Bella vita and waiting for my date confirmation, my quote stated I MUST lose 30 pounds before surgery, I seen a post by a female saying Duran does not work on females over 170! That's probably y in gotta lose the 30 , has anyone else had the same issue !!! It's been hard trying tonged the weight down

I have 4 months so I know i can, it's just Gonna be Hella hard, I am already down 5 pounds this week! I am just worried, paid my deposit and have a set date, will she not work on me if I am 5 pounds over!!!! Starting think should I go with yily!!! I love both their work but I am about the ass and hips !! And it's said Duran is the one!! Yily is the hour glass!! Tiny waist queen!!! I m realistic I am not trying to be nick minaj .. I just want a flat tummy no back fat and big booty ...
Good luck on your journey Love! I'm a size 16..So ill show you what Yily do when i get back. Now Watch me Work November 5th. .lol Muah xoxo
Woop woop go girl when u want it the most there is no easy way out you can do it u will do it I have to lose 35 lbs also so the journey has begun
Hello I would like to know how did you get a fast response from duran, as I have been emailing her far the longest but no response....plz respond thank you

Spoke to Dra via whatapp

So I completely sold on yily now, I love Duran work but started to be a little unhappy with not being able to contact her. I originallynsent Duran a email never got a reply 3 weeks later.. Still no reply... So i contacted Bella vita consults paid her 150 to contact her for me !! She was I guess the middle man. Thats how I got my qoute! So I have never had any direct contact with Duran. I really didn't like that. ' so yily took only like 4 days she replied with a qoute answered all questions etc.. I even asked her to change my quote and within 2 days !!! Another updated quote !!! Last night I IM here on whatsapp!! And she was replying in minutes. I love that!!! Even got a IM this morning like 8 am replying to a message I sent late last night!!!

So now i have her bank account info now just got to figure out how to transfer to her account !!!! Gotta call wells Fargo today !!!!

So it's yily ..I still need to lose weight ... 5 pounds down 25 more to go!!!!

Bbl, tt, full lipo of back, armpitt, waist, abdomen, and upper arms
What is yilly watapps n how is her butt work its a gamble u get a lil waist w a fat asss here n vice versa there who does both eventhough my waiste being so small isnt my focus but the smaller your waist the bigger ya booty looks n I want a huge badunkadunk lol I mean big I don't wanna be able to fit jeans lol
I will show u soon missed fkight today but scheduled for the morning
Also I don't know her watsapp nfo I kept calling her on the phone

Support system

So I seen a post about support system. And it's great to have a support system! F everyone else who is against it!!! They don't hve to deal with ur image issues .. Only u do!!! And realistically only haters are against it , some can't stand u being happy and many will hate u being the center I attention now!!! I have a great BFF that supports me... My partner supports me fully... And will they will be accompanying me. My family supports me fully ...(they just don't know it's in DR) they might not support the surgery abroad!!! But they do support me !!

Think about it ladies soon u will be dolls..... And damn near perfection!!! Not perfect but hella near!!! How many men and women in your life will not like ur new found attention.

The girl or guy who walks in the room and stops conversations, the women who walks into the salon and they are all talking about u !! Good or bad, but atleast u know now that u look good so who cares !! F the haters be happy ladies !!! It's ur money and u deserve what ever ur heart desires !! If it's big boobs a big butt... Slim waist what ever !!!! And mic drop ...????
That's right! Preach girl!!! Ain't nobody got time for that!

Cost of recovery house

Does anyone know the nightly rates for real recovery house aromonia and can I pay with credit card or do I have to pay cash for that also
GET IT RITE! Yes Ma'am THEY ALL HAVE FLAWS, but there's only one KILLA.
Juicy I know you didn't..lol PS is abbreviation for (plastic surgeon). We will most definitely stay as positive as possible. Cant wait for my date to see the Queen....Muah xoxo
I realized that after I sent it lol well good luck n my blessings are w u hun

Deposit sent and qoute from recovery house done!!

So my deposit is sent and i have my quote from healing haven!!! About to secure it!!! Its set !! March 3-17 two weeks in DR. My recovery house is healing haven. Now tonged this ticket seen an2 and a half hour flight for 380... 400 max!! Got to get on it tonight!!!

The best part is healing haven excepts credit payment and payment with paypal so I don't have to walk with all that cash. A big plus!!! I have a all inclusive package.
Meals massages transportation laundry nurse etc
Will post it later!!!

Its official!!!

Yily has confirmed and secured my date. Healing haven has confirmed my accommodations from march 3- march 17 2014. All deposits made. Flight booked. I paid 600 with American Airlines because I wanted a first class seat returning... My swollen ASS will need more space.... Lol buy seriously I want to be comfy especially if I might be swollen I hate being uncomfortable. My lay over is in puerto Rico !!! So that's great!!!

My man is in the military also so he will be traveling from Connecticut. I will be coming from Florida. He needs to get his flight now! He will stay at healing haven with me for 7 days then he has to leave.

I guess I can wait to December january to start really shopping.

But can start my list

Now I can relax and just focus on my hemo levels an staying healthy and losing weight.

Too happy right now!!
I'm from atl.Im staying at recovery armonia from march 3-11.
Hey,Im also scheduled for yily march 4.
That's great finally some one going the same day as me!! We're r u staying !!! We're are u from !! I am flyin from Florida

Just waiting for my day

The suspense is killing me, march seems so far away!!!! Nothing new to pass on just stalking real self looking for new post op reviews, you ladies r looking so good I can't wait !!! I been working out, down 5 more pounds!!! Yessssssss!!! Tryingbto be 175 180 by surgery!!!! I might be able to do it !!!! I so want a tiny waist and And big ole booty!!! Hips already sick!!! Yily I can't wait to see u!!!!

How all you other girls doing on ur journeys !!!!!March 4 th can't wait
Yes im so excited too!People are tired of me talking about my soon to be journey lol.
The phone number to real recovery armonia is 849-205-2018
Doesn't,I'm sorry typo

Lipo foam

So how much lipo foam do I need?
I was on line looking at it it wasn't sure how much I would need!!!

I been on amazon trying to look for things I can. Buy now!!

Lipo foam
Ab board
Female urinal device
My medical needs
Doggy pads
Maxi pads
Compression socks

Oh changed my recovery house

I am going with domingas
And massages with Gianna Colombo ... Heard she is great!!! With the drain!!!!
Gianna doesnt wrk there anymore boo
Domingos Recovery home is the one with hospital beds?
No not from the pics she sent me

Just counting down the days

Ok so it's been a while, I just haven't had much that has changes !!! Just waiting and counting down the days !!! I am so excited I can't wait !!! I have 6 more weeks til my deployment to be over!!! That I can't wait for!!! My hubby has just retired from the navy and has take a goverment job in Groton, Ct... So I am moving from Florida to CT... Big weather difference !!!! Let's see what else !!!

My weight loss journey is going great !!! My starting weight was ...... Drum roll 243 yes I know such a fat ass!!! Now I am 218 I have to lose 25 more pound to have a good bmi!!!! Omg it's hard I work out twice a day everyday!!!! Eat only meat and veggies ... Preferably fish !!! I only drink water!! Lots a cardio and a light weights!!!! I watch the biggest loser while I work out !!! And I hang wish pics every where!!!!

Starting weight 5"4 243lbs
Today 218 lbs 25 pounds more to go!!!!!

I still need to set up a dr appoint ment to check my hemo levels!!!

I been taking my vitamins!!!
Prenatal pill !!!!!best multivitamin
Iron 2x a day
Folic acid
Vitamin c
And drinking and eating lots of pineapples !!! They are good for swelling I heard!!!!

As for shopping next week I will start buying my things I need !! Trying not to over pack!!!!

Need a nurse and Masseuses

Ok so I said I was saying at domingas I already paid my 200 deposit!!! But now I am hearing her care isn't as great as some say!!! I think u want to hire my own nurse just incase !!! And as for the 10 massages included I originally thought Gianna C was he massage lady but I am hearing she doesn't work ther no more and she will not come to domingas I really want her!!! I wounded if I will be well enought to travel to her!!!

Ok ladies is there any other as good as Gianna !! ? A Lil bum that I might not get my lymph massages from her!!!

I also hearing she is openin her own recovery house!!!

So confused I might change recovery houses again !!! But I will wait til I get closer to my date!!!!
Ok so til next time!!!!!
thanks hun!!!
Good luck and congrats on ur journey!!! I am having the same thing as u done with Dra.Yily too!!!

New me pics of me 20 pounds down

Cant wait for my small yily waist !!! big hips big donk!!! i posted a few pre op pics

wishpics and thinspiration pics

some of my pics i like to look at when i am working out

wish pics

I've been trying to email yily please tell me what i have to do
I think because she just had her baby is maybe y she hasn't replied.... Have u tried her whatsapp!!! She usually take about a week to two weeks to reply!!!by email.... Well for me that's how long it took!!!

Countin down til 2014!!!!

I can't wait march 4th seems so far away!! I look at myself in the mirror every day watching my body change and day dreaming about what yily will make me look like !!! Daydreaming about my flat stomach small waist and projected big but an wide hips!!!! I think how nervous I am gonna get as I get near to the date !!! I been talking my hubby to death about it !!! He can't wait for the trip !! He thinks this a vacation!!! Lol silly rabbit !!! This will be work for him takin care of me an my needs!!! He is the best!!!!
Well nothing new over her just sitting here waiting !!!
Hey black sailor Barbie, I'm getting a similar procedure .. W /dr yily on March 5-14. Best wishes on ur journey !!
Hello, Im trying to go in march too. Think imma end up going by myself tho :(
How do I contact Dr. Yily using Whatsapp? I just downloaded the app for the 1st time.

Hello dolls

Ok so it's official I have 8 more weeks to go . I can't wait! I am all packed already all I have to get is some protein shakes!!!

My working out has slacked so bad over the holidays!!! Smh I still have 20 pounds to lose and I have 2 months to do it!!

A short list of things I have brought
Boppy pillow
Lipo foam
Good luck to you you r going too luck great ,,,,you r in my prayers:)
Hey honey congrats on your journey hope to see you in DR my date is 3/6 I can't wait to get on the other side this emotional rollercoaster is something else. Best Wishes!!!!!
Wow we will be there at the same time ! Good luck to u also


Vitamedica healing vitamins
Alcohol swabs
Arnica pills
Exlax incase I got constipated
Lots baby wipes
Anitbacterial soap
Lysol Wipes
Maxi dresses 3
Grandma nigh gown with pockets infront to hold my drains
Embolism socks
Tampons in case aunt flow comes
Stand and pee thing
Small blanket for cipla I hear it's cold
Bath basin to wash up in
Tooth paste tooth brush all hygien things.. Etc
Tshirts for under faja
Granny panties and sports bra
Lip bam

45 more days til I am a yily doll!!!!

I am ready bags packed!!!! Just counting down the days !! This sailor is gonna be a bad ass in less then 2 months!!! 6 weeks to be exact !!! Hoping my booty will fit in my uniform !! Lol!!! Small waist fat ass !!! As for my weight loss!! I still have 15 more pounds to loose this is the hard part!!! Well just counting and watching others reviews!!!!

Were are all my January 2014 dolls at???

so I am up searching for the January dolls!!! Yily Duran all dolls !!! Love watching the transformation!!!!! Comment below
yay!!!! so close team #KILLIN EM comin in March!!!!
Yes mam we really re my girl got her surgery date today so she will be there with me on March 6th as well. So yes it's going down!!!!!!
Hope to see u also ,,, this count down is crazy!!! So excited all I think about is DR

weght loss update and pre op pics and wish pics

Lol !! I keep picturing my booty in my uniform lord!!!!!!!!! Lol

Contacting yily info

Ladies below is Yily's Contact info:

Best way to reach her is via email. Send her the following:

1. Pictures - Front, back and sides (focus on areas you want her to work on)
2. Full Name
3. Your Age
4. Your Height
5. Your Weight
6. Any previous surgeries you've had (if any)
7. Any medical conditions you have
8. What procedures you would like to have done

Her Email address: DraYilyPlastica@gmail.com

Once you get a quote you can inquire about dates. And set up how to secure your date.

She usually replies in about 1 to 2 weeks usually!!!
Just a little info for new ladies on her looking for yily info I remember how I had to search for info !!! Good luck ladies
Awe I'm soo excited for you. Your gonna have great results cause u already have a good foundation to start with. Best of luck hunnie:)
I'm excited to see you transform!! keep up the updates!! Have you decided on a new masseur or are you gonna stay or change rh?? I haven't heard anything good about domingas so let me know how your experience went!
Girl u r going to look great when Dr D is done with u you look nice now. ...

Cipla and over booking, tax time

So I been hearing rumors and sum fact that cipla is so overbooked that people are waiting almost six hours for rooms... It is said that many girls are walking in getting surgery due to hella people got taxes and getting big booty and flat stomach wit there returns.... I don't care about people using the tax money more power to them!!! My problem is many of us booked our dates months in advance. I hope Yily isn't overbooking and then I don't get the attention I deserve, I don't want a rush job!!! The is hard earned money and my life!!! So confused and worried now!!!!! So far how many girls are scheduled for march 4th lets see if we are over booked!!!!

Just a thought, I want a Yily waist but hmmmmmm, i need to be healthy!!

What u barbs think?

Have y'all heard anything?

Anyone just leave DR who have any in sight please post!!!!

Jan and febuary barbs post op happy healing

Oh yes and also I have 3 weeks left

3 weeks til I see Yily !!! Oh so haven't lost all my weight still have 15 pounds to lose !!!! Not sure what will happen of my bmi isn't on point I might need a back up!!!! Dr!!!

Dr Lima need info ??

Any info on this dr!!! Pics reviews past it this way !!!!????
Thanks alot
So far I have a freind who has went she said they was great but!!! I guess I will see for my self!!!! Push come to shove I always have a back up and I traveling wit my hubby!!!!

Bmi over 35

Any yilydolls have surgey wit a bmi over 35. If so what happens !! Do tell!!!!
Hey girl, I'm gonna be down there at the same time. Surgery same day-different doctor. Love what you said about the haters. I already know who they are going to be...lol. My oldest son just text me tonight and said he took the asvab for the Navy and scored a 94. He was so excited...any advice on joining?
Drink this stuff called Magnesium citrate. Its at walmart for 98 cents. after you drink the whole bottle, then drink 8 oz cup of water. in less than 2 ours your gonna have the bigest poop you ever had in your life and your gona be pooping ALL day so make sure you take it on a day or night that you are home and dont have no where to go....lol. Once you get done pooping your gonna be done cleared out your system and all that back up. then from there you eat A WHOLE BUNCH of veggies and water until your surgery. ( of course you eat other little things like yogurt, chicken, fish but the main thing you eat is green veggies ( only green ones).... Stay away from any carbs ( your less then a month from surgery so you wont get sick from not having carbs ) and stay away from anything white, sugar , and soda. Once a week brink that Magnesium citrate with 8 oz of water right after it to clear anything else stuck on ( i did mine every fri night )..... Trust me. it will work I droped 11 pounds in just jan a lone. I was 182 jan 1st and by the 28th of janI was 171. Im not playing girl. now my BMI is was under 35!
I booked a while a go for Yily too and have a date but just like you i heard she is dong surgery all the way until late in the night. I heard someone had a surgery at 7pm and there was still 2 people waiting to go after here. I also heard that since you cant eat after 11pm the night before, that girls just sitting there waiting on their turn starving. Im getting kinda scared too. Also the fact that she takes ALL day to e mail back kinda workes my nerves too. Imma just pray and believe in God that everything will work out for the better.

20 more days to I am yilified

3 weeks to go!!!!
Hey mama how's it goin. I see ur bmi is over 35 so is mine uughhh I'm at 37.6 almost there
Did u ever find info on dr Lima
do u find a sx buddy, I have surgery on march 1,2014 with yily.. what recovery house u staying at. im trying to find one

I have changed dr.... dr robles !!! I know last min

I have change dr... I m going with dr Robles. I know ur asking y? Because at first I was scared I couldn't lose the weight for yily, and I was worried about all the over booking. So I went back to Robles who I first had contact with months ago!! And she answers all my question ASAP!! I have to wait a day and her assistant is on it!!!

Her results are amazing!!! Now I still love yily!!! And yily will be seeing me for a round 2 if it's needed!!!!

good luck all my dolls!!!

I feel a lot at ease now!!! So Robles it is!!!! Less then 2 weeks to go!!!
Hey sis which rh u staying in?
My confirmation letter from Robles said Maria rh!!!

9 more days til DR!!!! Team Robles

Wow 9 more days it is getting so near!!! The excitement !!!!! I can't wait to see my results !!! I hope I am happy!! I do t wanna be a Vixen!!! I just want a flat tummy and big ol booty !!!! No rolls in my back. !!!!
girl....tick tock...so excited for you!!!
Thanks I know!!!! Less then a week !!!

5 more days

5 more days I can't wait !!!! Just eating healthy working out and working on my hemo
have you LOST any weight?

Just the weeknd to go

I am super anxious !! I got my labs back my hemo went from 12.4 to 13.1 ... So hopefully it isn't lower in Dr!!!!! I want to do my arms and inner thighs !!!! And my hemo must be good for that !!!! Talk to Laura all the time she is so print on replying to u!!!! I love that!!! So far I am very pleased with Robles and her team!!!!! I can't believe in 2 day I will have surgery!!!!! I will keep u guys posted I promise!!! I will try to take video also !!!!!
Woo hoo girl...are you ready?? How exciting! I'll find out if my chiro massage lady does lymph and let you know so when you return. They're on A1A in Cocoa Beach. Much love and blessings on your travels and sx!
Are you on your way? Hope everything its going well!
Good luck! I'll pray for a happy and healthy journey for you!

On my flight !!!

So it's official I m on my flight!!!!!!! So nervous !!!! No turning back now!!!!!!
Have a safe flight...praying for you
Prayers going up sis!!!
Nothing but prayers going your way.

Made is safe

Long flight!!!! Dominga and Virginia are very sweet I got here at almost mid night !! They took me straight to clinic I checked in!!!
Couldn't sleep, now I am up 530 am!!! Waiting for my testing !!!
Girl, you ok? I hope so!! Prayers & blessings hun!
Congratulations I will be following your journey
Happy healing :)


Ok well today has been a much better day.!!! Very swollen !!!! But moving around!!!!! I nstaying at domingas the food is great and Virginia Dominga. Sister is the best!!! Cleans my room, cleans me !!! She just has been such help!!

When I feel better I will post pics!!!! And tell me surgery day story!!!!

FYI Robles and her team fantastic !!!!
I know your body is looking like everything:-) happy healings!
Hey blacsailorbarbie! I hope you are doing well. You haven't posted in a while. Is everything ok?
Im coming there this eeek sometime..

ok i am finally updating

ok were do I start!!!!
ok so I land in santo domingo on Monday march 4th late.
dominga and Virginia pick me an my hubby up. And we go straight to Cecip clinic.... locals call cecip a clinic if you say hospital u will end up at CIPLA.... happen 2 times during my stay cabby took me to cipla.... even after he always took me to CECIP..


Get to CECIP check in shower !!! and lights out!!! it was like mid night!!!1
next morn up at 530 ready by 6!! testing xray etc!!! every one was really nice!!!
by 10 I had my blue pill 1030 I was in for surgery.

rolled me into OR!! it was clean, and small. I was givin a iv, they they wiped my back with I guess something sterile ! that all I remember!!!! don't remember the epidural!!

woke up in surgery I was so drug up I felt nothing and understood nothing!!! next thing I remember I was freezing in my rom and my hubby put my electric blanket on me!!! it was 230 pm!! I was shaking and going in and out!!!!! from anesthesia!!!!

was fully alert by 6pm starving since I hadn't eat since the day before and I couldn't eat until 4 hours after not even water!!!


ok were do I start!!! ok so I land in Santo Domingo on Monday march 4th late.
dominga and Virginia pick me an my hubby up. And we go straight to Cecip clinic.... locals call cecip a clinic if you say hospital u will end up at CIPLA.... happen 2 times during my stay cabby took me to cipla.... even after he always took me to CECIP. anyways!!! Get to CECIP check in shower !!! and lights out!!! it was like mid night!!! next morn up at 530 ready by 6!! testing xray etc!!! every one was really nice!!! by 10 I had my blue pill 1030 I was in for surgery.
rolled me into OR!! it was clean, and small. I was givin a iv, they wiped my back with I guess something sterile ! that all I remember!!!! don't remember the epidural! woke up in surgery I was so drug up I felt nothing and understood nothing!!! next thing I remember I was freezing in my rom and my hubby put my electric blanket on me!!! it was 230 pm!! I was shaking and going in and out!!!!! from anesthesia!!!! was fully alert by 6pm starving since I hadn't eat since the day before and I couldn't eat until 4 hours after not even water!!!


ok were do I start!!! ok so I land in Santo Domingo on Monday march 4th late.
dominga and Virginia pick me an my hubby up. And we go straight to Cecip clinic.... locals call cecip a clinic if you say hospital u will end up at CIPLA.... happen 2 times during my stay cabby took me to cipla.... even after he always took me to CECIP. anyways!!! Get to CECIP check in shower !!! and lights out!!! it was like mid night!!! next morn up at 530 ready by 6!! testing xray etc!!! every one was really nice!!! by 10 I had my blue pill 1030 I was in for surgery.
rolled me into OR!! it was clean, and small. I was givin a iv, they wiped my back with I guess something sterile ! that all I remember!!!! don't remember the epidural! woke up in surgery I was so drug up I felt nothing and understood nothing!!! next thing I remember I was freezing in my rom and my hubby put my electric blanket on me!!! it was 230 pm!! I was shaking and going in and out!!!!! from anesthesia!!!! was fully alert by 6pm starving since I hadn't eat since the day before and I couldn't eat until 4 hours after not even water!!!

part 2

ok all night every 3 hours a dr or nurse comes to check on u!!! which was good but bad because ur trying to sleep !! and falling to sleep was kinda hard after drugs was out ur system!!!! u have a catherter so u can pee!!! u don't have to get out the bed!!! for 24 hours after surgery!!! and u will not have to poop cause u haven't ate!!!! I really think that's partially y they don't feed u after surgery!!!!
Hey!! i was worried something wasnt right since u hadnt posted. What was your experience like at Virginias? Did you also experience poor aftercare like some of the girls there now?

a few pics

so heres a few post op pics!! oh my hemo was low 12.7 !!! I left the states it 13.4 Friday on Tuesday in DR...... DRA Robles said it was 12.7 . so I got only a TT and lipo of sides and arm pitts No BBL.... she lipo my lower back which makes my hips and butt appear bigger

10 days post op

swollen feet and swelling is killer I feel horrible!!!! waters pills and compression socks a must bring!!!!! all pics I have lipo foam and or pads stuffed in my garment!!!!!

ok my recovery home!!!

I was at domingas!!!! she is nice sweet food was gooD price great!!!! ok now the bad!!! meal times was really off!1 breakfast at 10 luch 2 3 or 4 pm
dinner 10 11 pm!!! not the best for recovering either!! no real nurse no laundry service, service free massages included but again they were ok!!!1 if ur coming alone I don't recommend!!! f it I don't recommend at all!!! its good for a vacation home!! its not a recovery home!! my hubby basically took care of me washed my cloths and gave me my meds!!! cleaned and empty my drains!!! I left!! I am now in a hotel for my last few days!!!!

if u stay there hire a nurse !!! again they are nice the home is clean!!! but its noisy as hell!!!! I am now at the crown plaza chillin in luxery and Gianna Colombo comes to my hotel to do my massages they are great!!!! I am giving a heads for those who expect all that's advertised!!!!!!

No laundry care
no nurse
no daily room clean. maybe twice a week
and we changed our own sheets they just gave us the sheets
they are not shady!!! they gave me money back for massages I didn't receive!!!! just I think it should be guest house not recovery home!!!!
Waist is shrinking:-)
Congrats doll
I didn't stay at Virginias I was at domings but decided to stay at a hotel

What I didn't like

Long waiting times to see the dr!!!! They tell u come at 12 ...3 hours later still can't see the dr!!! And they like 5 other girls waiting!!!!!! That's my only dislike other then that Robles team was great!!!!!!
I'm sorry for so many questions but I so appreciate you answering them! Will you be posting post op pics without your garment?

Will post without garment

I will post with out my garment soon !! I m still very swollen. So
Swollen with out my garment I look no different I think!!! I am
Still in DR and I always have the garment on!!!! Feel so gross I haven't took a shower in 10 days !!!! These baby wipe hoe baths suck!!!! Hopefully my tummy tuck scar is healed well enought that wen i go home!!! Incan take a nice shower!!!! As for questions feel free!!! I just take time to answer th wifi is ok here! But i m still recovering this is a major surgery an it will take a toll on u!!! I am healthy never been sick !! Never had a surgery before!!! And this feels crazy!!! Cranky swollen annoyed !!! At some points i m like what did I do !!!!! But I know the results will be worth it!!! The swelling hurts and some parts of my back is hard!!! And stiff!!! They say its normal and it can take 3 weeks to 2 months before its completely done feeling that way!!!! So this take time!!! Don't think the results are instant!!! Well I am
Up cause I can't sleep!!!! Oh ya and u cant sleep laying straight so ur sitting or sleeping in a chair with ur legs propt up!! So not comfy
Thanks for the heads up on Dominga's, I may cancel my reservation, I don't mind too much noise, but it might not be cool when your recoverying from surgery, let alone the help you may need. By the way you look great!
congratulations on your surgery. I know you are going to be bomb. Your before pics weren't that bad. You already have a nice shape. I can't wait to see your post op pics after you're done healing and feeling up to it. Wish you a speedy recovery!
Thank u

I know I haven't updated

Well nothing really major!!! I am crazy swollen ... I took my drain out 18 days post op!!!! My belly is so swollen I look 3 months prego !!! A little depressed about it!!!!! Mu overall shape is different!!!! Wish I got my bbl!!!! Dissapointed in that!!! I am so ready to get back in the gym!!!! Getting ready to move to CT from Florida !!! I will need a good massage therapist in ct!!
I dont know where in CT you will be but east hartford has some great massage clinics. Any updated pics without the garment sis :-) Happy healing
Glad all is well....can you post updated pics? THANKS!
Hey chica, congratulations on your journey. Give it time and everything will fall into place. I'm sure you will look awesome. Keep your head up and happy healing!

new pics

sorry I been MIA... the healing process is crazy

more pic

here are some more post op

i am 7 weeks post op now

Thank you so much for sharing your journey from day one,, and switching Dra was the best IMO , but girl I thought you didi a bbl, YOU LOOK AMAZING,,, and yes iI'm happy you feel good with your results,, the only clarification I would like was the RH Virginia?
I didn't stay at virginas !! Some say its good some say they didn't like!!!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So I have decided to go with Robles, Dra walkiris robles was great her staff was great, and her customer service, she was caring and her bed side manner was great. hew after care was great, her staff still checks in on me and I am almost 2 months post op. laura her assistant was great. if I do round 2 it will be with robles. my only complaint was wait times for appointments..... if she finds a way to fix that her overall experience is above and beyond what I expected.......I am happy with my results, she cared about my health not money!!!! thank you Robles!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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