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Well hello BBL sisters , I have some time now...

well hello BBL sisters , I have some time now looking at these procedures ! before and after and I can't emphasize enough on how badly I want this done! I'm young , very young and I wanted to ask ya lovely girls if you think this would be a good idea , me being 17 yrs old and tryin to get it next year when I turn 18 . because I see so many women on here having wonderful results but are already in their 20s and 30s . I would just love it if ya would share ya opinions with me :*


Aww thank you ! & I'm so into getting this done but only time will tell if I end up going through this, h0tBod35
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do what makes you happy as long as you are healthy and feel u need to boost your confidence then go ahead and good luck on your decision doll
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Your fine do what makes you happy, as long as doing so does not put your health at risk the go ahead
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I try to update my profile atleast every week to...

I try to update my profile atleast every week to keep ya girls posted, but honestly I'm still looking at doctors , lookin at reviews more than anything and I have to say that I'm hooked on two doctors which are Yily & Duran . I love LOVE yilys sculpting but I've heard she doesn't produce a very big ass, which is hard for me to confirm since alot of girls that post up ops pics doesn't necessarily take pics of their ass completely, just side views . on the other hand dr Duran isn't very known and I haven't heard much of her but with the little I've heard. it sounds like she projects the sculpting and ass every girl on here wants ! which is great but like I said I haven't seen much so at this point Im just searching up reviews , please if any of ya girlies know anybody with reviews on these two doctors please inform me . thanks hunny . I post up an other post next week and inform ya on how it's going for me


can u go to the DR in September?
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It's seems to me tht from wht I hav seen of their website pic their work mimics e/o nd thy produce the same type of bodies. I hav actually seen real life reviews of yilys patients nd some hav fluffed out lovely. Big nd round. I hav nt seen this of any Duran patients yet. I hope to tho. I'm still going to yily. I hav done enuf research I will not b jumping ship. Good luck with whomever u choose Hun:)
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You are so right about those two doctors. It is very hard to choose one between them. I have seen many good reviews about yily but i have heard allot about duran, too. Eventualy we have to see to believe so I am going to duran on May 29th. Duran is more professional on the communication and I felt that I can easily trust her more than Yily because of that. I asked her a million qstion and she has answered all of them in less then 24h. I am hopeful. Good luck on your decision!
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Ok so I've been doing so much research that you...

Ok so I've been doing so much research that you girls don't know! I'm currently having second opinions as for which dr I prefer going to. It all comes down to TWO Dr Yily and Dr Duran ! I'm loving Dr Duran work so I'm more over to her side oppose to Dr Yily just based of reviews and pics I've seen. I'm working so I can't type much of a review but soon as I get spare time I will write to you girls :*


Hey I'm scheduled for the 27th , see you there
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