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Okay i I've been literally stalking this site ....

Okay i I've been literally stalking this site . Lol I had looked at so many of you guys stories and they've all gave me a better in sight into this surgery. I'm 18 and I've been looking into this since I was 16 I've always felt uncomfortable with my shape I have a big mid section big thighs with absolutely no butt and im reasy to finally have the body i want.

Im 5'2 and 210lbs horrible right? I know i will be trying to lose at least 20lbs before surgery . And I looked into a few docotors: yily perry pazimino salama and jimerson but I found Dr duran was perfect for me she's fast with responding doesn't make me feel like I'm bothering her and shes honest she will tell you what's attainable and what's not.

I have set my date for June 16. I'm excited nervous well most of all nervous I don't know what vitamins I should take or what things to buy so if you guys can let me know whats some items I'll need what vitamins to take some cheap places to stay in Dominican republic.

I will be doing this by myself don't have no one to support me so I was hoping some of you girls would be that for me . :)

Hello ladies im still on the fence but im leaning towards Dra Duran. If anyone would like to go in july or August plz let me know. Im looking for a buddy. I really wish my hubby could do this with me but i cant take care of the both of us when the focus has to be on me lol :-).
Aww thanks . I will deff let u kno
Lol yes its difficult but im gonna keep trying cus I want my body to b as close as possible to where I want it so I can get better results.And thanks :)

So two more monthsss !? I jus bought my vitamins...

So two more monthsss !? I jus bought my vitamins and I will start taking those soon. I plan on buying my ticket and everything nxt month oh and I am looking for a sx buddy so if u have a date around JUNE 17 which is my date pls IM me
What email address was used to contact Dr. Duran??? I'm having a hard time reaching her!! help!!!!...want to go in January or Feb,
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