Brazilian Butt Lift Surgeons - DR, Colombia, US or Costa Rica?

I've been searching for a while for the ones in DR...

I've been searching for a while for the ones in DR since I have family there but after so many deaths I'm scared. Most of the results I like also come from the doctors that work at the clinic with the most deaths "CIPLA". So I'm considering Dra Baez but she doesn't have many reviews of BBL and people say she doesn't shape too well. Someone people have mentioned Ricardo Ventura, Dr. Lapaix, Adolfo Sesto, Ramon Morales, Luis Andres Cordero but haven't seen reviews on any of them.
In Colombia I've heard of Barbatos, Lina Triana and Carlos Velasco Echeverri. Do any of you know any of these or have suggestions?

Some wish pictures

Here I'm adding some wish pictures....I stole some from RS sisters! Please don't be upset, if anything be proud, like girls ya'll got good taste lol

More wish pics

So scared about DR doctors, what a mess!

Please read the story of Haz_love. She's unable to walk bc of nerve damage after surgery with Dra Duran at Cipla.

Baez hasn't replied to my last email...

Forget Baez, I asked her if any of her patients would be willing to share their story, she said yes but that she couldn't provide their info bc patients privacy. Perfect so I asked if she could give them my email and number and those that wanted could contact me. No response. Also asked for more bbl pics and sent her pics of what I wanted to see if it was realistic. No response. I hit her up on whatsapp and she was like I haven't checked my email yet. I understand she's busy, but how do you get back to within 48 hrs on my first 2 emails and then ignore me for almost 2 weeks? Grrrrr

More Wish Pics

......I feel all I do is look up butts online weird lol

Back to Nothing

Ok so I'm back to square 1. Baez didn't respond to my last 2 emails, not even bc I wanted to see her in person so she's out. I sent a whatsapp to Duran out of curiosity to see if she works at another clinic other than Cipla (horrible record) but she doesn't, then I told her I wanted to have a bbl but heard about the closing of Cipla, deaths etc and was concerned, she never replied so forget that. Velasco in Colombia seems ok but I haven't met anyone who went to him and when I asked for references he sent me to his facebook. He doesn't have pics there just friends, I feel weird emailing everyone I feel has a nice shape for pics and a reference? Also, he only has one before and after pic on his site and I sent him my wish pics to see if he thought that was realistic and he said he couldn't say he could give me a body like someone else. That's true but I haven't seen his before and afters so its hard to risk going and then not getting the results I want. Dr. Lina Triana has the same issue. Can anyone help?!

Colombian Doctors

Hey Ladies, so now I'm leaning more towards Colombia. I saw some reviews on Dr. Villalobos and wanted to share something I found on his facebook page. For those of you interested in speaking to him in person, he will be in NY/NJ in April or May. See the post below.
"Les queremos informar que el Dr Villalobos estará viajando en abril o mayo a NY o NJ , les estaremos confirmando la fecha exacta próximamente, Si has sido paciente y deseas una cita de control, escríbenos por inbox , Si tienes amigas q estén interesadas en valorarse con El , nos escribes a"

Contacted via Email Various Surgeons

I decided to email various surgeons to evaluate their answers and get a feel for myself on whether I should consider them. I sent emails to Duran, Yily, Luis Cordero, Dr. Ginebra and Villalobos, all in Spanish.

Duran answered in less than 4 hours!

So ladies, below is the email I sent to ALL surgeons. Is it me or Duran sounds upset?

Re: Brazilian Butt Lift?
Dra. Agustina Hilario Durán (
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7:19 PM


El riesgo esta en todos lados y cirugia no esta exento eso, claro que yo misma hago mis cirugias, mis asistentes tienen sus funciones pero no hacen mi trabajo. Las cicatrices de lipo son muy minimas.

Hay un anestesiologo en mi sala

Perdi la cuenta de cuantas cirugias de estas llevo.

Claro que la clinica esta preparada.

Tienes cubiertas conmigo todas las consultas que necesites.

No estoy preparada para que no te gusten los resultados porque soy muy franca antes de ir a cirugia y muy realista con lo que ofrezco. Magia no hago yo solo ofrezco hacer mi trabajo lo mejor posible

Todos los medicos que trabajamos hemos tenido alguna complicacion, los que no trabajan ni operan de seguro no tienen.

Usted puede contactar directamente mis pacientes, no suelo hacer conexiones de este tipo, podria lucir manipulada. Tengo facebook (Dra Agustina Hilario Duran) instagram (DRHILARIODURAN) y Twitter (@drahilariod) usted puede contactar algunos de ellos por esas vias.

Creo que conteste en su mayoria.

Lo siento si soy muy franca pero es mejor asi.

Enviado desde mi iPhone
Dra Hilario Durán

El 30/03/2014, a las 03:59 p.m., escribió:

Buenas Tardes,

Me gustaria hacerme un Brazilian butt lift. Tambien incluiria lipo de los brazos. Tengo 29 años, mido 5'5 y peso 165. Pienso bajar 15 libras antes de la cirugia ya que ese es mas o menos mi peso normal. No quiero hacerme abdominoplastia pq todavia no he tenido hijos.

Aqui les mando varias preguntas sobre el procedimiento, mis fotos y algunas fotos que considero ideales.

1. Cuanto tiempo dura la cirugia y cuales son los riesgos? Tendre cicatrices visibles?

2. Cuanto tiempo se debe estar en reposo?

3. Cuantas veces ha realizado el procedimiento y que tecnica usa? Es usted quien opera desde el principio hasta final de la operacion?

4. Habra un anestesiologo en la sala de cirugia?

5. Esta clinica esta preparada para asistir a los pacientes en caso de una emergencia o habria que trasladar a otro lugar? En que hospital/clinica puede usted ingresar pacientes, en caso de necesitarse un traslado?

6. Cual es el costo de la cirugia? Cuantas citas habra despues de la operacion y estan estas incluidas en el costo de la cirugia? En caso de no estar satisfecha, cuales serian mis opciones? De querer una revision, cuanto costaria?

7. Ofrece seguro por si hay complicaciones o si hay que volver a operar? Cual seria el proceso a seguir si surgen complicaciones?

8. Ha tenido usted alguna complicacion seria o hospitalizacion inesperada despues de una cirugia cosmetica? Ha sido usted disciplinada/o alguna vez en su practica medica?

9. Esta la clinica donde opera acreditada por alguna entidad de salud a nivel nacional o estatal?

10. Tiene usted pacientes quienes estarian dispuestos a hablar conmigo sobre su experiencia con los resultados del procedimiento (BBL)?

11. Tiene usted mas fotos que podria compartir de antes/despues de bbl que ha hecho?

12. Cree usted que le he preguntado algo inapropiado?

Dra Baez

Well ladies I'm still emailing doctors. I spoke to Dra Baez and so far she's answered all my questions. Her quote was 2700 for lipo and bbl. She told me if I wanted a really big butt I would need to do my breast lift later on bc I would need to sleep on my back and that would mess up my butt. I also contacted Dra Lina Triana in Cali and I'm waiting on a quote from her. Dr.Carlos Alberto Velasco in Cali quoted me 3400 for lipo and bbl and 3420 for breast lift....grrrr not too happy about breast lift price but he seems to be very knowledgeable. I was checking flights to Cali from NYC and they all have layovers and are over $700, not good. So we'll see. Also contacted Dr. Ramon Morales in DR and got no answer. Still trying to decide what to do. I'll meet with more surgeons when I get to DR in 2 weeks and we'll see what happens but with all the bad press I don't even know if that's a good idea. Colombia has great surgeons from what I hear but it would be so expensive for me since I have no family there I'd have to get a hotel and a nurse, so it'll add up. Decisions decisions.

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I was leaving in may to d.r to get a tt lipo bbl with cabral but was going to meet with robles cause I wanted to be satisfied with my decision. I had faced timed cabral already and talked on whatsapp. Lol but I got prego and im shooting for feb of next year. Thankyou baby...I got to see all the drama with recovery houses and sad stories about deaths. Im now looking into mexico and colombia. I have alot of quotes from drs in mexico and d.r. but I seriously think the drs in d.r do a better job like 10 times. Id love colombia. My friend gave me her uncles name but it doesnt come up on google. I heard its hard to find drs there but there are plenty of great ones I just dont know how to start.
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well I'm in DR now and let me tell u, they do give u a great coke bottle shape but if ANYTHING goes wrong you're on your own. They don't like to take responsibility. Also many clinics are under investigation bc of poor sanitation in the surgery room, 2 closed down until further notice. All surgeries have risks but to die or end up with mutilated breast bc of poor hygiene in the operating room is plain ridiculous.
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research dr. diaz if you're looking into the DR! I just got mine done by him and I'm THRILLED!
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Hello - Has anyone been to Costa Rica for Brazilian Butt? I heard there's great surgeons there but don't know any.
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Who have u heard of in costa rica im costa rican
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I don't know any. Just read a post on how great the surgeons are. I looked ASAPS website and found some of course but no idea. Do you know any?
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go for Dr. Carlos Velazco echeverri. I got to meet him in person a few months ago and have seen his results and are amazing. He goes to NYC and visit his patients often and people who are interested in having surgery. The layover is no big deal. Don't do it in DR. I hear a lot of bad things about the surgeons/health care there.
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Yea girl tell me about it, I'm in DR now and the healthcare system needs work! Do you have friends you can refer me to so I can see their before and after pics? I sent him wish pics and it didn't seem he could make me look like that so I'm not sure. The pics on his site are not convincing. I do like the technique he said he'll use for my stomach so my skin doesn't end up too loose since I don't want a tummy tuck.
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Hi hot chick! Have u research dr. Cardenas n Mexico she' just a 45 min flight if you're alrdy n cali but im not sure where you're from. So you're not going w dr. Baez? Research research no pics of previous patients what do u have to go on?? Be careful!
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I'm from Jersey so I'm not really looking in Mexico. Baez didn't respond my last few questions and whatsapp messages so not beat. Her results don't wow me, I was just going for her since her clinic had a safer rating than CIPLA where Duran and Yili work. I just had a traumatic experience in DR with my mom though so doubt I'll do anything here.
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Ok no worries just offering suggestions you got it covered ? Im n and out of the D.R and o truly understand about cipla and i also in the beginning refused Mexico until i researched it thoroughly and i realized it had a lot of hidden treasures for ME! So you'll find the perfect PS for u and u will know it cause it wull feel just rt ro u n your heart! Good luck n every way!
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Sorry abt the typos ....delete ro, will,i,
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Yes dear I understand. Plus the overlay in flight to Cali sucks. I'm dreading that part.
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What overlay? Mine was only an hour to Cali.
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Really...I was checking for July and 8hrs was least overlay I found.
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I'm planning to take care myself he he left me the way I want 2 lol lets see n yes in here is so much review about dr but not about Colombia n not about dr Velasco grrrr I which they will have some kind of comment about him to guide me cause how I say I can't go by your friend cause she was skinny n she didn't have a lipo
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Well good luck darling. I'm a keep researching and losing my beauty sleep. The price of Beauty!!!
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Sunny perhaps I can help?
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Boo you cannot take care of yourself after sx. You will need help. Look into a recovery home.
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Sunnyme908 sorry omg I thought u knew Spanish lol n my English is not that great either
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I do know Spanish...I'm Puerto Rican. Lol My English is just better. Google translate is my savior :)
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Btw...I had to google translate "mejoria" lol
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Wrong message sorry.
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im going to Baez May 15th. Try sending her a message through facebook she will reply the same day
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I'm in the same boat. Yily gave me a good quote. Should I trust her idk? Duran hasn't got back to me. Who else should I check out in d.r? Are columbias prices cheaper? I need to choose a Dr already...
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